February 28, 2012

Should We Fix It?

I spend enough time banging on about how broken the system is.

I never stopped to wonder if it was all just peachy.

What is wrong with giving the government over 80% of your wages every year? If they didn't need it they wouldn't take it. We would probably just spend the money on something daft like our energy bills or our mortgages, or paying off our loans, or worse, we might waste it on shiny things. Utter madness.

Charity is a good thing, right? So why not just say nothing when the government gives a portion of that tax money to their favourite charities? Even if some of those charities use the money to campaign against your freedoms? It's for your own good.

So what if some of your money pays for bombs and bullets and men of violence to wage war in countries that never actually attacked us on our home soil? Yes, there are laws that say they shouldn't, the Nuremberg Principles for example, but hell, they are only guidelines, surely?

Who cares if road tax generates an income of £32 billion a year and only £11 billion is spent on the upkeep of the roads? That money is needed elsewhere. Who cares if £15 billion is collected from tobacco every year and less than £2 billion is used to treat those nasty smokers? That money is needed elsewhere.

In India, where they are spending their own money on space exploration, for instance. Who would deny a third world country the opportunity to explore space even if 800 million of their people live on a few rupees a day? I'm almost sure those 800 million are intensely proud that they are ferreting around in space. Who needs food, sanitation or shelter when you can send rockets to Rigel 7?

In Brazil, where they cannot seem to stop finding oil & gas? This is one of the wealthiest nations in South America but you know, they need a leg up too. The hundreds of millions we send them in aid is probably spent on something lovely. Like new guns for the coppers to shoot the street boys with. (These boys are classed as vermin anyway, and who likes vermin?). Perhaps it's used to pay for the big carnivals these people love so much?

Back home, our own boys in blue need their toys too. Ever since guns and knives were outlawed, every criminal in the country respected the new legislation and stopped carrying them. But just in case one or two did not get the memo, we are making our cops dress as if they were a paramilitary outfit. And why not? They look great! Who cares if they ignore the oath they swore? It's just words, after all. The world is changing and that 80% of your wages doesn't go far you know. It needs to supplemented with a thousand different fines and we are just being silly if we pretend there is no victim. Golly gosh, it's right to lock people up when they fail to pay their council tax. It's surely right to lock people up on a whim, and you know, if some of those people die whilst in police custody (as 50 or so a year do) well, there's no smoke without fire, right? They must be guilty of something.. They are in charge, and by gum, they are doing what we pay them to do. Sure, some criminals get away with fiddling with our kids, or killing the odd person (especially if you are Lord Ahmed and the bloke you killed is a foreigner), I mean, yeah, I would expect to go to gaol for a very long time but hey! Lord Ahmed is one of the good guys! He just needed a wake up call. 16 days in an open prison soon sorted him out.

So what if judges simply shout over you in a court room? They are demi-Gods and they can and should do as they damn well please. Life would be chaotic if they stuck to the letter of the law. No, we should just presume they are right, about everything, all the time, and take our punishment like men.

And that EU thing? Who cares? Who cares that 4062 new pieces of legislation were enacted in 2011? Those sensible chaps at the EU (none of them elected, but what the heck, it's just a pernickety little detail) wouldn't waste their time with all this legislation if it wasn't critical for society to function, now would they? They are paid enormous sums of our money but they probably deserve it. I know for a fact that some of them travel hundreds of kilometre's each day just to sign in so that they can collect their expenses for the day. It takes them hours to get there, they sign in, then head off home. That's dedication for you. The Green Party in Germany have one really dedicated wifey, she makes the trip five days a week, bless her. Never mind that "environmental impact", that stuff is only for us. Our betters can ignore carbon emissions and what-not. They have helicopters and private jets to run. And since we pay for them all it would be wasteful if they didn't get used, right?

No sense going on about the government being wasteful. We all make mistakes, right? They are only human after all.

Who really cares that the queen abdicated in 1972 when she gave Assent to the European Communities Act? She's a dear sweet old lady with brown teeth, and we love her to bits, we do. It doesn't matter that the constitution was violated for goodness sake! It's just words on a bit of old vellum. No biggie.

All in all, we are bloody lucky to live in a country that cares so much about us that they invested in 5 million CCTV cameras. It's pretty nice knowing that some fat bloke is sat munching on wholesome meat pies while he watches us do our shopping, drive down the motorway, or collect some cash from the hole in the wall. The statistics are mind-blowing: did you know it only takes an average of 1,000 cameras to catch a criminal? Pretty bloody good, that. I would be jolly annoyed if they had wasted our money on a system that didn't work.

I'm all turned around on this thing. We should count our blessings, not the remaining cash after we have given 80% of it to the saintly government. They must need it, so we should just stop moaning.

God Bless 'Em!



Anonymous said...

£18million public money will turn the Maze Prison into a 'peace and reconciliation centre'...or in everyday language, a shrine to IRA terrorist Bobby Sands where gullible fools can leave flowers.
Just great.

Sackerson said...

I think you've found the way to contentment, Cap'n.

Anonymous said...

Should we fix it?

