March 08, 2012

Where To, From Here?

Folks, I find myself in need of guidance.

It's an odd request, coming from someone who bangs on all the time about YOU needing to take action. I make no apologies for that, I am just a man, after all, and none of us are infallible. None of us knows everything.

I'll build up to the request only after stating some given facts.

We know, don't we, that the system is broken? We know that the monarch has signed (or had signed on her behalf) many thousands of pieces of legislation that run contrary to our (largely) unwritten constitution. We know also that one David Cameron has violated his own oath of office. As you will see, he is a member of the Privy Council (more formally known as the Cabinet) and his oath, along with others, is as follows:

"You do swear by Almighty God to be a true and faithful Servant unto the Queen's Majesty, as one of Her Majesty's Privy Council. You will not know or understand of any manner of thing to be attempted, done, or spoken against Her Majesty's Person, Honour, Crown, or Dignity Royal, but you will lett and withstand the same to the uttermost of your Power, and either cause it to be revealed to Her Majesty Herself, or to such of Her Privy Council as shall advertise Her Majesty of the same. You will, in all things to be moved, treated, and debated in Council, faithfully and truly declare your Mind and Opinion, according to your Heart and Conscience; and will keep secret all Matters committed and revealed unto you, or that shall be treated of secretly in Council. And if any of the said Treaties or Counsels shall touch any of the Counsellors, you will not reveal it unto him, but will keep the same until such time as, by the Consent of Her Majesty, or of the Council, Publication shall be made thereof. You will to your uttermost bear Faith and Allegiance unto the Queen's Majesty; and will assist and defend all Jurisdictions, Pre-eminences, and Authorities, granted to Her Majesty, and annexed to the Crown by Acts of Parliament, or otherwise, against all Foreign Princes, Persons, Prelates, States, or Potentates. And generally in all things you will do as a faithful and true Servant ought to do to Her Majesty. So help you God."

There we have it. It's right there in the second-to-last line. In effect "Do not give other states or individuals any power over the British people". So why does he, and his cronies, continue to bend over and give away our sovereignty to the EU? Everything they do in this regard is done in plain sight.I do not need a tin-foil hat, just the ability to read documents held in the public domain. There is nothing conspiratorial about this.

I'm a foundation kind of guy. If the supporting structure is good, then we have something we can rely on. Above ground, it is mostly decoration. It's a small thing, and it can be changed, added to, updated or torn down, as long as the replacement does the same job or better. If the foundation is faulty, the whole building will, at some point, come crashing down. I think we may be almost at that point now, and I am at a bit of a loss.

As we all saw this week, my experience at the court was not a successful one. As we near the dates to try out the various theories at our disposal, only one thing (for me) is certain: they will not listen.

Logic dictates that if the monarch, and her Privy Councillors, are at fault, then so is the judiciary. Follow it through:

1. The monarch has broken her contract with the people
2. The prime minister is colluding with her, or against her
3. If the monarch has violated her oath, she cannot be said to be the Fount of Justice
4. The judiciary are equally powerless

The net result?

Chaos. They lose a gigantic revenue stream. The people (knowing that they cannot be "punished") reject all decisions made by this faux court system. In my case there was no victim. No-one suffered a loss as a result of my alleged speeding on that road. No-one was harmed. Yet they will move heaven and earth to get some money from me and some points on my license. (I care about neither of those things. They will not affect my life in a meaningful way). BUT, even if you have killed, robbed, raped or ripped someone off, they still have no authority to punish you. That most basic tenet-the monarchs authority, devolved to them, no longer exists-so the judges and the sheriffs and the magistrates are rendered impotent.

It affects many thousands of people. The police have no authority. The armed forces have no authority. All the barristers, lawyers, paralegals, court recorders, and associated men or women in the legal industry are out of work. Today. Every man or woman gaoled since Madge took office is free to walk out. Everyone who was ever fined requires repayment.

There are some very powerful reasons to maintain the status quo. However corrupted it has become.

There is enough data here and elsewhere to satisfy my claims. Go look. Dig out the information from other sources. Come back and tell me I am wrong.

