May 18, 2012

More On Voting

Two posts for the price of one today. Courtesy of our guest blogger Gaius.


More On Voting

Now that the dust has settled on the council elections, I would like to make a few observations.
Support for UKIP stopped the tories controlling at least three councils.
This benefits us here in three ways.
1. It proves a vote for UKIP is not wasted since it has a real effect. .
2. The labour party took over the three councils. Even though there isn't really any difference between the three main parties the general public don't really understand this. So it is better that the general public blames the socialists for the inevitable failures.
3. Several backbench tories have already started making noises, not that Camoron will pay any attention to them, this does however make the tories appear weak and divided.
Several commentators on my last post said that they didn't vote and were not even on the electoral register.
Look, I can fully understand not wanting anything to do with the state but can someone explain how not being on the electoral register actually stops the states interest in you? They will still want to tax you in the myriad ways that already exist, they will still want to run your life. Is this really some sort of magical panacea that gets the state to leave you totally alone?
Therefore if not being on the electoral register makes no difference why not vote anyway?
I'm not pretending that the democratic process is wonderful, it's clearly not. The voting system, electoral fraud in immigrant areas and the deliberate lying of most political parties say otherwise. But both the leadership and a majority of the membership of UKIP appear to want a smaller state and lower taxes and there is no downside to giving them your cross.
Voting is simply another stick with which to beat our enemies with along with everything else we can do.
I may as well mention the muslim thing. It is clear that my comments were directed at the loony fundamentalists who worship a particularly nasty kiddie fiddling, warmongering sky fairy. Moderate muslims who do their thing in private and don't want to force their views on others will understand this and not be offended. The rabid drooling nutters will be offended but ffs these fucked up scum deserve all the shit they get so it is right and proper that decent people take the piss and make them a laughing stock. 
And by openly deriding their stupidity, we win.
William Hague Is A Cunt
William Hague wants business leaders to "work harder" for the good of the country.
I own my own business, why the fuck should I work harder simply to pay more tax. Why the fuck should I work harder simply to spend more time complying with all the useless bureaucracy that the govt insists I do for them. 
Who the fuck does this pompous prick think he is, I am not your milch cow, we aren't all in this together, you and other cunts like you created the problems and I have no responsibly for any of that shit.
Of course, Hague is right about one thing which is that only businesses and not govts can create jobs. So there is one thing he can do, take all the red tape, the rules and regulations, endless taxes on everything, the EU paperwork, the renewables obligation, the employment regulations, planning laws, licensing rules, quangos, NGOs and bin the lot. Then see the natural talent and hard work of ordinary people send the economy into orbit.
Of course the slap head twat Hague won't do this because he would then be out of a job, useless cunt that he is.


Disenfranchised of Buckingham said...

Spot on.

William said...

"Even though there isn't really any difference between the three main parties the general public don't really understand this."

I would venture to suggest that many of the people you class as 'the general public' fully understand red=blue=yellow=purple but feel impotent to do anything about them.

Did voting for UKIP really improve the lot of those who voted?
Preventing the tories from running a council outright doesn't make that council any different.

Still I am pissing in the wind here. You think the tyrant is changed by voting I don't.

As for the electoral roll. You totally miss the point of not being part of their club. I have explained how I think it is the annual membership form for the United Kingdom Club you think it is nothing of the sort. Fair enough.

But then you go on to moan about a wanker, who has never done a days work in his life, who has been 'voted in' as an MP somewhere and this gives him the legitimacy to tell you and every bugger else daft enough to listen to shut up, work harder and pay taxes to get his mates out of a mess of their own making!

As the saying goes 'you cannot make this shit up' except you have.

Captain Ranty said...

I'm with William on the voting stance.

One or two de-registering, (or even one or two hundred thousand) won't make a difference. But can you imagine the impact of millions de-registering?

It would force the feckless MPs to wake up and realise that the old system isn't working and they would have to take a cold hard look at themselves.

The only way we will force change (without violence) is by using peaceful disobedience.

De-registering would be one way of doing that.

Trouble is, it means people have to get off their arses and actually DO something, so it's almost a non-starter.


Anonymous said...


"Look, I can fully understand not wanting anything to do with the state but can someone explain how not being on the electoral register actually stops the states interest in you?"

