February 03, 2012

Ignorance Was Bliss.

When I started this blog it was supposed to be a release valve for all the crap we put up with daily in the UK and around the world. Hence the name I picked for it.

But in the years since I started the scribbling, so much shite has oozed its way out of what we know as "The Establishment", that I found myself looking deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole.

Some days I wish I had never bothered.

I wish I hadn't discovered:

  • That the monarch has committed treason. Thousands of times.
  • That we were conned into joining the EU.
  • That there is a Black Pope.
  • That statutes are unenforceable.
  • That my name belongs to the government.
  • That I don't need any licenses because anything licensable is inherently lawful
  • That Magna Carta 1215 is still the basis for our rights.
  • That money is worthless.
  • That my taxes are mostly wasted.
  • That no-one on the planet has dominion over me.
  • That Unum Sanctum 1302 claimed my mind, body and soul.
  • That my birth certificate is used to generate billions.
  • That Lawful Rebellion is a duty, an obligation.
And hundreds of other things that I have posted on here over the years.

I wish I didn't know these things. I wish I was still Borg. Life was simpler then. Pay all demands made by the government. Immediately pay parking and speeding tickets, even if you KNEW no-one was hurt or suffered a loss by your actions. Simply pay energy bills without examining them for flaws. Simply go along. Because everyone else does.

I wish I didn't know these things, but I do. And I am angry. I am angry that I was stitched up. I am angry that those elected to represent me do no such thing. I am angry that the monarch I served faithfully gave me and my country away to the EU.

I am happy to have fair, clear, sensible rules. Otherwise life would be chaotic and we do need some order. I am even happy to chip in to the public purse to pay for stuff I use: the roads, the doctors, the hospitals, a well-trained well-equipped armed forces, well-trained constables (not the damned revenue-collecting thugs we have now), de jure courts where I am judged by my peers not some crusty old paedophile who won't even confirm his oath in court.

I draw the line at keeping six million people paid for doing bugger all. I know we need to support those who cannot work but the ones who will not work really grip my shit. I know we need some civil servants but do we really need 5 million of them, FFS! I know we need some MPs but do we really need 650 of them? I know we need to support some foreign countries going through a rough patch, but do we need to send £11 billion to a country with its own space programme, one that has just spent billions on FRENCH fighter jets? Do we really need to send aid to Brazil, the same Brazil that is awash with oil & gas? Do we? Really?

My ranting and raving here serves no real purpose. I am (mostly) preaching to the choir. Hell, some of you will comment with stuff I have overlooked, and you will be just as angry and disappointed as I am.

But lately we have attracted morons who not only say I am wrong, but that they want the status quo to keep on status quoing. It's enough to drive a man to drink.

I'm off for a drink.

Have a great weekend.



Woman on a Raft said...

It is interesting, though, how the tiniest breath of resistance provokes the panic response; people are so used to compliance that they expect it in all areas.

Even if you don't intend to carry something to its conclusion, I've found that initially refusing to comply and demanding proper explanations - supported by legal references if that's what they are relying on - has some effect.

As OH so rightly reminds us: 646 of them, about 64m of us. I don't fancy their chances, not if people really decided they'd had enough.

Anonymous said...

An interesting post. I am nearing my 70th year and it has taken so many of them get angry about the fact that no one but one has sovereignty over my unless I allow them too. I think I have always felt it. I have always been unemployable and have been self employed for most of my years having some good time and some that were utter disaster. Those times I went into employment always ended in tears. I have always functioned best when looking after myself and family and so many times have I thought why or how has that person whether he be a Policeman, tax officer council employee etc. etc got authority over me. It was only about 3 years ago whilst living in France realisation came and it was it bit like Paul on the Road to Damascus. France is far worse than here. They take just about everything off you and drip it back to you in the form a priviledges.
My health is starting to give me problems but I feel I cannot leave this world knowing what a bloody mess is left behind.
I feel sorry for the likes of DD, they just don't get the message or perhaps they don't want to. It's a question of shut up love, Coronation Street is about to start. There must be a a way to create a better society and you CR and those others like you who exploring and testing are doing a great service to the world. By did Freeman Dave show some bottle. Good luck to him.
I am aware that my post is a rambling one and if we were in the pub together having a few drinks I would probably go on even more, I am so angry. There are many more out there who feel like me and are starting to understand. There are even more who feel like me but dont understand yet. When they do the wheels will really come off the cart.
Have a great weekend CR


dickie doubleday said...

ranty, you shouldn't read about the flaws in freedom fantasies as proof that i want to keep the status quo as it is...i have never said that....that sort of comment get used as a failed answer to fantasies put forward.

the "choose as they go" freemen and road saftey is one fantasy that needs exposing as dangerous lunacy that could lead to chaos on our road...its bad enough as it is.

my change to the status quo on road saftey is increase it and get millions of doddery old fools of our roads

ignorance can indeed be bliss....but anger free is real bliss

Steven UK said...


