May 23, 2012

Mid-Week Chortle

Still fuming after reading this piece of nastiness so I thought I should post a piccie or three to cheer me/us up.

He was warned...

An age-old question answered. It was the egg.

Now this IS funny. Or not.

A gormless twat, you look like.

Makes me LOL, this one does.

George and Edith knew right then that they'd be eating the bastard for weeks....


That three-titted bird off Total Recall.

Coming to a eurozone country near you. Soon.

The Hoff plumbs new depths with his outrageous product lines.......

And finally

We sure did.



William said...

That is just the state carry on it's business of trying to coerce consent. Sorry to bang on about it but if people cannot yet see that consent IS EVERYTHING to those control the state...well.

On the bright side though this is just another unenforceable £1000 threat to beat the slaves with. I also think that the states people are getting a tad worried that the slaves are realising that there is no longer any such thing as a British government. According to Dick North even some MSM members are breaking ranks and starting to highlight the how the EU have reduced the former to mime artists.

Captain Ranty said...

If you can't bang on about consent here William, then all hope is lost.

I agree 100%.

There is something in the air, these days, don't you think?

About fucking time too.


Summerisle said...

"a civil penalty, akin to parking fine" Like the parking fine I didn't pay over a year ago, and they still haven't got out of me despite their continuing monthly threatening letters.

Q: How much longer are we, collectively, going to take this crap?

Mark Wadsworth said...

Lovely collage, you ought to do this more often.

Anonymous said...

If they know enough about me to Levi a fine why they fuck do they need me to fill in a form under threat?

Pesky Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous
" ... why they fuck do they need me to fill in a form under threat?"

It's called Kow-Towing.
From the days when all the eastern nations sent someone to Kow Tow to the Emporer of China.
It's an acknowledgment that they are the boss, and you are a little piece of shit who exists merely by their grace.

Anonymous said...

What, like they (didn't) fine me for not filling in the Census?