Here's the rub. Abstaining is a vote in itself. It's a protest vote that states: "I disagree vehemently in the state and its control over society, that promotes its own desire and wishes over others and always will."

Hopefully, once more and more people stop voting we can bring about an action that simply promotes: Seeing as the majority of people within the UK do not vote, it means they do not want a state, do not want to pay for the people whose jobs are not needed and therefore the state will be fully disbanded along with all political and local council bureaucratic control of this land.

Gaius, how would you feel if everyday you went out and about in your city to be approached by people who gave you something, you didn't want, which would then be deducted, without consent, from your monthly wage? What if you went into a bar only to have drink after drink added to your bill? What if you went into a cafe, to have meal after meal added to your bill? What if you went into a mechanic to have your car fixed to have spare parts added to your bill that you don't need?
I'm sure you would disagree vehemently and you would of course be right in doing so and yet this is exactly how non voters have to live in society with politics and state intrusion into and control of their very lives.

I was born as an individual, not part of any collective. I was not asked if I wanted to pay tax or live under and system that seeks to control my very existence and does. I am doing what every free human being on this planet should do and that's say no.

I respect the cap'n for giving free speech to you. However, I disagree vehemently on all of your pro voting bullshit that's begun to appear on his blog.
When in the fuck are you going to realise Gaius that ALL political parties are CONTROLLED? UKIP are still steering you to a New World Order of total control. But, you will say "How can they if they want out of the EU?" to which I will simply state: the EU is certainly a monster but nothing compared to a world government. Will UKIP go against the illegal state of Israel, if elected into power? Of course they won't. They're run and controlled by zionists as are all political parties. UKIP, although anti EU are on a par with the conservatives, hence why so many tories are moving into the UKIP camp.

What would UKIP do to stop the rise of multiculturalism, resulting in the death of indigenous culture within the UK?
What would UKIP do to stop the rise of immigrant births in the UK resulting in the further genocide of the indigenous peoples?
What would UKIP do to stop the state control of society, the indoctrination of our children through false history and continuation into a total control networked society?
What would UKIP do to avert the elites' up'n'coming war on Iran, resulting in a WW3?

The problem with you Gaius, is you are so blinded by your desire to get out of the EU, you are oblivious to the fact that doing so would be pissing against a waterfall in the grand scheme of things. The monstrosity of what the system has become, the very system you promote, is what UKIP is and will continue to be part of and promote.

Fuck UKIP.
Fuck politicians and government.
Fuck the state and its totalitarianism.
Fuck the system.



Anonymous said...

Gaius (cont)

Do you not realise that if you vote in UKIP, who then pull the UK out of the EU, the same politicians in power will be controlled by the same elites?
Do you not realise that politicians will still make their legislations to the detriment of the people, who will continue to disagree and vote for the 'other' party, next election continuing this game of political ping pong?
Do you not realise that Britain will continue to import most of its goods, continuing unemployment, continuing social unrest, leading to civil conflict and martial law?
Do you not realise that UKIP will still promote the New World Order, when society has gone arse over tit and the people cry out for a saviour to end all the chaos and bring them stability, a stability that will be given back to the people by the very creators of the chaos?

Do not be clouded by the EU vote Gaius. The damage that has been done to the UK while in the EU/EEC is irreversible. The mindset of the indigenous has been changed drastically. There is no love for individualism and sovereignty, save within a very small portion of the minority.

The system must be destroyed.
UKIP are part of the that system and merely another sugar coated shit.

Wake up for goodness sake.



Anonymous said...

Judd not anonymous.

I understand the desire not to vote, the not giving the bastards the honour of your vote, and it is the honourable thing to do...but the bastards have no honour.

The problem is they really don't give a fuck, so if 58 million people deregistered and the 2 million or whatever is left of the fuckin idiots who pay for the crap do vote then there will still be bastard politicians who have a majority.

I will vote for UKIP, not as i belive they have all the bloody answers, but because they are the only viable alternative to the three cheeks of the same arse currents bloody mob.

Only when the current status quo has been altered, and the rule of the eu masterstate been castrated can we make any headway as our own country again.

I agree with Harbingers posts in that i think its all over anyway, the country is bolloxed.

