March 03, 2012

Another Police Visit

Two more bobbies showed up this morning.

The lady cop said "Are you Captain Ranty?", I did not reply, so she ploughed on. "This is a citation to attend the JP's court in Aberdeen next week. You have to attend". I said, "I don't have to do anything". The male cop said "Yes you do. You have to attend". I said, again, "Actually, I don't. I have a choice." He just made a face. Then they left. Job done.

The citation says that I "failed to appear on the date set in February and [I] did not reply appropriately to the said citation".

Is this how they work? I can state without fear of contradiction that I have always responded (often within 24 hours) to any letters from the police, the PF or the courts. Are they saying that I did not respond at all, or is the use of the word "appropriately" their weasel word? I find it strange that they received all of my other Notices but not this one.

The Procurator Fiscal, on the other hand, is in dishonour. I gave him 20 days to respond to my Notice and he did not. My belief is that they are in the wrong. They did not reply appropriately to my Notice.

So I guess I will be heading to court. If I fail to appear next week they may (their word) issue a warrant for my arrest.

I'll attend in an effort to clear this mess up. As far as I am concerned they have stepped outside the process. As you will see from the last post on the subject, I was offered three choices. Plead guilty, plead not guilty, or send in a letter. I chose to send them a letter. I have just re-read the original citation and nowhere does it state that "If you choose to write a letter you must still appear on the date given". As an aside, in the "evidence" against me, it says that the road was damp and it was cloudy. Having checked with the Met office for 23 September 2011 it said that there were occasional outbreaks of rain in the north-west and in the north-east it was bright and sunny and the temperature was (on average) 19.2 degrees Celsius. I am in the north-east. I want to ask the JP if the police really do have the power to alter the weather for any given day.

Besides all of that, I will be asking for my £15,000, as agreed to by the PF. That should be a laugh.

They have left me no time in which to write to them to ask why they bent their own process, so a visit to the court is almost inevitable. My problem is that even by turning up I am admitting they have jurisdiction in the matter and I am bending to their threat of force.

I have no idea how it will play out on the day but I will let you know afterwards. I am calm and collected right now but I am sure my apprehension will rise as I walk in the door.


EDIT: For those who have not seen earlier posts concerning this, please go here, here and here. 


Anonymous said...

So its a case walk or be carried to the court so to speak. Despite the fact that the PF is in dishonour the system is corupt and inevitably the decision will probably go against you Captain.... Then what? I'm not playing devils advocate or trying to piss on your bonfire here it's just that having the time to read a lot of stuff recently (following major dental surgery), Harbinger is right in what he is saying. The only way to sort this is a repetition of when the people put a stop to the poll tax.

Your defences are absolutely spot on when on a level playing field but as we know there is that much corruption that we will never be on a level playing field unless by some miracle the people of the UK take to the streets and put a stop to them by force if neccessary.

I hope above all hopes that you get the outcome you rightly want but I'm afraid there may be a little martordom involved in taking our country(ies) back.

Good luck Captain and remember battles are won and lost but its the outcome of the war that truely counts.


Anonymous said...

Cap'n, you know I'm behind you 110%.
Again it saddens me when I see the people continue to work for, promote and worse still protect the system that's been seriously shafting society since its inception. These police would rather continue enforcing state oppression by being lackeys to a corrupt establishment, forcing civil law upon a people that none want instead of going by common law is beyond me. Then again, it's a job and they're merely following orders. Maybe we should arrest the police, hold our own people's court and remind them that 'just doing their job' didn't get the Germans off at the Nuremberg trials. They know what they're doing is wrong and should see that. Wankers to say the least.



Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Kyd.

I had planned to win the fight before we got to court. In my heart I know that I have already won: the PF did not provide proof of claim and he did not prove that he had authority. Instead he sent two drones to deliver his mail.

I'd hate to think what this has already cost. Three police visits, the PF's time, etc etc.

They must be desperate for this sixty quid.

Their problem is that I am in Lawful Rebellion. I cannot pay this fine. If I do I am going against my instructions.

I may well get shafted next week but I will raise merry hell during and after the shafting.


Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Harby.

The system stinks and we are to blame.

We failed to pay attention to what they were doing. We continue(d) to elect tossers that represent themselves only.

We imagined that democracy was real.

It is not.

We imagined that common law would protect us, as it was designed to do.

It does not.

So I will go and have some fun and deal with the consequences.


Prodicus said...

Please will you provide a link to the start of this thread? I've looked around to no avail. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Pity there isn't time to organise a Birkenhead.

Captain Ranty said...


I have now edited the post. Look for the links at the bottom.


