May 06, 2012

That Thin Blue Line... a constant source of concern.

I have no love for the police. I've made no secret of that. There was a time when my respect for them was unbridled. I genuinely believed we had the best coppers in the world. That stopped some time ago, when I discovered that they were really thugs in uniform, for the most part. I'm not going to tar them all with the same brush because that would be unfair on the good ones. But they are as rare as hens teeth, which is a damned shame.

What has brought this post on?

This article by Inspector Gadget.

Try to get past the childishness of "First comment!", or "I'm in the top ten!". Then read some of the comments from what I believe to be a cross-section of serving officers, a slack handful of MOPs (Members of the Public), and one or two sensible people from both camps.

The literacy of many leaves a lot to be desired but push past that and read what these serving officers believe. Led by Gadget, who believes that we should all just "do as he says" because he carries a Warrant Card. It makes him superman, or something. One or two coppers remind us in these comments that they are there "to serve the Queen, not you 'orrible lot".

Look, if you will, at the level of contempt in which they hold us, the Warrant Card-less. Many seem to think that Mace and Tasers are too good for the likes of us and that they should carry guns. I'm jiggy with that, but only if I can carry a gun as well. At the rate of degradation in the police force I reckon I would spend more time defending myself from them as I would the criminal fraternity....

I rarely visit Gadget's place because I despair at the way they think of us. I could go and argue my corner, (particularly on this thread), but I won't. It's like teaching a donkey to sing: it's a waste of time and it just annoys the donkey.

My stats showed me that I was getting several dozen hits from that site and I had to trawl through 600 comments before finding the link to here. This is the comment:

"several people are doing exactly the same as this. ALL are inspired by Captain Ranty

He apparently claims that all laws since Magna Carta – 1215, 1225, and 1297 are actually illegal. I studied law but am not a lawyer and really can’t be arsed to research. He may, just, be right lgally but not morally. Who knows without serious academic research. I would though guess that the matter could very quickly be legally fixed – otherwise we face anarchy. Oops – we had that last year"-Bewick.

All in all, that comment is not too damning. It's inaccurate, but at least he/she leaves some room for me to be right. And I really do wish I was inspiring "ALL", but you have heard me complaining (often) that not enough are inspired by anybody to do anything.

I have said, (and, I believe, proven), that all statutes (they are not laws, but they confuse the two) since 1911 are unlawful. Anyone who reads The Parliament Act of 1911 would agree with that. That Act fundamentally altered the way our tripartite system of rule is carried out. It diluted the power of the Sovereign and from then on, things just got worse. It was further compounded by the House of Lords Act (1999) and inspired 80-odd Peers of the Realm to form the Barons Committee in 2001. It is to this Committee I have sworn my allegiance. The monarch is in error, and unless or until she corrects those errors, any statute she has signed is meaningless to me.

These police officers have no clue. Because nobody told them that if the person they swear an Oath to is in error, so are they. If the monarch is rendered powerless, so are they, and every single government agent. If I were a copper, and I discovered that my (ultimate) boss had no authority, I would have no option but to resign. And I would do so the moment I knew it to be so.

No-one has ever taken the time to explain to police officers that legal and lawful are two very different animals. Simplified, legal = plastic and lawful = solid gold. Legal pertains to benefits, lawful pertains to rights. Never ever confuse or conflate the two.

But these folks have bills to pay. They are people, just like you and me. Putting on a uniform should not remove their humanity but I reckon that years and years of dealing with the lowest of the low in society inures them. It damages them, certainly. Just read 100 or so comments in the link provided up top and you will see immediately that we are all arseholes. We are all criminals. They just haven't caught us yet.

Will I attempt to "educate" those officers I come across? No.

I'll tell you why not. In Africa, and I have seen this a thousand times, when a man or woman is being berated, or questioned about something, they adopt a thing I call an "African face". They show no emotion. Not facially, or bodily, and not even from the eyes. Nothing. They wait until the episode is over, then they walk away. The Mongolians (back in the day) used a similar technique but they called it the "stone face". That's what I see in modern coppers on several YouTube clips when they come across a freeman. They stand there, impassive, saying nothing. They wait patiently until the "miscreant" has had their say and then they simply do what they have been told to do: enforce those statutes. On rare occasions they will actively listen but the results are the same: the statute-bender gets shafted. A happy day for the cop. Another target reached. No need for compassion, no need for reason. These are the rules and you will obey.

We may as well have robots incapable of independent thought.

Oh wait.

That's exactly what we have got.