All that can be done is to try to salvage whatever can be saved, UKIP with all their faults cannot do any worse than the wankers that have overseen the destruction of our country and way of life.

By not voting you by default tell the threecheeksoftheone arse that they can carry on with their traitorous agenda.

William said...

Some strange logic at work there Judd not anonymous

I will vote for UKIP, not as i belive they have all the bloody answers, but because they are the only viable alternative to the three cheeks of the same arse currents bloody mob.

So voting for a fourth cheek will change what exactly?

All that can be done is to try to salvage whatever can be saved,

Defeated before setting foot into the ring.

By not voting you by default tell the threecheeksoftheone arse that they can carry on with their traitorous agenda.

By voting you by default tell the threecheeksoftheone arse that they can carry on with their traitorous agenda.

Coming off the electoral roll has absolutely bugger all to do voting. Removing your name from their electoral roll removes your consent. To legitimise state control (in the mind of the state beneficiaries) they have to seek YOUR consent to be shafted and controlled. If this were not true why do they seek to bind your name to their system at every opportunity and keep on demanding consent again and again?
Register a birth
Sign the marriage register
Register your vehicle
Register to VOTE
Sign the passport application
'Fill in and sign' this form XXXX
Sign and return this document
Sign and return this application
Sign and complete the Giro slip!

The state rarely ask to see YOU because all they need is the consent of the NAME not the human being who scrawls the signature. The only time the state wants to see you 'in person' is when they invite the title (name) you hold so dear to court. Even a passport application doesn't require you the human being to turn up in person. A photo, a form some cash and a signature (consent) is all they require to issue another piece of their meaningless paper.

Provided you haven't harmed anyone or stolen anything and the Police Constable incarcerates you IF you do as they tell you and don't say anything (do not consent) they have no option but to release you after 24 hours.

Surely that fact alone is enough to convince people that the states need for your consent is fundamental to the continuation of the state system.

Anonymous said...

All excellent theorising William.

The fact of the matter is the state will continue to be just the same, it doesn't matter how principled the removal of your sanction may be THEY still hold the cards.

Removing yourself from the state is the stuff of dreams, when they want money they simply take it via your taxes.

Presumably if you have a trade then you barter with others like minded to exchange goods or services.

If you even use one miserable penny of cash you are using the state's coin.

If you should drive a car, unless you fuel it with oil gained by barter you are part of the state.

If you should visit a doctor or dentist, then you presumably use one who funded their own training via the barter system, or you are part of the state.

You can't use or be any single part of the state and at the same time pretend to not be part of it, unless you live in a cave.

There is no hope or desire of a year zero, they tried that in Cambodia once, it wasn't pretty.

The only practical solution is for the silent majority to use the system against them, use their voting system to unseat them.


William said...

Why do you think all that is theory?

Who says I cannot 'use any part of the state' and not be part of it?

I am not part of the French state but that doesn't prevent me driving upon French roads. Same goes for anywhere else on this planet. I'd call that statement stupid but that would be rude.

I could go on but as with UKIP loving Gaius (no offence G but your transformation has been rapid and total) I am pissing in the wind.

The state does not exist. In reality the state is just a group of people extracting cash and exerting control over a larger body of people through fear.
Yes they have guns, yes they have armies, yes they have the police, yes they have tax inspectors, yes they have the vat man, yes they have the nannying NHS, yes they have the fake charities, the quuango collection and of course their Goebbels machine the media but so what.

They can only ever exert control over YOU inside your mind. Voting is their prescribed 'solution' to all this fear THEY generate in your brain. They want you to believe that without them YOU would have no money, no prospects, no life and would be in real danger of someone else turning up and ending your life prematurely. You would have nowhere to live, no food to eat, no water to drink, no car, no freedom of movement, no right to ownership etc etc.

That is a false belief and until such times as anyone accepts that its false then they are going to be shafted every minute of their lives.

I used to think like you do not so very long ago, around 36 months or so I would still go out and vote because I believed the lie that my grandfather went to war for the vote. I have no idea why he went to war I never asked him, my father never asked him and as he is long dead I will never know unless there is something on the other side and I meet him again.