Captain Ranty said...


I always wanted to fight the first battle on my own.

We are (ultimately) alone anyway so I'll see how it goes/how it feels and then I can report back.


Maverick said...

Good Luck !!!

I am sure it will be a Kangaroo Court so invite a few homesick Aussies ...

Officialdom in the UK is the worst.

Despite providing the Scottish Legal Aid system concrete proof that my wife was Indian, lived abroad and had no UK entity whatsoever - and she had absolute right to deny me access to her private financial through the laws applicable - their stock response was .. we want it so tough !!!

It was such a complex situation and they stalled knowing I was leaving the UK.

I wish you well but they will simply close ranks. I urge you to take as many witnesses and covert recording equipment as you can muster.

What you say and what they record will no doubt be "different" such is there expertise at manipulation of the fact ...

Oldrightie said...

As the nerves kick in and the apprehension mounts, Cap'n, just remember you are not alone.

mescalito said...

Good luck my friend.

Nick said...

I feel for you, I really do.
TPTB expect you to play by their rules, and when you do they change them to suit their agenda?

If I could be in Aberdeen to witness this action I would be there like a shot. Unfortunately it's rather short notice to fly 3000 miles.
I hurt!
My bloody teeth ache at the injustice that will be visited upon you! I have little doubt that they will railroad you through their sham called justice.

Maybe I'm being too dramatic but after reading Anna Raccons latest post we are FUBAR?

I really want to give you hope. I really want to help, but I can't.
I know you will not accept and probably don't even need it, but if you need financial help, that I can provide.

You have my email address!

This may be rambling as I have imbibed a few Sherberts.

On the plus side, I'm in a hotel bar in Azerbaijan, on my own' with an iPad. An Australan guy has just noticed your blog that I have been reading' whilst he was ordering a drink.
His words:- " Hi mate! My names Bruce" sorry not his real name " he's got a point and I read him everyday"

NewsboyCap said...


I appear to be just behind you in their game of 'Threats of Force'. I mentioned earlier that the Judge "dismissed my defence, requiring FACTS written in a coherent manner".
So, I have replied with exactly the same defence plus the Proof of Claim/ Authority. I delivered the Notice by hand and insisted they witness my 'mark' they now cannot claim they didn't receive it, Ha Ha.
I await their next move with baited breath, not!
Also wrote to the Court manager complaining of the disgusting treatment of the people, and reminding him/her of my fee schedule, they had better start stocking up on Silver Bullion...300 ounces to date.

William said...

Just ask the following.

Question one
"Will I get a free and fair trial here today?"
Question two
"Will I get a free and fair trial of there is a conflict of interest?"
Question three
"This gentleman/lady represents the state so who do you represent Sir?"

Anonymous said...

Captain, are you aware of this resource?

Anonymous said...

Hi Captain,

You have my support regardless and right on your side so fingers crossed c ommon sense will prevail.

I would be interested to know exactly what it cost the tax payer to get you to court for 60 FIAT. Becuase just in the wages of the corperate enforcers is a few times more, not to mention the wages of all the staff involved in this farce.

As I said I hope they don't stitch you up.


MofB said...


The promise of the fine for failure to comply with the NIP is a clear breach of Article 12 of the Declaration and Bill of Rights 1688/89, which renders the entire proceedings void ab initio for want of due process, since that must necessarily include the prosecution's adherence to constitutional law.

This automatically gives rise to your right to have any order issued in the proceedings set aside, ex debito justitiae, which means that the court does not have the right to go into the merits of the case or refuse your application for such.

The link below is a skeleton argument I used successfully in the county court recently, while appearing for my father under power of attorney at a hearing of the bogus application of some notorious city council parking bandits to have a fine that was set aside by Northampton Bulk Centre reinstated.

Whilst the circumstances are different, you are defintely in a position to file a similar application, on the ground that there is absolutely no evidence that there has been a valid and express amendment or repeal of Article 12, pursuant to Laws LJ in the Thoburn case, otherwise known as Metric Martyrs.

I humbly suggest you absorb the following research on the nature of the void court order:

I trust this is of some help my friend.


Russ said...

Of course it’s easy for me to say as I’m not in your shoes but my own thoughts are you do not go. By turning up, I fear that you are admitting, and thereby submitting, to their jurisdiction. I think you’ve watched his videos many more times than I, but Dean Clifford corroborates this.

I would only be repeating what you have written about honour, respect and sovereignty: you have it all, they have none.

There is some good advice on here I think (William and NewsBoyCap to name but two) and in the coming days CR, remember that you have many supporters, many.

