February 25, 2012

Can We Fix It?

Over the last few days I have been swapping emails with one of my most ardent readers, Harbinger. Several commenters say that he is too negative, too forthright, too brutally honest. He is all of those things and I know that he won't be offended by that.

In one of his recent emails to me he explained why he felt the way he did and I thought it was worthy of a post. What you see below is almost exactly what he wrote to me and I have only taken out some of the personal stuff. It in no way detracts from the main theme.

I had asked Harby, "Are we fucked?"

This is his reply. It does not make for easy reading, but then, this blog was never meant to concentrate on unicorns, pixies and rainbows. This is a place where realities are ripped away and a different truth inserted.

Here we go:

"I say we're fucked because we are fucked. I am honest, brutally to be precise, as you have mentioned and this is the way I've always been. There's no point in wrapping up a shite in icing. It's still a shite. This is what society sees on a daily basis from the MSM, icing covered shit and naked emperors, not forgetting Wizards of Oz, while the man behind the curtain gets on with his manipulating.

Of late, I have to admit that I wish, above all that I could be pig, bloody ignorant and never have woken up. I do feel like the guy in the Matrix, who ends up selling his friends out in order to be 'plugged' back in. When I think about how much better life was when I knew nothing. When I think of the happiness with my ex, before reading Londinistan by Melanie Phillips which drastically changed my life, it pains me greatly as I really, truly adored her. It's destroyed any chance of a relationship with a woman ever again. I have no trust for them any more and I also know what they want, which I cannot and will not give them. It was falling down the rabbit hole that wrecked my relationship and no doubt has wrecked many others as well.

It's hard for the simple reason that I have a black and white personality. I'm addicted to unravelling the truth and as Alan Watt has said, once people find out about the truth they have to act. Most people don't want to know the truth for this very purpose. They don't want to get involved and would rather leave it up to someone else to do. Although I say we're fucked I know that there will come a time where I will inevitably act, far more than just writing on blogs or educating people whom I meet. It's a matter of survival now really, and I am lifted greatly when I see people fighting back against the system, such as the video you recently put up of the sheriff in Ireland trying to evict a tenant. However, I am also saddened greatly by those, such as the sheriff who MUST know what they are doing is wrong and choose to take the wage instead of be champions of the truth.

I can't write what I would like to do in an email or on any blog post. That's asking for trouble and that's why I don't post what should really be done, that is, other than the lists I've given of how to destroy the system.
The simple truth Captain is that the elites believe, through birth they have a right over all of us. This is hammered into them from an early age, the developing of psychopathy, in order to destroy any compassion and remove conscience. Not only do they think it's their right to own us, but with ownership they also believe they have the right to do whatever they want to with their belongings. They want to kill us. They want to kill 90% of the world's population and bring it down to around 500m people. This is just too difficult to bear for me at times, because who in the fuck do they think they are to think the way they do? Worse still they get away with it, for obvious reasons. You may never have heard of the Georgia guidestones before so if not have a read:

Georgia Guidestones

Although my heart's lifted by the videos of success, I know it's merely a drop in the ocean. This sort of thing needs to be happening everywhere, every 30 minutes, on everything.

If you care to look at the videos, or the stories that you read of people fighting back against the system, it's overwhelmingly older people doing it. The younger generations simply don't care. Now, I know that there are movements like anonymous and reclaim the streets etc, but they're controlled opposition. More so, while the minority of youngsters may believe they are fighting against the NWO, they are in fact implementing their wishes by promoting globalism, multiculturalism, New Age religions, homosexuality etc. and happily destroying culture, traditions, religious beliefs and morality bringing in a world of relative belief.

I don't speak lightly when I say that people MUST make personal sacrifices if they want to bring liberty and freedom into society and destroy the NWO. People are not prepared to get too involved because they know it would completely turn their lives upside down and worse still, becoming an enemy of the state not only puts your life in danger but the lives of your loved ones. Captain, you have children. Would you put their lives at risk if you knew that continuing down this path your on would create serious danger for them? Look at the Hollie Greig situation? Hollie's Uncle was murdered by the establishment, beaten badly with bats, thrown into a car, whisky forced down his throat and then burned alive. This is what they're capable of. Now Robert Green who went to get justice for Hollie is now in prison. What's happening to the highly corrupt Officials, such as the Procurator Fiscal Eilish Angiolini? What about the paedophiles high up within the Aberdeenshire establishments? Papers such as the UK Column who are bravely telling the truth are really not too much of a threat at the moment to the elites, but when they do become a serious threat, they will be removed.

