May 14, 2012

Exit Strategy

The impossible may be happening.

Politicians, those fickle and feckless people, are finally starting to listen to their masters.

We want out. Most of us never wanted in, but we were not of an age to point out the futility of the EU. Our opportunity may be arriving soon. 42 years after the dreadful and treasonous European Communities Act was enacted, predicated on an outright lie, we may just get the chance to say no.

According to this article anyway.


"Tragically for Britain our ruling class has colluded in the EU’s systematic destruction of our right to self-government while ignoring the will of the public. The entire story of our official relationship with Brussels has been characterised by deceit, cowardice and national humiliation.

The tone for this saga of decline was set in the early Seventies when Tory Prime Minister Edward Heath forced through Britain’s entry into the Common Market. “There is no question of Britain losing essential sovereignty,” he claimed – a statement he knew to be a blatant lie."

We throw at least £17 billion a year down this monsters throat. Instead of a polite "Thank you" all we get are demands for more, more, more, for less, less, less. The true figure is nearer £110 billion per year.  The cost to small (and large) businesses is insane, forced, as they are, to implement hundreds of thousands of bureaucratic diktats shat out by the collective idiocy in Brussels, and just to appease the French, in Strasbourg as well. For those of you that are unaware, the whole shebang moves to Strasbourg every month, and why not? It isn't their money they are wasting: it's ours.

Last year, a total of 4,116 new pieces of legislation and their dangerous cousins, statutory instruments, were enacted in the UK. Over 80% of those individual pieces of insanity came directly from the EU. Extricating ourselves from this nonsense is long overdue. I often hear people say (when I have been on a short but vicious tirade about the EU) "Yeah, but it doesn't affect us, does it?". I could scream. I say to them, "Point out anything in this living room. Anything at all. Not one single item in here has not been regulated by the EU. Not one". The answer is usually, "Meh".

That is the nature of this particular beast. It is sneaky. It is devious. It is underhand. It is expensive. It is unnecessary. It is futile. It is populated with politicians who are on a power trip, and they will not be reasoned with. They will not hear the ugly truth: the plan has failed. You have failed. People have had enough. That "thousandth cut" may have been delivered, at last, and the meh brigade may just be waking up. It has been a long time coming.

There may be hope:

"BUT now we may finally be given a real say on our relationship with Brussels. The wall of anti- democracy, so carefully preserved by the elite for so long, is beginning to crumble. According to authoritative reports from Westminster each of the two main parties is considering plans to go into the next general election promising to hold a referendum on the Britain’s membership of the EU.

In the Tory high command the idea is increasingly favoured as a means of rebuilding popularity after the shambles of recent months. “Basically it’s a certainty,” one Tory strategist said last week. Labour, too, is drawn to the referendum idea, partly to outflank the Conservatives. This paper’s chief political commentator Patrick O’Flynn recently revealed that some senior Labour figures believe a “referendum is going to happen we might as well pledge it first”."

The question, the only question is, do we believe them? Do we put our faith in these famous liars? We've been here before. We've had those "cast-iron guarantees". We've seen UKIP take them to court and lose, as the judge stated, "Manifesto promises are not legally binding". Is that some sort of twisted caveat emptor? Is it a warning never to believe a word politicians utter on the campaign trail?

I like Europe. I really do. I have been to many of the countries there (in fact, at stupid o'clock tomorrow morning I go to visit a new European nation) and the biggest delight for me was seeing their differences. Standardisation is anathema to me. Vive le difference, and all that. What I have hated in recent years is that bastard harmonisation. It is neither needed nor welcomed.

Some say, "Well, you don't need your passport", to which I say "Bollocks". I am even asked for my passport on domestic flights nowadays. A passport to travel from Aberdeen to London, FFS! And whether I need a passport or not is immaterial. I have to carry one, and it takes just as long to enter or leave with an EU passport. Longer, often, because everybody and their dog has one. The queues for "foreigners" are often shorter and faster moving.

After that triumphant (or devastating, depending on your politics) defeat of Labour at the last general election I was delighted but unsurprised to hear that wifey MP from Salford (I refuse to write her name as it will befoul this blog) say "You know what? We lost the election because we stopped listening".

The coalition didn't make that mistake. They didn't even start listening. They promised all sorts, reneged, and carried on regardless. They are uber-beings and therefore empowered to do as they will. The crash, when it comes, as it must come, will be painful for them. And I will smile as I watch the carnage. I will laugh as they try to blame each other. I will rejoice when they finally blame us. And they will. And that will fire up the sleeping. That will anger Joe Public, who is sick and tired of paying for their incompetence.

I have disengaged from British politics to the extent that my polling card gathers dust, and my polling station (just 65 yards from my home) goes unvisited. I am disconnected. My consent to be governed by these idiots is revoked.

All of my problems will go away if we leave the EU. Sovereignty, just a word to some, and more's the pity, will be regained. We will be whole again. We can start to rebuild this nation and be great again. Our combined talents in the UK are prodigious. Europe needs us more than we need them. No jobs will be lost. Our travels to that continent will not reduce. We will not be reviled. We will be hailed as "that brave nation that showed the rest of us the way". Our children will be proud of us.

We will be free from that nightmare. We will do what we have always done: we will decide for ourselves. As peoples must.

And we will all be richer for that.



Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I do not believe that the sheeple will vote against the EU. Too much face would be lost by the EU to risk losing the UK, so the result will be massaged to ensure our staying part of the crumbling empire.

William said...

Sadly you are wrong. 'We' are not their masters.

As anon states the United Kingdom is key or rather the financial and blind social support for the EU dream guarantees the UK will be the one switching the light off.

Captain Ranty said...

I hear you.

But I disagree with both of you.

I do not believe that the British bulldog spirit is yet dead.

We have surprised the world before, and we can do it again.


William said...

It's got bugger all to do with a Bulldog spirit dormant or otherwise. I like you hope that one day the wake up button will be pressed in enough people and they will simply walk away from Big State be it EU or UN but that hope is countered by a persistent reality that there is a significant minority of people in this land who want to see the current state of affairs perpetuated until their lives end as this will save them from accepting personal responsibility.

This is the crux of the matter to my mind. Most folk are happy to be shafted as long as they don't have to hold their hand up.
They are slaves to a belief nothing more but it is still a belief that has a far stronger hold than any sky fairy.

That said I stand by what I said. We the people living upon the British Isles are not the 'masters' of those who claim to rule. We are their servants at best and slaves if we are being truthful with ourselves. They gain all of their apparent power from our consent but not one direction from us. Their directions are handed to them by the people who employ them.
I really have no idea if they are Bilderbergers, banksters, the Illuminati, aliens or just a bunch of psycopaths but it matters not as there is definitely an 'off stage director' working the politicians.

ISG said...

" I have disengaged from British politics to the extent that my polling card gathers dust, and my polling station (just 65 yards from my home) goes unvisited. I am disconnected. My consent to be governed by these idiots is revoked."

It dosen't matter what you think ranty, you will not vote and you will not take part in british politics.

The British bulldog spirit happens because folk take an active role in changing things and not sitting on their arses doing nowt.

William said...

You are wrong if you think that voting ever changes anything.