I wish you well in the coming days!


Tapestry said...

Courts are staffed by child rapists dressed in wigs and gowns. Take a vomit bag with you.

Mr Ecks said...


Whatever you send them, make sure they acknowledge receipt. Go in person if you have to, but get someone, no matter how junior,to sign as having received your missives. That sorts the "never got it crap out"--if they have got it and lost it for whatever reason , they are on the back foot right away.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks all for your links and bits of advice & guidance.

I am following all links even if I have read them before.

The UK.Gov website has an interesting slant on some of the provisions laid out in the Bill of Right/Claim of Right 1688/9.

They say that "whilst they [some clauses] have not been repealed, they are regarded as having fallen into disuse".

Forgive me for being pedantic, but either a section or clause has been repealed or it hasn't. There is no grey area here.

If it has not been repealed I am going to use it.


Escapee said...

Hi Captain,
I pledge to help all I can (should you require it).
My best wishes, Escapee.

Captain Ranty said...


Thanks mate.

I should be okay. It will depend on how fair the JP is feeling on the day...


Robert said...

Backing you 100% the state of affairs in this country is beyond bekief. Despite all opinions we DO NOT live in a free state. There is no true democracy here......... time to make a choice I think.

Anonymous said...

'They say that "whilst they [some clauses] have not been repealed, they are regarded as having fallen into disuse".'


Ah yes, that'll be the 'because you haven't bothered to educate yourself on your rights, they therefore don't exist to you' bollox. On that premise then, because I care not for your petty laws, they don't exist to me either (even though both you and I, along with the awake realise the huge difference between laws and legislation).

However I must state (again) that those people who choose to remain ignorant, choose to give control to another human being over their lives and choose to ignore personal responsibility for group responsibility, then they have no defense when they find themselves slaves under the totalitarianism of tyranny. In other words, enjoy your life as a sheep in a pen but don't rebel when the shepherd comes for his wool and meat. It's that simple.



pitano1 said...

hi cap.
just in


an order with an amount on demand, dated and a signature is a bill of exchange. Its the dead opposite of a cheque so if you don't have enough money a cheque is marked NOTICE OF DISHONOR as the bank wouldn't accept the liability and canceled it!

SO you can cancel a court order using the same method but it MUST be returned within 3 days. If you keep it then you accept liability. If you look up the code it talks about banks BUT a court is a bank. They issue money orders and collect payments so they are a bank.

You have three (3) days to revoke or deny the
presumed liability via a NOTICE Of
DISHONOR. If you fail to dishonor the
presentment you [automatically] ACCEPT it and
become liable for the fine.

Take a copy of it and return with certificate of posting keep for your records.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Robert!


Captain Ranty said...

Thanks H.

Yep, I will be giving them some food for thought.

My defence now runs to 80+ pages. I hope they have plenty of time to listen to my statement.


Captain Ranty said...


Thanks for the links.

I read them a couple of times but I cannot swear that I understood them.

Can you wing me an email explaining in more depth?



coz said...

Court appearance is just your turn to get on the bucking bronco. They gonna try and uh buck you off, but you gotta stay on, well for a while anyway.

First buck is the whole name game/establish identity thing, 'Are your Captain Ranty', you say no, Captain Ranty is a collection of alphabetical symbols on a piece of paper required under duress by the state at my birth, I am a living soul. (or your choice of similar).

and you just take it from there, pause before you speak, don't let them try to rush you, take your time to think about your answers and don't be afraid to ask questions, it's their job to know procedure, you are only there because there's been some spurious 'claim' made against you.

Other typical 'bucks' are leaving the courtroom briefly and returning, a physical charade that changes the nature of the court: asking if you 'understand' etc etc etc, it's like those skewl exams, you can only do so much prep, and on the day no-one knows exactly which questions will be asked, so you have to improvise.

Court demeanour is very important, if you can get the demeanour right and you get a half decent judge, things probably go ok. Demeanour is humble, honest etc, I've talked about demeanour before. Say a prayer before you go in (this is your 'oath'), so you be under your oath.

PS will probably change my email address soonish cos of 'google' stuff. Apparently it's better to use one of those free ones your ISP provides.

Captain Ranty said...



All good tips. I had planned to be well-dressed, and polite throughout the whole thing, even if they are not.

Had a great chat this evening with a guy who has done this many, many times. He has also given me some fantastic tips.

I am ready.


NewsboyCap said...


I am certain that you will overcome this non-sense and leave the court 'head held high'and victorious.
My defence consists of only 12 pages so I will probably last 10 minutes before they get bored and overrule me for not playing exactly too their rules....whatever.
But I am finding this Rebellion uplifting mainly thanks to your good self and many fellow Rebels.