Afer reading that post I think we should smash it to a million peices. Captn, would you stand there and let a burglar walk away with all your possessions? Would you fuck... You would grab the nearest object and give them a dose that makes 'em wish they never clapped eyes on your gaff......

If people give up, then all hope is lost and I will die before they shut me up. I post on various blogs and MSM news blogs just to show TPTB that there are people out there that know what they are up to and maybe send a few people your way... I don't pretend I'm "clued up" but I know enough to know things can be turned round if people act fast. Don't forget we still have the numbers.....

So despite the reality that we ARE screwed I will never give up because when I do die (when ever that is) no one can say I didn't do what I could to resist these bastards. Don't care how small people think the effort was at least I did something.


Nick said...

Ditto everything Kyd said. I will never surrender or go quietly into the night whilst I have breath left inside my body.

Harbinger. Thanks, for one of the most thought provoking pieces I have ever read. If anything it has made me even more positive that I am on the right path.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cap'n,

Nice one. Love the sarcasm. Oh the hypocrisy what? I remember what got me going, while writing my previous blog to harbinger's journal was reading that the UK was giving 800million to India, over 3 years when our society was sinking down the plughole. Charity begins at home - right? Wrong, if you're the UK, it begins here, helping everyone else out in the world, while we sink lower into oblivion. But of course, it's got nothing to do with helping, but instead destroying. Once we've given away everything then they'll move onto the next land and the next and the....and do exactly the same. This is, of course the plank of communism belief - redistribution of wealth, not for the benefit of the people, of course.

It's interesting that Kyd can't see the sarcasm. I thought he would have knowing your beliefs and from previous writings. I know you'd never give in. You know I'd never give in, but now you're seeing things like me and realising that we are fucked, that we are helpless as a people unless there's a tremendous awakening, very soon. As you know I simply tell it like it is and it's up to the reader to agree or disagree. If my writings went viral; if more and more people read them, realised them and started to say "Fuck Harbinger, I'm going to do something about this" then billions of people all over the world smashing the world would be the dream I envisioned.

Again, I state that I'm more saddened by the people than the elites because they implement this system. It's the people, not the elites, who go around to people's houses to evict them off their property. It's the people not the elites who take children away from families. It's the elites who take money from people's bank accounts to pay for illegal taxes should they fault on payments. It's the people who dress up in army gear and kill foreigners. It's the people who join the police and abuse the rest of the people. It's the people who build and staff the prisons in society - no other creature on this planet does this, just humans. It's the people who sell their soul to the music/arts establishments to have their millions, speak their bollox and alter another generation into the wishes of the satanic elites....
It's and always has been the people captain. "Evil prevails when good men and women do nothing" so the saying goes and the majority do just that. There's nothing wrong with telling the truth, on the contrary there's everything to gain. People have been told far too many falsehoods and that's why they live in this slumber.

Again nice one Cap'n

And Nick, I'm glad you got something out of my article. All the best



Anonymous said...

Stated in the MSM today: in 1972 we traded 'sovereignty for prosperity'.


I didn't, I was only five. Why didn't they think of the children then?

Anonymous said...

Nice one Captain and Harbinger. Interesting to see Alex Jones had very good meeting. See the videos on the Infowars site.
There is an awareness you known but people are just say scared of authority. The guy that died in a food of water because no one would say up yours to Health and safety and go in to save him. My son and daughter in law of Police Constables and they say to me they just obey orders. When I try to lead them as to what length they just say, we have our mortgages to pay. Reminding them about what the Nuremberg trials were about just falls on deaf ears. Even in football, the ref makes bad decision and the managers are scared to say anything. They should tell the FA to bugger off. They are entitled to voice their opinions. I am sure the youngsters are brainwashed and subject to NLP as we all are on TV.

I ramble but keep up the great work you are doing CR.

Anonymous said...


Just to clarify I have been reading this blog long enough to know that the Captn was being sarcastic and would have been asking if he needed psychiatric help if I'd have thought any differently.

The realisation we're fucked to one side, If someones going to eat me, I'm going at least give them indegestion....


Anonymous said...

let baroness Udin and litle Miss jackboots steal our money and not get their collars felt. Keep paying your taxes with a smile. That Cunt Cameron will find some deserving Jihadis to donate to.
Paris Claims

NewsboyCap said...


Yes we should fix it.

You may remember a little while ago I mentioned the Lawful Bank, I think everyone should go look and watch the videos at least a couple of times. We can create an alternative 'system' enabling us to walk away from their corrupt system, and it only costs a 'tenner'.
With enough members and small businesses signed up us Rebels can walk away and leave 'them' to their Psychopathic rule. Fuck 'em I say.

BTW great posts from yourself and Harbinger.

I am Stan said...


Give me strength, Harbwinger! You didn't look down the rabbit hole you leapt into the bottomless pit while flaggelating yourself chewing hot coals and drinking acid, I've never read so much misery and self loathing in my life, get a fucking grip that's my advice, Jesus wept, so he did!

andy5759 said...