Just an aside, not a groundbreaking point but I'll make it anyway, take a quick look at this picture of this fake £20k a year "policeman."


Notice how the word "Police Staff" now appears on their uniform. I wonder, how long before the latter word is removed?

Oldrightie said...

We rant and rave for good reason, CR. Carry on.

DAD said...

Re Dick Doubleday @15h21

my change to the status quo on road saftey is increase it and get millions of doddery old fools of our roads

I have nearly 60 years accident free driving record, how many years accident free are you?

Also remember that you will be a doddery old fool soon [perhaps you are a doddery young fool, now!]

mescalito said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mescalito said...

DD- its not older drivers that are the problem you ignoramus, its a mix of everyone, young or old, male or female.

I don't know what you hope to achieve by being opinionated, as it wont work here.

I don't know why you feel so threatened by those who want to be free of a corrupt system, I can only presume your part of the problem and your desperately trying to keep the illusion alive.

Do you really think you ignorant opinions will change peoples minds here ???

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Killem!

Anonymous said...

have a drink on me CR, I'll pay you when we meet. And hey, I've caught the missus reading up on here when she thinks I'm not looking. My 15 year old lad is considering doing law of some sort when he is able. He's been asking me about the Magna and other related stuff..............whey hey........ have a goodun

Captain Ranty said...


It is surely down to conditioning?

I can't claim the higher ground because I was exactly like these people myself. I bet I have only scratched a tiny part of the deception but it's enough to keep me outraged enough to rail at "them".

And, whilst I do not have a crystal ball, I already know that it ends badly for them.


Captain Ranty said...


If there was ever a place designed for a rambling rant, it is this place.

You have a standing invitation to return and ramble & rant to your hearts content.

The answer, and I think you know this, lies with the youth.

It always did.

All we have to do now is wake them all up.


Captain Ranty said...

For all trolls (and anyone else who wants a laugh):


Captain Ranty said...


Thanks for the link.

He looks a little sinister, does he not?

And this creature will sidle up to innocent people and demand that they show him their faces, while he hides behind his mask....

"All are equal before the law"....right?


Captain Ranty said...

OR, thanks!

Captain Ranty said...


Well said!


Captain Ranty said...


Read the Blotr article on trolls.

Then you shall know what you are dealing with. :)


Captain Ranty said...


Good for your family! Tell them hi from me.

It is accelerating now. This thing cannot be stopped. The more onboard the better when the end comes.

We can look, stare and point at those who tried to continue the scam.

And we can pity them.


mescalito said...

rumour has it mordor is missing a few trolls, DD, you wouldn't know anything about that would you my friend?

Woodsy42 said...

"5 million of them,"

Oh come on, that's only one for each 4 households.

Isn't that a scary statistic!

dickie doubleday said...

trolling shite, foul language, status quo....a piss poor effort for explaining a flawed fantasy.

a normal thinking , generally contented with life level headed person was bound to stumble on blogs such as these and start asking the cult questions....sorry to break up the clique with some home truths, the smokerloonies seem quite normal in relation to freedom mongers

DAD...good for you , i have had one accident. this is where i think generally older politicans have let down road saftey because they are getting towards that age and dont want extra hurdles for themselves to jump so road safety gets forgotten for older drivers and the young get bashed too harshly.

its a sort of corruption, older drivers carry on regardless in complete ignorance of how bad they are...i know my father in law is getting that way and its a delicate subject.

I am Stan said...

Eh!, a black Pope, where?

Ian said...

When talking about the abolishment of slavery, the cotton farm owners said "But who will pick the cotton now?" The answer was that they didn't know, they didn't know how life would be without the slaves. The slaves also would have had problems. How would they survive now without food and shelter- now that they were "free"?
So they would have been scared and confused too.
There were fundamentals that had to be put right back then and there are fundamentals that have to put right today.
None of us know where all this is going to lead, but that shouldn't matter. What matters is doing what is right.

mescalito said...