Captain Ranty said...



I just added another 20 pages. My research tells me that a man is allowed as many defences as he sees fit. I have 9.

I am hoping that I do not need to read it all out in court. I will try to get the matter settled before we go in, but if I have to enter I will try to establish my rules and I will point out the flaws in their process.


William said...

Don't waste your time trying to educate 'them'. They don't want to be 'educated' because all they desire is to stay in post, climbing the greasy pole when opportunity presents, until retirement calls.
You are not of 'their class' and even if they recognise even the slightest glimmer of truth in your words they will ignore it. To accept it means their world is turned inside out and that is too scary a prospect for any state employee to contemplate.

Never try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and it annoys the pig

Captain Ranty said...


That is sound advice, but I have to say something. The reverse (saying nothing at all) will just see me being shafted.

I need them to know that I am a little different from everyone else. (At that time and in that place, I mean).

They need to treat me differently.


General Pyston Broak said...

Good Luck CR. I hope you get the justice you believe you should get.

Looking forward to the resulting blog entry.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks General.

Win, lose or draw I will tell you what happens.


William said...

It's not a case of staying silent therefore you are 'presumed to accept their authority' (TBH I am not at all convinced of the argument that 'whatever is not rebutted stands' on every occasion) it's a case of putting the matter to bed in as few words as possible hence my re-quoting the Mark Stevens play earlier in the thread.
He turns their system upon them and they end up trapped.
Trying to educate those who believe in the power of the state system and who earn their living from such a system serves no purpose because they ain't listening. They have the right of it and nothing will sway them from it even acute embarrassment.
Just remember the only person who understands LAW in that court room is the Clerk of The Court or whatever their name is in Scotland. Everyone else is playing charades.

Whatever it is you facing a court not I'll bow out with this advice. Go with your 'guided gut'...

Captain Ranty said...

I hear you, old friend.

To be equally honest I have no idea what to expect. This is my first time in a Scottish court so everything is experimental.

Even if an unrebutted affidavit does not stand as truth, their non-reply signals acceptance.

"Silence gives consent"


"He who does not disagree, agrees".

Which is why we are all in the shit.

I am going to disagree. Again.


Ian said...

On two separate occasions, a "high up" civil servant has given an order to another civil servant, who has been told in no uncertain terms, that 2 civil servants must be sent to your house to give you a message. The message on both occasions is presented in the form of a threat - local bully or the local mafia comes to mind?

How did we ever end up with civil servants thinking that they have this power?

We are both the administrator and the beneficiary of our own account and the civil servant is the trustee.

We tell them what to do.

We say "NO"

We say "Overruled"

We say "Stop bothering me and go and sort it out yourself"

Everything I have read on this blog makes sense. Everybody who is writing a comment here is making sense. The only thing that does not make sense is how civil servants are going about there job of being the trustee.

That has got to change!

Good luck with your meeting Captain ...I hope they get the message.


Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Ian.

Very uplifting!

I will do my utmost, I promise you that.

I wish I knew a damn sight more about Trusts though. It is vital.

The jurisdiction challenge I issue may just throw them. If not, I have a bag full of spanners to lob into their fine tuned machine.


DAD said...

The Bill of Right/Claim of Right 1688/9 was passed by the ENGLISH Parliament.

The SCOTTISH document is Claim of Right Act 1689, but, it is suggested,that there are currently no known outstanding effects for the Claim of Right Act 1689.

Expect the court to reject anything that is based on this Act.

Captain Ranty said...



I have copies of both. And several others.


James Higham said...

Can we bombard them with letters on your behalf?

Captain Ranty said...


No time for that, but thanks for the offer.

They only gave me three days to prepare.

I'll be mentioning it several times....along with other inconsistencies in their "evidence".


nominedeus said...

All the best Cap'n I hope all goes well for you, there does seem to be a 'little' more willingness in the judiciary to 'hear' what is being said to them, but after Robert Greens incarceration I am not holding my breath for the damascine conversion of the Scottish judges...though I suppose nothing is impossible...

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Nommy.

I am up before a JP and his powers are limited. He has no legal training so my fight will be with the Clerk of the Court.

Let's just hope I win.... :)


Del said...

Try and see the the clerk of the court before you go in, and tell him the questions you will be asking etc, and explain you understand contempt of court......lets face it, they are going to try and bulldoze the whole thing their way. Good luck mate.

Captain Ranty said...


I hear that they do exactly that: they offer you a "deal" beforehand. That is when I will mention some of the things I will bring up in the court.