The internet is full of voices like yours CR. If people won't come to the message we must take the message to them. I am thinking of cutting and pasting some blog articles and printing them out as a sort of pamphlet. Just leaving these on commuter trains and in some pubs may bring one or two people to the message. What can we do on our own? It must seem like pissing upwind at times.

Anonymous said...

I'm all turned around on this thing. We should count our blessings, not the remaining cash after we have given 80% of it to the saintly government. They must need it, so we should just stop moaning.

Good on you Cap'n, I knew you would see sense one day.
All the best
John Gibson

I am Stan said...

Hiya Capitan,

As it always has been and as it always will be its every man for himself, dog eat dog, the weak shall fall by the wayside etc.

Even you now sensor your site Capitan, adopting the tactics of the strong see.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks for the comments everyone.

Sorry I have not been answering of late. I am busy at work. I'll be heading off for a couple of days to Edinburgh so I may not be able to answer properly until Friday.

Stan, what censorship? Only one guy gets blocked because he can't stop himself from posting gibberish. If he could control himself I could remove comment moderation.


Anonymous said...

Very good Cap'n…

Though I believe that you are a bit low on that percentage of 80.

Take into account the loans of off the backs of our kids (and their kids), and you might get nearer the 100% mark.

We are spending their money!

Shame on us.

Anonymous said...

this needs fixing......
another school is force feeding its pupils halal muck.....


please let them know this is unacceptable


D-Rex said...

Glad to see you have come to your senses at last Captain. I was begining to worry about you. It is good to see that you now accept that the goverment is only doing what it does for our own good. Just lie back and relax in their loving embrace. Bwahahahahahaha.

Another good post, keep 'em coming

i am Stan said...

DD asked some awkward questions Capitan, sure things got heated but "gibberish"?

I'm struggling with at the one hand declaring war against censorship and at the same time using it to make life easier for yourself, let's face it DD spiced up the debate and had plenty of commentors to debate with, do you really expect all to just agree? Its your site Capitan of course you'll do as you see fit I'm just suggesting give all their voice and see where it leads, its how you'll win people over methinks.

Preaching only to the converted as they say soon leads to the deranged having the only voices being heard I rekon!

dickie doubleday said...

stan is quite correct ranty, my questions were awkward so you did as the stong do and abused your power by censoring and threatening to delete unless i posted what was acceptable to you.

and the same happened with frank davis, puddlecote, talking liberties, pat nurse who faced with having to answer questions from outside the cult all decided i was a "troll" so that would end their responsibilty to answer for their blog posts.

the little man has fought back against 2 faced bloggers who faced with freedom of speech and freedoms and tolerance decide to stick 2 fingers up at so called freedoms and abuse their admin powers.

well done stan for having the balls to post the truth, all the back slapping hero worshippers of ranty just parrot his excuses.

bloggers who preach about "freedoms" and then censor me for non offensive on subject opinion will bring censorship to their blogs.

Nick said...

So D.D.
Your questions are?

From what I see at this end " captain ranty is a pedophile" is not a question!

Anonymous said...


I spoke with the capt stating comment moderation was a suppression of free speech and thus hypocrisy on his part. When I looked at your multiple postings of line after line of '#' etc, it was garbage. You were scorned because you and he disagreed and in due process you started behaving incredibly immaturely. Now why it's free speech to say anything to anyone about anything, calling the capt a kiddie fiddler when you know he isn't is a waste of free speech. It doesn't help anyone.

Were the capt anti liberty, you post above would not be here for all to see. I agree fully with people's freedom to be. The captain's choice to put on moderation is solely down to you Dickie. It can be compared to someone asking another why they are restraining that man; to which the reply is "because he keeps on attacking me for no reason."

If you stop spamming on the capt's blog and calling him a paedophile, he'll turn off moderation. He's simply using liberty to defend himself from your written attacks. Think about it?



Anonymous said...


In total agreement and something I've been thinking of for a while. The other thing is all bloggers - and supporters of same blogs - and groups such as The British Constitution Group, need to form one great mass and devise an overarching strategy. Guy Taylor (see earlier CR posting video) has suggested a mass 'Class Action' against politicians and the like, but we need numbers. TPTB are scared of numbers, they like to pick off individuals.

We must form a coherent umberella group for all smaller freedom/lawful rebellion organisations and go for the jugular.

Apologies for errors - wine has been consumed (so up yours abolitionists)!


Anonymous said...


Good point. Multiple # signs that go on for miles are also not questions or even INvalid points, let alone valid ones.

The troll is acting contrite - playing the classic psycho's game. Why 'I am Stan' is sticking up for him I don't know.


James Higham said...

Don't let em get to you, Cap'n.

DC said...

Does that 80% account for inflation, usury and the TV License - all 'necessities' (therefore akin to tax) which only the 'elite' benefit from?

Captain Ranty said...


I looked around the interwebs for a figure. Most were between 78 and 83% so I went with it.

I tried to tally up all the various taxes but there are so many it made the task almost impossible.

All I know is that I am left with a paltry amount after all taxes, direct and indirect, are stolen from me.

80% seems about right.

If the split was 80/20 in my favour I would have a comfortable life....