How are older drivers bad drivers???, maybe they are slower and more cautious, but doesn't that make the roads safer???, unless your tearing around getting frustrated at those because you get stuck behind them, i thought you wanted people to drive safely???

statistics show its not the older generation who are the most dangerous, so maybe they do doddle, that doesn't make them unsafe.

people with ego's make the roads unsafe, those who think, 'why should I give way or stop to let you through', those who act like there is no-one else on the roads.
those who speed around feeding their egos thinking others might look at them and say ' wow he/she's such a good driver'

young drivers don't get a bashed to harshly, they are inexperienced and liable to make mistakes, they get the criticism they deserve.

I was a young irresponsible driver once, I didn't feel bad that they blamed young drivers for the majority of accidents.

nothing happens when they blame young drivers, their cocks don't fall off or anything, so why are you taking it so personally???

dickie doubleday said...

im not taking anything personally, i believe road saftey and older drivers is a swept under the carpet problem ignored by similar aged politicans, i agree on most of what you say about driving in general, i just hardly ever see a young drivers causing problems, whereas older drivers and "oh my god, look at him/her" moments are common even though i never see actual accidents.

anyway my point is about the status quo mularky and me accepting everything thrown at me...that is far from the truth, i just know a half baked fantasy where no MOT and no insurance because freeman choose what they want is completey dangerous lunacy.

i hope dave loses his car or faces a hefty bill,this opting out of paying called freedom is selfish and dangerous especially if thw loophole was expolited by millions.

Groompy Tom said...

dickie says a "half baked fantasy where no MOT and no insurance because freeman choose what they want is completey dangerous lunacy".
But what is a half-baked fantasy where slaves are forced to pay MOT and insurance because they can't choose what they want? Is that normality?
If so then I choose dangerous lunacy.

mescalito said...

DD- its not a loophole my friend, do your research, its your constitutional right.

dickie doubleday said...


A way of escaping a difficulty, especially an omission or ambiguity in the wording of a contract or law that provides a means of evading compliance.

A loophole is an ambiguity in a system, such as a law or security, which can be used to circumvent or otherwise avoid the intent, implied or explicitly stated, of the system. Loopholes are searched for and used strategically in a variety of circumstances, including taxes, elections, politics, the criminal justice system, or in breaches of security

its a bloody loophole for crying out loud, a means of evading compliance.....anyway if it his constituional right and that gets proved to be the case then i will applaud him for being able to drive his conveyance without insurance and MOT if he chooses to, i don't agree with it though.

groompy tom- thats my fear dangerous lunacy to save money will become popular if the so called constitutional right is correct, and road saftey goes down the pan with personal choice and freedom taking its place.

please note mescalito im not saying dave is incorrect... i haven't a clue but i suspect juggling words will not win the day over road saftey but common sense will

pitano1 said...

foolishness can strike,anyone any time,it is not age specific.

jn fact if.?,you realy wont to find out,how we are ALL fooled,and kept in a STATE of bond..age for life have a list..en to this guy.

it not just words,that put a spell on us but the very let..ters themselves.
mumbo jumbo.?

think magi...strate.
this guy uses a lot of bible references,so if its not your cup of tea,dont watch it,but if you are interested in a subject that mirrors the silver bullet,and want to realy know how deep the rabbit hole is,it comes highly recomended

pitano1 said...

sorry link dont work very well.
you need to search


pt.2 is very interesting

mescalito said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mescalito said...

DD- why don't you go read the documents that make up our constitution then you will see its our right, im not quoting Dave, ive done my homework my friend.

It may look like a loophole to you as that's the only side you have looked into, why not go read our constitution then you can make an informed decision.

I have studied our constitution well, as should you, then you might realise who you are and your rights as a man on this land.

Then if you are still happy being a good little slave, then fair enough, but don't condemn others for exercising their rights, its their choice, just like its your choice to be an obedient slave.

If there is one absolute in this universe it is choice, and we are all free to make it without scrutiny from others.

you cannot force others to be like you, otherwise you are no better than our oppressors my friend.

dickie doubleday said...

i have made an informed decision that road saftey, driving tests, driving licences, insurance, MOT are not needed because everyone can drive conveyances as a right instead of being bound by law that motor vehicle drivers have to obey is dangerous lunacy....that is my informed decision if the constitutional right is correct as you suggest.

if the constitutional right is not correct then i hope dave loses his fancy car and deserves too because deliberately driving cars especially on a motorway proudly exempt from such things is also dangerous lunacy.

so i condemn him with little regard to his rights because mine and my family and the general publics rights to travel at the moment in the uk with good road saftey should be maintained.

daves constitutional rights about driving don't give a shite about anyone else but save him money...so i absolutely condemn him.

as for being a happy slave....are you really so desperate to pin that on me without any proof why?...i have tried to get proof of freedom from slavery and all i get is go and look elsewhere and silence.

what about you mescalito??, any chance you can tell me about your freedom from slavery...im not sure if i have been ignored by you on that question like virtually everyone else has done

i suggest that ranty and his kids and mortgage mean he his more enslaved to the system than me...i have no debts, no mortgage, no contracts with banks, i have no need to avoid debts, and with sizeable savings and investments and employment and its been that way for 15 years....i have need to be employed and thats not going to change soon to maintain an average standard of living.

so look for slaves elsewhere mescalito- what about you?

mescalito said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mescalito said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mescalito said...

its not about saving money my friend, its about exercising our rights so we can live the life that the universe endowed us with and not be restricted by man's lust to enslave and prevent any meaningful life, people don't live, some barely exist.