Real fundamental change occurs 'in the left field' to corrupt an Americanism. Voting for one tyrant or the other is a truly pointless exercise even if they are radically different people they both play by the same set of rules.
Government of the people by the consent of the people.

If voting were to mean anything then there would be a 'none of the above' category on every voting slip. Can't see any of the political peeps pushing for that simple addition can you?

ISG said...

The consent of the people is only given by voting.

After the "left field" has happened then voting happens. The left field happens in the first place because of no fair voting or no voting at all.

Whatever needs to be changed in this country, taking the stance of "no votes" "no politics" and then banging on about the subject of politics is laughable and naive.

mescalito said...

All pessimists will end up being surprised, all I see is positive change happening around me and everyday I meet clients and strangers who are aware of what's going on.

The rats are turning on one and other to save their own skin.

Nice post ranty man, it gave me a boost.

Robert the Biker said...

None of the big parties will be holding a referendum until they can be sure of the 'right' result.
UKIP is the only party that will do so predicated on the idea of us getting out.

Anonymous said...

Judd, not anonymous.

If the tories really are mooting this, its a ploy to stave off even worse defeat at the next general.

Anyone who reads comments, blogs, forums etc or simply talks to their normal neighbours, friends and colleagues cannot fail to have realised that UKIP are hosting the revival of feelings that there might at least be hope for the country.

I don't know if the tories would honour a promise, so far this govt has shown itself to be as dishonourable as the bliar mob was, led by deceipt, spin and propaganda.

So i doubt it, but they have to promise the referendum or their stalwarts will be voting UKIP in their hundreds of thousands....thats not to say that UKIP will suddenly gain lots of MP's but without a doubt the votes going their way, including mine, will see many tories unseated and the possibility of labour back in.

That TBH isn't too much of a worry for me, there being little difference in the three cheeks of the same arse.

Whatever labour promise is of no consequence, the last 15 years should have convinced anyone who has a pulse that they are not to be trusted with anything, a traitorous mish mash of dsihonourable rogues and chancers...note, Dennis Skinner and Anthony Wedgewood Benn honourable exceptions.

Sorry tories, you cried wolf once too often by failing to honour your EU referendum promise, didn't believe you would and i was right, disappointingly.

Captain Ranty said...

"Whatever needs to be changed in this country, taking the stance of "no votes" "no politics" and then banging on about the subject of politics is laughable and naive."


Because voting for numpties has really helped us, hasn't it?

It's insane. And repeating the same experiment and expecting different results is filed under the heading "Voting In A General Election".

RtB has hit the nail on the head: UKIP is where salvation lies.

The other parties are just salivating liars.

The Big Three? Dribbling, drooling, thieving, self-interested black-hearted cunts, is what I prefer to call them.

Country first, every time. Nothing else will do.

By hook or by crook they will re-learn that lesson.


William said...

Is this really CR ranting here or is it Gaius?

Joking aside. I am intrigued. Given your stance on so many things just why do you now beleive that salvation comes in voting for the 'best of a bad lot' in a system of consenting slavery?

Captain Ranty said...


At base, I know voting is pointless, but if UKIP could deliver, I may well wander along to the booth and make my mark for them.

And I do like many things in their manifesto.

That said, they just be a placebo for the masses of disgusted voters.

I genuinely don't know. Cynicism is healthy. Paranoia can be helpful. Revocation is useful.

Remember that I am trying to do my thing peacefully and lawfully. I do not look forward to violent rebellion but I will be on the front line if needed.

I just hope that it won't come to that.


Sue said...

Sorry to burst your bubble Capt. Even if a referendum is promised by one of the parties, it will incorporate a "negotiation", which may, or mostly likely may not, cede results.

Our government will hang on to the bitter end. The only way out of the EU is if the project implodes or if we take to the streets of London with clubs, ropes and guns.

Captain Ranty said...


Yes, I read that.

They will say "Please release me" instead of "Get to fuck" but it's a beginning....


Anonymous said...

Dear Captain…

Good post, good sentiment… However…

I think you are wrong.

The first thing is that UKIP are scaring the LibLabCON to such an extent that I reckon that they will all insert a referendum clause into their forthcoming manifestoes, but the reason will be to stifle the UKIP vote. Once the election is over and depending on how many votes went to UKIP, there will probably be a sudden change of policy by the winning party.

Only if UKIP (unlikely) form the official opposition is a referendum likely…

NB "Robert the Biker"… It is not UKIP policy to have a referendum on the EU issue… Which might sound odd, bearing in mind that they are the only party that has as a major plank of their policy, the introduction of Swiss style direct democracy (regular referendums and popular initiatives)… No, if UKIP won a general election they would repeal the relevant EU acts on day one… NO REFERENDUM.

These murmurings instigated by some of the opinion writers of the national papers (along with Tories like Hannan and Carswell), are purely in support of the idiot known as David Cameron. Because they know a couple of things…
The first is that under the current law, any referendum question would be constructed by the government, and will probably be a bit like the one in 1975… a choice between renegotiating and staying in, or just staying in.

Second they realise that the tendency for the hoi-polloi is to retain the status quo, particularly if a ton of government (our) money is spent poisoning the "out" campaign.

I have been a supporter and member of UKIP since 1996, and I have watched them grow, it is my opinion that they are not growing fast enough to save this nation… I will continue to support them and be a member though.

So to summarise, if there is a referendum, the noes will probably lose it, it will only be called when the government are sure of winning it… But my money is on the there will not be a referendum ticket, though there may well be a promise of one.

ISG said...

What a crock of shite ranty!

within a couple of hours you have gone from no voting, revoke this and that and now you may well wander down to the polling booth, even though you know voting is pointless...FFS

Who do you think UKIP are?...they are the numpties you have voted for in previous elections, they are professional politicians who now stand under a different logo.

Honestly talk about lack of now support taking part in british politics and will continue with the insane experiment of voting in a general election.

good grief is there anymore fancy footwork to come? also confused by the "man with no name" freeman mularky registers to vote in the first place.

William said...

'If UKIP Could Deliver' shows there is considerable doubt in your mind. I thought you had jumped ship into the 'we must be governed because anarchy is chaos' camp. Glad to see you haven't.

The United Kingdom is part of the EU as you well know.
Only members of the United Kingdom are bound by the rules of the EU as you well know.
To be a member of the United Kingdom you have to accept full responsibility for the name and consent to be part of it therefore your membership, which you have to renew annually by joining the electoral roll using your name as you well know. Once you are in you have to accept all of the the rules of membership as there is no out until the 'year end'. By agreeing to be part of the United Kingdom you are agreeing to rule by European Union. It is as plain as the nose on my face, at least it is now.

I used to believe that a vote was the most powerful agent for change I possessed but I was wrong. Stefan Molyneux, Guy Euden and Michael of Bernicia 'told me' that I was agreeing to slave by voting and all three of them told me to go look for myself which I did and they were right.

Voting is a veneer of democracy nothing more. Voting for UKIP is in reality utterly pointless except it serves to distract those who might otherwise discover that anarchy ain't such a bad thing after all.

DC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DC said...

Why don't we wage a widespread campaign to make election promises legally binding. How about we all sign this existing petition and at least reach enough signatories to force a debate in Parliament?:

All political candidates should be required to make pre-election promises under oath before they can stand

I've just posted a new blog entry based specifically on this issue: Click here

Magnum said...

