February 18, 2012

What If?

I respect very few judges.

Having heard Napolitano speak several times, he makes more and more sense every time I hear him.

The story is that he was fired from Fox News for this.

What if he's right?

What if it's exactly the same here in the UK?


PS-My thanks to Mrs F for the find.


Anonymous said...

Alex Jones has something to say about this here


Budvar said...

What's all this "What if" stuff?
Sir Humphrey anyone?

bryboy said...

Brilliant! He should just have omitted the words 'what if'. Everything he said is already here in the UK. For Ron Paul in the USA substitute Nigel Farage in the UK. Every mainstream party here in Britain is led by a 'moderniser' who ensures that we are kept on course for bankruptcy. Nothing will change until we wake up!

Anonymous said...

It is exactly the same here in the UK, which is why I won't be voting anymore and why I won't be registering on the electoral roll when I move.

I'm throwing my lot in with the growing rebellion and will be sending my affidavits to Liz once I've bought my next property.

Don't know if you heard 'You and Yours' on Al Beebera radio earlier Captain, but there are plans afoot to give bailiffs 'powers' to break in to people's homes to recover parking fines and other monies that they currently are not allowed to do. A response to the growing resistance and inreasing knowledge of what they're up to?

Something has to give pretty soon. How much more can people take?


Anonymous said...

I'm with Bryboy, Cap'n.

Thanks for linking.

Anon, I believe we, as individuals have to get smart and use our spending power to bring these bastards down.

It's the corporations we have to go after, by refusing to purchase their wares, be they banking, insurance, grocery or any other. Switch to a co-op bank or a Mutual. Buy from your corner shop or local farm shop - and pay cash. Always.

If we all determine to practice this and find ever more inventive ways of boycotting them and scuppering them, we can begin to make oysters.

Anonymous said...

Erm, I meant "we can begin to make pearls"!

microdave said...

What if we could actually carry out the things he suggests in the last few seconds of his video...

Anonymous said...

Fausty, I'm already doing that but I think it's going to take more than the small number of us refuseniks withdrawing from their system to change things. Far from pulling back they're ratcheting up their responses - see my comment about increasing powers for bailiffs.


subrosa said...

One of those 'bang on' rants. He's so right and Fausty's comment is the only way we'll be able to do something.

Problem is the majority are so lethargic and all for the easy life. If only they realised what life will be for their grandchildren.

dickie doubleday said...

its a shame you didnt have more tolerance for other opinions and didnt put into practice your so called "freedoms"...you acted in the same way the government does...who abuse its powers because they can do.

you are a fraud ranty and your tax quibbles prove nothing, although the power company stuff gives you some merit. you pay income tax, you pay council tax and are enslaved as anyone else, well considerably more than me by the sounds of it

as for harbinger and his 100% black and white freedom of speech....that shite should serve as a clear warning the perils of dreamers getting their own way. 100% free speech would probably be the bigges t threat to world peace going.

i will leave you now with comment moderation, the disruption will return once you change back to an open blog be sure of that...i aint going anywhere as my career and internet connection are constant.

your threats and constant foul language were tolerated by me for so long....you will pay the price as other bloggers have.

no tolerance of other opinions and foul language whilst hiding behind a delete button is no defence and will be dealt with.

dickie doubleday.

Captain Ranty said...

Now that is a comment, and they are entirely allowed.

Pity you made a fool of yourself with the silly stuff.

Read, learn, and come back. I don't mind dissenting voices but I don't have to put up with childish inanity. I get enough of that from the government.

And remember: the only person who threatened free speech, was you.


Anonymous said...

Dickhead Doublewank - Feck off. You are obsessed and terrified of the whole Freedom movement and every time you post on here you confirm that.

"your threats and constant foul language were tolerated by me for so long....you will pay the price as other bloggers have."

Oooooh..."mummy, mummy, they're being nasty to me can you beat them up?...Wah!!!!!!!!!"

Go see a psychiatrist and ask why you can't seem to leave this blog alone.

I bet you're a Labour or Green Party supporter. In other words a dreg and drain on taxpayers.

You will get no more aknowledgement from me you attention seeking numpty.


Anonymous said...

Captain, you have a stalker - you're obviously doing something right. But jeez, what an eedjit.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


Seems you have a little detractor there in Dickie.

Since you both are speaking about "free speech" I myself as an American, with a Constitutional Right to it, would like to chime in.

