May 24, 2012

ePapiere, Bitte!

And so the totalitarian nightmare that is the EU rumbles on.

Whilst they remain unelected, unaccountable, unsavoury and unscrupulous, they demand that we identify ourselves with either paper or electronic documents at the drop of a hat.

Read all about this nasty initiative right here.

You will note that we are not the only "rebels" in this economic and political gaol. Others dare to defy the mighty Gollum and long may that continue, I say.


"Perhaps more frustrating for the European Commission is that some member states like the United Kingdom do not even have paper identity cards, and the idea of adopting them causes widespread public opposition.

The UK briefly introduced ID cards during the second world war but abolished them afterwards. The use that the Nazi regime made of identity documents to single out Jewish people and send them into concentration camps has been a powerful argument against introducing ID documents across the Channel.

When Tony Blair's Labour government discussed the idea of ID cards, a citizen movement sprang up overnight to block the plans.

ID cards are also not used in Denmark and Ireland."

I am slightly surprised to learn that Ireland rebelled. They (the Irish politicians) tend to bend at the merest whiff of a request from Brussels. Spineless bastards that they are. Gawd bless the Danish too.

I still laugh like a loon when I recall that gormless mare in Manchester who was so proud to get ID Card Number 1 and trilled (on, and on, and on about it) until she was told, "Sorry love. The rest of us don't want the fucking things". She then bleated (on, and on, and on) about a refund. How much did that particular clusterfuck cost us?

Unbowed, the gibbons in Brussels will want to push this through, wrapped up in a cross-border payment agreement. I confess that I have had absolutely no problems so far when making payments, but you know the EU mantra by now: "If it ain't broke, break it" and "Let's create more and more EU legislation just for the hell of it".

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to resist with all thy might. As often, and as loudly, as you can.

You know it makes sense.

The EU is doomed. They just didn't get the memo.

Remind them.



Sue said...

I'd already decided not to play ball. They can stick their eID where the sun don't shine. I have my passport and driving licence and that is plenty of ID as far as I am concerned. Next they'll be wanting to chip us at birth.

I recently read too, that the UK Government want to make registering to vote compulsory. As much as I'd like to scrawl "NONE OF THE ABOVE" on my ballot, I would sooner not register at all under those circumstances.

These will die a death in the UK, remember the census? We have far too many illegal immigrants, absconders and criminals (not to mention anarchists) who simply won't play their games.

Captain Ranty said...


I feel exactly the same way. As soon as someone says "You must" my instinct is to say "Fuck off".

The census?

What a joke. I wrote to them saying that they could have my completed forms when they had paid me £1,000. Haven't heard a word since....


Anonymous said...

More nastiness

Nick said...

The one positive aspect I see to this is that people are beginning to say “hang on, this isn’t right”

With every new regulation or guide that is vomited from that festering pustule of an organisation and rubber stamped by our traitorous mps, more and more people are realising that our mps are an irrelevance. Even the commenters in the Telegraph are beginning to use vitriol in their posts regarding the eu.

Maybe one day enough people will grow a spine and say “enough! This is my line in the sand”

I’m too optimistic, I know, and it’s probably all designed to keep pushing us until we snap and provide violent response allowing tptb to enact the civil contingencies act.

In the meantime, I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered any further. My life is my own! With apologies to “The Prisoner.”

bollixed said...

Keep it coming Brussels! Each new dictat and regulation brings your doom ever closer just like the corrupt USSR that you so adored.

The EU is a criminal racket, much as many of our councils and the judiciary now only operate a money making racket.

We keep plodding away guys. Keep banging the drums. Keep saying No! Keep asking questions and challenging absolutely everything these fuckers do. We are right. They are wrong. Let's never lose sight of that truth.

William said...

As the others have said the EU think that they now have people so cowed they can 'come out of the closet' and reveal to the masses that national parliaments have no relevance in the 'utopia' they have created.

More and more people are starting to take notice and actually ask questions which isn't action but I think the snowball that makes the avalanche has now gone over the edge.