If they have any sense at all they will throw me out of the building.

And there is the small matter of my fee for attending. I can but a lot of gin & tonics with £15,000....


NIP nipped said...

OK focus people.

Article 12 of the Declaration and Bill of Rights 1688/89
and Magna Carta 1225.

So by what authority do the present and past squatters in the Palace of Westminster think that they can repeal any of the Declaration and Bill of Rights 1688/89 or the Magna Carta 1225?

Yes I do include the Statute Law Revision Act 1863 and Statute Law (Ireland) Revision Act 1872. Was that lawful ?

So it can be argued that a NIP is not lawful. Can't it?

Pesky Anonymous said...

I wish you the very best of luck Captain.
I'm sure if anyone has the flair to dance their way through this one, you have.
I agree with coz about demeanour. A powerful psychological ally.
The trick is to walk in there as if you own the place. Easier said than done of course.
You can do it Captain. If you're not back by weekend I'll eat my hat.

Pete said...

All the best for the morning Captain. I also like the Mark Stevens approach. No matter what, everything has to be tested in their place of business.

Hope it goes well bud.

rango the third said...

Sincerely the best of luck captain, I will be looking in with interest

Anonymous said...

Keep being an awkward sod Captain. Good luck and good planning , luck has very little to do with it, but i wish you well all the same. You could be the painful little paper cut on the hand of oppression.
Adelaide Girl

Anonymous said...

I do hope this will turn out well for you. If so, it will have a bearing on us all as it will be proof positive that there is another way and that the dirty bastards in power ultimately have less than they thought.

Personally I now find myself the recipient of some greatly unappreciated attention from the electoral office simply because they demand I register with them. I'm hoping just ignoring them will suffice. It's certainly all the effort they're deserving of but we will see.

My thoughts go with you on the day. Keep your cool, and if possible have a bit of fun. I do pray that will be the case, and if you don't mind me saying so, to hell with the lot of them. I look forward to hearing of the result but I also appreciate that it will be difficult to steel the nerves as the time approaches. Know this however; for trying to do what is right, you are worth a dozen and more of any of the sycophants and lickspittles you find yourself opposing.

Best regards, and the very best of luck. Break a leg as they say. Just ensure it's a metaphorical one of theirs.


Captain Ranty said...

Thanks very much for the help and support folks.

By this time tonight we should have a result, one way or another.

I'll let you know how it turns out.


Anonymous said...

When they talk to you, do they ask you for your NAME or your name? actually they are asking you for your NAME but because it is in speach you cant tell the difference. You see the NAME is not yours, and yet if you use it (are you CAPTAIN RANTY?, Yes? consent gottcha, Silence?, consent Gotcha) you are committing a kind of fraud and therefore subject to every piece of crap/statute/regulations they want to throw at you. Remem,ber they have to get your consent ( to the NAME) after that it is easy,
so loose the NAME, win the game

Question from an system minion: Are you JOHN SMITH?
john answers: no

More at

covered now also By mary croft
(read 6th Feb first,then the 25th feb posting)

Anonymous said...

The lady cop said "Are you Captain Ranty?", I did not reply ( silence= consent), so she ploughed on. "This is a citation to attend the JP's court in Aberdeen next week. You have to attend". I said, "I don't have to do anything". The male cop said "Yes you do. You have to attend ( because you have agreed that you are CAPTAIN RANTY) ". I said, again, "Actually, I don't. I have a choice." He just made a face. Then they left. (their orders to inform a slave, aka you) Job done.

William said...

To ignore the Electoral Office is a noble. I did it year before last year. Ignored the letters BUT answered the knock hence they 'recorded' my desire not to be on the roll. Seems they' send out the juniors whose only duty is to fill in the form as they are told to.

Last year ignored letters and knock and hey presto my family vanished from the roll.

Ignoring the knock on the door is proving to be a very effective 'NO' when the state comes a calling. That not having a landline phone.

"They don't like it up 'em Captain Mainwaring"

There are millions not on the roll but trying to convince others (friends mainly) that being on the roll is in effect a silent vote for the 'state system' is a waste of my finite time... as I have found out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks William. It's always good to hear of the little victories people have won for themselves.

I will simply ignore them, just as I did during the census and I will neither open their letters nor answer the door to them. Should I find myself confronted in my front yard for instance, I will introduce them to the coldest shoulder they have ever encountered.

I'm fed up with the whole rotten system and of being pushed around by lickspittles. No one is ever going to get my permission to screw me over. Knowledge is power no doubt, but a healthy disrespect for overbearing authority does no harm either! :-D