Dickie says; "100% free speech would probably be the biggest threat to world peace going".

That is so far removed from reality but does not surprise me in the least coming from across the pond.

I would argue that if the world at large did away with all this "political correctness" and practiced exactly what Dickie describes as 100% free speech that this rock we live on called Earth would be a much safer, let alone more saner place.

It is the lack of free, open and honest speech that gets people and countries into trouble being they either say the wrong things or nothing at all which in turn gets misinterpreted.

As has been said "Honesty is the best policy" and that can only be achieved by 100% free speech.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 15:13

A wise man once commented on hat4uk thus:

I always think of an ants nest when I think of what faces us. Ants are tiny but en masse they can wipe the forest floor clean and devour species many times their size. Whilst we may be small individually, mass action would be an unstoppable force.

It doesn’t even require large scale organisation. Each person acting in isolation adds to the weight of the power we can collectively wield.

The simple action of only using cash is the easiest place to start.

I think the politicians and financial elites underestimate us “lower beings”, we’re adaptable, resourceful and much, much tougher than we are given credit for.


As individuals, there's much we can do.

Anonymous said...

It seems were are fucked unless people start getting off their arses and stop complying with these bastards.

The problem there though is there are too many people stuck in the world of MSM bullshit and consumerism. There are some taking a pop at the plod but thats just a case of the sheepdog scaring the sheep under orders of the shepherd to do what ever the fuck he/she wants. Sheep dog hasn't a clue what it's doing, it just knows it's being fed if it does the scaring/dirty work. They are fucked if a "better dog" comes along too. The shepherd is the sheeps real enemy.

In an ideal world those traitors in Westmonster try and bring in a new company rule (which they think is law) and everyone turns round and says bollocks were not doing that, they can't physically lock everyone up or even fine them as it would take up too much time and clog up their system, when they have bigger fish to fry such as "truthers" and the rebelious including bloggers.

I think it will be way too late before these pathetic celebrity obsessed, latest trinket-porn peddling nob-rashes realise what happend to them before they are prepared to act.

So where does that leave the "switched on" minority?


Have you not seen that latest coming out of Hollywood? The crux of the film is that there is a "terrorist threat" to ordinary people and guess who's the baddie? Thats right, a blogger...

Even the "agencies" are calling bloggers extremists now, for the afore mentioned shiny loving dipshits theres a link to the myth that is al-we're-not-funded-by-the-CIA-honest-kieda which then conjures terrorist activities in their narrow minds...

IMO the net is closing in. FFS they are trying to police the internet now and yet these pillocks still can't see it coming.

I don't have any answers, just lots of questions that will remain unanswered unless either some insider spills the beans or the "elites" (lucifarian psychopathic sickos) fuck up their well laid plans.

Chances of that happening? Slim and none.

Sorry to sound like I'm being defeatist, I'm not, there's always hope until were dead.

This seems to be the only sense I can make of whats happening.


farm land investment said...

In the US, there was recently a big to-do about this proposed law called SOPA (Stop Online Piract Act). It was promoted by the music industry, and most politicians in Congress signed up for it. Than Google and facebook and others launched a huge counteract. Ordinary people from bloggers to small businesses shut down their websites for a day to protest SOPA. And SOPA died the quick death it deserved.

Anonymous said...

What has been written to pass will. Why? For the simple reason that people only act when it directly affects them. If people experience a major trauma in their life, it changes them. They start to think for themselves and human thought is the most powerful force on this planet next to nature.

The elites can't be stopped.
They come from families who have cotrolled for thouands of years. They've succeeded in creating a system to protect them and worse still, staffed by the very people they loathe - everyone.

You can't stop what is to be. Those who try to will be castigated and pilloried by the MSM, turned into pariahs and hated by the very people they're tring to help. And they may even end up the target of an assassin's bullet.......

This is not negativity, it's realism. What do you think makes your attempts any different to all those far more intelligent people before you who have failed?

We will move into the dark ages and a totally controlled society as Huxley and Orwell wrote about. And the people won't see anything wrong with it. They will worship their persecutors, idolise them and be happy slaves.

Humans are being reprogrammed daily. They are unable now to think critically. There future is grim but they'll love it......



Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

@ Kyd,,,

Fantastic comment, simply fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Harbinger by name, Harbinger by nature. I love a bit of 'doom' myself but you can overdo it.

I need to state that the troll is impersonating me, and seems to be able to post using the poster name 'coz' I'm aware of two comments using that name that are not made by me.

