May 29, 2012

Great Rant!

This is utterly brilliant!

My favourite line?

"If they knock on your door, just punch them in the fucking face and tell them to piss off! This is not legal advice".

Check out parts 2 & 3 as well.

Saying no. The campaign gathers pace!


PS-Tip of the beret to Dee Welch. Known as @alfababe111 on Twitter. Thanks for the link!


db said...

Brill....wonder if he skinned one up afterwards to calm down?

Pete said...

Gotta love Gaz, subscribe to him on utube, his name on there is psychodrilla, always great for info and epic rants!

Bill Sticker said...

I think a polite note to the Law Society is in order. Not that they'll do anything. Debt collectors impersonating Solicitors indeed? Tsk.

I'll have to ask my daughter, because she's legally trained, but I think the word 'misrepresentation' should loom large in any reply.

Pete said...

This has already been done with Bryan Carter and Co Bill and guess what, the cunts are still trading!

Bill Sticker said...

Pete, no surprises there, then