February 22, 2012

Chris Carter Says Thanks

Dear Smokers & friends of smokers,

My apologies for not thanking you all sincerely for ensuring my release from our so called 'justice system' but the authorities at Maghaberry Prison saw fit to deny me my life saving medication. Why they did this i do not know but it caused me much stress and discomfort and it has taken this time, with medication again, to get back on track. I am contemplating legal action.

I am now rested and planning, with legal assistance, the next step against these prohibitionists for I have not come this far to simply give up the cause! This ban is wrong and we will prove it is wrong, so thank you all for raising £1,269.67p so quickly on my behalf. I am informed that SmokersJustice hold a balance of £19.67 to start another fund, should the occasion ever arise.

Once again my deepest admiration and thanks to you all-we must fight on.


Chris Carter
(Bangor, N Ire)


James Higham said...

It's not easy though, is it?

Captain Ranty said...

Nothing worth fighting for ever came easy, James.

ReefKnot said...

Captain Ranty,

Please keep on blogging. You are a tonic !

JJ said...

Chris doesn't intend to quit, it's a pity there isn't more publicity. Has Forest acknowledged his efforts?