February 06, 2012

Forgotten Foundations

To some, this may appear to be lazy blogging, but I believe these posts need to be done to remind regulars, and to inform newbies, that the foundations our nation was built on, are suffering badly.

I'm no builder, but I reckon that if you get the foundations wrong, the house will eventually collapse.

Not only are the foundations supporting the UK crumbling, thousands of traitors over several decades have been wilfully damaging them. It upset me enough at the time I discovered this criminal damage to set myself on a course that felt dangerous to me (having always accepted that everything in the garden was rosy) but one that I embarked on after some considerable thought. One of my earliest posts was simply entitled Lawful Rebellion and as you will see, it attracted no comments at all. My understanding has changed a little since then, and I have stopped using the term "Common law". The term I use nowadays is inherent law.

Whilst I believe that all the subjects I link to today are connected, it may not seem so at first. Persevere, and you will be able to join the dots. This post, More Secrets You Were Better Off Not Knowing was shocking (to me) and it also did not attract many comments but I was at an early stage of my blogging life then.

In this post I laid out the fundamentals in a piece called Just the The Facts, Ma'am and in the comments you will see several other links that should be looked at.

If I have failed to make myself clear on issues green, let me re-state for and on the record that we are ants on this ball of rock. Very little we do can and does have a big impact. We live in a self-healing system and that is exactly what happens: Mother Nature rights all wrongs. Sometimes she shrugs, and sometimes she bites. Look back down the aeons and you will discover natural disasters, perpetrated by the earth, to rid the earth of pesky people. Sometimes she bites hard enough to get rid of millions of us at a time. Plagues, fires, earthquakes, floods. This piece, called Eyes Wide Shut was a little dig at the greenies.Because of them, I spend thousands of £££'s every year that I don't have to. AGW, Climate Change, call it whatever you like, I just see a scam wrapped in a con surrounded by fake science.

In We Were Deceived I was feeling low. I linked to a series of videos that upset me greatly. I kept looking out of the window for a saviour. For a knight on a white charger coming to save the day! I stopped looking out of the window and looked into a mirror instead. The knight is me. The knight is you. The knights are all of us. You don't need the horse, and you don't need the sword. Just a pen. Civil disobedience has ended untold numbers of governments. It will be the undoing of ours too.

My admiration for Elizabeth Beckett remains as strong, if not stronger today, than when I first read her amazing letter. If you have never read this, please do so now. Ignore all the others if you are short on time, but do read this one.

If, like many, you are confused about the Two Crowns, be confused no more. This piece explains some of the mystery. And the misery. It did not go down well with all readers as my erm, debate with Kit clearly shows.

This piece is one (of many) about money. I called it More Uncomfortable Truths

In The Hierarchy some people thought I was joking. I wasn't then, and I am not now.

I also tried to explain what we are in You Are A Minor God.

Reading The Hierarchy and the Minor God posts will help you even more when you know that All British Courts Are Illegal. This is yet another of those foundations that has been so severely degraded that there is almost no way back apart from scrapping and starting it all over again. Properly.

Predictably, we are our own worst enemy. The divide and conquer technique works well. It works every day. Just in case you aren't terribly sure who the enemy is, I explain it here in Know Thine Enemy but before you rush to judgement, ask yourself, "Am I the same as these people? What am I doing to restore the essential foundations?" If the answer is "Nothing", then you are Mr or Mrs Normal.

It doesn't matter what information I put up here for you to read, or which videos I think may help you to understand if you are here merely because there is nothing on the telly at the time. I can write until I am blue in the face, but until or unless you decide to do something, there isn't much point in swinging by. You are wasting your time.

If you can read all of the posts I linked to, and can feel nothing, or you think, "That cannot be true" (without bothering to search further), or you are still convinced that everything is okay and what I raise are merely "technical" issues, then go back to sleep with my full blessing.

But if you are enraged, outraged, sickened, stunned, shocked, or surprised, and you should be, then surely it is time to understand that waiting for elections to come around and ticking the same box you have always ticked is no longer enough. It is no longer good enough.

Your country, your city, your town, your village, your local community, your family, your friends, YOU, need to get involved and make change happen.

The monarch, the judiciary, and the politicians all bend a knee to a foreign power. The foundations are gone. 

Left to our "betters", nothing will change.

They have us right where they want us.



PS-Our resident troll says that I have never suggested what we can do to right the wrongs. It obviously missed Reasons To Be Jeerful which I posted some time ago. There are almost 200 ways to choose from here, troll. Pick one and get on with it.


Anonymous said...

comatose sounds about right and you can't even offer a suggestion to make it all better.

whats your suggestion and what are you doing about it captain?

the links are endless along with slogans and phrases is there any substance to anything.

is there any chance fantasy blogging can meet the real world with some credibility?

swapping slogans seems to have been going on for years..is there anything else?

dickie doubleday

Angry Exile said...

On a slight tangent, are you pleased that Mrs Majesty has reaffirmed her commitment to the Unhinged Kingdom and its people, with whom she feels a deep and yadda yadda something or other?