We are at war with our own establishments Captain.

You know, just today I was thinking of the armed forces. I was thinking that people would pick up the newspapers and speak of how terrible that some girl was murdered or some guy, but won't give a second thought to the simple fact they were happy to send their children off to the armed forces, to do just that. Murder is murder regardless and state sanctioned murder does not absolve anything. They don't even begin to imagine the hell that the Afghans, the Iraqis, the Libyans and soon, the Iranians, must be going through, to have bombs dropped on their heads, children, husbands and wives murdered, maimed, children turned into orphans, men and women widowed..... They don't even begin to think that their taxes are funding the wars and yet will scream blue murder at how angry they are paying 0.00000001% or whatever of their yearly income to helping people without work live, work that is becoming increasingly scarce due to immigration.

I just think of hypocrisy. It's something I've always done my best in life to not live by. There is constant hypocrisy all around me and yet people do not realise this. What if I were to go around tazering policemen, handcuffing them and imprisoning them in a cell below my house? The state would arrest me for assault and imprisonment, yet this happens to people on a daily basis and no one even bats an eye to think how wrong this is. "It's because they did wrong, innit?" will be the usual ignorant retort, because they've been conditioned, from an early age to believe that if the police do this the assailants must have done something to deserve this.
And what about the massive promotion of late of MMA (Multiple Martial Arts) tournaments (boxing also of course) where it's ok to put two men/women/children into a ring to beat the bejesus out of each other, yet were I to attack/defend against someone in the street who had done something to upset me, I'll be hauled into the police station, imprisoned, taken to court, imprisoned or fined. Again no one even cares to consider the double standards here.

As you know I'm unemployed and yet my day is spent educating myself, reading and researching, yet I receive Job Seekers Allowance, a pitiful income to live on, although I live a very frugal life and yet researchers, in the msm are paid a good wage, doing exactly what I do, well not exactly, as they just provide rubbish for the masses on some nondescript, unimportant subject. Because I am not paying taxes directly on my income (I do pay tax if I buy food, drink, clothes etc) I am looked upon by society as a scrounger?? Because I am not funding the illegal attacks on foreign lands, the setting up of military bases around the world, the enforcement of democracy (control of a country through banking debt), the upkeep of the Royal family and giving bankers, politicians and corporation owners a wage, I am looked upon as a scrounger?

Like I said, I find this hypocrisy too hard to bear at times.

That said, I continually educate myself on reality and the reason why my views to some may seem extreme is only because I've looked at the situation from all possible angles.

I was speaking to a friend in the pub last night and asking him what nationality he was. He said he was Scottish to which I disagreed because he was not living a Scottish existence. When he disagreed I asked him what his dad did, he told me what he did, to which I replied "Well, does that mean you can be called what your dad does as well?" He simply answered "I get your point", that point being, you can only call yourself something if you do that/live by that something. Therefore, if you don't live by or promote a Scottish culture, then you simply cannot call yourself Scottish. The language of the Scots is Gaelic. How many people speak Gaelic today? How many people live by their cultures? How many people instead speak English and live by a combination of multi-cultures? Again, people do not like what I have to write. They think I am attacking other cultures but they are so wrong.

If the people want to win their liberty and above all their freedom they have to first know whom the enemy is. People don't. Therefore the battle is already lost. The biggest challenge ahead for people is not removing the NWO/elites, but understanding their enemy and waking up to stop believing the emperor's fully clothed. They won't, as I've said time and time again, they've been altered. They accept things in society, as not being any problem today that in the past were greatly frowned upon. This is conditioning. This is the altering of society. This is the demolition of cultures, traditions, morals and taboos, in order to lay the foundations of the new world society, one with one culture, one race (and the separate race of the elites), a moral-less society with no taboos, where paedophilia, necrophilia, government euthanasia, organ removal and murder will all be perfectly legal within society. This is where we're going and we'll be there very soon.