Generations of MPs meddled. They interfered with a system that did have authority. Yes, they pumped out Act after Act, and until 1972, it seemed reasonable to do so. Now? We are under the yoke of an unelected EU. We (they) have to tug a forelock whenever the von Rumpoy's or the Barroso's speak. Remember that over 80% of those 4,062 new "crimes" and Statutory Instruments enacted in 2011 originated in Brussels.

The Mother of all Parliaments is dead. And with it, any legality or force it may have once commanded. They are no more than sock-puppets, dancing to the tune of the unaccountable.

The queen, once much loved and much respected, has made a grave error. She trusted "her parliament" to do the right thing. They did not. The poison was administered from within, and as a result of the Parliament Act 1911, (before her time, I freely admit), Assent is now granted automatically. That was the mistake. All things lead backwards to that event. That is what we need to undo to make this right.

The question, (one I have asked so many times), is, what do we do?

Do I continue to fight against the broken justice system alone, or do I discard my little skirmish and focus instead on the war?

I am ready to ramp up my offensive, but I need your help. I'd like us to mount a campaign to spread the word that all is not rosy in the garden, and that to continue to ignore it does us all a disservice. I'd like us to bombard MPs with information, and a demand to correct the errors made. Swamp the civil servants with FOI's that make them weep with despair, as we insist on the right, timely answer to our questions.

The alternative is to turn up the TV, lay in a six-pack, do everything I am told to do, and forget everything I have learned in the last four or five years. You will need to do the same.

As always, I am wide open to suggestions. I am lucky in that I have some of the brightest minds commenting here, and I would welcome your thoughts. I would also welcome your deeds. I know that many of you are not yet in a position to be "in their face", but your intelligence can still be used to get us where we need to be.

The floor, she is yours.



Anonymous said...

I am already aware from your research of the breaking of the oaths. But it seems to me it would be better to fix the broken system than destroy it to be replaced with the unknown, beside it worked for centuries and can again. So first thing is the Monarch must be assumed to be a victim.The rest is up to the Royalist army. Analiensaturn

Anonymous said...

I'm in(or should that be out?)
I've ben involved with the CJS since the age of eight. I'm now a 44 year old criminologist(whatever that means)with 36 years of experience, practical and in theory. One suggestion would be templates. Most folk, as you wil know, are, or have been made to be lazy(no pun). You'll get a far greater number of assists if you offer people templates to send to our MP's etc. I, with my knowledge, am quite prepared to press the send button every time I pass the pc. I'll be happy to drown my MP with paper work. I don't mind getting right in their's what I do anyway. I've been locked up doing right and I would get locked up again for doing right, because it's the right thing to do. People won't be able to look at my coffin and say, "well he was ok but never really made his mark on this planet". My kids will be proud of the lump in the hemp box on it's way to the fire. Will yours folks? So me names down and me fingers are iching.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous" is projecting his own immature inadequate peculiarity, it is he who is the nonce.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks A.

That may be true. She may be just as much a victim as the rest of us.

Others believe the same thing.

It needs some deeper research.


Captain Ranty said...



We will come up with a plan.


Captain Ranty said...

Anon (13:21 and 13:40),

Your comments now look random, but for everyone else, the infant returned and got nasty again.

I have saved his comments for the folder I am sending to his managing director.

He thinks he is smart, but I have even smarter friends.

He is toast.


James Higham said...

The man who knows the answers to these will be the man who ends up running the country.

Russ said...

CR, I think Lazy's approach may be as good a place to continue as any; I may also be able to assist in a small way. Can you let me have an email address for you?

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Russ.

You can reach me here:

captainranty at btinternet dot com


Dystopian society said...

Gonna put some thought into this, so I will respond later I am off to a meeting right now so I will do it asap.

You are right there has to be a time when we reflect on all that is happening and to regroup what we have done and what is to be done.

The LAZY way is not an option, sorry, it just isn't.

So I will be putting some thought into this, I have ideas but will get to it shortly.

Namaste, rev;

Sackerson said...

CR, your fight is Romantic, i.e. probably doomed but noble. Law is made by Power, and only conscience and the fear of God limited Power. That's past tense. Your choice is to give up and so passively assent, or stand for right even if you think there is no chance.