It's amazing how Ranty has had clear run to this stage as far as trolls go and not many people get that privelege. If you need to move to a 'membership' type site or whatever, that's fine. I just need to alert people to the fact that if someone uses the poster name 'coz', that post is not necessarily by me.' In it's own way it's a compliment, the more shills and imposters you attract, the closer you are to the truth.

Cheer up, folks, we'll get there.

The whole courtroom thing, which you all seem so afraid of, it's a 'horse whisperer' thing, you have to show those 'hosses' who is holding the reins.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Excellent find, he's explained "Indian Bicycle Marketing" to a tee, I shall nick this.

Anonymous said...

moderation test

Anonymous said...

Coz said:

"Harbinger by name, Harbinger by nature. I love a bit of 'doom' myself but you can overdo it."

Really? Overdo? How on earth can the truth be 'overdoing' it? For that's precisely what I write, nothing but.

"Cheer up, folks, we'll get there."

Really? And how?

Let's see shall we?

1. The elites have been controlling society for thousands of years. You don't really think those in those in the past just gave up their power to the proles do you? That power has been passed from generation to generation, along with all acquired knowledge and wealth.

2. Organisations have been founded by the elites with which to understand just how society ticks and worse still humans. There are think tanks that work around the clock understanding human nature, devising ways to control us even more.

3. The elites said they'd smash our culture - they have. They said they'd smash our nationality - they have. They said they'd smash the family - they have. They said they'd give control to the minority - they have. Everything the elites have said they'd do they've succeeded in doing.

4. People in the past, were far more geared towards survival and privacy. Today it's exactly the opposite. Our younger generations have been contaminated as the Russians would say. That means they've been reprogrammed, not to see the danger up ahead. They play video games that change their personal psyche and gear them up for warfare.

5. The elites created all diseases, use vaccines with which to create trigger viruses, spray us with chemicals from the sky, poison our food and water supply, are currently genetically altering much of it not forgetting have total control over our children at school. They have done for some generations now.

6. Those in the past who fought for liberty sacrificed much. Do you really think people will today? There is nothing to fight for anymore. There is no culture, no nationality, no individuality... as I said, everything the elites said they'd do to crush society and the only things that gave people something to fight for they have.

The reality, Coz, is that people are fucked, well, those who want to be free that is.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what you think, but it seems to me that you believe there's going to be some sort of mass awakening where everyone will see just what's going on and do something about it. And if not you think that one man will change the world? BOLLOX!

Robert Green's in prison and who cares? Not many when you look at those who do compared to the overall population of the UK.

David Kelly was murdered and who cares?
Tony Blair is guilt of war crimes and who cares? Hundreds of thousands of innocent Afghans and Iraqis were murdered millions more wounded, orphaned, widowed, maimed from the illegal attack on their lands and who cared?
John Anthony Hill of 7/7 Ripple Effect was falsely imprisoned and who cared? He tried to prosecute the Queen for breaking all her oaths and who cared?
Norman Scarth was imprisoned for speaking out against the system and who cared?
I could go on and list more and more...

The thing is people don't care. They only get involved when it directly affects them. They continue to join the police and the armed forces, there to enforce the will of the elites. They fly planes and drop bombs without a question as to why they're doing it and who they're killing and what that human below them did to deserve their murdering them.

People today are dumber that they've ever been. They have been conditioned to receive all information from the nanny msm. Their opinions are formed by the msm. They have given up their culture and call those racists who still try to hold onto it. They have believed the doublespeak that we should all live as one people, not realising this was the elite's plan to herd all their sheep into one and destroy what differences there was and thus any resistance to them.

The thing is Coz, everything and I mean EVERYTHING is going according to plan. You don't think all what's happening around the world is just happen-chance do you? If you do then you're incredibly naive. Do you think the elites will give up their power out of goodwill, honour and justice? They are psychopaths, who view us and the world as their personal property. We are commodities to be bought and sold and nothing more.

There will be a war against Iran. There will be massive loss of life in the wars with the rest of the world that follow. There will be a reduction of people to under 500m. There will be a one world government and banking system. There will be a King of Israel and the forming of a new religion and there will be tyranny for a VERY long time.

You cannot stop what is, because you and the overwhelming majority simply aren't prepared to make personal sacrifices, knowing if they do their families will be harmed in due process.