How has he got no regards for anyone's safety???

If he injures someone or kills them, insurance doesn't bring them back to life, it merely compensates the family, which Dave is prepared to do himself, plus he is being far more considerate and responsible on the roads than an insured driver as he has more at stake.

insuring drivers removers a proportion of responsibility.

insurance would be good if it wasn't corrupt as well, you should only pay into the pot once, until you claim then you pay again plus some, but instead they scam us and get us paying every year.

Freedom is more a state of mind my friend, its the ability to say no, and the loss of fear that the system inspires within us through threats of fines and forfeitures then eventually imprisonment. If you can lose the fear of these then you have achieved freedom.

If everyone exercised their rights the system would change over night.

He is right, I am right, and if you read our constitution you will see, it is beyond my comprehension why you will not go and read it and see for yourself, instead of pushing you opinion on people here.

Why wont you read our constitution my friend???

are you scared that you will find your wrong???

are you not prepared to challenge your own beliefs and perception of this world???

I am enjoying our debate and I thank you for your time as some of my post are lengthy, I mean no ill will or vexation my friend, though it may seem it when communicating in writing as it lacks body language.

pitano1 said...

you have highlighted your slavery,in your own post,and you cant even see it..can you?.

i point this out,not as an affront to your inteligence,but to illustrate
how we are `all`programed to become cash cows.
the fact is,`we are all slaves to a corrupt system.

how corrupt,and deceitfull is it.?
what you call money is just paper with occult symbols on it,and does not belong to you.
you will never own anything..this includes your body,and those of your children.
your house your car,and anything else you can point a stick at.

their is a remedy for this.

Anonymous said...

what a crock of shite pitano,being programmed to be cash cows is correct and truthfull as you say but an absolute 100% neccessity to survive, there is no other way to live, unless you want to live in a hippy commune, life expectancy and cash is linked and no matter how you fantasise about something different this is the way it is.

the other way is to be a hippy dreamer, dreaming of a better way of life and not being a cash cow and earning money...and of course popping down to the social security once a week and get some money from someone else, and squatting.

or some kind of commune, living in huts and sleeping with chickens life

i know , i know there is another way - except when i ask about how it affects their life and experiences it all goes quiet....the fantasy dreamers with freedom from slavey have their soundbites and phrases ready to trot out but zero substance.

post you remedy or how your life is different...your life not a canadian or an australian who has a theory that your name is not real and all that

@mescalito...i will not read our constitution because im not disagreeing with dave being wrong...i hope he is and i hope the law says he is.

the car saftery issues are about everyone who follows dave....as im sure you already know that...dave might be totally responsible but dave from the dog and duck is defintely not responsible

my beliefs and percpeptions might well be challenged and im sure i would learn more....but i want to know how this new found knowledge affects you and how your life is different.

why is everyone scared of proving this...surely you should be delighted to show how a sceptic like myself is wrong .

you are scared of exposing the fantasy that is fake and dosent't exsist except in the minds of bloggers...i accept debt dodging tricks are real

dickie doubleday

mescalito said...


my life is different because I know who I am, I know how the system works, I am free from fear, I can deal with alleged authorities when they make demands.

I know my rights and how to use them.

Basically I know how to play the their game better than some of them, but most importantly I have no fear, it was fear that restricted me, as we always fear what we don't understand but now I do understand, hence no fear.

Maybe people are telling you but your not listening, and to be honest its not anyone's job to prove to you anything, if you want to know go find out for yourself my friend, I assure you, you will feel better and more mentally free.

society can be different my friend, we can have an honest monetary system, reliable public servants who actually represent us, we don't have to be at war,

people don't have to die in winter because they cant afford the extortionate utility bills,

there can be a abundance and variety of jobs, a decent health system that uses real medicines.

there can be equality.

Private for profit corporations can be put back in their place and our god given rights returned to us for an honest justice system to recognise.

