February 20, 2012

Scotland's Shame.

Post-independence we should call this place Paedoland.

THIS is what happens if you campaign against paedophiles.

And THIS is what happens if you get caught with over FIFTY THOUSAND indecent images of children.

I trust that all those who have visited over the years telling me how great the judiciary is will now reappear and re-confirm their faith in this filthy, perverted system.

You don't see this in the Visit Scotland brochures, do you? "Visit Scotland and if we catch you with indecent images, you naughty boy, we'll let you off with a slap on the wrist!"

Just who are Scotland's judges and sheriffs protecting, and why? It looks more and more likely that Robert Green is entirely correct to suggest that paedophilia is rife amongst Scotland's elite.



A message to all members of TNS RADIO - Seeking solutions

Please push this out far and wide
Coaches to Aberdeen - FREE ROBERT GREEN campaign.
We are co-ordinating a leaflet raid on Aberdeen... to hand out 250,000 leaflets to every man and women in Aberdeen to expose the establishment and the paedophile network that has orchestrated the phony trial of Robert Green.
We will hand out the same leaflets that Robert handed out - TO MAKE OUR POINT
We will arrange coaches from wherever they are required.
This will be a gruelling trip for many... especially from the south coast - but we MUST do this.
The authorities picked Aberdeen - because it is as far away as it is - deliberately to frustrate his supporters.
Their tactics are about to BACKFIRE SPECTACULARLY... because it will be easier for us to saturate the whole city of Aberdeen (population 200,000 approx) than virtually any other city.
We will describe our event as 'The Shame of Aberdeen'
We will publish this event to the world's media
This will shake the establishment to its core.
We will include reports on 'Where were the BBC' and 'Who Killed Dr Kelly'
At the expense of Robert Green's freedom - the establishment have just scored a spectacular own goal... this will resonate around the world and explode the institutional corruption and extensive paedophile networks that operate everywhere
We need coordinators on the ground to help arrange groups to travel to Aberdeen - hit the streets and SHAME the establishment into investigating this gross miscarriage of justice.
I am proposing the weekend of the 7th and 8th of April.
All those willing to help to co-ordinate coaches - please email Roger Hayes - roger@thebcgroup.org.uk.
Please title your response Free Robert Green Campaign for ease of identifying.
We need printers
We need coaches
We need coordinators
We need webmasters
We need bloggers
We need emailers
Lets do this for Robert... but above all let's do it for our children and the many victims of this disgusting regime.
Thanking you in anticipation.
Roger Hayes
Chairman. The British Constitution Group

I will be there.



Anonymous said...

I posted the oil tycoons story last week. I was nearly physically shaking when i read it. Now that guy knows people at the very top!
I just bet they were gutted that it was reported(which surprised me when you consider the people he must know) by the media at all. Capt'n this is absolute evidence of the powers that be in action. I keep my tribe closer than most would. NOw you know why.

NewsboyCap said...


please check your Email you may find this interesting. Some more awakenings? maybe?

Anonymous said...


Poor Robert, but then what do you expect? He's using the system to beat the system, that's like trying to put out a fire with petrol. Fair play to him for sticking up for Hollie, but why is nobody doing anything about it? Well, simply because it doesn't affect their lives and therefore they don't give a shit, but of course will expect others to if the same happened to them.

Roger Hayes, in charge of the BCG. Is that an infiltrated organisation..yet? If not it will be. But the people bleat "IT's our common law. It's ours to fight for. It's our liberty....blah...blah..."
Erm, no it's not. Common Law and all law was created by the system to control. Do you really think they give a shite about the human being that's been murdered? Do you think they care for the family left behind? All that dead human is, is a commodity that can't make them any more money. That's why they punish people, because they are effectively stealing money from them, when they kill, beat people up, as they stop those victims from earning tax and of course being collateral when it comes to borrowing money from other lands.

It's called reprogramming. Our society is contaminated. Those below 45 are drones. They have no opinion other than the very one they're indoctrinated with at school, university and the msm.

They just chew the cud and go baaaah. Reality bites, but hey, that's just reality. And the people continue to vote in the very people who persecute them. LMAO. That's humanity for you. lol



Anonymous said...

Captain: just read the snippet as below in The Scotsman. i'm hoping that with enough publicity she could be well heckled??

Top Oxford job for Dame Elish

FORMER lord advocate Dame Elish Angiolini has been elected the next principal of St Hugh’s College at the University of Oxford.

Rock n Roll people!! from reiverdave

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks all, for the comments.

Harby, the other option is to do nothing. It may all be tilting at windmills but (for me) it is the nobler choice.

Dave, I think the wifey is common purpose, is she not? She will be taken care of and promoted all the way up. Bent is still bent though.


Anonymous said...


I wrote a longer reply but forgot to select anonymous and it was wiped.

