February 08, 2012

Are You Ready For The Death Of The Dollar?

If not, listen to this.

And if it affects you, make some plans.

It can't hurt.



Oldrightie said...

Truly scary and so accurate. yet how do you get a mainly ill educated sheeple class to understand it?
Albeit there was a report this week of how people are shunning credit cards which in turn is a small glitch in the progress of this banking plot.

Anonymous said...

This could be what is needed to motivate people to act, retake their own sovereignty and accept responsibility for themselves and their families. In the meantime let's keep learning.

Anonymous said...

The wages in the UK are about to fall for the average working man to a day's pay for a week's work. Yes, the average wage will drop to around £35/40 a week, as what is in Communist countries.

It can't be stopped, well it could if people woke up, but that won't happen.
They will get angry, there will be riots, but the elites have that under control. Create a depressions and it automatically brings youth enrollment into the armed forces. The paras will be on the streets, supporting the police and so to will EU police and arm3ed forces to, just to make sure the elites are kept well protected from the masses, the masses whom they've shafted and destroyed, for their own financial gains.

America's fucked. It's that simple. It is currently being used to smash Islam and allow banking control by the IMF of the Islamic states. Interesting the bible foretells this, with the falling of the angels around the river Euphrates, which will bring in the apocalypse. The angels are of course civilizations - Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan etc etc etc.....
Once America's done its job, then the subsidies which have been keeping their costs of living incredibly low, will be removed and they will see what it's been like for Europe and the Communist societies. And they will revolt, but the same thing will happen in the USA as what will happen in the UK.

You really would think that the morons who enlist would realise that they are the only thing between stopping the people smashing the system, destroying the elites, their control agenda and bringing about freedom for all, wouldn't you? But no, pump the kids' heads with XBox/Playstation Battlefield 3 and all the other realistic war games, to get them ready for joining up and becoming cannon fodder to impose the will of their controllers.

America is fucked, but then it's not a nation. It was the trial run for a multicultural society. It brought people and their cultures from all over the world to live all as the same, as automatons. There is no American dominant culture. There is anger. There is incredible prejudice and hatred there. America was created as a white nation, but of course, they destroyed the indigenous and mixed all into the mess it is today. So if America falls, I really couldn't give a shit. It's been a long time coming quite frankly. It is not a nation, but a melting pot of cultures. It's a horrible place, a place I'd never ever set foot in, while the system controls it. The people there have been used and abused just as our people here and all over Europe and the world have, by the elites, to promote their agenda for global domination over all.

America's fucked. Nothing can be done because their society, like ours is contaminated as well. Pity, but then, if you allow the media to give you your opinion and you don't take personal responsibility for your own life then what do you expect? C'est la vie as the french would say.


Del said...

^ The big picture, great post Harbinger.....would you agree that America is a british colony ?

Anonymous said...

There is 'one way out' for the Americans though - it's known as a pre-emptive strike.

Anonymous said...

Of course Del,

The freemasons control all establishments and countries. The CFR (Council on Foreign Relations - an NGO, completely unelected by the people yet control how they live) controls the USA. The RIIA (Royal Institute for International Affairs, the same as what I've written about the CFR) controls the CFR.

America, Australia, Canada, in fact every British colony that ever was IS STILL CONTROLLED by Britain, or should I say, the CROWN (Freemason body).

'The Land of the Free' my fucking arse! Keep singing that song, you American fuckwits, because you've never had, nor will you ever be free unless you completely smash the system that you all so lovingly protect.

People haven't a clue, not because their stupid, but because they're ignorant and DON'T WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH because it upsets them, so instead they'd rather be told lies and gete fucked up the arse, because it makes them happy.

The Emperor's fucking new clothes is all reality is to the masses.