May 15, 2012

Chewsday Chuckles..

In lieu of Friday Funnies.

(I won't be here on Friday as I will be heading home from Prague).

Maybe these piccies will encourage a smile......

And please use the white space as an open forum until I get back.

Good ol' Jack. Man after my own heart.

After he was fired, Jim the Gardener left a wee message for the Fetheringstone-Whittleys.

I was expecting this image a lot sooner, to be honest.

Gotta love those bowling ads.....


The new Olympus 409-1E. For those tricky shots...

Not funny at all, this one.

This image (courtesy of ZeroHedge ) is of the Greek Ministry of Finance.

 And finally,

Ah, Lagos. I miss thee so.

Have a good week. Back on Saturday.



Anonymous said...

Hope CR you dont mind me posting my Q. here.
I was stopped this morning on suspicion of drunk driving here (I very much wasnt) in Scotland.

The officer who stopped me said they had recieved information.

Asked if i would give a sample - i said yes.

They then said that thye had no roadside equiptment in this particular division as it was in for inspection.
I was the told I had to wait for a car to come from another division with the equiptment.
This took an hour.

Can they do this - Was I a patsy?

pitano1 said...

its what you think that matters.

with your consent..YES`