May 22, 2012

Rebellion Updates

Not much to tell, but let's do it anyway.

The Corporation Tax Thing

Not a peep out of them for a very long time. At least 18 months have passed since they wrote to me threatening all sorts, including legal action. You may recall that my answer was "Bring it on". They have taken no action so any reasons from me as to why this is so would be pure speculation.

The Working Tax Credits Thing

You may also recall our spat about over-payments. They did pay me more than I needed but I met all of my obligations in informing them of any changes in my circumstances. I asked them eleven times to stop sending me money. Like most government agencies, they continued to write cheques recklessly and needlessly. Their last missive said that they would pursue me because I had messed up. My reply was scathing. I highlighted every time they dropped the ball. Which was pretty much every time they came into contact with it. I refused point blank to pay them a farthing. Nothing heard since then. (About 8 weeks ago, this was).

The Speeding Thing

I have now received the camera calibration certificates and the photographs. It all looks in order to my (untrained) eye. I may have to capitulate on this one, but not for the obvious reasons. I will tell you more about this in a future post. It is a bizarre story, to say the least. Sorry to tease you, but I have to make some discreet inquiries before making a final decision on whether to go ahead or not. I anticipate the usual wailings from those who disagree with my stance, but I ask that you keep your powder dry until I do a follow up post.

The Electric Thing

Remember me asking my utilities provider last year to provide evidence that they "must charge 12% annually for climate change/environmental charges"? At first they said that the government ordered them (via legislation) to collect this money. When challenged by me they said that no such legislation existed. (But I already knew that). They still owe me an answer. In the meantime, my electricity bills have dropped from £3800 a year to just above £2000 a year. I anticipate still further reductions. They were shafting me, and I shouted about it. I said no. How many other people are being ripped off? Will they take action? I truly hope so.

More updates as they happen.



Captain Ranty said...

And as if by magic....

....the chief drone appears.

How entirely expected.


William said...

IGS do you actually know any of us?
If not why do your waste your precious life telling 'the lunatics' that they are all deluded?

You accept everything on here is bollocks at best so why keep on coming back and repeating the same message?

We may all be totally and utterly bonkers but we don't try and drag you into the asylum. You turn up voluntarily just to prove how sane you are and how mad we are!

Anonymous said...

Hello Captain

We have spoken of the speeding options before but there are also some words from Down Under that may have a relevance.

I don't want you to take these as me saying to you that "you're incompetent" or "you're not ready" or "you don't know what you're doing" because you more than most are the complete opposite of all of those things, but they sprang to mind when reading your post and then the complete stupidity of DD/ISG in the initial comment.

Ucadia Talkshoe 75 (25/04/12):

"If you've heard the calls in the last few weeks and months you realise that the issue at hand is far more serious than fighting parking fines or licences. The issue at hand is: they have cursed us. They are taking our energy. They've cursed our parents and our grandparents, and our children. These are far more serious matters."

Ucadia Talkshoe 73 (11/04/12):

"We may be in the middle of a battle but it doesn't mean it's the end of the war. Do you understand what I'm saying? That we may have to fight a fight today but it doesn't mean it's all over, yes? We need to pick when to stand, we need to pick when to fold. We need to pick when to dig in, and we should make that a choice based on our competence."

"If you start going all guns blazing - or even worse, start mixing what people tell you, do a bit of this and a bit of that - you can turn what was a dogfight into a bloody family feud. You could turn something that was, you know, a minor boil into amputating your legs. You could turn something into an absolute disaster in your life very quickly, yes?"

"And in no way does that make you part of the problem or a weakness, in fact that's a strength. A strength is knowing when you're ready, when you're not ready; when to fold, when to stand; and the worst thing that people can do is from the eleventh hour mix a remedy and think desperately that they can solve things in that time. You can't, and you don't need to put yourself under that level of stress. Look, you may lose. You may lose, the fact that you may not have a licence for a period and that may affect you greatly in your work and everything, but that may be the depth of this defeat. If you go after a bear poking it with a stick and you know nothing about bear traps, know nothing about bears, then you could end up losing your arm."

Errors and omissions excepted... ;-)

"Pick your battles" (as you have always maintained) and "there are bigger fish to fry", I suppose those mean. People may disagree with these; people will disagree. But the effects of issues we face when under attack by the system are specific for everyone.

(In case the extra part you are teasing us with :-D makes the above superfluous, they just sprang to mind when reading your post so I went back to the notes I made.)

You also don't need me to tell you to discount anything zombified apologist morons like DD/ISG vomit forth. :-D

They are beyond help because they use their own intellect (or whatever passes for it in this case...) to defend the insanity and the madness.

I notice that it has completely ignored the other news items, eh? ;-)

(Good work on the energy bandit, btw.)



mikebravo said...

Keep fighting the fight sir.
Make the bastards pay double everything they take from you.
We will defeat them.
Advance to contact and no prisoners required!

NewsboyCap said...

"The Speeding Thing"

I am finding that 'they' keep referring me to CPR rules that seem to be offering remedy of some sort. I keep rebutting every decision or order 'they' make and send it back with a reminder of the mounting Fee Schedule. After all it may affect their Credit Rating and we all know how much they cherish Credit.
Keep fighting Captain you know it makes sense.

Captain Ranty said...

Thank you for the comments, William, TSL, MikeBravo and Newsy.

I am really happy to keep fighting-it's all we have left, apathy ain't working-but the story here is that I was fucked months ago.

They have decided to listen to me, and then ignore me. I have inside information that the judiciary-as blind as justice is alleged to be-have talked amongst themselves and they have decided to steam-roller me in court. One "official" even acknowledged (privately) that I was right. This does not mean I will win.

There is more, and I will share it when I have confirmation, but I am now wondering whether to shoot my broadside or wait for another, better day.

It's a dilemma.


Anonymous said...

On that note of dilemma, Captain, there is another Dean Clifford seminar floating about YT.

Part 4 is a Q&A which AFAIK is not on YouTube.

It's not one I've seen before, so apologies if you or anyone else has already seen it. (It was uploaded in March.)

Although it covers similar areas, it is later than the Chilliwack set of videos that have been titled "Both Sides of the Story" or "Making it Simple". These took place late last year as well but unlike those, the videos are not on the Time4TheTruth site.

I think it is the seminar he referred to in the interview on As You Wish Radio.

The mic gets turned on about halfway through the first part, so the audio improves thereafter.

Part 1's introduction is EPIC.



William said...

In reverse order.
I am going to do exactly the same with SSE. Although they are in the order of 30% cheaper than my previous utility billing machine the Spanish owned Scottishpower I will still reduce my contribution to the green machine at every opportunity.

Seems you have been done up like a kipper a la speeding thing. If it were me I'd begrudgingly pay up and leave it there. Your time is too valuable to waste on playing a rigged game.

Working Tax... seems they don't have a leg to stand on.

Corporation tax again they seem to have realised they have used up all options.

Many fights are won simply by walking away.

Anonymous said...

I asked my utilities company (Scottish Power/SSE) to explain these huge hikes in prices.

They started all jolly, saying someone would get back within a few days, then delayed a bit longer to pass it on to an administrator, then went silent completely.


So I will do my best to shaft them using my money and electronics/electrical background to reduce my electric bill as a mission. I've already slashed it a lot. Things like not being so lazy about hanging out washing can sting them so bad, hehe. I'm also investing in very low power computers for general use, only switching on the main machine when needed. These little things have wiped my bill in half, and although I feel a bit of a tool because this is exactly what 'the government' want people to do, II am also quite satisfied that I am giving much less money to the SSE scammers.