Therefore I can't really offer anyone the hopeful videos and articles that you give on a regular basis, because as I've said, they're merely drops of water in the ocean. They're going to have no effect on the general populous for the only people who will watch/read them are already awake and those who aren't are far, far too few to make a drastic change (badly needed very, very soon) within society. The majority will still watch and follow the shite on the msm. They've been conditioned to and won't accept the truth if told.

I've really come to the point in my life where I just think that all my life I've been good and been shit upon by people in due process. All my life I've always asked questions and disagreed with the status quo and been reprimanded for it. Now at 40 I want to enjoy life again. I don't want to continue what I do, educating myself and in due process uncovering yet more horrors of reality, yet I know that I'm addicted to it and there's no cure. It's a horrible position to be in. It's not like a job you can quit and then go and do something else. Once you step onto this path there's no turning back. So my life will be one of learning more and more of the truth, telling it to people and being ridiculed and attacked in due process, no matter that everything I tell them is 100% fact. It's not really a nice thing to envisage is it? How can I be called negative if what I say is the truth? Would I be negative if I put my money on Linford Christie winning the 100m against that fat bloke over there who never exercises? The bottom line is people can't handle the truth. What I want to see is people putting up blogs and writing whatever they want to without any fear of being reprimanded for their solutions to solving the problem and permanently removing the NWO from the world. This won't ever happen, purely because of conditioning. You cannot beat the system legally, because the legal system is the system.

Another long post but one I had to write in order to reply effectively to your good self. Sometimes it's not possible to write a few words to explain a situation. I always do in order to not leave out any important facts. That's why my posts are long.

To conclude, again, I wish I'd never gone on this path. I wish I was down in London, living with my ex and son, doing a job, continuing performing music and believing that everything was ok, the politicians were there for us, multiculturalism was a good thing, the destruction of our old culture and traditions was necessary because we had to move on and liberty was valued above all else. This is what I truly wish for but I know that it can, never, ever be. But then the truth does offend. It offends because people have been fed lies and these lies have been the foundation to their very lives. I hate no one. I never have. I get upset when people think I do and that I pick on certain races. I don't. I just tell the truth and why the situation is the way it is. Why non whites are multiplying all over the white lands etc etc. I almost got into an argument yesterday when I mentioned to a friend that Gospel music originated in Scotland. He got quite irate and was vehement it was created by blacks. It was only when I explained about the Highland clearances, the migration of the Scots to the USA becoming landowners with black African slaves, who never spoke English or knew of the Bible and whom thus were educated on both by the Scots.

Like I said the truth offends and no offence is ever meant on my part. I simply can't lie to people and I'm always and have always been prepared to speak the truth regardless of the outcome upon my life. And I have had many troubling situations because of it I can tell you."

So there it is. You now know Harbingers thoughts as well as I do. There is pain and truth in equal measure there.

He has read, and continues to read, a great deal more than I have and if I am honest, I stay away from certain topics. Not because they frighten me, but because I think I have enough, for the moment, to think about. The dots can and will be joined. Not by me, necessarily, but someone will (I think Alan Watt already has), but it remains....too big. Too orchestrated, too engineered. We refuse to believe it because our politicians simply aren't that smart. They are, in all probability, just marionettes. Empty-headed fools, arrogant enough to believe they are the elites within society, but do they know they are puppets? Do they? And if they do know, why do they continue to dance to the tune of madmen? And if they don't know, then that just confirms that they are as brainless as I have said.

Once again I find myself at a crossroad: do I go left, right, forwards or backwards? Backwards is not an option. That which is seen cannot be unseen. Do I continue to fight? Do I cave in and admit that the fight is, ultimately, unwinnable?

Or, do I carry on, knowing that I am at least not living on my knees? That I am doing something, however meaningless to the vast majority of people on the planet?

Harby's note struck a chord with me and all at once I see how impotent we are, but only we can make that decision. Only we can fold, and only we can decide whether to play another hand.

I'm a gambler by nature. I am not risk averse. I am ready for the consequences. I have accepted responsibility. It would be nice to have a couple of billion companions in the fight, but that does not look likely. They hate boat-rockers, and most don't like to rock the boat. The path of least resistance is always an easier path for people to take, so guess what? They take it. They will use incredible excuses/reasons to carry on down that road until they are grey and withered, because, after all, it has worked for billions before them.

This is my life to live and I simply cannot allow the scum at the top to decide how I live that life.

I'll crack on, if it's all the same to you.