And that, my friends, simply has to change.



@jock_bastard said...

I occasionally read Gadget's blog and I have to confess to playing the 'first' or 'top ten' in the past, only in order to piss off the knuckle dragging rozzers!

I used to be a supporter of Gadget, but not any more. He clearly thinks he's a cut above us 'MOPs'.

I couldn't view the video he was talking about, for some reason, but his dismissive comment said it all.

Captain Ranty said...


I didn't watch the clip either.

Like you, I got all I needed from the comments. Some of those cops are seriously deranged.

The only hope I have is that the decent cops do not comment on Gadgets blog.....

But if these comments represent the best of the best then we are fucked.


Dioclese said...

Someone needs to remind the fuzz of their oath. The priorities as I remember them are (1) protect life (2) protect property (3) uphold the law.

Note 'uphold' not 'enforce'

And, as my good friend ChasC pointed out to me, the Sex Pistols put it very nicely : God save the Queen

The fascist regime is out to get her!...

I respect the Queen and believe that the institution of monarchy is good. It's certainly cheaper than president Blair would be!

Shame her son is such a prat, but hopefully she will outlive him.

Never read Gadget's blog before - which probably says it all.

Captain Ranty said...


You should avoid it if you think most cops are good and decent people. It appears that they are not.

I also like the system of monarchy, believe it or not. But only when it is doing what it is supposed to do.

It isn't, and that is what I am seriously upset about. If she put things right I'd sing God Save The Queen every morning before going to work.

I do not want a republic, but I would settle for that if the right checks & balances were in place.


microdave said...

I used to follow Gadget, but that changed when I was (foolish?) enough to make a critical comment regarding how the police responded to a particular call. After I was "talked down to" by all and sundry, I realised that his "I'm on your side" persona is just a great big lie.

I will not waste my time, and the few watts of power involved, by going there ever again....

Anonymous said...

I read the comments then watched the clip. There is a piece by the wonderful Antiterrorist which shows this exact scenario ie. a would-be freeman arguing with a constable. There is no point in doing so because he will write a ticket anyway and - regrettably as in this case - it makes you lose your dignity. Hand over your license and insurance and say fuck all.
NB. someone posted a comment re. the freeman debt advice being bollox but it isn't.
- richard.

pitano1 said...

look what it says on the tin.


if you are the wrong shape for the particular hole,the elite want you to fit in,they are very willing to bend,or bash you into it.

any who are under the delusionm that the
police FORCE,work for the common man are making a big mistake.

i can remember the days of the police constable,when they had to be of a certain height,and come equipped with
a functioning brain.

these guys commanded respect,because in the main,they acted fair.

what do we have now.?

ranging in size,from f`ing big ignorant
bullies,down to semi dwarfes of the same ilk.
all trying to make a buck,`from us`,for the U.K corp.

William said...

They are all members of the constabulary. Quite where the term officers crept in god knows.
They are constables, sergeants, inspectors, superintendents, chief inspectors, chief superintendents, commanders and then back to chief constables.

The MSM refer to them as officers and indeed the police now seem to regard themselves as officers not constables. How much of that is indoctrinated in during the probationary period and in the 'culture of the station' is again hard to fathom but there appears to be a deliberate subversion of the constable coupled with a raising of the officer.

About 6 or 8 years ago I had my front window kicked in by someone. I had to go to the copshop to get a 'crime number' for the insurance. The constable who gave me it said that if they (the constabulary) could remove just 50 miscreants from the streets in one go crime in the town would be practically non existent. This is a town of 65000 souls.

So it all comes back down to fear. Fear is the only tool the state has and taking cops off the street and out of blue jumpers, white shirts and ties and dressing them in black cargo pants, black polo shirt, stab vest and baseball caps makes them appear more intimidating thus keeping the fear factor as high as possible.

Anonymous said...

When I was young and growing up, of course having been indoctrinated from the age dot, by the and to enforce the views of the establishment, I had the utmost respect for the police.
I remember working on doors in London and I regularly helped a policeman catch a thief, or restrain some 'criminal'. It was second nature. It was 'they're running from the police, they must be bad' was the reasoning. What an ignorant, indoctrinated fuckwit I was back then, sadly, paralleling society today.
Now I wouldn't piss on the cunts if they were on fire.