"Thought must be the harder, heart be the keener,
mind must be the greater, while our strength lessens.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Phil.

Looking forward to seeing your ideas.


Captain Ranty said...


I must confess that I did not feel too noble in court on Tuesday. Like a fish out of water, I was.

Still, I do enjoy swimming....


nala said...

hi capn' mmm bit that some seem to be missing is in bold type and it goes like this,,,,,and annexed to the Crown by Acts of Parliament.

good vid to get into that is........

its along one but worth watching.

are we all fish out of water or just up to our knee's in it.

hae fun keep smilin, nala

Anonymous said...

Captain - so many things need to be done, but they CAN be done with the will and numbers:

I've mentioned this loads of times on various blogs but bloggers and their supporters MUST form a larger umberella group - TPTB are scared of large, well informed groups

there must be a decent handful of lawyers, solicitors, etc, who know the system is corrupt and want to do the right thing but need a foothold (hence the dire need for an umberella Lawful Rebellion organisation)

An umberella organisation could set up a Court of the People and make regular citizen's arrests of the corrupt elite, putting them on trial for what they've done (this is where those who've studied the proper law of this country and decent lawyers come into it). The public's support for the police is waning rapidly and as long as the new People's Judiciary and Peace Keepers stick to the original Peel principles I don't think there will be opposition from the public. We just have to set it up from scratch as was once done before. We don't need anyone's permission to protect ourselves from what is happening to us.

At the moment everyone seems to be working as a lone wolf - easy to pick off by TPTB. I think it may have been a mistake not to take up the offer of people attending your first hearing but it is done now and I wish you the best of luck.

I truly think that the points I've raised above need to be implemented ASAP by a united umberella group. The BC Group mentioned arrest and trial by a People's Court at last November's conference but it needs to be DONE not talked about; same with the Judas Class website.

We CAN do this but it's time to pull together and stop the fannying around. TPTB are onto the free man/lawful rebellion thing and after their initial 'rabbit in the headlights' reaction, have chosen to steamroller over our constitution and law - we need to ramp it up with arrests and trials. They will stop at nothing so it's time for the gloves to come off and show them we mean business - peaceably of course.


Tickety said...

Hi Capt,
would like to follow you on this one. Others make the same point that I was going to, namely when I was a member of the BNP (now with English Democrats) they provided templates for us to use to send to our MP's or to the Press Complaints Council in regard to false reporting against them. Very easy to forward your support in such circumstances. The British Constitution Group could be another ally and I am already signed up to Albert Burgess - A Case for Treason. Bring it on Capt

William said...

The discontent with 'the system' is more widespread than we realise.

Still thinking though...

Robert said...

Templates is the way forward, just need the wherefore to create them. I am new to this and would not know what the content of the templates required would be...... but if someone tells me I am more than willing to create them. Setting up accounts on social networks would help spread the word.... just thoughts all...

Yours Truly pissed off


Anonymous said...

Ranty mate, nothing can be done.

Their game theorists have all our ideas at counter-acting theirs all worked out. (regardless if we've had the ideas yet)

Sad, but true in my opinion. Most people would rather not know the truth and actually have to think about how fucked we all are.

I'm cracking on with my allotment.

hangemall said...

A few random-ish thoughts, Captain. I'm with anon 13:21 and Tickety on this one. I don't think there is anything (or much) wrong with the constitution as it is *supposed to be*.

I am inclined to go down the route of the Queen being under the influence of "evil counselors" as the English Bill of Rights puts it. Albert Burgess at points out that a succession of monarchs have been badly advised by these people.
I've watched every video of him I can find and very informative he is too.

Cameron and others are guilty of perjury at best.

If you find out who your troll is, perhaps you could inform him that your fee for removing his comments is £10/100/1000 (you choose) per time.

I think I'll email Leg-iron with that suggestion.

William said...

First off a BIG thankyou to that little shit DD whose infantile behaviour has led to moderation which is a massive pain in the arse.

To work
Begging the tyrant to change no matter how eloquently is clinically proven not to work. The tyrant has its slaves exactly where it wants them when they play its game.

