May 25, 2012

Friday Funnies

Another week gone.

Have something for the weekend.

Click on piccies to embiggen.

Nosy buggers.

Sound advice.

Cue apoplexy from the Righteous.

Yes son, you're going to spend a lifetime trying to get your hands on the twins. Size doesn't matter. They're all good.

This man represents ALL politicians, and most of the electorate.

Shiva H Vishnu!! How big was he before the diet???

Did Jenny get her golden shower? Tune in next week....

We are going to see this one repeated, ad nauseum.

(I don't see any loo roll. Does a little man pop in and sort it all out for her?)

Our Bob, having a laugh. What's he like?

Some people take things a little too literally...

If only companies would advertise truthfully, we'd see a lot more like this.

Let's end this with some huge news...

I'll try and find the follow up: "Hat Reunited With Owner".

Have an outstanding weekend.



Anonymous said...

"Woman finds hat in tree."

I wonder how much destruction of an unclaimed red hat would cost.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Anecdote: I once left my passport in a photocopier, the shopkeeper waited a day or two and handed it over to the local coppers. I went to the nick to ask for it back, but it hadn't been handed in yet by the officers concerned.

They said "Don't ring us, we'll ring you" fair enough, so I waited a couple of weeks and rang them up anyway.

"Ah yes, Mr Wadsworth, two of our officers were indeed given your passport by the shopkeeper"

"Right, can I come and collect it?"

"Sorry no, our rule with lost property is, if it's not collected within x days, then we destroy it"

"Wot? You've destroyed my passport, despite I'd reported it missing, it had my name and address in and it was in the possession of the police the whole time?"


"Oh just fuck off then" I shouted and slammed down the 'phone.

"Did you just tell the police to fuck off?" asked a colleague.

"Yes, what are they going to do? Arrest me? They wouldn't be able to track me down, would they?"

James Higham said...

Top one is unfortunate.