Take all the problems we currently face, do you really think they need to be there???

we are an evolved species, restricted by a few.

there is technology out there that would make our life's better but its suppressed.

All our current monetary system does is keep us enslaved and prevents our evolution.

maybe if you take a step back and study these areas you will see none of this needs to be this way, it is destructive to us and to our planet.

if you want help understanding some of the more complex areas of our system such as money or legislation and constitutions then id be more than happy to help, but you need to be open minded, you need see that this isn't the way life was meant to be, accept your enslavement.

as Stefan Molyneux said, to see the farm is to leave it.

and if you don't want to leave the farm, if your happy in your current life as a slave then you must be a damn sight better off than a lot of people out there.

Anonymous said...

thanks for telling me nothing , its the same old phrases trotted out that say nothing "i am free from fear" "i know who i am" i know my rights and how to use them"

how does that affect your life, what difference does that make to the lives of ignorant slaves?, i am after proof , examples, facts.... you do exactly the same tactic as the rest just trot out more phrases more riddles, nothing concrete.

there is a reason you are scared of posting something concrete, some proof , some facts of how your life has changed or is different from ignorant slaves....you and others wont do anything like explain anything in plain simple english because the fantasy will be exposed....that is the simple truth.

you need help in understanding fantasy, reality, honesty..and blogging and if you left this farm of freedom hippies then that would be a giant step forward.

no more quotes, no more phrases, no more riddles , no more links, no more other sites, no more documents to read, no more evasion

if you haven't anything to say in plain english about your life and the real benefits and the differences from those ignorant slaves you talk of then dont bother.

politics may well be complex and the answers will be no doubt complex....plain speaking isnt, its liberating and may free you from fantasy

dickie doubleday

mescalito said...

I have tried, but I don't know what it is you want to hear my friend.

if its the same phrases that you hear from everyone, then there must be something in that.

My life is better from understanding the system and who I am.

Who the FUCK are you to tell me otherwise???

Clearly you don't understand anything.

Clearly you are not prepared to try.

Clearly you are not ready for this.

I am done with you my friend.

carry on, there is nothing to see here.

Anonymous said...

Dicky Dollyday
Maybe you should take a pint together with CR to calm down!
This man is not obliged to tell you anything on his own blog.
Besides that it is weekend; give the man a break.

I enjoyed the post, as CR allways writes good collumns.
Once in a while I sneak in to see what he has been up to.

Grertings to the captain.

Anonymous said...

Dick Doubleday 17.34.


Explain where the (English) language was created????.


D-Rex said...

Sorry for going AWOL on you for a while Cap'n. Glad to see you are still going strong and getting the word out. Pity about Dickie but what ya gonna do with a troll.

Anonymous said...

One of the most glaring iniquities, the MOT - valid ONLY on the day it is issued. It is otherwise useless.

Anonymous said...

I acknowledge receipt of your 3 letters dated 31st January 2012, two with ref 13BA06806/PW/KH, one ref. 13BA06806/PW/YL, along with 2 CDs & 68(?) pages of what PURPORTS to be 'evidence', in an envelope postmarked 1/2/12. It reached me on 2/2/12, just as I was leaving to surrender to bail at Leeds Magistrates' Court in response to your most malicious prosecution (Adam Roxborough, the free lance barrister representing you, tried to blame the late delivery on the Post Office, which was outrageous). You list 16 'witnesses' & ask which of them I want to give evidence in person. I will require ALL of them to give evidence in person, PLUS whichever senior police officer authorised this quite massive operation, PLUS the person who was the original complainant - claiming to be 'alarmed & distressed'! I note that seven of the 'witnesses' are PCs, & one is a PS. I would like to know the occupation & home addresses of the other eight 'witnesses'. You also ask me to say 'what issues in the case makes it necessary' (for them to give evidence in person). That is a quite ridiculous question. The answer is self evident.

I also make a request for information, but NOT with the ridiculous rigmarole of a 'Freedom of Information Request'. They are simple questions, & I would be grateful for simple answers. (a) How many CPS man/hours have been spent on this case so far? (b) What has been the cost so far? (c) What is the estimated cost in time & transport of transporting the prosecution team & all the witnesses to Manchester Magistrates' Court? Knowing only too well of the corruption which is rampant in our courts, there is a possibility that I may be found guilty. That possibility is a certainty if it is before a lawyer masquerading as a magistrate. With that possibility/certainty, I ask question (d) What is the estimated cost to the taxpayer if/when the case is taken to appeal in the Crown Court, the Appeal Court, the Supreme Court & an Application made to the European Court of Human Rights?

Norman Scarth
Some of you may be interested,