The question now is, it says, "should we stay in the EU and renegotiate, or leave and pursue a future of bilateral relationships around the world?"

For this dismal, stupid, venal leader-writer, the "turmoil and trauma within the eurozone and what will follow" offers "the perfect opportunity to decide". And there comes his babyish idea of a referendum, giving The Boy the "mandate" from the people. Thus armed, we are advised, "the Prime Minister could truly speak for Britain".

This infantile view of the world is staggering. Not least, anyone with the emotional intelligence of a two-year-old or more would instantly realise that they are onto a loser.

To approach the "colleagues" when they are embroiled in euro fallout, demanding renegotiation of the treaties, is going to get nowhere. Even if it was a starter during the good times, now and for the many months to come would be the worst of all times.

But the singular point is that to "stay in the EU and renegotiate" is not, never has been and never will be an option. We either stay in, or we leave. Only in the latter case do we then negotiate a relationship with what is left of the EU.

For all these many years, neither the Tories nor their media claque can deal with this basic truth. Instead, despite being told again and again and again, they return to their lame stupidity, determined to the end to yearn after something that is not on offer and can never happen.
Quote from EURef. by R North

wiggins said...

Promises, promises. Remember Cast-Iron-Dave? Quite!

Anonymous said...


It's a good article - Precise. I disagree with ISG (13:42) who says "you may well wander down to the polling booth" as I know that to be a non starter, however I am somewhat perplexed at your signification, albeit somewhat obscure, that there is a future for the system, that is some form of government although very small. However moreso, I am trying to understand how on earth you believe that:

"We can start to rebuild this nation and be great again"

when history has proven over and over that all money within the UK was blood money, taken from the plundering of foreign lands, the forcing of our culture on them and the demolition of theirs. You really have to be a psychopath if you think that Britain was great once. It wasn't, well, it depends from what view point you're looking at it from doesn't it? If you're one of the psychopath cunts at the top then it was fantastic, in fact it still is. If however, you're from the rest of the plebs, then history was hell for all of them - debtors prisons, starvation, malnutrition, exile to the colonies, forced into the armed forces, a life of squalor etc etc etc - in fact nothing's changed.

However, to meet you half way cap'n, I see where you're coming from, that is a land where people had jobs; they were 'happier' than they are now; people were more polite and had more respect for themselves and one another; the streets were safe; there were no paedophiles or rapists and of course we had a skilled workforce......


Cap'n, the above is history and that's where it will remain. You seem to forget, no matter how many times I've written about it, that the UK is now populated by aliens who are breeding out the indigenous and their way of life. Our younger generations are totally globalised automatons, who couldn't give a fuck about sovereignty and nationality, let alone culture, for the simple reason they've been conditioned to believe that love for your own race, people and culture, ethnocentrism, is racist (unless you're a Jew that is). We have no industry and people wouldn't pay more in order to keep British people working and would rather buy cheap from China.

The only way that the UK could ever be what you and I would see as 'great' would be:

1. The instant removal of all non indigenous to their ancestral lands.
2. The immediate enforcement of protectionism, creation of industry and banning of all foreign imports.
3. The removal of all forms of government and of course the elites/monarchy, judiciary and police establishments.
4. Destruction of all forms of non indigenous culture....

I could go on, but Cap'n, you know not one of the above points will ever be fulfilled. I'm afraid that the UK is on a one way trip to oblivion and there's nothing that can be done other than doing what I've stated.
leaving the EU is a drop in the ocean. The utter cultural destruction of the UK over the last 60 years has demolished its original foundations. The plunder of the UK by the bankers is complete and ongoing and nothing can be done to stop them simply because they control the very education, brainwashing and indoctrination of their victims - the public.

As I always say, there's a lot that can be done to stop the UK from definite disintegration, but the mindset of the people has been changed so much that to sew up that gaping wound, killing their country would be hateful and racist. This is the reality cap'n and you either accept it or you don't.



Captain Ranty said...


It's a curse, this optimism of mine. That's all this post is. Mired in optimism.

I haven't quite given up on the idea that a great statesman will emerge and lead us in the right direction once more. It doesn't have to be a politician, Christ knows they are a failed experiment, but someone, someday, might just galvanise us all.

If I thought like ISG I would simply run down to the polling booth like a good little drone and go with the prevailing sentiment (which in my area is that any vote not given to the SNP is a wasted one) and if I thought like you I would post this comment, give you time to read it then delete the whole fucking blog and forget any notion of change.

I am somewhere in the middle. Voting for LibLabCon isn't working. We just exchange one set of inept clowns for another.

I still maintain hope. Without that we are well and truly fucked.

If I'm pissing in the wind here, do let me know. I don't have to be an awkward cunt publicly, I can just as easily crack on with my own programme and keep it to myself.


Anonymous said...


"If I'm pissing in the wind here, do let me know."

It's your opinion and your very right as an individual to state whatever you so desire regardless of how other people view what you have to write.

Do I think you're pissing against the wind? Well I don't need to answer that as I think you should know where I stand. You're an eternal optimist and we do need these people in life for balance, but I am what you would call a pessimist, that is, a realist.

I don't know cap'n. I think you are (as do we all) pining for that society you had when you were younger. Nostalgia will always creep in to let us know how good things were compared to today. I was only discussing this with my mother the other day and my topic was how different life was in the 70's, people, population, culture etc etc. I mentioned the Harry Palmer films with Michael Caine and should you watch them, especially in central London it's like a different planet to today. Look at how many cars and people there are. LOL!!

You have to do what you believe Cap'n. You're a voice for many to relate to and you know that. I simply no longer see the point in trying to avert the inevitable when I realise that those who we need to do just that, simply couldn't give a fuck for reasons mentioned. In other words cap'n, the 'fight back' movement is like filling a sieve with water - pointless, simply because although their intentions are good, they're forgetting one simple thing - others' aren't.



Dan said...

When conceived, the EU project was designed specifically to erode national identity to make all of Europe into just one big country. It was supposed to be a macro version of what happens, say, in the UK.

The single currency was the key to the project. Joining the Euro was supposed to be irreversible, and once done it was supposed to be a fast track towards political and economic fusion. The EU would thus be one big country and the regions which produced excesses would in effect fund the regions which didn't (much as the hyper-productive south-east funds much of Scotland).

Only problem with all this was the utter lack of charisma of the EU. What the EU had in spades was what Terry Pratchett has termed "charisntma"; an actively repulsive opposite to charisma.

The EU did what it could to build a superstate, but at the heart of it, the member states were actual States and their peoples all thought of themselves as British, German, French and so on, and never as Europeans. Charisntma and incompetence doomed the EU right from the start.

This is the key thing to remember: the one key objective that the EU should have been pursuing right from the start was not pursued, and didn't actually stand a chance of ever occurring. The EU never stood a chance of becoming a state, and has been marching to its doom ever since.

Now look to Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal. They don't know that the party is over; they can't actually conceive of the party ever ending. They're rejecting what everyone is calling austerity and which actually ought to be called "living within your means". These morons actually want to carry on borrowing for ever and ever and think that this is actually possible.