People forget. They are human beings, like them, who have been given the authority (not by me) to man handle, abuse, attack, restrain, handcuff and falsely imprison (kidnap) people. And people accept this.
It has now come to the point that if any policeman ever and I mean EVER tries to manhandle me again (when I've done no wrong), I'll damage the cunt seriously and make him think twice about doing it again, hopefully being so psychologically damaged he suffers anxiety and panic attacks for the rest of his life, a small reminder of the many he has no doubt reaped upon others by his oppressive actions. I have no respect for them. They have no right to manhandle me because I gave none of them the authority to do so and if the police and the judiciary are public servants (which they are) then it's high time they started realising, the servant is not above the master and to start behaving as such.

People are just oblivious to liberty. Just who in the fuck do these arseholes think they are that they believe they can get away with the abuse they promote on a daily basis, not forgetting the thousands of fatal shootings/murders they've committed on members of the public???
What really fucks me off about the public is that they actually allow these people to abuse as they do and state 'it's the law' when they know fuck all about fuck all, to make such a pathetically ignorant statement.
There is god's law and there is nothing. It's that simple. Regardless what people state, the ten commandments are laws in common sense all created to protect the individual from harm by following respectful actions towards others. If you kill, injure, steal, lie and/or fuck another human being's loved one, then expect wrong done back to you. Don't do any of the aforementioned and you'll do all right. This is what people don't understand - CHOICE & CONSEQUENCE!
Any 'law' that seeks to profiteer financially from another human being is not a law. However, like Lenin's 'Great lie' theory (not by Goebbels incidentally, the lie we've all been indoctrinated to believe), tell a human being a lie (regardless how monstrous) over and over again, they'll eventually believe it to be the truth.

I feel for the young woman. I've been in cells on a 'few' occasions, totally against my will and having committed no crime, other than self defence. I was treated as a criminal and shit upon by them and it's only when you've been in this situation do you understand just what the pigs truly are - a fascist bunch of paramilitary bully boys, there to enforce the policy of money collection for the crown and fuck over anyone who disagrees with them. I don't care what people say about good cops within the force. They're one of the attack dogs of the system and the system's corrupt to the very core and was from its inception.



Anonymous said...

hi Ranty.. another thought provoking post..

We did used to have a local 'bobby' who had respect from the community. Truly not now. You rarely see them unless they pass in their sheep herding cars, or flying past at a 100 mph in a 50 mph road (where its not safe to speed apparently). But that's ok they are the police after all... and we've got X-factor on tonight .. move along.. nothing to see..

I have been recently talking with 'Scottish Sovereigns' and much of what i've read and seen is (in my heart) the truth.. it feels true, but they have the FORCE, the guns, the tasers..

I would sit in a cell for a while not to give my 'name'.. but now wonder what purpose? will enough of us stand up at once for there not to be enough jail space?

Will they then just move the goalposts?... even if we do defeat the beast what will then replace it? a worse beast? There are some nasty people out there you know.

The biggest Thug/bully i knew at school was on TV the other day.. hadn't heard of him for years .. but ... he's Chief Superintendent of the traffic police... (i'll not name him)

As a finale, i sometimes read the 'police specials' forum.. they definitely do have a different way of thinking..

Gaius said...

Hello CR,

The only police blog worth reading was nightjacks, because he told the ordinary person what to do when confronted with the thugs in uniform.

Insp gadget is simply another cunt with his head up his arse, the sort of person who is etherything with the uniform and nothing without it.

I used to be a plod, I know the type.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 14:44 above,

"Will they then just move the goalposts?... even if we do defeat the beast what will then replace it? a worse beast?"

In order to defeat something, one has to first know what and who their adversary is/are. Only a tiny minority of the UK/World population know. The overwhelming majority not only don't know whom their enemy is but continue to work for and protect them. There's the biggest problem right there.

Moreso one has to ask the question: "Can we defate the beast" which of course we can, as anything is possible, but we won't. We won't not just because of aforementioned reasons but because society relies on the beast for its living. It needs it in order to earn money , to pay for food, water, clothing, rent, taxes, dental costs, transport, materialistic goods, holidays, junior's education etc etc...

The system (beast) was created with all the above in mind. It's a parasite on humanity that will do anything to not only protect but keep itself in total control of reality. It won't be defeated until our badly polluted society finds itself again and that won't be for thousands if not hundreds of thousands or even millions of years time from now. The future is bleak for individuals but the group won't know any different.



Magna Carta Society Blog said...

Regarding the sadly declining standards of police recruiting and training, and an example of how police forums are closely guarded by TPTB, here is a thread dating back to 2007 about an article on the RKBA that I wrote for Constabulary Magazine before I retired:

Glad I don't have to work with them.