For what it's worth, I believe our friend Harbinger will as well.



Bucko said...

Me too and good on him.
Like him I often wonder what it would be like to have not woken up.
In my early 20's I read the works of Stuart Goldsmith (heavily ridiculed as being a scam artist) and he woke me up to the truth behind the government, democracy, the media, relationships, money etc.
The truth can be troubling and it must be a lot easier to live the life of a happy slave, watching the X Factor and pining for 20mph speed limits.
I'm sure if given the chance though, I would never go back. Without that knowledge you can never have a life lived, only a life prescribed. That's not for me.

JJ said...

In a strange way I found it uplifting...and also echoing parts of my own past.

It's a pain in the neck getting past some of these words - this is my third attempt.

Oldrightie said...

We never used to have this medium to express our anger. It's seems so little to drip, drip posts and carry on blogging. However we must, it's all we have.

Prince Woodford said...

All very insightful..and great for him..but I must ask what he thinks is wrong with homosexuality?

Anonymous said...

Hi Harbinger,

Great to see you posting again; the closure of your blog last year was soul destroying.

I agree that victory seems impossible: the controllers of the planet are well hidden, their schemes so pervasive and well entrenched, and their machinations so unutterably evil.

But I am encouraged by the proliferation of bloggers that seem to be multiplying across the web like benign bacteria, the exponential growth of which might just overwhelm and destroy the parasitical elite.

You are quite correct when you say that the younger generation haven't a clue what is going on around them; but perhaps us oldies can lead the way.

I fell down the rabbit hole about three years ago, and I will never turn back.

Don't turn back Harbinger; if you ever feel down, just remember this old Latin maxim:

"Veritas numquam perit.
Veritas odit moras.
Veritas vincit.

Truth never perishes.
Truth hates delay.
Truth conquers."

With kind regards,
Urban Commando.

Anonymous said...

"The language of the Scots is Gaelic"

Utter bollocks.

The language of the majority of the Scots is English; "Scots" is an English dialect.

Gaelic is the historical language of those living in the northwest quadrant of Scotland, but only a small proportion of the Scottish population have lived there since the introduction of farming.

If he can't get something as basic as this right, it is difficult to take him seriously.


pitano1 said...

yes harbinger/capt.


the deeper you dig,the more complicated it becomes.

who set it up?

its been going for thousands of years.

but the thing is it started with an idea,and this is what terrifies
the so called elite..
it can be ended with one.

this is the reason we are not educated.
our thinking/culture is forced down our throats.

`some quotes on truth`
if you want a freind for life`agree with him,if you want an enemy`tell him the truth.

many people stumble upon the truth,but get up,and carry on as though nothing had happened.

is ignorance bliss?

not when you are living in a fearful state.

as far as family/freinds are concerned..is this not why we are not passing the lube to the ptb,?

we have read the psycho stones/ggs

how many have sacrificed every thing for the system.?

we owe them,and those to come, to
live in honour.
and not fear.

if you know the truth at this time,you were meant to,and we can never hide from ourselves.

if people think we are crazy..let em.

"Here's to the Crazy Ones. The misfits. The rebels. The trouble-makers. The round pegs in the square holes.
The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status-quo.
You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify, or vilify them. About the only thing you can't do is ignore
them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them
as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think
they can change the world - are the ones who DO!"

nominedeus said...

Harby...extreme...negative...does no one understand...Harby you are not the only one who marches to his own drum, not the only 'private Smith' out of step with the whole army...I read your post as if it were my own in so many ways...give up trying to wqake others up? ,it cannot be done m8...giving up that is, not untill the last breath leaves your body, and then there is the slim possibility that it may just all start all over again...now that is the one that makes me shudder!

Anonymous said...

Captain, it is no surprise that there can be times when many reconsider the red pill / blue pill choice. Despite the pain, the red pill made me stronger, and blogs like yours help with the awareness that I'm not alone.

Also, much work has been done by others that is very, very encouraging.

These are some excellent films:-
The War on Democracy, by John Pilger
Inside Job, directed by Charles Ferguson
The Shock Doctrine, based on the book by Naomi Klein
The People Speak , based on Howard Zinns books

Plus to get a good insight, some great books;
All of Greg Palast's work (Vultures Picnic, is his latest book)
Naomi Klein - The Shock Doctrine
John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man,
John Pilger, The New Rulers of the World,
William Engdahl, A Century Of War

Many people 'get it' and have done for some time. I think the 'pump' is now well and truly 'primed'. It's simply a matter of timing.....