The EU is doomed as surely from this as it is from anything else. The ECB should not ever have permitted the member states to have gotten themselves into this level of debt; right from the start there should have been an overtly stated and meticulously planned system for booting countries out of the Euro. The EU masters should have planned for failure as well as success as any wise strategist does.

They didn't because they were not and are not wise. The EU is being run by complete idiots, financed by idiots, and is doomed by these same idiots. The very best thing we can do is to force a simple IN/OUT referendum as soon as possible, and withdraw our funding from the whole mess. Doing so will assist in precipitating a crisis; it'll bring on the pain sooner rather than later and overall will shorten the length of the crisis.

However, it will also give us immigration problems so the things we need to do before precipitating the crisis are to criminalise trespass (like the Irish did) and set up fast-track deportation systems to get shut of European freeloaders.

pitano1 said...

hi capt.

i totally agree with harbinger.

also i suggest you read a book entitled''the commitee of 300 by
dr. john coleman.

to name but one,or try carol quigley`s material.

the arrogant cunts tell us their plans in advance,knowing that no`one
wants to read their dry,and dusty tomes.

if voting made `any` difference,it would be against the law.

held in place by force,and the threat of violence.

Captain Ranty said...


I don't think it's nostalgia.

All my life (like everyone else) I have seen great strides in science, in health, and standards of living have risen. It would be a hard man that wanted to roll back the years in certain areas.

Not all change is good.

But what I cannot stand is change for changes sake. These politicians are not making life any easier for anyone but themselves, it seems to me. They run roughshod over rights garnered over the centuries and we are supposed to do what, exactly? Stand idly by while they piss us all away on an experiment? So that they can secure their own futures while fucking the rest of us?

I just made a stand. I swore to myself that I would do all I could to stop the nonsense and yes, it is a losing battle. I need millions of comrades, not dozens or hundreds.

It ain't happening. For every one of us that puts his/her nuts on the line, there are 1,000 gibbering idiots cheering on the oppressors.

What they haven't figured out yet is that are next.

An attack on one is an attack on all.

Someone has to stand up and say "Enough".

I was just daft enough to think someone would hear me.


Anonymous said...


Quite and I've read it. In fact so should everyone and not just the cap'n.

Download it here or buy the book. Either way read it.

I also suggest Political Ponerology (amongst many more):



Captain Ranty said...


A great comment and I thank you for that.

I think your general thrust is "Just wait. It was always bound to collapse".

I agree with that too, but patience was never my strong suit.

And just how much damage will occur before that inevitable collapse comes? I'm all for ripping off the plaster quickly.


Captain Ranty said...


Thanks. I will do so.


Thanks for the links.


William said...

What are you complaining about?
The lack of awareness in others?
The amount of fear in others?
The seeming incompetence of the individual?
Your assumed failure to change things?
Your assumed failure to alter enough people's perceptions?

I really am struggling to understand the point of this post.

Anonymous said...


Sometimes I feel like I'm banging my head against a brick wall with the replies I've written to you in the past:

"These politicians are not making life any easier for anyone but themselves, it seems to me. They run roughshod over rights garnered over the centuries and we are supposed to do what, exactly? Stand idly by while they piss us all away on an experiment?"

Politicians are merely the non violent enforcers of the agenda. The police and armed forces are the violent. Politicians are rewarded for doing what they're told. You mentioned Heath and his treason, yet did you know that when he signed the Treaty of Ascencion his bank balance grew by the millions even though on a £100k a year salary, enabling him to buy his Georgian mansion in Salisbury:

When are you going to realise that politicians ARE NOT HERE FOR THE PEOPLE FFS? They never have been. It's a gravy train. They work as puppets of the banking elites, the Rothschilds pull their strings and they're good psychopathic servants. They do not question. They just do, of course to our very own detriment but do they give a toss? Do they fuck.

Cap'n, until you break out of the mindset that the system can work and politicians are there to impose the will of the people then you will continue going around in circles. The politicians are part of the system. The system is corrupt and has been since its inception. It's there for one reason and that's to make the elites very rich and powerful and damn the rest.



ISG said...

You see ranty you are a good little drone by registering to vote and then voting for the professional politicians that have been with us for decades with the same old system.

the difference between me and you is honesty....i'm happy to vote and engage in the political process whereas your confused jibberish with one foot in and one foot out doing the ranty hokey cokey leaves you looking like a soft arse with even your "freemen oddballs" mates scratching their heads in disbelief.

Vote UKIP...nowt wrong in that, i will more than likely do the same if i can get out of my head the sight of nigel farage in his coudroy leather armlet things looking like a proper tory lord of the manor and sounding like one too.

Captain Ranty said...


The point of the post is clear enough (I think): a referendum may be in the offing.

It goes all funny in the comments.

I am torn. One the one hand, I reckon change is possible (and it may be via UKIP) but on the other, I know that voting is pointless. As the old saying goes, "It matters not who you vote for, the government always gets in".

But to answer your specific questions:

1. Everything

2. Yes.

3. Yes.

4. Not really. The individual just needs to recognise the incompetence of the government.

5. Always. Mind you, changing things is never easy.

6. Always. Changing perceptions is almost impossible. People believe what they will.


Captain Ranty said...


It isn't that I have (ever) registered to vote, it's that I have not deregistered. I can and will do that. Losing my vote is not an issue. I cannot in all conscience engage in the process. Not whilst I am in Lawful Rebellion. But that shouldn't stop me having an opinion, whether it is warmly received or firmly rejected.

But as I have said many times, I fight my fights one at a time.

If, by doing what I do makes me a soft arse, then I will wear that badge with some pride.

Voting for the same twats every five years is useless.


NewsboyCap said...


You are definitely NOT pissing in the wind.

To offer an alternative view optimistic, pessimistic or otherwise allows the peeps to see things from a different angle, rather than the TOP down enforcement from the PTB. To hope for a Great Leader is I feel 'Hopeless',as you have said many, many times we need to look in the mirror to find the answer to our problems.
But having said that although I do agree with Harbinger on most of what he writes and has written, I cannot believe that he has totally given up on the people of this country, there are still many good ones out there just waiting for a wake up.
But until they 'wake' I have to agree with William and your previous posts- remove ourselves from the scam of voting, say no as often as possible, be an awkward sod and keep getting the message out there to as many as we can.
As William said listen and read what Stefan, Guy, Michael and yes Captain Ranty have to offer, there really is some great stuff. Just a pity that Harbinger no longer graces us with his Blog.

William said...

a referendum may be in the offing.

Sorry missed that!

Joking. I got that. It's just that I figured that the only time anyone in the United Kingdom political class would give the slaves a 'vote' was when it was 100% convinced of the outcome.

The thing I cannot get my head round is why so many clearly intelligent people can see that the United Kingdom government is no longer anything more than a front organisation for the EU. They can see that all it does is gold plate the EU regulations, rules, statues and increase the tax burden at every opportunity and then some but despite, they also see quite clearly how the regulatory rules imposed are killing British Isles every single day but in spite of this they will do nothing.

I don't despair though. I just get on with removing as many tendrils of state from my life as I can. You provided the 'power' to take the second and third steps on this path and I will be forever grateful.

Anonymous said...


Thanks again for your kind words, as always however, you say:

"although I do agree with Harbinger on most of what he writes and has written, I cannot believe that he has totally given up on the people of this country, there are still many good ones out there just waiting for a wake up."