I have some news. Powys Council are threatening bankruptcy proceedings against my misses and I for witholding Council Tax under Ch. 61 of Magna Carts 1215 and duress of circumstances.

Let battle commence. I will post developments on the Magna Carta Society Blog.

Anonymous said...

What a dispiriting (albeit unsurprising) bunch of comments on that article, with a few tiny exceptions.

It is like those attempted hitpieces the "law" societies come out with from time to time, with the thin veneer of civility removed.

Of course as we are not police nor lawyers anything we say is inadmissable, isn't it?

Sic systema omnia corrupit, as if more proof were needed.

Although, were I still partial to sloganeering (long story), "Inspired by Captain Ranty" would be a good one. :-D



bollixed said...

Having read through the IG blog I am frankly completely appalled at the complete lack of respect these so-called Constables have for those they serve. I am reminded of the first stage of any authoritarian regime planning a mass cull....dehumanise. Call us MOPs. Hags. Idiots. Morons. Hippies. We can take it. Its only names. Sticks and stones etc, but this is much more sinister than that. It demonstrates a them and us attitude. Dangerous, dangerous stuff and doesn't bode well that these guys will refuse illegal or unlawful orders when it comes to the crunch. Remember the last time we heard guys in uniform claiming they were just obeying orders?

I heard a young and rather viscous man in police uniform say to a friend during a repossession last week that " I don't care about your rights or the law. I'm just doing my job". And these Constables wonder why they now have decent and law-abiding people now standing their ground against the tsunami of legislation and corruption in the judiciary/government? Wait till you fuckers are facing down a bailiff being 'assisted' by a young uneducated guy in a black mask and a warrant card and taser and you realise that there is no longer any law or justice. Its all about control, separating us from our possessions (UN Agenda 21 which wants NO private ownership of anything!), enforcing social engineering experiments that have failed completely and will continue to fail as long as they are imposed by FORCE and in direct opposition to popular public opinion. You, Mr Constable, are nothing more than a method by which the privileged few take good-minded lads and lasses from housing estates and turn them on their own people. You are as disposable as the rest of us. I'm ex-army. I served in Northern Ireland as a soldier. I've seen political policing - and that's all you are despite your mutual masturbation society pretending that you know it all while dehumanising your fellows. I weep. I truly weep.

Free men and sovereigns are no threat to you. We are generally a good natured and gentle bunch. You are however the blunt force that the criminal in the system hide behind. Believe it or not, we should be on the same side. We all want a workable system of law and punishment but with another 4,000 odd statutes coming from that den of criminals known as Westminster controlling ever more aspects of our life under threat of violence for non-compliance you are now the bad guys. The world is changing and more people are now waking up and saying ENOUGH! For you to shout us down and threaten us with violence and prersecution for daring to question the madness behind much of what you enforce shows you for what you are.

This is a long game. Its a war of minds and a war of hearts. We are winning and we will win. We fight for justice and freedom and choice and humanity. You have to think what you represent.

Be safe Constable and please don't alienate the few friends you have left in this world.

b said...

that would be 'vicious'

bollixed said...

Here's a glimpse into the psychopathic minds of those wide-eyed guys and gals running the UK now and making the policies that our Constable friends are enforcing:

We are dehumanised!

I urge those Constables that can read long words to browse the Serco Institute publications and if it doesn't send a shiver down your spine then you are already dehumanised and institutionalised. This is your family and friends they are discussing as "Human Capital" and "Biological Units". Starting to feel angry?? Starting to understand why we "nutters" are hanging on desperately to the non-corporate remnants of freedom and democracy that exist??

Anonymous said...

Inspector Gagdet shows a vid of a BNP counsellor getting arrested in the same thread. Even some of his cop buddies are horrified as a Cyberman smashes his way into the house.
NB. Get ready for water flouridisation aka chemical pacification. It's about to be introduced in N.Ireland by the so-called health minister.

Dystopian society said...

I hope this is a disruption to your services and a great source of information they are.

This is a call to get your ASSES of to
w w w dot naturalnews dot com /035789_Fukushima_Cesium-137_Plume-Gate dot html

Sorry for the disruption but this is of paramount importance and we as a body should be doing something about this.
Also take a look at my comments in the fmotl forum.
forum dot fmotl dot com/viewtopic dot php?f=33&t=9016&p=73417#p73414

Again Capt'n my apologies but we have to bring this to the FRONT before anything else.
This is an END game scenario and by END I truly mean END.