Nil Desperandum, Captain, as my dad used to say - don't let the buggers grind you down.


Anonymous said...


Dear all, I wrote this as a private message to the captain and he asked if he could put it on his blog, more so to help other people who may feel the same way. Of course I agreed. I most certainly don't want to hog up the Captain's space but thank you for all the encouraging posts.

Bucko, I couldn't go back no matter how much I wanted to purely because I know I'd be living a lie.

JJ, I'm glad you did, in some strange way. Although negative it's still the truth. Would you rather be negative and truthful or positive and deceitful? There's only real one answer to that in my book.

Oldrightie, the state is taking even more and more control of the internet to such an extreme that eventually it will merely be another MSM outlet with totally controlled material within. It's just around the corner I'm afraid to say. The American government is trying to pass a bill on its citizens which is, it says, combating paedophilia. It wants all information of people's viewing habits online or else, those who withhold it are sympathetic to, if not paedophiles themselves. It's merely a continuation of George Bush's - "You're either with me or against me" scenario.

Prince Woodford, my views on homosexuality are not for this article or even this blog, although I will say that homosexuality is a massive part of the NWO's agenda. That's all I will say on that other than, I disagree with homosexuality but would never persecute a homosexual.

Urban Commando, great to hear from you again. My blog went down because it was removed by Google, along with my email and Youtube account after having the UAF get involved. They didn't like my freedom of speech. LOL
As said I can't turn back because in doing so I'd be living a lie. And it's this lie that keeps me doing what I do, in order to find some way to rectify it, which I have many 'non publishable' plans with which to do so. I explained pretty much in the article so there's no need to go into detail, suffice to say, were I not to know what I do, I'd be happily living with my ex and growing up with my son. We have to keep going forward. If not for our future generations, but for our own sanity. There are many people I know skirting around the rabbit hole, whom I warn to think carefully before stepping in. It's a one way trip that you can't do a 180 on. All the best UC.



Anonymous said...



"The language of the Scots is Gaelic" - utter bollox.

It appears that you have not read what I have written on in the past and a little in my reply to the Captain to understand about cultural demolition, a key agenda of the elites in order to bring about a one world government, people and overall state.

The Scots, that is the name given to the name of the land that I live in, of which I belong to, were a people from Northern Ireland, a Celtic people, who came to the land then known as Pictland sometime around 300ad. It is this tribe of Celts where the name of Scotland comes from, meaning that to be a Scot one would have to be of the Scots tribe. Are you following this so far?

When John Balliol (13century) the Scottish King gave up the kingship to the surrender of Edward the 1st (Longshanks/Hammer of the Scots), the Norman King on the throne of England, Scotland came under the tyrannic rule of Edward whom imposed draconian measures upon the 'Scots' people that they were to not speak their native language (I wonder what that was?), were not to carry weapons, nor play their cultural instruments. This was the attempt to utterly smash the Scottish culture which would continue through the centuries, up until its eventual obliteration circa mid 18th century after the battle of Culloden Moore.
You are correct. The language of the Scottish people 'today' is English because THEIR CULTURE HAS BEEN DEMOLISHED!!!

If you're going to try to criticise me, then at least do some groundwork first before making a twit of yourself. When I speak to people and they say they speak Scottish, I correct them saying they don't. They speak English with a dialect, for were they to speak Scottish, the language of the Scots, where their country's name comes from, they'd be speaking Gaelic.

If you remove the culture from a people, you remove and destroy their roots. In doing so do you then create a situation where all people have no difference, the very plan of the elites/NWO. Why? Simply because if people are not different to one another, have no distinct cultures, then there are no individuals. If there are no individuals then there is no opposition to the state.

Therefore the obliteration of the Scots people happened some time ago. We have seen the obliteration of the English people, the Irish and the Welsh, soon to be Europeans and currently the Muslims and their religion and cultures in the Middle East through the various wars, all, of course in the name of democracy.
We are seeing the rebuilding of the Tower of Babel.



Anonymous said...