Anyway the point I'm making is that what I've spoken of will happen and you will continue trying to stop the 500ft tsunami from smashing the village to pieces. It's an exercise in futility quite frankly but if it's any consolation, I try to educate as many as I can daily and of course being ridiculed and laughed at in the process.

What will happen can be stopped, but like the raping of the world by the crown, the demolition of the native Americans, the Boar, Crimean, first and second world wars, there was always a way to stop it through people power, that is waking up to the truth. As there is today, there were people in the past very aware of what was going on but powerless to change the situation. As there is today a msm indoctrination machine, there too was in the past. What do you think Shakespeare was all about? Lol

We are like those in the past. You hoping society will wake up before it's too late and I knowing they won't for reasons explained in my last few posts. We too had our past doubles cap'n. Look at the bigger picture - at least there was far more liberty in the past, rural villages, with people who had family values and nature's natural instinct. There was no massive surveillance society, no sattelites watching and CCTV recording.

The only differences between the past and the present is technological advances all for the purpose to control even more. This struggle is eternal and throughout, those in charge have remained in charge, regardless of time and 'people' revolution.

I am merely a messenger of the truth cap'n and I'm just as noble, as honourable and as wishing it won't happen as you. The only differences are I'm far farther down the rabbit hole and I've accepted the reality of the situation. You will though, given time.



Anonymous said...

Hi Captain,

Firstly, Thank You for being 'ahead of the game' and bringing forward important developments in the case of Robert Green. Much respect. I follow your postings and find much to inspire me.

I have a little blog/scrapbook with a posting (https://escapeesblog.wordpress.com/2012/02/18/shooting-the-messenger-robert-green-imprisoned-for-1-year/) on the subject. I would value your thoughts on the comments contained therein. A Greg_L-W has a serious counter agruement for the case against supporting Robert Green.

I have high regard for yourself and would welcome your insight.

Escapee (escapee@email.com)

Pesky Anonymous said...


If I were to believe your "full tilt downhill - we're all fucked" theory, it would mean I would believe exactly what they want me to believe.
My awkward gene overrules any such belief.

You're starting to remind me of the troll.
Just who do you work for?

How can you be so sure you are right?
Have you got a crystal ball?

I'm with the Captain on this. I would rather die fighting.
If I ever get to the Happy Hunting Ground, I will be able to look my ancestors straight in the face.
If not, I will sleep peacefully knowing that at least I tried.

When you write me the inevitable long reply, please don't expect an answer, I'm rather busy.

Anonymous said...

Pesky Anonymous,

This will be my only reply to you...period.

I'm no troll, just someone who knows far more about what's going on than you could possible imagine. You are unable to think critically, for if you were you'd be able to understand the situation and the futility of believing that you can change it. And how would you change it without getting removed 'permanently' from society? Are you prepared to sacrifice your loved one's lives in taking on the elite who have been in power for thousands of years?

I'm right because I read. Well, sure, die fighting, many people will, but that's the inevitability of allowing a state to grow too powerful and give your freedom into the hands of others. How many people died in Russia and China under communism? Go on, tell me? There were far, far more people to overthrow the controllers but they didn't did they? And worse still, their time didn't have a surveillance state as we do today and you think that we can achieve what millions of our, far more intelligent and far more liberty loving people couldn't do? And you think that society in the UK, or world is going to be any different? You're off your trolley if you think there's going to be some 11th hour saving of humanity and society.

As I said, DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER!!!! If you had a slight inkling of the situation, you wouldn't be writing silly replies calling me a troll. I just know that I can't stop an avalanche and this is what people face. But by all means, continue to believe you can change a future already written. Whatever floats your boat. Lol



kitler said...

I dont know whether Robert Green is right or wrong but I do know that slandering powerful people with fuck all useable evidence is only going to get you into trouble. He's lucky he only got a year in jail and not a trip to the harbour with concrete boots.

Unless you all want to be martyrs I suggest you learn from Mr Green and choose your battles with the state very carefully.

Anonymous said...


You do realise that slander is the freedom to speak freely don't you? You do realise that slander is not a common law offense do you? You do realise therefore that it is civil law, a law that can only be enforced upon the people if they adhere to obey by it do you, through contract?

Jeez, I've never heard such BS before about 'choosing my words carefully'. The state is oppressing the people. Can't you fucking see this???? Can't you see the horrific cover up going on up in Aberdeenshire with ritualistic abuse of children as part of a mass paedophile ring, deep within th eupper echelons of establishments? Don't you see that this is blatant abuse of common law and they're getting away with it? Can't you see that this man tried to do something about it and was shut up for trying to do so, proving one thing - the elites will do what they want and should anyone oppose them they'll bully them into submission?

Robert Green is a very brave and honest man. I suggest you do some reading into the case of Hollie Greig and the utterly despicable story surrounding the whole sordid affair.


Unless there are more people like Robert Green then you can kiss goodbye to any liberty whatsoever. Shame on the Scottish people for doing nothing about this. They are cowards, my own people, cowards.