May 27, 2012

Free Your Minds

This is a great song.

Don't listen if:

1. You are a drone

2. You just love those benefits and privileges

3. You are happy to let go of your rights

4. You are happy with status quo

6. You think government is working

7. You think government has your best interests as its prime motivator

And when you have listened to it a couple of times, go and read this great essay at the Lawful Rebellion site.

Nice works lads!



Sackerson said...

That would be "gibberish", Mr Troll.

Sackerson said...

... oh, and "muppets" is a term now reserved for sub-prime Goldman Sachs clients. Do keep up.

Captain Ranty said...

For interest: I am deleting ISG/Dickie Doubleday's comments. All of them.

The last time I gave him some latitude he abused my good nature.

I will not make the same mistake twice.

DD, stay away. I will not ask twice. I have over 100 abusive comments saved and I will not hesitate to send them all to your ISP.


Anonymous said...


So I was right then cap'n? ISG is DD after all? Lol, what a tosser. What a complete and utter mothercunt. Wankjob extraordinaire. His reply on a previous post praising the elites, had me in stitches. Maybe all of us should chip in to buy him a parachute jump without a parachute? LOL

By the way, enjoying the tune by the way. Nice lyrics and melody. Thanks



Captain Ranty said...


He denies it, but the writing style and his IP address confirm that it is him.


Anonymous said...

Hi captain, please have a look at our anti jubilee song..

Cheers, Jason

Captain Ranty said...



I'll bung it on tomorrow.


Jason said...

Thanks Captain,