But at the end of the day wWhat does it matter what I say?
It doesn't because I am not you.

The so called silent majority are probably 'registered to vote' and choose no to. Despite this abstention effort nothing everything always gets worse. If the voters 'unseat' one tyrant they inevitably elect another.

I'll leave it here as I have nothing more to say, with a scene from buddhism

Two monks are walking by the river. A prostitute is trying to cross.
The older monk carried her across and then sets her down. They part and go their separate ways. The young monk gets more and more agitated. Finally he asks: “Why did you do that? You know we are not supposed to even touch women like that!”

The old monk said: “I left her by the river. Why are you still carrying her?

William said...

One day I will learn to proof read my scribblings!

Anonymous said...


"The state does not exist. In reality the state is just a group of people extracting cash and exerting control over a larger body of people through fear."

I think in reality what it is is the conditioning of people, while young, at school to bow down to the authoritarianism of the state. They are told to obey the police and believe politicians. They are indoctrinated as you correctly say through fear.
It's about education and no longer feeling afraid of the consequences should you not pay this tax or adhere to that piece of legislation. It's about telling a copper to fuck off as you would another who's getting out of order. It really boils down to standing up to coppers for they are the homeland enforcers of the state.



William said...

Harbinger you are more than likely correct.
The fact remains there is no shortage of people who want to benefit from the apparatus called 'the state' so clearly it is a few dominating the many through fear.

To illustrate here's a quick conversation I had with my oldest friend about three months back.

"I have found a way to de-register the car from the DVLA which if it works would save me road tax and the MOT tax every year. All it takes is sending in a part of the V5C and then answering a letter the DVLA send back"

"Oh don't tell me things like that. I'd rather keep on paying!"

It's the individual's mind where the fear is strongest.
In my case the fear was blown away by a parking enforcement company which wanted to invoice me £195 for staying 20 minutes beyond their arbitrary car parking time limit on a free supermarket car park. They sent invoice after invoice (dressed up as an 'official fine') and employed a 'legal company' dressed up as solicitors and gave it 8 weeks before they realised I wasn't falling for it.

Quite an innocuous thing that led me to realise legal is not lawful because although what the parking enforcement company is doing is perfectly legal in the United Kingdom society it is unlawful as one company found out when its owner stupidly tried to persuade a county court judge that they had suffered a loss when clearly they hadn't. Not all the thick people enter politics.

At some point most people will come up against something the United Kingdom society allows that just 'doesn't seem right' and then the door is opened.

Dystopian society said...

People cannot understand the reason for not registering to vote.
Well lets put the boot on the other foot, maybe it will fit that one.
If you have a vote and there are no real alternatives to vote for, what do you want a vote for?

Voting for the least innocuous party is like shitting in your own mouth, to save going shopping for food and having to cook it.

I do not believe IN the current regime I do not agree with what they are doing and I do not agree that voting for any of them will change anything. There are no alternative parties to vote for, as has been stated in this blog, so WHY register? For WHAT? WHO?

I can now walk away from all their rhetoric because it has nothing to do with me, YES, I am ignoring them. The more that did that the quicker we could get back to living a life that is free from interference.

IF you VOTE DO NOT come bitching and MOANING to me about what the government are doing.
And if you are registered and did vote but not for the current pile of excrement in charge you are still to blame because you wasted your vote(The ones you voted for didn't get in).

Namaste, rev;

Dystopian society said...

Oh and I agree William Hague Is A Cunt, there are quite a few other cunts too but too many to list, ALL in parliament.

This government and all preceding governments and the ones to come under this system are all , SLACK, LAZY good for nothing waste of time - IDLE BASTARDS.

ANYONE, ANYONE, tell me ONE thing A government around the globe or in this universe in this cosmos 'WHAT has any of them EVER produced?' I mean a PRODUCT I can hold, use, feel, smell - anything, WHAT have they EVER produced.

Let me tell you.


And they are actually PAID - FUCK ME we live in a FUCKED UP WORLD.

Kick the bastards OUT.

Namaste, rev;

Anonymous said...

Hello Gaius,

I stand by what I said in my own article on this subject. People can vote if they want, register if they want, but it makes not the slightest bit of difference. That is my opinion, based on what I have read, seen and experienced; equally, I recognise others hold different opinions based on their own thoughts and beliefs and desire for change and I respect that yours is different also.

