May 02, 2012

Voting Advice For Tomorrow

This advice is for the gullible, the deranged, the misguided, and the eternally optimistic:

Trot down to the polling booths like good little drones and tick the box for the councillor that told you the most convincing lies. Then head home, climb back under the duvet and pretend that everything is a-okay. Tell yourself that you made a difference. Tell yourself that dammit, people died so that you could vote. Tell yourself that the LibLabConSNP wallah you just voted for is going to make it all better. He or she isn't, they prove that to us all the time, but if it makes you feel better, go and waste 15 minutes of your life.

This advice is for the awakened ones, for those that remain skeptical, cynical, disbelieving, unconvinced, terminally disappointed and eternally realistic:

Don't fucking bother.

Need that in picture form?

Thanks to the outstanding Hot Frog we can provide just such a thing:

Local elections, just like general elections, serve only to encourage the feckless, the greedy, the genuinely ungifted.

They will make more stupid decisions during their term of office than you will in a lifetime. And you will pay them to make those stupid decisions.

Be brave.

Vote for none of the above.

They are not worthy of your vote.



Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you even consider a vote for an 'independent'?

Anyone prepared to sit outside the box and rattle the contents is better than sh1t that's IN the box.

Dystopian society said...

Better still, GO and get into the booth and have a massive SHIT in the booth.
That will stop others from getting in there.
Better still have a crap, walk in it and walk out.
At the very least you will have had a gratifying shit and felt better for doing it on their doorstep.

I, on the other hand will not vote because I am not REGIS-tered to vote.
I make no apologies for my disdain for the scum we call nominees or government and I will never support anyof them, they are all in it for their own ends and not mine.
I have years and years of experience and I know none of them, not one, has EVER done what they say on the packet.
SCUM to a MAN and WOMAN, if one can call them that.

God help us if ANY of them get in.

Namaste, rev;

Anonymous said...

The sheeple aint going know what hits them.
This is the big adjustment.

Pete said...

You really must stop mincing your words Harby!

tinks said...

I share your disdain for politics and politicians (main parties), but by not taking part does it not give them power anyway? They rely on this, fewer to brainwash. What is it, something like 80 key marginals decide the government?

In a council election a councillor will get in with 15% of the vote, and will be part of the machine for another 4 years. What to do?

Perhaps registering a protest by either voting for an independent or spoiling your ballot might be something. Nothing will change until something changes in how people view politics - it is ridiculous that most people treat political parties like football teams.

It's tribal and it's nasty.

Locally the poor independent giving it a go under an English Democrat banner, was targeted by a Mirror/Labour luvvie sponsored leaflet with the intent of tainting him (them) with BNP connections, even used a Swastika in the graphics; of course delivered by the local Labour party devotees. Shameless and frightening in their lust for power.

Maybe by the time the next big one comes around people may just wake up in sufficient numbers.

I will vote tomorrow, one way or another.

Wayne said...

Fuck the lot of them

Anonymous said...

I live in a labour dominated city, they'd get in if the candidate was Angus McTurd and his only policy was to go round to every residents house and shit on the doorstep.

As apparently all spoiled papers HAVE to be shown to the candidates I'm going to exercise my right to tell them what I think of them.

William said...

I know a couple of now ex-councillors of the 'independent variety' quite well and they both said the same thing.

The local council is split along the Lab/Con line with apparent 'ownership' of said elected body swapping betwixt the two. The Indies never make the breakthrough to wrest control from these Labcon. The reasons why they don't make the breakthrough is because the council is actually run by the CEO of the council.

He manipulates and controls his full time employees to direct the elected members like puppets on strings. Thus he is able to keep the Indies in the minority and keep the labcon in the majority.

They also pointed out the intelligence level of most of the labcon councillors is far lower than they realised. One or two 'lead' the majority and these are the ones who are 'courted' by the CEO.

The Indies stood on a single issue (The closing of three schools to form an Ed Balls Academy) and one of them spectacularly unseated the sitting Con chairman who had been a councillor for donkeys, another almost took down the sitting Con council leader but after three recounts he failed (three recounts note) but no matter the schools were closed anyway because the county had already made the decision to close them.