I haven't totally given up. I merely accept the inevitable. If I'm standing on a beach and I see a 100m tidal wave about to engulf me, I know that I'm pretty much fucked. An optimist will hope that they're ok whereas I know that there's a very slim chance of being ok. That's the difference.
I've stated that there's ALOT THAT CAN BE DONE to avert the horror down the line, but the important word here is CAN. Many simply won't purely through indoctrination and wilful ignorance. The culture of the indigenous people is unique to the indigenous people and yet if these people disappear so to will their culture. Therefore, to avert their genocide (which it is, white people that is of the west) people have to understand firstly just whom and what is making this happen and secondly, why. Thirdly is obvious - act on the information to subvert this from happening. Again, conditioning means that the indigenous people won't because it's racist to do so and therefore would rather see their people and culture destroyed in order to not FUCKING OFFEND ANYONE FFS!!!!

I brought race and indigenous culture into this because this is a massive part of the NWO agenda, that if people continue to ignore this, they are alienating any chances of understanding whom their enemy is and why they are doing what they do.

Again, I am always thinking of ways with which I can stop the inevitable happening, but it's not me that has the problem. It's the masses out there who continue to indoctrinate themselves on the MSM, Football, Eastenders, Celebrity, MCDonalds and Hollywood. The people who are waking up are far too few to do anything in the time it takes to completely change the society within the UK, not that tipping point hasn't already passed.
I merely see what was has gone and what is, is.



DC said...

May I suggest that anyone passionate about their English heritage and culture, wishing for discussion about realistic options and an apolitical (fuck politics) perspective visit the forums at

I'm only young, having learnt to mistrust politicians several years ago in my early 20s (so I haven't suffered the disillusionment had by watching several elections go by like many of you), but I'm already starting to see that Democracy is a dead end. It's their game, their rules, and as someone above said "if voting changed anything they'd ban it".

But I do think there are aspects of the political process we can utilise to wake people up. For example, the epetition which forced a debate on an EU Referendum and then got shot down by the 'elected' definitely woke a lot of people up to the farce that Democracy is. I find myself referencing the Matrix films a lot, but the 'unplugged' had to enter the matrix in order to wake up those still plugged in. We can do the same, in a sense - forcing debate on issues not to have them enacted but to show the masses that they won't be, and therefore what a farce this all is.

Overall, our real salvation lies in disengaging from the system. It survives because of our compliance, taxes, ignorance, dependence and materialism. We stop buying unnecessary crap, grow our own food, make our own booze/food, stop travelling unnecessarily, avoid tax, ignore ALL mainstream media, flush our pharmaceuticals, enjoy the simple things in life and educate those around us. But we can also use the establishment's own tools against it.

DC said...

And may I commend Harbinger for bringing race into the discussion. It's a more vital aspect of the NWO agenda than most realise. It's about destroying the sanctity of rootedness - to create a global consumer race ignorant of their forefathers' wisdom and defiance. I wish people of all colours and backgrounds would come together on this issue and then go their separate ways in peace and mutual respect.

Dystopian society said...

The writing is ON the wall, over 60% did NOT vote. The response has been published.
'they say "You know what? We lost the election because we stopped listening".'
They know they have lost the confidence of the voting public. 60% is a LANDSLIDE in anyone's book and it is NOT:
'sitting on our arses doing nowt.'
It IS: 'The British bulldog spirit happening because folk take an active role in changing things'

NOT voting is doing something, it is removing ones consent to be governed by those that think they have all the cards, playing the voting game in a corrupt system is akin to playing poker with a card shark. The only thing on should do is walk away and find another game.

I am sick to death of people telling me that not voting proves nothing. What I say to this is YOU ARE WRONG and 60% of those REGISTERED to vote DID NOT and MADE a point. And that ONLY accounts for those that are registered and NOT the spoiled votes, there are those such as me that are not registered. A good 20% of the people I know spoiled their votes.
Truly, and ignored not for much longer those that are not voting have changed more than those that have voted.

UKIP may be worth voting for, but NOT until we have some real competition for them, otherwise we fall into a ONE party state and that is worse than we have right now.

Namaste, rev;

Captain Ranty said...

Good comments Steed.

We shy away from Harby's comments (I think) because we know they contain more truth than we can stand.

We have been brainwashed to think that saying "less is more" makes us racists. It doesn't.

We are almost over-run, and it really is a case of mathematics. The numbers do not lie: as soon as they (I mean Muslims) reach a certain percentage of the population they must be represented everywhere, and that will inevitably lead us to Sharia Law, at least in big chunks of our country.

Is it racist to say "Whoa! Slide the door gently shut, or at least guarantee us that this abomination will have no place in the judicial system".

I don't think so.

(Although some leftard will no doubt tell me why I'm wrong).


Captain Ranty said...


A great comment and one I wish I had made.

You are right: sometimes, the best course of action is doing nothing.

Where voting is concerned, not voting is also a vote. In this case, it's a fecking loud scream. Mirrored in 17 of the 27 EU member states by the emergence of coalition governments.

The people are pissed off. They just don't seem to know what they are angry about. (Apart from the useless governments they entrusted with their well-being).


Anonymous said...


And may I commend you on your incredibly mature wisdom in the body of a young man. Your main article speaks much sense and I can't fault a word.

You are correct to equate reality with the Matrix, although predictive programming, it explains much of the agenda, of course the main ploy in the series is that there will be the 'one' who saves humanity from the controllers. We must all be 'one' and act together but instinctively as separate entities. In order to destroy the NWO, we must all arrive at the same destination but take different routes.

And yes, race, hence why it's always been a sensitive issue. The differences within the species of the human race is so for a reason and until people fully understand why then ignorance will continue to prevail.
I do not want to see the destruction of any race, regardless, just as I don't want to see the extinction of any animal, bird, fish or insect either. All have purpose on this planet and no one has the right to destroy them or their natural habitat regardless.
People tend to forget that one must love themeselves first before one can begin to love another. The same goes for race and culture. It is infact fascism to oppose the desire to live amongst one's own people and yet the msm will continue to support this agenda in order to enforce it upon the ignorant automatons, lost souls, with no relation to their cultural ways whatsoever.

We must go back to basics. We must be individuals and live individual lifestyles. We must live as self responsible human beings, knowing what we do and eat will result in a healthy and moral lifestyle. Wisdom can only be attained through knowledge and yet knowledge has always been suppressed by the elites in order to control.



Dystopian society said...

I hear a lot stated in many comments about those that are to 'awaken'.
I would like to ask this, 'WHO is it we are waiting to awaken?' Is there a 'one person?' a group? or something else? A certain NUMBER perhaps?
It seems like we are waiting for the rest to wake up so we can do something.

Well I say to all you who are waiting for others to wake up you are going to have a long wait, IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN.

WE are awake and WE are in sufficient numbers and we are the ones the sleeping ones are waiting for to do something before they wake up.

The BULL HAS been grabbed by the horns but there are too many divergent arguments going on for those hanging on to the bull to actually pull the bull down.

This thing, whatever it is, is to STOP the government in their tracks and bring them down. Once done we take back what is ours and start again by having those who represent us, 'represent us', and voting, again will become a worthwhile action.
Govern by consent 'IT IS ALL, EVERYTHING done so far, is about'.
One is either supporting this or one is destroying it.