However, beating them with a voting stick merely swaps one lot of agents for another. The "defeated" party moves from one set of benches to the other one, one side of the council chamber to the other, and the rotten mess continues regardless. Those who are "voted out" retire on massive pensions and golden goodbyes, off to corporate directorships, lobbying firms, other criminal cartels, ignoblement [sic] to the "other place", etc; they continue their role in a different facet of the system and its agenda carries on. Corruption, hypocrisy, negligance, treason and malfeasance occur at all levels of representative government in this system. Real change cannot come from within the same system, it is a fundamental absurdity to believe it can.

If public servants followed their fiduciary obligations then perhaps all this representation and registration would have a purpose; it could perhaps even be argued to be beneficial. There would be no need for political parties either. Public servants would have liability for their actions at the hands of those who granted them their power, in trust, in the first place, and don't let the system's indoctrination tell you that this is the case now because it isn't. Public servants do not follow fidiucary and have not done so for very many years, deliberately so; moreover the banksters stated 120 years ago what politics is for.

For the system, the main point - pointed out by Orwell, as so many things were - is that "Who wields power is not important, provided that the hierarchical structure remains always the same."

It does not matter about "backbench Tories" starting to "make noises". It does not matter whether this rotten borough or that one is under Liebore control or Con-servative control or UKIP control or someone else's control or even NOC. This shit has been going on for generations. It is all distractive twaddle, the lot of it, designed to give the illusion of choice in a world of fiction. Those who believe in its importance, who vest their intellect and energy and time in it, are merely puppets on a string dancing to the system's tune.

As I said in the Captain's article on Monday, if UKIP prove out then fine. I will take it all back. But I made a decision a while ago not to take part in this rubbish any longer.

Not being involved certainly is not a "magical panacea that gets the state to leave you totally alone". That is not the point of it, at least not to me. As things stand now, as they have stood for a very long time, the electoral process is fraudulent ab initio and our participation, through registration, perpetuates the fraud whether one toddles off to the polling station or not. We become party to it, we consent to it and the system is strengthened as a result.

I do, however, thoroughly agree that William Hague is a cunt. :-D



Anonymous said...


Your friend epitomises the UK's society. Sadly, most of the 60 and above generation are just willful slaves to society. That complacent servitude started to crack in the future generations, as they began to question. A time of no war, meant the automatic rally to the flag and fight the common enemy was put on hold and people started to think.

The indoctrination and brainwashing of society is complete. No other people on this land, bar the Americans and Chinese are completely brainwashed and apathetic to change the system of control.
I suppose it's like walking along a street and seeing eight men beating the shit out of someone and for people just to hurry on by and not get involved so as to not get into conflict, get hurt and/or trouble with the police.

I believe that it is through trauma that people wake up. I think this is the time when they start to question and the domino toppling begins. One story, one piece of history leads to another and so on.

Your friend is a happy slave. This pretty much sums up many in the UK, who don't want to question and are actually quite happy living inside their box, given to them by the state. As long as they behave themselves and don't upturn the apple cart they believe everything will be ok. If only they realised that their inability to actively engage in what's really going on, is building a prison for their future generations.
It's about either being brave or being a coward. It's about sticking two fingers up at those who would ridicule, castigate and attempt to destroy you for speaking up. It's about treating the pigs no differently to anyone else who should encroach on your body and choose to abuse it, verball or physically.

It's about saying no and fuck you.
I do it alot.
I'm looked upon by some as a loon and others as one who stands up to tyranny. Regardless, I do what I feel to be right and don't give a fuck what anyone has to say about me, for I know that if I'm gathering the attention of the authorities, I'm doing something right,



James Higham said...

I forgot to register this time. Bad case of ennui.

Gaz&Lennie said...

The only way to stop the elites taking power again after the destruction of the current system is to completely destroy our cash based society, me and lennie are willing to step up to the mark and do our bit for the revolution.

We will offer our free service of destruction of all coins and cash, which must be removed from society to stop the elites from taking control. take out your money from the evil banks in cash and contact us for safe and secure destruction.


your email will not be sold or used for any other purpose and all money destroyed will be in full compliance of climate and health regulations.