The point is even though the people voted for the indies over the established parties where these single issue indies stood they never became the majority.

The United Kingdom requires consent from everyone it wants to govern. That consent is sought with the electoral roll form. Everyone is conditioned to fill it in 'or else'. So being on the roll is all it takes to agree to be a member of the United Kingdom. This is the society that the politicians and their employees talk about all the time.

This is the society everybody agrees to join every year. Wake up and smell the coffee. The vote is totally and utterly irrelevant.
Get off the electoral roll.

But as ever don't believe any of this shit. Go find out for yourselves but for gods sake don't believe for a second voting is going to change a damn thing.

Anonymous said...

And don't bother with UKIP either, they've been hijacked:

Quote:"...Last year, Friends of Israel in UKIP asked the European Commission to disclose the exact number of Iranian students who had been awarded scholarships to study physics and/or chemical, biological and material sciences at European universities under the EU-funded Erasmus Mundus scheme..."

So basically the Israel fanatics are using UKIP to persecute legitimate Iranian students in Europe. WTF does that have to do with UK Independence?

Leg-iron said...

I had forgotten about voting day tomorrow.

Still in two minds about whether to bother. All the leaflets I've seen are along the lines of 'I am in X party and I promise to hinder the efforts of anyone from any other party while promising nothing useful at all'.

I'll probably go along, see if there's an independent on the sheet and if not, I'll write some abuse on the thing.

Then again, maybe I'll stay home and drink myself into a better imaginary world instead.

Woodsy42 said...

We should bother. If all the candidates are party drones and there isn't a decent honest person to vote for then deliberately spoil the paper. That way they can't pretend everyone stayed home because they are happy with the system or doesn't care.

Anonymous said...

I've used your words as mine in other places. Hope thats ok. We don't even get to vote up here. It's been robbed from us.

Anonymous said...

In total agreement Captain.

Everything you need to know about voting in 13 seconds:

Stop, for fuck's sake!



Anonymous said...


Read William's reply, 3rd down below yours, on independents. It explains reality for the stupid.

Now you obviously haven't got a clue about reality because you're probably one of the many of the elder generations who couldn't possibly believe that governments would shit on the people. They do. They're nothing but lobbyists for corporations.

Democracy was created for two reasons. Firstly to stop people wanting to lop off the elite's loafs. Secondly to give people the illusion that they would have a say in how they'd be controlled.

Let me ask you a question; If you saw a man screaming madly that his house was on fire as he lobbed blocks of wood at it, screaming for help to put the fire out, would you:

a. Say help's on its way but to stop making the situation worse by adding fuel to the fire?
b. See that the man was a bloody moron and walk away, realising he was 100% responsible for destroying his habitat?

Well, I'd go for b, but more importantly, if we change the house to Britain and the fire to politicians, then it leaves the pieces of wood as voting.
By voting you are destroying not only your country and life but also other people's lives especially those who saw through the bullshit and don't vote.

Smash the system. It can never be used for good cause. WAKE THE FUCK UP FFS!



William said...

If all the candidates are party drones and there isn't a decent honest person to vote for then deliberately spoil the paper. That way they can't pretend everyone stayed home because they are happy with the system or doesn't care.

This comment illustrates the brainwashing far better than anything I could say.
This person really does believe in control by state. He or she also believes their individual vote or in this case 'spoiled paper' will SHOW THEM and they won't be able to pretend. They don't need to pretend about anything. Your mere deliverance of a spoiled paper doesn't matter a shite. You agreeing to be a member of the United Kingdom Society by putting your name on their roll every damn year is all the consent they need to shaft you.

I'm sorry but is there another Britain where politicians care and worry about what their voters/detractors think of them?
One where the politicians follow the lead given by the collective will of the people?
If there is get me a map.

Come on WAKE UP. Voting is simply showing TPTB that you are still a child who isn't ready to take responsibility for themselves so is happy to be lead by the 'adults' (those creating the system).