Accept what is, because there is nothing and I mean nothing that can stop the inevitable from happening because our generations were reprogrammed a long time ago into never understanding or wanting to know just who their real enemy is.



The Kusabi said...

@ Kyd

What's this movie about a supposed terrorist blogger? Can't think of any forthcoming movie featuring a terrorist other than Dark Knight Rises...

Anonymous said...

Hi Kusabi,

The movie is called "Contagion" where the blogger is the villan. The terrorist bit comes from those peace loving agencies like the CIA etc referring to bloggers and "truthers" as extremists in the same way they describe Al-kieda.


Anonymous said...

Just to add to my last the film is about a blogger who discovers an epedemic and is rejected by the MSM so he turns to the blogs and get manipulated by the suits to cause mass panic and get everyone to buy certain shit.... Not sure its my cup of tea but the fact that the MSM are now putting bloggers in a bad light seems like the writings on the wall to me.


NewsboyCap said...

@ Harbinger

Good to hear from you again, nothing like a message of the truth even if it is a little depressing.
Hope you are keeping well my friend.

Anonymous said...

@ Harbinger and Anonymous,
Yes it is all happening as planned, God gave satan the ability to do this stuff, whether you see that 'enemy' as the masons/illuminati/lizzards it's all satan behind these schemes. I'd be guessing yous are unbelievers so this probably is of no interest to you or an eyeroll moment.

I also wonder if you folks need to consider emigrating.

mescalito said...

Ranty man, remember our old friend lord James of blackheath, well check out his new vid my friend :)

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Mescy.

I haz posted it.


I am Stan said...

Hiya Capitan,

Oh come on now people things aint all that bad! We've all got our computers and KFC, sitting at our keyboards exposing the latest moronic behaviour of our "leaders" has never been easier or as popular and gets more so every day.

However let's not overdo it and waste our time pissing in the wind, otherwise one could end up paranoid and deranged believing every halfbaked conspiracy dreampt up by sad lonely embittered psycho's.

Harbingers of doom and depression are all around, usually in the nut house.

Anonymous said...

Newsboy Cap,

I'm well thank you and nice to hear from you too. Hope you're well too.

all the best


Anonymous said...


Both comments were from me. If you'd looked you would have seen 'cont' underneath the first one.

Now this is the usual pish I receive from people such as yourself as soon as I go into explaining reality. Out come the 'masons/illuminati/lizzards' jibes for the simple reason that this is well over most people's heads, that they could spend the rest of their lives travelling upwards and never find it.

The 'free'masons are pretty much at the top of the pinnacle. The elite families (royalty, international banking families etc etc) are pretty much at the top and all freemasons too. Lizards? Ah, Mr D.Icke, the disinfo agent.. Lol, do you know that he's a promoter of Helena Blavatsky's theosophy? Do you know what that is? If you don't then I suggest you do some reading on the subject. Revolution Harry's blog has some very good articles on it. If you don't then you're proving you haven't a clue what's going on, by mentioning lizards alongside masons and illuminati. And as for the illuminati, founded by A. Weishaupt in Bavaria, well, that exists also.

Now don't presume anything about me. You are clearly limited in your knowledge of what's going on because you are saying this is all Satan's work. If you know anything about Satan, you'll realise that he merely has a job to do and that is give the people what they want. Yes, he doesn't lead them into temptation. The people MAKE THEIR OWN CHOICE, to be SUPERFICIAL, MATERIALISTIC, PSYCHOPATHS, driven forward through their own greed.

What is happening within society is merely the manifestation of humanity - GREED and the rest of the seven deadly sins. It's within us all, but very few choose to live by them.

Don't go blaming Satan, although those in charge are Lucifarians (again do some research on Theosophy), for it is the choice of the individual to choose good or bad as a path to follow in their lives. No one forces them to do anything. It's willpower and the belief in doing right over wrong that many simply don't have or want to pursue. The good life is simply so much better.

And why would I emigrate? Do you think this little takeover of humanity is just a western thing? Don't you realise that the epicentre of the power is slap bang here? Don't you realise that once the UK's been smashed then it'll be easy picking for the rest of the world? The Chinese are the model people for the NWO's world vision of how they want all to be. Africa, Asia, Australasia, North America, South America, Europe will all fall.
You can't escape the inevitable. You'll merely drive yourself insane thinking there's something you can do about it.

You can't. That's a fact, but hey, don't believe a word I say, go for it. LOL



Anonymous said...

Fairy nuff, Harby.