March 02, 2012

Friday Funnies

Not much blogging time available this week.

Got some time to give you this weeks news in pictures.

I think they should have chosen a different spokesperson...

My diet goes from strength to strength.

Bob's trip to Thailand was a disappointment.

Life did not work out as planned for the young wizard.

The Anorexic Society were pleased with their new meeting place.

Since I have already upset the Christians, one more picture can't hurt.

Last one is for geeks and cat-lovers.

Have a great weekend all.



Nick said...

Sorry Capt. I had to nick the G&T one for Farcebook. Have a good weekend everyone.

Anonymous said...

quality CR quality

wayne said...

Have a good weekend mate. I treated myself to Friday off and I'm already half cut!

TheBoilingFrog said...

@Captain Ranty O/T many blogs getting comments from you saying you no longer want their comments on your site. Am presuming it's spam. Am I correct in this assumption?