February 08, 2012

Rally To Defend Free Expression

Hopefully, my credentials regarding freedom of speech are beyond reproach. I care passionately about your right to say whatever the hell you want even if it offends me.

This is such a fundamental right that it ought never ever be challenged, yet in today's multi-culti Britain, death threats are perfectly acceptable, but only if you have the right ethnic background. On Saturday a large group will be gathering to defend their right, that same right which is worth more depending on the colour of your skin, or the particular deity you bow to.

More details can be found right here.

This is a very sad state of affairs and it must be done. As we have often learnt on this very blog "He who does not assert his rights, has none".

Please go if you can, and assert your rights.

Assert the hell out of them.



Murray Rothbard (@LibertarianView) said...

Here Here!

The attack on freedom of speech in the UK has gone far enough:


Smoking Hot said...

Damn. l'm away with our hordes into Belgium that date. l'll advertise it on our pages though.

Bloody enemy are everywhere.

"The Spartans do not inquire how many the enemy are, but where they are."

pitano1 said...

hi capt.
although i agree with your,and any other right minded wo/mans opinion on this..our rights.

call me stupid,or whatever you like,but the fact is,as long as we are under the crown legal system,we dont have any fucking rights,just privilages./benefits.

these `institutions`are funded/blackmailed,by higher institutions/ngo`s who have an agenda.

their logo..ORDO.AB. CHAO.

how many demon..strated against the iraq war.

why are they their.?
to get a DE..gree to have something

demon.strations are not the way to the underbelly of the beast.

as our american cousins say follow the money.
prove me wrong,and i will put myself in an institution.

am i mad.?
you fucking bet i am.
but i dont go running to the
door with the sign,that ses.

are they `not`pointing out,what you are in their system.
rant over..lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Cap'n,

As I wrote in my last letter, liberty is simply the freedom to be as you are, with no one telling you otherwise. Of course they have their freedom to tell you what they want you to be but no one should have the power to force you to be whom you don't want to be and do. This is fascism and we live under that tyranny today and have for a very long time, especially when the monarchy came into power and anarchy was thus destroyed.

Liberalism is what the Russians called 'western communism', a carefully planned ideology that would cunningly use double think and speak in order to impose its control over all. There are many classic examples of this such as: it's a despicable act (even thought) to want to go to a third world country and destroy their culture, but it's ok to smash the indigenous peoples' in the first and second worlds. It's ok for a non white to verbally abuse and make prejudice comments against a white human, but should a white do it to a non white then it's 'racist'. As the comedienne, fat, pathetic Jo Brand said, "you can't be racist to white people"....right Jo. And of course, free trade is great, helps build the economies of other countries (a lie, it helps build the military establishment within them for future takeover by the military industrial complex and of course banking system) even though it destroys the workforce and jobs at home.....there are many more as you will know.

You cannot expect to have a one world government and banking system, unless you totally control humanity, smash individuality and create group mentality.
Doing all of the aforementioned is of course an affront to liberty, but then again, once you've conditioned the populous to believe that having no liberty is a good thing, because our controllers give us security to keep them safe at night, even though they create the terrorists, with which to promote their agenda with.

I'm sorry to say cap'n but liberty is dead. The freedom to live as an individual, outside of society is a near impossibility, as they'll always be on your backs. Good heavens, could you imagine if it caught on that the system is corrupt, enslaves you from birth to keep wealthy people, even wealthier, forces illegal taxes on you, kills people in illegal wars, not forgetting poisoning you with their science and of course, not allowing people to set up home wherever they wish, that is, living off the land and being 100% free of the system and state control?

O'brian in 1984 told Winston, when Winston said there would be people to fight against the system, that he was the last man. He was of course correct and those who read your blog are the last men. Once they go, so does any chance of destroying the system. Our people are contaminated. They have been 'reprogrammed'. They are oblivious to liberty and what privacy is. Then again the demolition of privacy was a tenet of the communist manifesto. It all fits into place once you've done the reading....


pitano1 said...

as harbinger says.
It all fits into place once you've done the reading....

ie.carol quigley

dr. john coleman

the huxleys

h.g wells.
to name a few
i have left the most important
off of this list.

our so called leaders are hand picked,from psychopathic family bloodlines.

you only need to see where they were brainwashed/educated,and what clubs they associate with.

its a con..spiracy. as dear old george carlin said.

keep your eyes open for that,`big red white,and blue dick,that they shove up your ass,every chance they get.
the profane,have 2.choices,their/the systems, way or the highway.