February 07, 2012

Leaving The Stupid Club*

* Oops! I just broke one of their laws. It is against EU "law" to criticise them. About anything. Anywhere. Ever.

My bad. As our American cousins would say.

You might be interested in this video. It has a whole list of facts that the government don't really want to be made common knowledge.

Oddly enough, as it turns out, there are almost no reasons to stay in the Stupid Club.

This is the write up that goes along with the video:

Against the background of a deepening crisis in the Eurozone and the fact that Britain is required to hand over increasingly larger sums of bail-out money, this film, illustrates that Britain need not be involved at all in this political mayhem.

Based on the recently published book "Time to Say No" which has already aroused widespread interest amongst members of both Houses of Parliament, this film has been launched on this website on the 3rd February 2012.

The book written by the respected researcher Ian Milne and published by Civitas, de-bunks many of the myths surrounding the so-called need for British membership of the European Union, and illustrates how easy and beneficial it would be for Britain to withdraw.

Much of the content of the film has either been hidden or never publicly discussed. A DVD version of the film entitled "Leaving the European Union" is being produced for free distribution to the public. The information in the film is that important, especially now. It could change your life.

Trevor Colman MEP
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This just in from England Expects

Gawain calls it "The Moment Of Shame".

So do I.



Sean O'Hare said...

I notice that this video of Trevor Coleman, yet another ex-UKIP MEP still uses the party colours as the start of the video. Not sure what to make of it.

Captain Ranty said...


I didn't look at him too closely. I just liked the message.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this up Ranty - I've been trying to embed it from the EUnit site - without success.

Fair felt a lump in the old throat when I watched it and now I can put it up.

As a great man said - "Freedom at last"

Anonymous said...

“Their salaries and allowances will be reduced…” (10:52)

“British officials and employees of the council and commission will negotiate […] their departure…” (11:10)

Two quotes that show that this becoming a reality is highly unlikely; very, very few of the overpaid numpties to whom this refers will ever accept either of those ideas, and it is they who hold the keys.


Anonymous said...

Rhymes with blurred ,merde,and of course ,T.

nisakiman said...

Yes, all very well, and I dearly wish that it would happen as laid out in the video.

However, as RSP points out above, there are a lot of piggies with their snouts buried deep in the EU trough, and my, won't they squeal if it looks like the trough is being taken away.

If UK did actually manage to extricate itself from the EU, it's doubtful we would see any changes. We have cultivated armies of jobsworths in the EU mould, and they won't relinquish their little bit of power easily. They like making and policing petty rules and regulations.

So UK plc will continue to operate as if it is still an EU satellite. The human rights lawyers will continue to ply their trade. Ministers will continue to make in camera deals on fishing rights and agricultural policy in exchange for vote enhancing press releases.

No EU laws, rules or regulations will be rescinded because their defenders will say that they are now enshrined in British law.

The billions we send Europe will just be diverted to other completely useless projects like trying to reduce our "carbon footprint" Oh yes, they'll manage to spunk it all away on vanity projects, and very few will feel the benefit.

Cynic? Moi? Nooo...

Anonymous said...

@Sean O'Hare…


When did he leave UKIP then?

Anonymous said...

@Sean O'Hare…

Answer… He didn't…

Far more people are joining UKIP than leaving.

And the reason?

Whilst there are many criticisms that can be directed at the party, taken in the context of political parties, it is the only party which represents the majority view, it is not right wing nor left wing nor social democrat, and compared to all of the "movements", "pressure groups" and bloggers (all of which have merit, actually have a spot on every ballot paper where you can stick your mark.

So, if you want to leave the EU…


berni said...

Nigel Farage of UKIP accepted the "Freedom of the City of London"


Just yesterday.

Good video but sadly a pipe dream.