/touch paper lit, retires to safe distance of 15,000km

Martin said...

Unify Organise Tactics Logistics
Protest Protect Progress
what catalyst is needed to wake them
up . unless peoples egos Are being
Massaged or they are being told
what they want to hear
They will not listen . I don't have
a telly anymore I read these blogs
because the truth nourishes me
I feel the hour is near.

Ian said...

Hello CR
When I first started reading your blog, I thought wow, this is interesting and from that point onwards decided to go back to the very first blog and read from there.

Masses of great info and video links later I feel both angry and empowered at the same time.

Your decision to re-blog some of this is a good one. It is like watching a film and not quite understanding the plot. Sometimes it is easier just to watch the film again from the beginning or to rewind and see a scene again.

There is a lot of info that is starting to come together.

Keep it up


Anonymous said...


Id be interested to know if anybody has put up any reasoned arguments against the freeman arguments.

I have read most of your blog and followed a lot of links. (Usually ending up more confused than I was before.)

I see many objectors commenting here, yet the argument is always the same: FMOTL are all swivelled eyed mouth frothing window lickers.

That may, or may not be the case but none I have ever seen offer any arguments as to why you are wrong. No links, no quotes. I would really like to see something that argues the other side with as many references, proper arguments, etc.

Without a better argument than "well they just are!", you wonder if they have any basis other than belief.

Pete said...

"If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."
- Samuel Adams

Dave_G said...


Download the following Firefox add-on:


...then highlight ALL the text in Cap'n's piece, right-click on it and chose 'DownThemAll! Selection...' ( new option that appears in your menu when you've downloaded the app).

Click on all the links that are shown (or the ones you want).

Download them ALL in one quick click to a folder of your choice for browsing at your leisure.

Go on, you know you want to. I did.

Nice one CR

Anonymous said...

@ Dickiedoubleday...

AKA Rumpelstiltzchen.

Perhaps you would be better getting Jobo or Jargonbuster to debrief you as to the truth.

OR, are you still smoking to much weed, a habit from your Cambridge hippy days of the 60's.

You must be late 50's, early 60's in age no doubt but still none the wiser though.

Not long now before you see and hear the truth of all things. Then you will disappear into the undergrowth and crawl out only to deny your present beliefs in fear of what may happen...

NelsonsGoodeye said...

Heartfelt writing from the Cap't again.....so, which link to click first?

coz said...

Nice collection of pieces there, I'm up to 'More Uncomfortable Truths' and the link doesn't seem to work.

Maybe you need to put them in a permanent spot here for the latecomers, so it's easier to find.

coz said...

Here ya go, Ranty, the message has spread: Sovereign citizens labelled 'terrorists' by FBI


Anonymous said...

Great set of links Captain.

Re: your PS, it would seem I am working on almost 40 of those, to varying degrees. :-D



Stealth said...

Good stuff captain - Literally pity the trolls, they seriously do it just to pass time or worse some kind of thrill?! I wonder if trolling is the most exciting thing they can find to do on the internet, how much weird porn must they have got through? o_0

dickie doubleday said...

you have exposed your fantasy ranty for all to see....you say its no good ticking boxes at elections. and the reasons are:

there is no democratically accountable new freedom party.

there are no leaders

there are no manfifestos

there will be a new beginning, the truth, the awakening its all slogans and quotes with no substance just fantasy, just ramblings about the righting the wrongs with no substance, no alternative government planned.

you have a list of 200 ways to moan, complain and thats is not righting anything

slogan swapping moaners without any direction or ideas.

there are reasons why everything is vauge doubting readers, nothing concrete, with nobody actually stating anything real thats got credibilty to real life.

has anyone actually met each other in real life, actually spoken to each other about the new dawn, the big new life, sorted out plans for a new government , written anything down and agreed to whilst seeing the whites of the eyes of the freedom mongers sitting opposite.

3 years of fantasy blogging and slogan swaps is about it.

fraudualent shite swallowed by the unemployed and the skint and the angry.

William said...

This blog has definitely 'arrived'...

It's annoying and I can never see any point in what it does but the troll is a prize worth having. Well done Captain quite an achievement in such a short time.

dickie doubleday said...

its all about fantasy and reality williamm and its an achievement to be called a troll as thats a sure sign there is no credible answer for my repeated points. my last post in this thread shows the fantasy and reality gap is about as big as it gets.

i have opinions about the smoking ban too, bloggers delete and ban and get rid of the truth (at a cost) to their blogs.

ranty to his credit has decided not to delete my posts but hide them in a mountain of new posts and ignore me and run away from the debate.

if freedom mongers have no answers to as simple as it gets questions then the fantasy gets exposed that way.

i can see the attraction of this freedom lark and having ideas and dreams is all well and good but when that changes to things are going to happen and have happened then i will ask simple questions about it

for that crime i am a troll and as a troll i can be ignored..its the highest honour really to silence freedom mongers into using this evasion and a sure sign im 100% on the money with this

William said...

Odd isn't it how of all the posters on here one automatically assumes that the moniker 'troll' used in my last comment applies to them!