Anonymous said...

The supposition is indirectly accurate, but Short Money, the slush fund, is doled out on the basis of the number of votes the opposition parties get and the number of seats they win, not the number of registered voters.

Every time someone votes for them, they get money. £15k for every seat and £30 for every 200 votes, plus £700k for Milibean's office. So yes, they will promote registration, in this instance in the hope that they can con enough people to vote for them afterwards. It doesn't really matter if they win or not, it is in the interest of all parties to keep this one going.

The height of lunacy has to go to the Italians, whose state-funded political parties trousered the equivalent of 2.25 billion euros of public financing between them during 1994-2008 (some would have been lira, several gazillions' worth no doubt) but only spent 570 million of it. Whence the rest? Answer came there none.

Unsurprisingly the Short Money has increased year-on-year. It used to be under £4000 for every seat and about £7 for the votes.

Liebore have been given over £11 million since the 2010 GE.

The Cons received over £46 million between 1997 and 2010.

Pity the poor LimpDumbs though, for whilst they pocketed over £16 million during the Labour years they get not a penny now because they are a governing party.

Violins, anyone?



Anonymous said...

Thanks for naming the scheme. Yes it was Short Money I was referring to.

Since my memory also failed me on the operation of the scheme, that scheme obviously can not provide a direct explanation/incentive for advocating registration.

However, I also find it unsatisfactory as an indirect explanation for advocating registration. Especially when that is advocated as 'register, but do not vote.'

So for me, that still leaves wanting the question of why politicians desire people to register.

Unless one assumes it somehow confers a direct advantage to someone. Which then would tend to lead some people back to the 'consent' issue.


Anonymous said...


I think it should be obvious.
If you register your car with the DVLA, you are handing it over to them, albeit unbeknownst to the car owner. The same goes for registering your child in the local town hall with the registrar of births and deaths. And the same goes for marriage as well.
Therefore you are further handing yourself over to more government control over you.

You are registering the person (sole corporation) with the vote and seeing as votes are used to elect politicians and government, you effectively continue signing the contract that gives the state control over the person.



Anonymous said...

I am gladdened to see the consensus here is against being on the electoral register. My own reason was the statement from Ministry of Justice stating "statutes are given the power of Law with the consent of the governed". The most direct way of telling the sods that I do NOT consent to be governed by racketeers who replace Law with their revenue gathering statutes was to remove my vote publicly and completely. Don't forget that what we are voting for here isn't a 'Government' in the true sense but merely a Board of Management of UK PLC. Think of the inventors in any other corporation being given the ability to vote a new board in every 4 years.

I'm intersted what methods others used to be taken off the register. If its just a case of not registering then it is not the same thing. If you don't register they simply put you down as anonymous. Taking yourself off the register (I use a twist on the legal capacity part of Section 4 and 12D of the Representation of the People Act 1983 where I state that I don't know if I have legal capacity to represent the Legal Fiction and tell them that if they put the name on the register they are accepting full liability for it. See section 60 and 61 of the act to see why they won't) is essential.

Each to their own mate. That's what I like about us sovereigns/freemen/whatever.....put 10 of us in a room and we'll have 10 different opinions on most things. That is as it should be. That's healthy.

Some good points raised in the comments that I will ponder on.


William said...

Frigging blogger. It never remembers what was written.

I have yet to see any voting slip turn up with the name anonymous on it ergo there is no way anonymous can consent to be governed or am I missing something?

As you say there is more than one way to skin the cat and the important thing no matter what the favoured method is do not sign anything UNLESS you accept responsibility for the name in the register.

I increasingly take the ignorance route myself as it is as easy as it gets and you don't waste a life wondering if you quoted the correct statute, paragraph, section sub-section in the correct fashion to make the words effective because the buggers never reply.

Anonymous said...

I wrote a carefully worded letter to the collating body. Included within it was a statement that I don't consent to be on their register, and that any register with my name upon it at the specified address would constitute a false instrument.

From what I've read subsequently, another approach seems amusing. Write to the body objecting to your own name and address being on the list, and ensist upon a hearing. Then when it arises, appear as both the named party and the objector. In both roles agree that your name should not be on the list!