May 01, 2012


Never say you don't get creative help on this blog.

"In the third century A.D.,the Latin poet Q. Serenus wrote a medical textbook in verse in which he recommends the charm as a cure for fever.  As he prescribed it: 'Secretly repeat it often, but subtract the number, and more and more let each component of the form disappear, until it is reduced to a narrow cone:  See to it that you wear this [written] on linen around the neck.'  And that's exactly what people did for 1,500 years afterward--it was widely used as late as 1665 to combat an outbreak of the plague in England that year."
-- The Good Luck Book by Stefan Bechtel & Laurence Roy Stains, Workman Publishing, 1997

Few hypnotists will fail to recognize the prescription secretly (which is to say, mentally rather than verbally) to repeat and subtract components as a powerful trance induction.

And your fever disappears, as if by ... magic.

(If, perversely, it does not disappear do not hesitate to consult a good doctor.)

Abra. (Aramaic for "To Create")
Cadabra. ("As I say")

There you go.

For years I wondered if (self) hypnosis helped ward off, or even cure, some ailments. So I took a close look at the techniques used and I believe that it helps enormously. I am very rarely ill.

Is it because I simply tell myself I am well?

I reckon it is.

Give it a try. It could work for you too.



Anonymous said...

Hi Captain,

Sugestion does work weather it be hypnotism or NLP (neuro linguistic programming). If you have ever seen Derren Brown, you will find thats pretty much how he manages to do seemingly amazing things. The quote (I'm not sure who said it) "if you tell somebody something long enough they will eventually believe it" is testament to this.

I'm afraid were pre-programmed to be suckers so we may aswell take advantage of it and use it to our own ends.

So to support what you are saying, yes self hypnosis does work to a certain extent but don't expect miracles.


Nick said...

I know it's late but take a look at Masaru Emoto's The message from water on the web. Fascinating, for me at least.