Stop talking to those that sleep they do not want to wake up, if they did they WOULD. They will realise soon enough that if they continue sleeping they will be shafted good and proper, that is enough of a wakeup anyone needs.

SO, just DO, the sooner it happens the sooner we can get on with what is left of our lives and our children can grow up in a world that is fit to live in.

Namaste, rev;

Anonymous said...

The UK Independence Party already has a Friends of Israel club, so it's been infiltrated by outside interest groups just like the other three.

Oldrightie said...

A significant point is being missed here. The eurozone has gone the way of AGW. Both are political creatures created in a political and bureaucratic experiment.

Both are Frankenstein monsters and both are destroying themselves. We can just take the pain, as they steal our hard earned taxes and efforts for their laboratories. Once the lab blows up, which is about to happen, we can see who survives and is able to clean up the mess.

pitano1 said...

Steed said...

Why don't we wage a widespread campaign to make election promises legally binding. How about we all sign this existing petition and at least reach enough signatories to force a debate in Parliament?

HOW about going one better,and bring the polititions into the real world.
lets have some lawfully binding promises.
rather then having a situation of no accountability/limited liability
`bullshit` la la land bo;;ix

real people
real money
real world

no more money.?out of thin more wars.
the benefits to the people of the world are endless

Summerisle said...

For the first time I ever I didn't vote this time round; didnt even register (despite the threats of it being 'the law' to do so.) Ive gone from a belief that millions died to get us the vote, to one of 'Its an insult to the those that died for what they thought was true democracy, to vote'. I am certain though that voting is a now a complete wasting of sodding time. Even if the sheeple did wake up it's just so easy to rig now, what with postal voting, and the cardboard ballot boxes. Lots of interesting views here, but Im sure no one really knows what the answer is. Humanity has never gone this far down the path of total human enslavement before. The will might have been there in the past, but 'they' simply had to wait for the technology to catch up. Sorry to be so on the fence, but part of me is a total pessimist. Despite what some say I see few - if any - signs of any great awakening. On the other hand I try to believe that there is some point to it all; that everything is in a state of flux, and that despite however bad things look at any one time, mankind is still on the path of evolution; this time though it is a spiritual path. Im certain though that we do need to start some sort of fightback very very soon. But I wonder whether collectively there are the balls to do so.

DC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DC said...

Cheers Ranty, Harbinger!

They're pushing us into a corner and the moment we put our hands up and say "to hell with political correctness" they've lost. Fear of negative labels (like "racist", "bigot"), in this stage of the game, is their most powerful tool. When we no longer fear labels then I believe they will escalate to the next stage which is open totalitarian force (Emma West was a warning). But it needs to happen for boilng point to be reached.

I'm not racist - like Harbinger I find diversity to be the most beautiful thing on planet Earth - but I'm starting not to care even if people want to label me "racist". The word has lost all meaning and credibility. I marched in Brighton the day before St Georges Day and watched so-called 'Liberals' hurl glass bottles into a crowd of peaceful innocent patriots including women and children. I saw young girls with blood pissing from their heads for the so-called 'crime' of celebrating their country. So if being a "racist" distances me from immoral, discompassionate, hateful scum like 'Liberals' then just tell me where to sign. They care for nothing, driven by hate. They are trying to herd us into a highly dystopian future.

I too am of the opinion that we must be a movement of leaders. All I care about now is educating myself and working towards increased self-sufficiency, then inspiring others to do the same. We are each responsible for building our own lifeboats and we can't save everyone, as sad as that may be. Some love their servitude too much to let themselves be saved. That makes it our responsibility to carry heritage and wisdom over into the society that will prevail on the other side of this one.

If I may Ranty, I have a somewhat new blog I'd like to mention: Eye of Woden

@ pitano1: Obviously that would be ideal. I'm just thinking one step at a time. Forcing a debate on election promises is realistic, and whilst our leaders would inevitably ignore our pleas their arrogance would only serve to wake yet more people up to the truth.

William said...

Here is the real problem with voting beautifully illustrated by a commenter on theregister.

I give you.... (bold my emphasis)

At least a part of the problem is caused by EuroMilk™.

Britain has a quota on how much milk it is permitted to produce. That quota is set artificially low in order to ensure that France, the Netherlands and other exporters of milk have a guaranteed market to export to. The UK is about 48% self-sufficient in milk, down from 100% in 1971.

Cows are not machines. It doesn't work like "insert nKg of fodder and o litres of water to produce %FIXED_VOLUME of milk". Some days, you get more milk, some days you get less. In the spring, you usually get more. In the winter, a little less.

If you routinely produce less milk than you have quota for, DEFRA will take your quota away. If you ever produce more milk than you have quota for, DEFRA will fine you for each extra litre. It is imperative that the British public continue to buy foreign milk, so you can see why they do this (?).

Thus, you keep enough cattle to maintain your quota in the winter. So that you don't lose it. In the spring, you throw milk away in order to avoid paying DEFRA's fines.

If you want to stop wasting milk, withdraw from the Common Agricultural Policy.

So anyone who thinks voting is going to change this utter, utter lunacy which goes on no matter what colour of rosette is most numerous in the den of thieves you are truly deluded.

Dystopian society said...

This post should win an award Capt'n This is what we ALL think but have as yet said it.
This chap would be a brilliant person to talk with.
Namaste, rev;

I too am of th"e opinion that we must be a movement of leaders. All I care about now is educating myself and working towards increased self-sufficiency, then inspiring others to do the same.
We are each responsible for building our own lifeboats and we can't save everyone, as sad as that may be. Some love their servitude too much to let themselves be saved. That makes it our responsibility to carry heritage and wisdom over into the society that will prevail on the other side of this one."


Anonymous said...

Good post Ranty, and some good comments here – I just thought that I’d put my penny worth in.

The list of comments on your post displays all too clearly how disillusioned we all are – desperate even.
The truth is that there is no white knight in the wings, no Enoch Powell with his intellect or Maggie with her handbag. We have to do it for ourselves; how – that’s the rub.

I have often wondered how the people in the Soviet Union reacted to being tied into that loathsome set-up – did they, as we see now in Britain, see that they couldn’t beat TPTB with argument and so walked away (not voted)

I have attended hustings and asked questions only to be met with the well-rehearsed slick answers and have come away feeling foolish. So have the British people put forward their questions, been met with the brick wall of the political elite, and decided that they can’t beat them and so it’s best not to bother at all.

It’s not apathy; it is a sullen acceptance that they can not win.

I am not a 100% fan of UKIP, but I joined them and do vote for them simply because they agree with my views on the EU, and I get the added bonus of voting but that vote not going to the LibLabCon.

Now I say UKIP agree with my views on the EU; the leadership may be playing another game, but those honest and hopeful faces that I see at UKIP meetings are really what I’m voting for.

The rest is tribalism and fear and those things are breaking down.

The industrial unions base of the past have now gone for Labour, I’ll grant that they have been replaced by an increased student population and public service union membership.
We have also seen from Bradford that second or third generation immigrants are not guaranteed to vote for Labour.
Add to the above the fact that the Welsh and Scottish nationalists are gaining ground and it is easy to see that the party that has been responsible for such malevolence against their own people could be the victim of its own policies.