Yes. It was Mao who said that what worries him is not an army with guns but an idea, a thought, that of an individual, for that is more dangerous than any weapon.
And yes, this control system has been going on for thousands of years and those in power have merely passed it down to their offspring through the centuries. The elites will never submit their power, for it's what gives them their freedom to do whatever they want by controlling all around them.


You are correct that it is impossible to wake up people who are asleep, but you can set a spark off somewhere within, something that you said may trigger something off in the future and make them rethink their reality. I shan't and I won't ever give up, I can't, it's not me, but nevertheless, that thought doesn't really make the truth of what is any more bearable when you understand that our life has been one big lie from goodness knows when. Thank you.



Anonymous said...

The Captain is a kiddie fiddler? Time for your medication I think. Haven't you anything better to do with your time than follow your weird obsession with this blog? There's a whole world out there and instead of engaging with it you're 'wasting' your life peering at a blog you don't like and typing symbols. Weird.


Sackerson said...

It may feel like a desert, but you're not alone. Read Isaiah 40:3. It's a long, dry road, but you'll get there.

What I've read of the Hollie Greig case is monstrous and surely there must some day be a reckoning.

TGL said...

Hi Captn/Harbinger,

It is just good to know that I am not alone. As soon as you realise what is going on your first instinct is tell everyone else. Which is exactly what I did, to much ridicule, and soon no-one wants to talk to you. It can make you very lonely, and it can make you quite depressed. I took a third option, how can I live my life with the minimal contact with 'society' after much research this turned out to be removing myself and trying to live as self sufficiently as I can. Good luck in your journey.

Woodsy42 said...

Sadly I don't think we can, I can't see the boundary rolling back. We can try and slow its advance by legal resistance. Or we can be more agressive, hope for the worst, and hope the system will break completely. That might eventually lead to a regrowth of something better or maybe something worse?

Anonymous said...

Yes we can fix it.

Massive March On The White House By Active Duty Military & Veterans For Ron Paul

Anonymous said...

arthur cristian at loverforlife.au has the solution.

nala said...

Hi cap;n, i KNOW how he feels being out there DOING what i know is right, we all know what is inherantly right or wrong and from that we make our choices, mine was and is to keep going in the right direction.
Stay with it harby we need folks like YOU to put out blogs/messages to folks what the TRUTH is not the media rubbish plied everyday in alice in wonderland TV NEWSPAPERS.
Respect to you dude.nala

Pete said...

I hear you Harby,

There have been times when I have thought what is the bloody point of continuing. There have also been times of extreme hope when I have won a battle or two with the so called authorities.

Some people call it jumping down the rabbit hole, the matrix analogy of red or blue pill and others call it awakening. I had no stark revelations, one day I just woke up and thought, fuck this I am not playing to their rules any longer. Six years down the line I am still not playing by their rules.

Like yourself I sometimes wish that I had not woke up and that I was still cossetted in the make believe bubble instead of the reality that we live in. I honestly do not wish to be an awkward sod, but I do not have a choice in this any longer. I would be failing myself if I did nothing.

Are there any answers or solutions to what we currently face? probably not but I will never use the answer of it is going to happen anyway. I cannot use this. It goes beyond all that I am, even if I create a few dents and dings then I am still doing something to say no.

Yes, I do fight against "the system" but like Ranty I chose my battles carefully and I research everything before I launch a counter attack.

I listen to people that I trust, that have more experience in certain areas of law. I learn from them and amongst them is nala, we bounce off of each other and the wee shit manages to noise me up so much he he.

Never give up Harby, keep doing what you are doing m8.

Anonymous said...

@ Harbinger.

Your thoughts and ideals are mirrored by more than you could know at present...

This road that you travel on, is a long journey and yet when you look to the fore and then to the rear, you see no other.
The truth being, because the road is long and each travel at their own pace and set out at differing times, so are at different points out of your line of sight.
This creates the false aloneness that you feel.
When, as all the travellers on this road will do, we reach journeys end, we shall all take sight of each other and then know we are many.

All I can state is, for once in the entire history of this planet and its people, history will for the first time ever, not repeat itself.
For upto present this is all it has ever done, albeit manufactured.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that to break the system enough people have to be a pain in the arse and just simply not comply to anything "legal". (I'm not advocating hurting anyone or causing anyone a loss here)

I think most people are scared of the alternative to what we have at the moment. As Harbinger stated (in other words) the elites have done a right number with that one through MSM and legislation.

