February 25, 2012

Norman Scarth Flees The Country

This is a bizarre twist in a story that has fascinated and outraged many of us in equal measure.

Norman has fled to seek asylum in Austria.

Details in the video above, and over at the Escapees Blog

I do not imagine it will be too long before they hunt him down and drag him back to Manchester to face the inept and the corrupt.



Anonymous said...

'He's fled to Hitler's Austria... DUH!!!! I'm surprised they never gave the location and names of the people he's staying with. As for Austria, well, that place is almost as controlled as the UK having, like Germany, been smashed to pieces by the Zionist Jews, where every Austrian is forced to live in perpetual guilt, for a war started by the very peoples who make them suffer.

And they mention Icke and 'Are you prepared to look your grandchildren in the eyes when they ask you what you did to stop the fascist state they live in?'However this statement is false. Why? It's because the elites have will have managed to destroy any natural defence mechanism within people. Some may feel there's something wrong but they won't understand how to define it. The elites will have reprogrammed their psyche into believing everything's just dandy and the state loves them. 'War is peace, ignorance is strength, freedom is slavery' weren't written to titilate his readers think boxes and have them recoil in horror as they speak of how wonderful the fiction they've just read was. Orwell wrote it because he was part of the sytstem. It was a futile attempt to wake the people up because by then the altering of society had already been well under way.

If you put a frog in a pan of hot water it will jump out. However if you put it in cold water and turn up the heat it won't notice the change. This is society today where, bit by bit the elites have removed liberty, replacing it with fascism, to the total ignorance of the majority who accept it as the norm.

Your grandchildren won't question you firstly because they won't realise what's going on; secondly because they'll love their life, worshiping their masters like gods and thirdly because there won't be very many grandchildren as families are dying out whilst sex without commitment is being hammered into all.



Captain Ranty said...

Yep, a strange move.

I assume that he will be picked up on a European Arrest Warrant.

Norman is 86 and in poor health. He will need medical assistance at some point.

The whole thing is bizarre. He has fought them, with varying degrees of success over the years, so why does he flee now?


Anonymous said...


I think the poor bastard simply doesn't want to go back inside, purely because he knows he's completely innocent and doesn't want the state to have the satisfaction of incarcerating him again, especially when he fought (believed he fought) for the good of the country and the people within in WW2.

You are correct. Interpol will pick him up and ship him back over to the UK, where he'll be brought before a kangaroo court and duly imprisoned against his will. This time they'll probably succeed in killing him, by refusing him his medicine. What a thought...

Again my anger is not just towards the elites, but the arseholes who work for them and protect the system. Not one of them will even think what they're doing is completely wrong. This is what saddens me. The blind following of the sheep with no conscience whatsoever.

You can't run from the system. It's simply far too big now, with far too much surveillance, for anyone to disappear, unless they know how to do that, which very few do.


Pete said...

I am not too sure what to make of this one. My gut feeling screams publicity stunt.

Anonymous said...

It's horrific that an elderly chap such as him has NO ACCESS to justice here in our 'free' land. If it is a publicity stunt then let's hope the public get to hear of it. It's not made it to our glorious independent unbiased BBC news yet. But to be fair they were very busy discussing a topic of vital national importance - the decline of the plain biscuit. Why would justice and freedom be of any interest to people who have neither?

I Hope the chaps in office where he is are not corrupt.
All the Norman
From Linda