The Conservatives are being hurt by UKIP – of that I’m convinced.

The LibDems, the most treacherous, are fast becoming an irrelevance.

So the only question is “do I vote”, and here we are caught between a rock and a hard place.

I’ve always maintained that to vote in the EU elections is ridiculous because we are voting for someone to go to a parliament that we all despise, also, if every anti-EU person didn’t take part in EU elections the voting number would drop to app 20%!!!
The only minus being that we would not be depriving any of the EUphiles a place at the trough.

I’m afraid that I have come to the conclusion that the scum at the top don’t care whether we vote or not – oh, they’ll frown and wring their hands, but they don’t really give a toss.

No, I vote – I vote for the reasons above; that it is one against them and it’s very cathartic.

So Ranty, the world is in flux, the balls are in the air, anything could happen – it’s our job to just keep on keeping on and hope that we break through.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to vote. I'm 64 years old and, like very many people about my age, I am disgusted. I'm disgusted with the façade which passes itself off as our Parliament when it is nothing but a mouthpiece of the EU. I'm disgusted with the incredible deterioration in our educational institutions. When I told my older daughter's geography teacher that I'd worked in Hong Kong she asked me if that was in Japan, FFS!
I am prepared to go to the barricades for this, my Country. My shotgun is ready, as are the modified bird-shot shells which are the only ones I can purchase.
Now they'll blow a 2" hole in an oak plank at 20'.
I am ready and very willing.

Anonymous said...

I personally see no need for a referendum to be held at all.
Of those few electors who have voted on the European issue the public have only ever given their consent to be part of a ‘Common Market’. We have never consented to Political, administrative, legal, economic or social union that is the EU.

Because of this it is against logic to have a referendum to determine if we stay in the EU or not. If the political parties promise a referendum on our EU membership at the time of the next election they are asking the electorate to give retrospective consent for the unlawful treasonous actions of past politicans of all parties.

There is of course a new phenomenon in relation to our voting system. Instead of representative democracy we now have something called ‘Particpatory democracy’. I’ve given this an airing in one of my latest articles. Here’s the link >>


tinks said...

Good post Ranty. 4000+ new laws and regulations (that's probably about average for the year), the EU is a monster, agenda driven, unaccountable and expensive. It's also a good shield for UK politicians.

We are one and all completely fed up with the shysters that oversee us. Can they be trusted? Of course not. Talk of a referendum I suspect has more to do with the rise of UKIP and other smaller parties that threaten the hegemony. Whilst welcome, I suspect spoiler tactics.

Change is needed in so many ways.

Agree with you about Europe itself and the joy of experiencing and celebrating the differences; and about the cheque waving Salford MP - 'we must learn the lessons'. Career politics 101.

You do wonder whether our European cousins have similar feelings, you would think they should. Though we would be unlikely to hear it.

Anonymous said...


You know, I think, of my opinions on politicians by now ;-)

They are snake oil salesmen, all of them. They even tell you why this is being proposed:

"In the Tory high command the idea is increasingly favoured as a means of rebuilding popularity after the shambles of recent months. “Basically it’s a certainty,” one Tory strategist said last week. Labour, too, is drawn to the referendum idea, partly to outflank the Conservatives."

It isn't for the national interest but for their own self-interest. They are saying as much through this facet of the MSM, one that has been designated "anti-EU" for the purposes of boxed debate.

Yet even this self-interest is not the whole story – if we make the enormous assumption, never yet shown to be true, that a promise made by these people will be kept. If the system's agents are proposing this and they end up following through on it, then it must suit the system for the “choice” to be so graciously granted in the first place.

"All of my problems will go away if we leave the EU. Sovereignty, just a word to some, and more's the pity, will be regained. We will be whole again. We can start to rebuild this nation and be great again."

Come now, Captain. The politicians will remain along with their absurd presumption of parliamentary supremacy. Does the Roman system stop if we leave this particular madhouse? Do the three cities cease to exist? Do the globalists and their NGOs vanish? Do the treacherous, agenda-riddled, self-interested civil servants and politicians disappear? Does the law get restored?

It won't even start, because any such departure is being proposed by the system through its agents. The system existed before the EU. It is a vehicle for them that they can either stick a turbocharger in or let crash into the wall (or both) as the situation warrants. If we leave, we won't suddenly wake up the next day with all ancient inherent rights restored. It will be a Year Zero, sure, but one that the system will oversee from the beginning.

I would imagine the majority of commenters here would agree that we need to leave, even that the EU needs to be torn down but a change driven by the matrix won't stop the chemtrails, the fluoride, the poisoning, Agenda 21, the UN, the BIS, the Vatican, the elite networks, the subversion and destruction of law and culture, everything else; lots of which existed before the EU did, are independent of it anyway and have been practised on a global scale for a long time.

These psychopaths think in terms of decades, generations, centuries and more; short term distractions of the here-and-now are just that: distractions, which serve to fragment, and to mask what they are really doing (if we assume their system is not actually unravelling due to the weight of its inherent contradictions and absurdities). Brzezinski said something like awareness was proving troublesome for them, thus they work to divert it to their own ends.

As the system needs us, so do its agents. Without us they are nothing. It will do anything it needs to do to keep us coming back to give it sustenance, especially if that involves dangling the promised land in front of our faces.

It's just like this white hat rubbish that's going around. "Sit back, relax, we'll do the work, you only have to do a little bit right at the end". Let us lead you, let us show you, let us take care of you. So do nothing. Wait for a saviour to lead you to freedom and don't, whatever you do, start coming up with your own solutions.

Hey, if it works out, great; if someone like UKIP or the white hat twaddle proves out, then fine; I'll take it all back. However, I'm not going to hold my breath waiting. :-)



Nick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nick said...

Ok. An example of disengagement from the system.
Around a month ago Daughter number 1 went on a school trip to the First World War battle fields. My suspicions were aroused when parents were not asked for a donation towards costs. It was being paid for by some eu sponsored unit "I refuse to capitalise this entity"
I cannot remember the name and I'm not in the U.K. at the moment to check the letter.
Anyway, the teacher in charge of the coach, a history teacher announced that she had to play a video to them as a condition of the trip, but would not be doing so as the video was not factual as it did not mention any of the countries involved.

As for all of these rules we are now supposed to obey, Fuck em.
I have re-wired my kitchen.
Altered my gas piping.
Fitted my own boiler.
In the ptb's eyes, I don't hold the correct bit's of paper to do this work. Bollocks, I spent the first 5 years of my working life as an engineering apprentice, on shit money, and I know what I'm doing.

In conclusion, I just point my index finger at the so called authority's, although quietly.

Like you, I have totaly disengaged from voting. Don't encourage the Bastards.
I am with Billy Connolly, when he said "the desire to be a politician should exclude you from ever becoming one"

P.s. Capt. I'm still going in circles with my energy provider regarding the green charges.

ISG said...

This lawful Rebellion covers all sorts of money saving scams, from dodgy home D.I.Y TO not paying debts, driving fines, green energy charges.

