February 10, 2012

The Writing Is On The Wall

And it should be written on walls in every village, town and city.

Any additional words from me would be redundant.

Except a tip of the beret to twitterer @PaulMcCarthy68. Thanks mate.



Anonymous said...

Hi Cap'n,

Yes, poignant to say the least. The sheep just baaah and follow one another, while being harried from pen to pen by the sheepdog. No one bothers, no one complains, they all just get on with living and keeping the system safe and sound.

One tends to become quite misanthropic when they look at people, fixated on the msm and doing what the writing on the wall says. You really start thinking, why in the fuck should I stick my neck out for these ignorant cunts who don't give a shit? And what happens when you do make a personal sacrifice for the good of all? Well, the msm will turn you into a terrorist and you will become a pariah in your own country.

The Olympics are round the corner. There will be armed forces all over the place to counter the pre planned government/security services terrorist attack that's undoubtedly going to happen in order to attack Syria and Iran.

And the people will continue to watch Eastenders, football, shove Big Macs down their gullets and discuss how terrible it was that Sheena G got booted off of X Factor, down the pub.

Reality......is it really worth making a sacrifice for these arseholes Cap'n? Well worth considering.

Anonymous said...

I will continue to vote for the liblabcon party, whilst worshipping celebs,football "stars" and watching soaps and reality shows.

Paris Claims

Captain Ranty said...


You are right of course. About everything.

I have considered throwing in the towel, several times, in fact. It is well documented here.

I reboot because there IS an appetite for this. Some people do care, and I care passionately so I forge ahead. I don't really see that I have a choice now.

The thing that keeps me awake nights is this: if not me, then who?

Who will be difficult, who will speak out, who will try untested stuff in a court, who will stick their head over the parapet?

Yes, I am a guinea pig, but a willing one. Doing something, however misguided, even if it does involve personal risk, is much more preferable to sliding back under the duvet.

Just so you know, I do not see myself as some fucking hero in all of this. I do not want fortune and I do not want fame, but I genuinely do want to wrestle my country back from the slimeballs in Brussels, and then from the greasy mitts of those in Westminster.

And besides, I am enjoying being a difficult bastard.


Captain Ranty said...


Even if you jest, that is our problem right there.

It isn't funny though.


dickie doubleday said...

i had a look at paul twitters to find out what he had done in rebellion and found nothing, ah well the slogans sound good.

oh apparently liverpool fans eat shit according to him, he has a lot to say about dumbing down education...you have to larf

Drey said...

Hey Captain, is there an email thats best to contact you at? I have a couple questions and a proposition.

Captain Ranty said...


Email me here: captainranty at btinternet dot com

Questions I can handle, but I think it is only fair to let you know I am already married.


chrissyboy said...

is a Banksy original ;)

NewsboyCap said...


Questions I can handle, but I think it is only fair to let you know I am already married.

Nice one, Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,.....Fucker.

Anonymous said...


Here's another difficult bastard. A beginner and only just starting to build up the confidence, but it's slowly all coming together. This is my first comment here but I've been reading for a long time... at present I'm only fighting the corporate non-entity that "employs" me and thinks it can claim ownership of me, but after reading up some more I'll be starting on the "government" itself. I'm relatively young but have felt there's something wrong for as long as I can remember. I'm now in a position to start doing something about it. Your posts are an inspiration and a glimmer of hope in the darkness: don't give up, we'll beat the bastards in the end even if they don't play fair.

Matt Smith

William said...

Has blogger slid my last comment into it's cavernous spam folder?

It did have a couple of linky things in and blogger is known to be scared of linky things.

Captain Ranty said...


Good for you! The government is easy meat. I prefer to have a crack at them because they made all the rules.

I don't bother too much with corporations that I have entered into a contract with. Unless they mess it up.

Just make sure you have done the research and are comfortable with whatever you are doing.


Captain Ranty said...


I haz checked.

Nothing in the spam bucket.


Bill Sticker said...

Caps; have a gander at this video about what truly drives people.

Have posted about it over at my place. See if you agree.

ChasC said...

Great lyrics - I feel a punk song coming on?

Anonymous said...

I admire what you are doing and wish I had the balls to do likewise, good luck and I will follow with interest.