This is NOT alarmist, we need to get to the bottom of this, all else may just be futile.

Namaste, rev;

Dystopian society said...

A new round of calls for punishing austerity and depopulation strategies have sprung up in the wake of a Royal Society report ringing the alarm on the so-called overpopulation crisis. The report, entitled "People and the Planet" was published on April 26th and followed up by a flurry of articles by the usual suspects dutifully parroting the society's dire warnings about the future of humanity in a crowding world. Paul Ehrlich was even trotted out to chastise the Society for not going far enough in their report, instead intimating that 5 billion people would have to disappear from the face of the earth for the population to be at a "sustainable" level.

The irony is that this is the same Paul Ehrlich who was crying wolf about the "Population Bomb" 45 years ago and was proven wrong on almost every prediction he made at the time. In 1968 Ehrlich predicted that "hundreds of millions of people (including Americans) are going to starve to death" in the 1970s, but he was wrong. In 1969 he predicted that "smog disasters" were going be killing 200,000 people per year in cities like New York and L.A. by the mid-70s, but he was wrong. Also in 1969 he actually claimed he "would take even money that England will not exist in the year 2000." Last we checked, England is still here. In 1975 he envisioned that "food riots" in America in the 1980s would lead to the dissolution of Congress, another prediction that failed to come to pass. The next year he argued that "Before 1985, mankind will enter a genuine age of scarcity . . . in which the accessible supplies of many key minerals will be facing depletion." Wrong again.

By 1980, economist Julian Simon had grown weary of listening to the doom and gloom of those who, like Ehrlich, continued to predict one disaster scenario after another in the name of this supposed overpopulation crisis. He offered a wager to anyone who was willing to take him up on it that the price of any given raw material would be lower on any given future date than it was at the time. Paul Ehrlich took him up on the wager, and the two drafted a futures contract obligating Ehrlich to buy $1000 worth of copper, chrome, nickel, tin, and tungsten from Simon in 1990 at 1980 prices. By the time the contract matured, the prices had fallen and Ehrlich was forced to cut Simon a check for $576.07. Simon offered a further $20,000 wager with the added incentive that Ehrlich could pick whatever resources and whatever time frame he wished, but Ehrlich had learned the valuable lesson not to put his money where his mouth was.

Despite a career of failed arguments and predictions that never came true, Ehrlich won a MacArthur Foundation genius grant and is still treated as a venerated, knowledgeable figure on the subject of population.

Read it at -
It is this - knowledgeable figure on the subject of population that the police and authorities take their orders.
Constable - KNOW thine ENEMY - it is within NOT without.

Namaste, rev;

Anonymous said...

The answer is to eat 5 good sized fresh carrots each day to completely eliminate the effects of water additves.

Sugar lumps soaked in HP brown sauce have had some excellent test results on lab rats.

Anonymous said...

Ref. the toothpaste Euthymol is available in Tescos and doesn't seem to have flouride. I got a flouride gel coating as a boy but the teeth have disappeared one by one. Also I tested as a 132 IQ in my teens but now I find it hard to concentrate. Might be an age thing but then again it mightn't.
There was a recent article about the dire state of kids' teeth in N.Ireland and the health minister Edwin Poots has decided that poor families cannot afford flouride toothpaste so he wants to poison the lot. Is he inept? Maybe, since he gave planning perrmission for a "meat and bone meal" incinerator to generate electricity, built miles away from the nearest power station. It is, however, one stop by rail from a rather large army base. Paranoid old me.
- r.

William said...


Simply fan-bloody-tastic.

Anonymous said...

You know, when you warn people of fluoride and the reasons behind it, they look at you as though your potty. They believe the great lie and it shows just how effective it is.
How better to keep the dentists in business by putting a product in toothpaste and the water supply that damages teeth, resulting in people always needing dental treatment. Lol, it's on a par with gangsters smashing up people's shops and asking for protection money.

How insidious life really is and I think more and more people should ask their dentists about fluoride and more importantly if they back the use of fluoride in the water and toothpaste supply or not. If they do, then I'd search for another dentist.



James Higham said...

Mace and Tasers are too good for the likes of us and that they should carry guns. I'm jiggy with that, but only if I can carry a gun as well.

Yep, I too am fine with that. make mine and UMP.

Anonymous said...

Using fluoride toothpaste is harmless when a dab of peanut butter is added (only smooth peanut butter not the nutty stuff), this acts as a whitener and mouth wash combined.

My dentist gives away free fluoride sachets with the bill and a smile.