If you dont want to "pay up" or honour your promises , or ignore saftey issues at home or on the road.Then Lawfull Rebellion is a good excuse, it might not fool anyone else in the real world but posting your scams on blogs can make you feel good about it.

anyone know of a good reason under Lawful Rebellion not to pay a library fine...aint there a clause under the magna carta i can chuck at em ?

Any other uses for Lawfull Rebellion that aint about money saving also considered if there is such a thing

Anonymous said...

I think DD is back in the form of ISG. I've never seen such shite as I have in reading his nonsense above (15th May 13:16).

It's because of fuckwits like him we live under bureacracy bullshit and a police state. I don't know if he's a windup but if he isn't, he'd have loved life in the U.S.S.R. under Stalin. He'd have had constant orgasms just thinking about all the rules that had to be obeyed. In fact he'd have done well in the KGB. lol

This prick is the NWO's wet dream! Oh the willing, wilfully ignoramuses who care nowt for liberty and everything for security. I really hope he's a wind up.


Nick said...

What is dodgy about using the skills you spent 5 years learning?

If my employer deems me competent to work on their machines that employ high pressure gas and high voltage electricity then I consider myself to be capable of soldering joints in a gas pipe carrying millibars of pressure. A Corgi registered gas fitter would probably shit himself if he was confronted with the pressures I work with.

So you be a good lad and keep paying through your nose to your masters, I’ll look after myself thanks.

ISG said...

Yeah Nick fuck them saftey rules its saving you money, thankfully saftey rules probably keep you and your colleagues safe at work, and maintain a hight saftey regime for houseowners too.

so i will be a good lad and agree with rules that keep cowboy fuckwits at arms length.

@Harbinger...its because of fuckwits like you we live in the state we are in cos you dont do anything about changing it...sitting on your hands and not voting and taking part in changing things means you get what you deserve.

I'm glad you live in the fantasy of "an act of god" or some kind or miracle than means some kind of revolution will take place cos whilst nutters like yourself belive in this shite and sit on your arses and do nothing but blog about it...complete anarchy aint going to happen.

I have some news for you harbinger, the glory days of blogging and recession and people being fed up with the government is here and now...your time to spout and get listened too by the oddball tiny clique will not last.

The recovery will come at some time , if unemployment and the economy booms then dreamers like yourself will have no listeners.

unemployment, bankrupcy, debts, marriges failing...anarchy and freemen shit are like magnets to misguided losers like ranty.

look what happens when ranty gets a job...yeah anarchy and freemen shite soon gets forgotten for his new hero nigel farage...lmao

get the picture yet..its here and now time is running out.

i believe you are the real deal harbinger about this crap...the rest of the hangers on are really only concerned with saving money and getting angry...they are frauds and ranty proves this without doubt in this thread.

MY advice for the unemployed, the bankrupt, the divorced, or whatever chip on your shoulder makes you visit these blogs...these bloggers are in the same sort of shite as you.

they are confused, anrgy, misguided and naive.


cos you could end up believing it.

Nick said...

You never hear about corgi registered fitters fucking up or cutting corners and killing people by their acts or omissions do you? No because they have a bit of paper, fuck off, that trade is as full of cowboys as it is good, competent men.
If I do something I do it correctly because it is me and mine who would be hurt if I fucked up.
I am more than willing to pay someone to do a job that I am not competent to carry out; also I pay my only debt, my mortgage, religiously. Be honourable in your contracts.
You probably don’t have any skill with your hands, just don’t assume that everyone else is as useless as yourself.

Anonymous said...


"@Harbinger...its because of fuckwits like you we live in the state we are in cos you dont do anything about changing it...sitting on your hands and not voting and taking part in changing things means you get what you deserve.................."

It appears you are one of the many who hasn't read what I've had to say on the system and thus benefited.
However just for you I'll educate you:

1. Voting is an integral part of the system.

2. The system was created for one sole purpose - total control of the masses by the elites.

3. Voting is the illusion of giving people choice over who governs them. Regardless what party is elected, they are puppets of the elites who give them their instructions.

4. By voting you feed the beast. Your ignorance knows no bounds if you truly believe the system can be used for good. While the head honcho of UKIP, Farage, makes millions as an EUMP attacking the hand that feeds him, morons like you support this pillock, believing everything will be ok once we leave the EU. That shows how oblivious you are to reality. As a poster above states, UKIP has a friends of Isra-hell group already and people are clueless as to the fact Judaism is a driving force behind the obliteration of the west, its peoples and their cultures.

Now read what I'm about to write:


Pull your head from your posterior and don't tell me to wake up when you are deep in slumber. I've been awake for a while now. Educate yourself. You don't realise how dense you come across to people with your nonsense.



Anonymous said...

Correction on point 3 above. It should state:

3. Voting is the illusion of giving people the belief that they have a say in how their country is run through the sham called democracy. The people choose what party will win, not realising the cabinet is already chosen long beforehand. Regardless what party is elected, they are puppets of the elites who give them their instructions.



ISG said...

The system has done good is doing good and will do good, unfortunatley your hard luck life story has warped your mind so much you are no longer capable of seeing the truth that normal people like myself enjoy.

The system isnt perfect, hasn't been and will never be either...i hope one day you will start the long road back to a balanced mental state in the same way that ranty now appears to be showing , where his new job lifts the depression and he starts to see the truth of simple no branier facts that taking part in politics is the only way to change things.

A warped conspiracy theory along with a sweeping bonkers statement such as the system can do no good is the undsiputed evidence that is needed to ensure dangerous nutters like yourself are ignored and will remain so.

your time is running out Harbinger, economic gloom will not be permanent and one by one the desperate unemployed, bankrupt, divorced, depressed, drunk bloggers who try and understand your jibberrish will vanish.

I hope you get help with your mental state and you can free yourself from your delusion and that you can one day take part in normal society. The truth is out there harbinger-trust me.

ISG said...

I am not to blame either Harbinger....its this desire to educate yourself with conspiracy theories thats the problem,along with your own personal hard luck story, this is your own doing not me but you.

Don't get me wrong i can see the benefits of Lawful saving scams and being a pain in the arse can be fun, as long as you realise its just a bit of daft blogging and you don't really believe it.

Anonymous said...


The minute anyone attacks another in debate bringing into question their mental state, they instantly lose the argument.

You are in a word deluded. There are of course many others to describe you perfectly but you are, without a doubt, one of the most ignorant human beings I've ever had the displeasure of writing to.

Continue living in your bubble. It will burst and you are utterly oblivious to what's around the corner. When it comes, you'll still be wearing those rose-coloured-spectacles and shouting out how wonderful the emperor's new clothes are.

This is my final reply to you. There is no point in debating with morons such as yourself, for said reasons.


ISG said...


That is your own jibberish Harbinger...i most certainly do doubt your mental state, its the ramblings of a deluded nutter.

your conspiracy education has failed you Harbinger to the extent reality has gone AWOL, your hard luck life story is to blame for your search into these cock eyed conspiracies of which i'm certain you really believe is the truth.

There is no debate i can see that...your revolution is always tomorrow, the evidence will be coming soon, the bubble will burst soon....wait and see....blah blah blah.

This is what ranty has been saying for years...he gets a job and then he wants to vote...for fucks sake its fraudualent shite for people like him...for you Harbinger its therapy cos you are a genuine nutter.

James Higham said...

It's a trick, Cap'n - thought you'd have seen that.