With all that said, I would like to know what people (especially Harbinger and CR) make of Ben Fulford? and what he claims is happening.



GoodnightVienna said...

The best thing I've read in the blogsophere for a long time. True, relevant & painful but it needed to be said and shd be spread far and wide.

prog said...

Captain, OT (sorry) but some v angry comments over at the Telegraph re bankrupt Britain.
Perhaps an opportunity for knowledgeable contributions (assuming they'd pass the mods)


microdave said...

I have to agree with pretty much all he says. I, too, often wish I lived in blissful ignorance. But it's too late now - short of having my brain erased and reprogrammed the damage is done.

I think most of us know there is little chance of changing the status quo, but if everybody took that attitude there really wouldn't be any point in getting out of bed.

Only this morning I saw a front page story in a newspaper regarding opportunities in the "Renewable" power sector. I mentioned this rather sarcastically to the cashier as I was paying, and she seemed surprised - "Don't you think they are a good idea?" & "What about solar panels?" were her comments. I fully intend to discus this with her next time the shop isn't so busy.

Little things that just might help to turn the tide....

James Higham said...

I'm unemployed and yet my day is spent educating myself, reading and researching

Yes, it's a spin-off the PTB have obviously not foreseen the implications of.

PhilipH said...

Job-seekers allowance ain't a lot, is it, but it's a damn sight more than millions living in parts of Africa get!
Yes, we still have the situation where 5% of the UK population owns 90% of the wealth but we, the hoi poloi, aren't as badly off as some seem to think.
And everybody, even the Toffs, all end up the same way: DEAD.
In the meantime Keep Calm and Blog On.

Anonymous said...


Hi Sackerson,

The Hollie Greig case is horrific to say the least. And I will read Issiah 40:3, again. Thank you.


It's seems like you and I ran parallel after awaking. You do want to tell everyone. It's like coming back to school after the Christmas holidays and wanting to tell/show everyone what presents you got. I went through the 5 stages of grief, the anger, the frustration, the denial, the serious unhappiness and then eventually acceptance. You lose your anger simply because you understand, although my annoyance lately has been at the people who are digging holes for themselves constantly by supporting the system, there to persecute them.


The latter choice is the only real way ahead unfortunately simply because the legal system will continue, with its armies of lawyers, sworn in to protect the system, to smash our liberties and freedoms, succumbing to an eventual totalitarian dystopia.

Anonymous - 26 February 2012 13:31,

I don't think we can. As much as I'd like to believe in Ron Paul he's there as controlled opposition, a safety net for the elites and the system. Simply put, the elites have been in power for thousands upon thousands of years. Do you really think they're going to allow the people freedom and liberty which would mean their eventual demise and smashing of their powerbase they've built up over thousands of years? I really, truly don't think so. Anyone in politics who upsets the apple cart ends up far worse than the apples. History tells us so.

Anonymous - 26 February 2012 17:06,

Thanks, I'll have a read.

Hi nala,

I don't think all people are like you and me. I think many have no moral compass whatsoever purely because if they did we wouldn't be in the shit we are today and have been througout history.
I will continue, purely because not doing so would mean accepting the system, which would be polar opposite to not just my views but everything I'm about in life. Hypocrite simply isn't something I've ever nor ever will be in life. Thanks.



Anonymous said...


And I hear you too. It seems you have something, like the Captain (and those who read the blog and fight against the system) which the majority lack, thanks to conditioning - the ability to think, critically.

"Know thy enemy, know thyself" and your background education on those whom you are about to attack will serve you well in any battle and no doubt already has. Appreciated and glad to see that you and Nala both have each other to 'bounce off' of. It's good to have at least someone by you, giving the assurance that you've not lost the plot and reality is the bullshit that you see it as.

The Captain is right in that I'm here for the long haul. The thought of quitting, has never crossed my mind, only of being blissfully ignorant has. And I know that I've never been nor ever could be. Thanks.