Sorry for getting a tad annoyed but I really am sick to death of those who think that begging the tyrant to change is the way to go.

If you cannot take the dead easy, dead simple step of removing yourself from the electoral roll (it is even easier than binning the TV Licence or saying no to a state drone or even sending a letter to ask a question.)
then you really are not ready for personal freedom.

Here's how you do it.
1 Put a big black line through their piece of paper and return it WITHOUT Filling it in.
2 Easier still burn the damn thing.
3 Don't answer the door
4 If You do answer the door inadvertently you are not obliged to speak to whoever it is who knocked so close the door again without speaking.

They absolutely need your consent it is vital because they then have no need to pretend anything. You have given them permission to shaft you.
This permission needs constant renewal every 12 months or it lapses.

Now do you understand how and why gypo's and travelers appear to get away with what they do?
Here's a clue and them I'll leave the subject alone... They don't consent to be a member of the United Kingdom Society.

Pesky Anonymous said...

For me, there is no expression so concise as:
"Oh, Don't vote for them. It just encourages them."

I have a fantasy, that whenever a politician speaks, they are greeted with laughter. Like the audience of celebrities at that Ken Dodd concert, I mean real tears streaming down the face laughter.
I'd love to see their reaction.

tinks said...

A bit harsh @Harbinger.

I am well aware of how local politics operate, I've seen it close up. It's not pretty and seems controlled as often is the case by a small elite with little about them but power and influence to control things and manage perceptions.

The sham of democracy is all we have until there is a critical mass the says it should be otherwise.

I don't have an answer; if their democracy was really threatened, it's pretty certain it would get nasty.

I will vote later and it will be wasted, you won't and it will be wasted, life will go on, and we will continue to be angry, they will continue to play politics with people's lives, because they can.

Anonymous said...


The truth is harsh and it's offensive. Accept it.

"I am well aware of how local politics operate.."

Well if you are, why in the hell are you continuing to support it, when it, by nature is corrupt to the very core?

"The sham of democracy is all we have.."

No it's not. Whatever you CHOOSE to have you CHOOSE to have within your life. However, if you wish to live within the system and do what the system tells you to do, then democracy and thus politics is your life blood.

"I will vote later and it will be wasted, you won't and it will be wasted..."

My vote will be wasted...and? Wasted for what?

Wasted so that I know I'm not going to help the bankers create more money and debt, thus creating more legislation, thus more taxation, thus more smashing of our individuality, our liberty, our freedom, thus more wars, thus more misery, thus more deaths...etc etc etc?

I know by not voting I am actively saying NO to the system. By not being on the electoral register, I am choosing not to be part of the system. By not voting on voting days I am happy in the knowledge I am not electing another cunt to real misery on my fellow countrymen as well as give the go to bomb the bejesus out of brown people in the middle east.

Voting is a choice.
Either vote for dickhead one, two, three, four, etc etc and continue to bring in the total control network in the world.
Don't and be free of these psychopathic cunts once and for all.

Look, the only true form of freedom is anarchy. People don't want to live in anarchy because they're comfortable being wrapped in man nappies and fed by the state. They're happy they don't have to think, meaning they are nothing more than vegetables in a very big cabbage patch. The majority of people are a waste of space and I can understand why the elites want to remove them because they're quite frankly pathetic to say the least. However, I'm not a psychopath like those bastards are and I would never dream of taking people's lives, regardless how incompetent they are. It's just not my right to do so. If they want to be major fuckups, that's entirely their prerogative, but I don't. I don't want to be controlled, told what to do and wrapped in man nappies. The problem is, my freedom is under threat because of fuckwits like you who vote because you say it's all their fucking is. Wake the fuck up you cabbage, ffs. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do and if you think that you can change society by signing your name on a voting slip then you may as well go and boil your fucking head. The system will only be broken and destroyed when people want it so. Voting is keeping it very much alive.



Anonymous said...

Lesson to be learned: Phoney Tony b.liar got into office by securing a majority of a minority! Hmm