February 13, 2012

Mother Of Democracy Dead

I watched the unfolding events in Greece last night, and right up to the very last minute I had hoped that their politicians would do the right thing.

They did not.

Instead of ripping off the band-aid all in one go, they elected to suffer a slow painful death at the hands of that monster, the EU. 43 brave souls rebelled and were immediately thrown out of parliament. Sacked for being honourable holds no shame, no shame at all. If justice prevails, you will be awarded medals at some point in the future.

Reuters describes the story here. One line (among many) stands out for me:

"Night of terror inside and outside the parliament," conservative daily Eleftheros Typos wrote on its front page.

We can clearly see the terror outside from the image below but can anyone point out a terrified MP?

Click pic to embiggen

If it refuses to embigulate, use this link

No panic inside. Just business as usual. MPs in thrall to the EU drop trou and adopt the position. Again.

Queen Angela must be so pleased.



Anonymous said...

Richard North's nailed this one .
Germany want out, "quietly", when they do, it's over.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

I love the title of your post Captain?

Do you honestly think, in Greece of all places, that the "Mother of Democracy" did not die longggggg ago?

These people, let alone the Continent of Europe, have lived by the nanny state for generation's so that when faced with reality (gravy train ending) that of course they will riot just as a 2 year old will throw a fit when told no, its all they know.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Anon.

Popping over there now.


Captain Ranty said...


I think that Madame Democracy had been terminally ill for quite some time. Yesterday the Greeks pulled the plug.

No state funeral is planned. (Not unless Germany say it is okay).

We (Brits) are in the same hell. Unlike the Greeks and the other, more combustible Europeans, we will sit and take it.

One day we will wake up-with our microchips firmly embedded-and wonder what happened.

The USA is in the same position.

Rebellion is rapidly becoming the only answer.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


"The USA is in the same position"

We in the United States are at a tipping point. You have to understand that half of us "yanks" have no problem making it on our own and actually despise any, and I mean any government action into our private lives or that of business.

It is that action by governments across the pond decades ago that you in the United Kingdom and those in Europe find yourself closer to the situation being that of Greece.

The one trump card we have is our constitution. If (I know small word but large meaning) enforced it will slash all unnecessary government spending BY LAW, not popular decision or indecision as it were.

Along with that, should we get a POTUS with balls in November all previous "executive orders" will be repealed.

Tell me where in the UK or the EU such power exists,,with the people ?

Yes, we have a huge problem with debt no doubt and it will turn to much unrest. But that unrest is about returning to austerity, not running from it.

Those in the 'Occupy Wall Street' have not a clue as to what they even want, at least on these shores, or to what the hell is about to hit them and that is a return to personal responsibility or better said - The American Way.

Oldrightie said...

If Christopher is right then we would do well to remember who helped us free Europe from German Imperialism last time!

Pete said...

It was a far gone conclusion that they would vote yes to this Captain, especially when you consider that the Greek Government has been taken over via a non military coup by the ECB.

sike said...

Nala The One True Sovereign, Nala Walks The Walk!

Freeman in court


Dioclese said...

It staggers me that with all this shit going down the morns inside the parliament building actually passed the legislation! Hats off to the ministers who followed their consciences and resigned from the government - a faint glmmer of hope, perhaps?

Beats me why they don't just get it over with and declare Greece the latest region of Germany.

Mike Spilligan said...

The Greeks have, since 1945, celebrated Ochi Day, commemorating the day - 28th October 1940 - when the Greek Government said "No" to Mussolini's invitation to surrender quietly to his demands and his superior forces; though they had to be helped by the Wehrmacht later.
I do wonder how Greece will celebrate this year?

Captain Ranty said...

This guy seems to have a handle on it:


"Decades of pain...."


James Higham said...

Yep - goes into tomorrow's post. Graphic representation of how much they care.