February 21, 2012

Man Beats State

This is incredible footage of a house repossession in Ireland.

Watch, as the defenders of the Irish Constitution make a sheriff and his posse leave.

The sheriff has been doing his job for 31 years without even questioning the orders he has been given. He has been doing it wrong for decades.

Yesterday he learnt something.

He learnt that the little people have more power than he ever imagined. He learnt that the little people can read. He learnt that the little people know the Constitution better than he does. He learnt that the little people now know the law.

Make sure you watch the interview after the sheriff and his men leave.

A fantastic victory!



Nick said...

That little victory bought a warm glow to my heart.
If more people would awaken from their dream world, that glow could become a furnace in everyone's heart.

Well done those people!

Thanks Capt. This type of thing brings hope and light in an otherwise hopeless and dark world.

Captain Ranty said...


Great, isn't it?

Bank screws up, calls mate in court, court sends a guy to repossess, finds an awkward sod waiting for him. Awkward sod, in full possession of the facts, sends the alleged sheriff packing.

Lovely jubbly!

THIS is what it's all about: knowing your stuff.

And having the sand to deliver the bad news to the PTB with confidence and conviction.

Made my day!


CrazyDaisy said...

Result - enforcer was Thick as Mince.

Helping a bud self rep in his divorce this Friday - no consent - sign nothing - agree to nothing under duress. Ex wife is greedy.

No Proof of Claim
No Proof of Authority

No Deal.

Captain Ranty said...

Hi Daisy,

Good to see you here!

All well?

Still smiling when I recall our night on the pop in January.

That No Proof of Claim, No Proof of Authority is powerful stuff. I think it scared the bejesus out of the PF. He hasn't written back since I sent him that Notice.

Have we found Freeman Dynamite?

I think so!

Be well mate,


George Speller said...

I'll remember that.

Anonymous said...

knowledge is power,how true that saying is.

handymanphil said...

Priceless CR-bloody priceless!

Jan M said...

Good comments, but what happens now? There still going to come back, so will this guy lose his house or not?
Keep us posted CR

Anonymous said...

As an Irish man, it does me the power of good to see the heckles begin to rise and a stand being made against the nest of vipers that have risen to prominence in this country. For a land that had to take its sovereignty by force, it is absolutely nauseating to see what is happening all around, and through the acts of Irish traitors at that. We used to have a way of dealing with those sorts which most definitely wasn't pc, but it was most definitely and undeniably effective. It would be an own goal were it to resume but on many levels, it would be oh so satisfying.

Dealing with a thorny issue for a second, I came to the realisation long ago that the average English, Scottish or Welsh person was not the source of the conflict between Britain and Ireland. Rather, the shower of shits who decided to take what wasn't theirs were, and still are. The same shower of shits who are currently running your countries into the ground claim ownership of the northern part of Ireland where I live, a place where they have perfected the techniques they are now using against their own people. That is something that angers me considerably because while it is bad enough to tramp out over the top of a foreign people, it is another level of bloody evil altogether to do it to your own hence the reason why I get so incensed and comment from time to time on affairs that while having a direct effect on your people also affect mine, or at least the six county contingent. I absolutely hate to see criminals, bullies and thugs in power, stacking the deck in their favour while shoving their diktats down the throats of the ordinary man or woman. No matter the nationality, it is wrong and it absolutely must be stopped.

As you can see in the video, in the south of Ireland we have a shower of shits of our own excreted into our midst; the equal of any you care to choose and who are only too happy to follow their counterparts in just about every western nation by wrecking all that has taken so long to build. Just like you, we have always had them; there have always been those who for whom the concepts of right and wrong mean absolutely nothing and for whom, allegiance to the highest bidder is the sole principle they have. The partial freedom that this country enjoyed for all too brief a period was only won through bloodshed since the primacy of the people was being ignored in all other ways and should the bankers presently prevail, it is only through bloodshed I fear that any of us, in whatever nation, will come out the other side.