Anonymous - 26 February 2012 20:21,

You are correct. I am most certainly not alone on this path as there are many others, still a vast minority, but nonetheless ahead and behind me on this path to revelation, this rabbit hole I'm continually traversing.
I can't agree with you that history won't repeat itself simply because people do not learn from the mistakes of history. We are, as planned, walking into yet another massive war with Iran which will draw in many nations, who won't be once its over. I say what I do because never in our existence has society been so surveilled. Pick any famous revolutionary from history who has supported the people and led them to at least some kind of freedom? Guaranteed, you'll find that were they living today, they wouldn't have got past the first hurdle before being tracked and removed by some government, secret assassin. Had Christ been alive today, he'd have been committed to an asylum, with terrorist tendencies. The people have allowed the growth of a surveillance state - Remember what Franklin said about liberty and security. Thanks.

Hi Goodnight Vienna,

Thank you for your kind words as well as putting this up on your blog as well. I just tell it as it is and the truth has that affect. Thanks again.


It is too late and hence why I made the analogy of the character in the Matrix, being plugged back in and his memory wiped. You are right. I only say there's no chance of changing the status quo, but there is every chance that it can be done if society wakes up. That's where the problem lies. However, should we start removing the media, not joint the armed forces/police, stop putting money into banks, stop electing politicians, stop abiding by the civil laws laid down and stop paying taxes then there's every possibility that we could bring about a change, but then saying that, the cultural damage to society is so incredibly great that the indigenous peoples no longer exist and one of the boxes on the NWO wish list is therefore ticked. Thanks for the words.



Anonymous said...


Hi James Higham,

I'm not so sure although your point is well worth considering. There are many people on unemployment benefit who will go out and get pissed, get smacked out of their heads and of course be glued to what the MSM pours out on a daily basis. There are very few who will choose to educate themselves and try to understand why the situation is the way it is.

I don't really tptb have missed anything. I of course hope I'm wrong. Thanks

Philip H,

My point made about JSA was merely one to emphasise the point that work is work, regardless whether it's paid or not. My research, reading and the eventual outcome of my labour is far more important to society than most of the top researchers/journalists who work for the MSM churn out on a regular basis, but you won't see my stuff in the broadsheets, tabloids or popular TV stations would you? And yes, it is a damn site more than what Africans get and the same for anyone in the 2nd/3rd worlds, but Africa has nothing whatsoever to do with this debate. The debate on social security and the welfare state is there for another day. However suffice to say, as a freeman, there should be nothing stopping me from going to any piece of land in this island, building my home, farming the land and hunting the wild animals, all of course to give me a living as I should have every right to. That is of course if you forget about the system that you were illegally contracted into when you were born to be a slave of. So to sound stubborn I will say, if the state is happy to enslave me then it's up to them to look after my well-being. I don't want to work (within the system) purely because I don't want to pay taxes, purely because I don't want to fund the system (although I sadly do, but not as much if I were paying taxes). I don't want to work for corporations or be any part of an endevour that would make me a hypocrite to my beliefs. However, having my own land and the freedom to live as I should would see me working every hour god sends to survive, taking a personal responsibility for my life as should be. I am calm, very in fact for with understanding reality one no longer needs to be angry. Your views are respected.



I am Stan said...

Hi Capitan,

I've grown to pity you Harbinger, your life seems consumed with anger and bitterness which must be a living hell, no light just darkness everywhere you look.

Anonymous said...

Fire must be fought with fire.

Whoever dreamed that the pen was mightier than the sword had never had a fight with someone with a cutlass, armed only with a biro.

Might is right. These fuckers won't learn until someone teaches them to fear.

farm land investment said...

That was a very powerful post to read. It almost had me in tears, the part about essentially giving up his family whilst searching for truth and trying to spread the word. If you think about it though, its people like Harby who have, throughout history, made the sacrifices that many of us could not/would not make. Let us simply say the man is a true patriot.

Peterloo said...

Harbinger, you are not alone. To use the matrix analogy, there are many who chose the red pill. However, I believe the majority are of the 70's and 80's generations - sometimes I too feel that I am just getting too old for this and wish I had taken the blue pill. But as you say - once down the rabbit hole we are where we are and there is no going back.

I am not religious, I choose to believ in science and fact, not god and belief - I have no ill will to those who choose otherwise.

BUT, I have for many years harboured a feeling that something will happen soon. It is an intangible feeling, like wanting to eat something but not quite being sure what it is you fancy - like mild de ja vue, just out of reach in my mind.

Maybe I have unconciously attuned to all of the 2012 end of the world Myan mythology, or maybe I am just going mad - but I feel there is a storm brewing.