February 14, 2012

For Figs Sake!

The next time you are struggling to pay for that tank of fuel, think about this.

The next time you are struggling to pay for that basket of weekly shopping, think about this.

The next time you are struggling to pay for that packet of fags, think about this.

The next time you are struggling to pay that electricity bill, think about this.

The next time you are struggling to pay that gas bill, think about this.

The next time you are struggling to pay for that pint of beer, think about this.

The next time you are anywhere near a polling station, think about this.

THIS is what they waste our money on.

If THEY didn't waste so much there would be no need for you to part company with YOUR cash in the first place.

You need to seriously consider NEVER voting LibLabCon ever, ever again.

They are ALL the same. They are firmly convinced that YOUR money is theirs to waste.

Remind them that it isn't their money. NEVER vote for them again.




Captain Ranty said...


Very true.

The feckless (those that will not work) are bleeding us dry. But they are aided and abetted by the 650 idiots in the HoC.

They are shameless.

But never forget that it is our taxes being spunked away.


Anonymous said...

"The figures were uncovered through a Freedom of Information Request by the Taxpayers' Alliance"

Oh look! The same paper says: Public to be charged for FOIA requests. Quoting evidence submitted to the Justice Select Committee.

A tenner a time, I believe.

Been coming a while, that one...

"The Freedom of Information Act has done little to boost public participation in government and may have reduced trust, the Ministry of Justice has said".

Gee, I can't imagine why!

That quote comes from a Beeb report which is comedy gold in terms of the other quotes.

And I thought the subsidised iPads proposal was annoying...



Anonymous said...

Rope, piano wire, lamp posts - the whole shebang. Jeezus fecking Christ on a bike, this lot have got it coming to them unless they stop putting their hands in our pockets for this shite.


pitano1 said...

hi capt.
quote`,They are ALL the same. They are firmly convinced that YOUR money is theirs to waste.

i`m,sorry to inform you,but it is.

long subject,but i think you know what i am talking about.

as for voting...please.

the opposing partys are in place to make us think,we have a choice.

as things stand at this point in time...we dont.
cm`on how long has this voting bollox been going on.

their system is set up for persons who dont mind getting fucked by a red white,n blue dick,on a daily basis.

who are willing to work there asses off all their working life,and never actually own anything.

everything is an illusion.
to name a few
rant over..lol
remember what the media is their for,and who is its master.

Anonymous said...

Cap'n. I know you have utter distaste for those that 'will not work', but I know many people who have chosen not to work at some stage in their lives, if not permanently, who have more honour and morals than the other groups you also choose to dislike.
I also hope you do not include the disabled and carers in your rants against 'spongers'. Don't you think they have enough to be getting on with without having to endure attacks in the papers, from politicians and ultimately, in the street?
This little tree fiasco, for example, is just one waste amongst tens of thousands, equivalent to the basic annual income of about 140 benefit 'cheats'. Would you rather 1000's of people starved, or couldn't afford their cigarettes (notably 80%+ of that money goes right back to the coffers for next weeks benefits), than councils spending millions on posh wallpapers, opulent office space and meaningless or distasteful sculptures that pop up all over the place?
If we are all free, we have the ultimate choices, which includes whether or not to work at various stages of our lives. Without that choice, we are indeed slaves!
And any way, moaning about folk getting dole money (from your pocket, allegedly) is pointless after all the articles about how fiat currency is worthless and potentially infinite if only the government broke away from the banksters...
But we've all got to hold on to SOME hate, eh? That's what the papers tell me, innit? ;)

pitano1 said...

meet the mind controllers

we think we have government,`we dont.
we have governence.also known as a technocracy.

quango`s think tanks,etc also
so called charity`s
all mucking in,to fuck you over.

Dioclese said...

Good to see the cuts are really biting. After all, we're all in this together...

Antipholus Papps said...

Why is everyone so excited about the figs when they coated the entire fucking building with bronze cladding?

"Well, if the building wasn't made entirely of gold, how could we attract the best people?"

£30 million!

dickie doubleday freedom fighter said...

"rango the third" you aint picking up any bill cos its not your money paying for it...you moron!!

i'm as gobsmacked and disgusted as anyone else about the waste of money...i didn't vote for lib/lab/con either in the last general election.

i'm sorry if asking questions about freedom from slavery and the big new world thats going to come offends you....its the kind of guy i am!!, there are sheep that follow bloggers without question and there are the other 99.9% of the population that havent got their heads in the clouds dreaming who ask questions about such shite.

surely i'm not the first non cult poster on the smokerloonie/freedom mongers blogs?

anyway ranty you posted another vauge moan come rant...who do we vote for then?...what should we do next?...anything real for the real world?

oh forget it... a simple question offends the cult....ill join in with a slogan if it makes you happy

"No More Slaves, No More Masters. Power and Wealth to the People"

dickie doubleday freedom fighter

Anonymous said...

"NEVER vote for them again."

It's a nice sentiment Cap'n, but what happens if you don't vote for them…

They form a "coalition"….