I will add there is a long and shameful history of eviction in this country, burned deep into the national consciousness and I don't believe the people will remain apathetic on this issue for long. The media aka RTÉ and all the other bought and paid for shills will no doubt wage war on the truth just as they did during both Lisbon referendums but sooner or later, the blood is going to rise. Unfortunately that will likely involve the smouldering ruins of bank buildings and thusly playing into the hands of those who are determined to cheat us out of what is ours and ours alone. I would much prefer the use of the word "no" to reach astronomical levels of use right across this little group of islands and brought to the highest prominence in the land and maybe we are seeing the beginnings of that.


Anonymous said...


I am no fan of Britain for obvious reasons and also for believing as I do that the British construct was merely an earlier, smaller version of the EU experiment, but I do genuinely feel for the ordinary people who are simply out of their depth, worried and fearful of a future they don't understand, of a system that is actively "managing" them as if they were cattle, of a state that has deliberately and irrevocably destroyed all that they have come to know and indeed. All things I might add, that we Irish share with you. The big boys play, and the little people pay. Twas ever thus and will help explain just why the Irish Constitution, a fine document of the people, a thorn in the side of the EU and a pain in the arse for the state, is currently scheduled for gutting under the guise of a "Childrens Referendum", among a couple of other things. Quelle surprise? Not on your life. They mean to give us social services just like you lot currently "enjoy" with unfettered state access to your child and the rights of the parents thrown out the window for a start.

Imagine the scene were the people of these neighbouring nations to recognise our plight, to forge a proper friendship among our peoples, to muster a collective effort to rid us of our mutual problems and for the sovereignty of each nation to be indefeasibly elevated as the supreme and only authority. Imagine the freedom of a fraternity of Atlantic nations, say Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and maybe Iceland too, separate, distinctive, but cooperating for the good of all. Not a union, ...definitely not that, just sovereign nations run by their own sovereign people for their own benefit and no one elses. Imagine the panic as our overlords realise that divide and conquer has failed, that formenting hatred and fear of each other has run its course, that the jig is finally up. Imagine no corporate entities over us, no corporate "persons", for instance no United States of America, no United States of Europe, no United Kingdom cruelly denying us the fulfillment of the one life each of us are given. Just each of the collective "us" living on a few scattered rocks in the Atlantic, trading a bit, helping each other out, making our own rules in the only vestiges of sanity and freedom left in an absolute shithole of a world.

I hope all that makes sense and that no offence has been given to either you or your readers since it is sincerely not intended but admittedly always a risk when having Britain and Ireland in the same sentence. I'm always an avid reader of your site recognising as I do that it has significance far beyond your own borders and I am really happy to see this story feature. I mentioned your blog on an Irish site and if anyone follows it up, hopefully they will find this site as fascinating as I and will take something valuable away with them. This is one battle we're all on the same side of and some day, somehow I myself hope to be well enough versed to give these bastards a run for their money too. They deserve no less, and would receive a damn sight more if I had anything to do with it.

Good luck in your efforts Captain, and best regards,


Just out of curiosity, have you ever read that book entitled "So they say you've broken the law"?
If so, would you recommend it as a suitable introduction for the uninitiated to Common Law, or is there even such a thing?

Captain Ranty said...


A fantastic comment. Thank you for taking the time to put it together.

I am having to rush off to work in the office today but I will address it fully when I get home this evening.


Unknown said...

And here's another Irishman who has a great take on the Greek situation that is coming to Ireland and the rest of us soon enough.


Indentured slavery for everyone.

Shaunantijihad said...

I need to play devil's advocate here for a moment. Are Freemen saying they want to borrow money from banks to buy houses, cars, whatever, and then not want to pay it back?

Yes, I am aware that banks create 10x the money they have on deposit, thus inventing money out of nothing, turning a nominal, say, 6% interest rate into 60% per annum. Quite a scam really.

But would a Freeman, knowing this, deliberately borrow to buy the house, with the intent of not paying it back? Is it not collaboration with the scam when you want to get possession of a house, and then hypocritically refusing to pay it back claiming Common Law rights?

Can anyone clarify it for me?


Anonymous said...

An update on the situation.


As it is in your country, the police serve anyone but the people and the law only applies to whomsoever their masters choose.

Personally, I believe it is imperative that an exhaustive scientific study be carried out right across the world into the magical ability of a uniform to transform the wearer, body and soul into a subspecies of the human race.