I don't know the answer to this, but I do know that abstention doesn't cut the moutard.

Anonymous said...


I know that it is deeply flawed, but for the last fifteen years, when it comes votin', I have been putting an X against the UKIP bod…

It is no more irrelevant than voting for more of the same despite the flaws and the deep disdain that many bloggers have for Farage.

Captain Ranty said...


Thanks for the links.

I had just got my blood pressure down and then I started clicking them....


Captain Ranty said...


We are part of the problem.

We keep showing them where our pocket is.


Captain Ranty said...


I know, I know.

I just thought this bit of stupidity should be highlighted.


Captain Ranty said...

Anon 23:33,

If you have ever read my stuff before you would know that I firmly believe a society is judged on how it cares for those in need. And rightly condemned if it lacks compassion. Those who cannot work through illness or disability are more than welcome to my money.

It is the cheats and the work-shy I abhor. There is no honour in leeching.

I notice, however, that your comment is entirely devoid of any criticism on the waste highlighted.

You're an MP aren't you?


Captain Ranty said...


I think only some of us are all in this together.


Captain Ranty said...

A. Papps,

My jaw did drop at that, but I figured that nothing could be done about that. They can send the fucking trees back.

Mind you, the bronze can be ripped off and sold for scrap.

(Only when scrap bronze is at its lowest price though, in keeping with govt policy).


Captain Ranty said...


You are right, of course.

Even if we all said we weren't voting, some tit would sneak out to the polling booth and vote.

Putting us right back in the mess.

No govt, that's what we need. It's working out very nicely for the Belgians.


Captain Ranty said...


We already knew that!


Anonymous said...

CR = "Cheats and workshy"

It's a bit rich labeling me a suspected politician, after you try and use their rhetoric (it's not ours until we use it in slobbering regurgitation) against my reasoned post.

How does it feel to, on one hand, be the voice of resistance to government interference and rule by force, which I do agree with because it is wrong, yet on the other, to join in with their mud slinging by demonizing and attacking select demographics that are probably partly fictional and mere creations of numerical massage, caused ultimately by systemic errors*, terrible foresight and incompetence?
* Of course, by this I mean that the real figures of 'workshy and cheats' may be as low as 0.5% within certain groups of claimants, and also figures of clerical error, overpayments and underpayments, just may be lumped into this figure in an attempt to whitewash departmental failings.

Not that I care much.
It's all a pile of shite, eh? ;)

Captain Ranty said...


I should have popped a smiley face behind the comment. I really was just kidding.

Look, I work. I work quite hard, as it happens, in some of the shittiest places on earth. What I do guarantees the security of 30 families by keeping them employed. My reward for the risks I take and the 60-80 hours I work (in a quiet week), is to have over 80% of my money stolen by the inept to hand straight over to the inept.

If it's alright with you, I will stay pissed off at that. I will get angry when I discover that the fruits of my labour are being spent on shite. I will get angry that my money is being given to a man that has no intention of ever working. Some of these fuckers are better off than I am.

What should I do about that? Stop working and become a leech myself? Join the council and help spunk away all that "free" money?

Or rant a little, and try to withhold a little, and try not to contribute even more by pleading guilty to victimless crimes I am alleged to have committed?

It IS a pile of shite. It really gets me upset, and I did not intend to take it out on you.


Anonymous said...

rango the third....when you have decided wether you are a taxpayer and pays or you are not a taxpayer...let me know when you have made your mind up.

this sort of vague shite just keeps returning, its all slogans with no sunbstance.

ranty says no government.. for christ sake as soon as he states something thats not an angry misguided rant the gets exposed.

stick to links and copy and paste ranty.

what about the secret "witholding"...it often gets a vague wishy washy mention without facts.

aww bless he goes all shy when it comes to actually stating a fact


Anonymous said...

This is rolling my stomach.

THEY do not even have integrity, good taste and decency anymore.
THEY do not even hide greed, stupidity and evil anymore.

THEY do not even care any more who is suffering, and how many, to make their insanity possible.

THEY have chosen to be blind and emptyhearted.

PS. I got two bobbies yesterday at my work who nearly forced me to sign a bill from the elctr. company.
It was about 50 pounds or so.
THEIR fascism has no boundaries.

THEY want to drive us nuts through torture, so we will either be zombies or get sick.
More sickness in society means THEY can steal even more taxes.

Btw the bill I already paid for.

Thank you so much for your inspiring blog capatain.
At least we know we´re not alone on this rough sea.

Fare well,
Love and peace!

Steven UK said...

I'd happily give them them a 1000 fig trees, if they stopped using our money* on things that tend blow things to bits, usually non-white people, in places in the world that really shouldn't concern us.

*its not really our money; its their money. They own the copyright. In truth its their money; its our labour... which kind of makes it worse. My going to work allows much injustice and suffering. Perhaps the workshy have a point?

Anonymous said...

wave good bye to your open no email required or no moderated blog ranty, my patience has also expired with your language.

dickie doubleday.