It's dawning that the real battle is inside the mind of the individual. If I am on the money then perhaps inspiration should be sought in the way this guy worked
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Dave_G said...

Templates might speed the process but also leave themselves open to easy identification and, therefore, deletion without being read.

A 'better' template would change in wording/appearance but have exactly the same meaning therefore they would appear to be the work of many different people rather than the work of one (being multiplied).

100 individual 'letters of complaint' would be far more effective than one 'repeated' letter of complaint sent 100 times.

Captain Ranty said...


Any sympathy I had for Madge has just evaporated.

Having watched Nala's video I understand a little more than I did before watching it.

Give it a go. In sections, if you don't have time now, but try to watch it all.

If the professor is even within sniffing distance of the truth, then we are all truly fucked.

Nothing we do will dissuade them.

Nothing short of out and out revolution, that is.

Harby is right. William is right. Many of you have been right all along.

I disagreed because I thought I could make a difference.

I can't.

But WE can.


Anonymous said...

Where do we go?

Cap'n, the system isn't broken, it's the system and does what it wants. It was created to control. The only way forward is anarchy but that scares far too many people off thanks to the negative, terrifying and horrific, purposeful portrayal of it in the MSM. Anarchy is the only solution to true liberty and freedom for ALL people. It would mean no nanny state, no banks, no money, no EU, no bureaucracy, no invasion of foreign lands, no elites - for without money to pay their security they'd have no protection. Sure there would be gangs and crimes but there would be the freedom for people to unite and 'remove' them without the police arresting the victims not forgetting a judicial system to penalise people for common sense and self defense. There would be no laws and no one controlling you. It would mean getting back on the land and living the way nature provided. Cities would, thankfully, become extinct....and so on. The positives grossly outweigh the negatives.

What do we do? We live our lives as free individuals. It means destroying the system before it destroys us. These morons and I mean that who think the system used to work and can again are forgetful of the hell under monarchy and the hell under government - divine right of kings merely was shared with the politicians all members of the same elite club.

It would mean either totally breaking free of the system or waging a war against it. Either way I'm in it for the duration as no one has authority over me. If we formed a collective group of likeminded individuals and took land to build our community we'd have to be prepared to defend it with force. I'm having flashbacks of Waco as I write along wth all other fatal punishments metted out on those who only wished to be free by the state/elites/tptb.

As I said I'm with you on this, for freedom and liberty and I'm prepared to do whatever must be done to preserve it. Any human being who wishes freedom must accept becoming labelled a terrorist by the state should they decide to defend their God given right to do so. No king, queen, lord, baron, politician, judge, policeman or anyone has authority over me. It's really that simple. Think free and be free. I'd rather live a short existance as a freeman than a long one as a slave.



Anonymous said...

Posters, lots of them everywhere.we all have printers these days and posters are a powerful way of getting a message out

Anonymous said...

Captain, I still maintain were fucked but why not have a bit of fun on the way out? My idea is to get as many people as possible, even use "social media" (twitter/facebook etc..) to put the word out not to vote in ANY election. If loads of people take it up I'm sure it will get in to the MSM and they will shite it....... It's something that is not involving any risk to anyone but a good way to get people thinking and looking in to the reasons why they shouldn't vote. Let's stop playing their games.

Just an idea....


Anonymous said...

Captain, I posted then read your last post.... Name the date and time.

Anonymous said...


Further to my last..... We can't have a "system" as such because it will always be open to corruption and evil bastards who will manipulate it to their own ends. Harbingers right, the only way to true freedom is to drop the lot (Police, courts, money, banks etc...)

Again lets have as little to do with these bastards as possible, starting just by chipping away bit by bit (ie don't vote)

Nick said...

I've just spent the evening with a man who has changed my perception of the Royal Family.

Previously I was of the opinion that they were parasites.
In the light of this conversation I have changed my mind.
It may be smoke and mirrors on the Windsor families part, but, this guy does not know me from Adam.
I will think about it overnight!

What I believe Is required to free us all is, a realisation that we are all slaves to the system. TV. Welfare, mass media.
Until the masses can be weaned from those teats it is a losing battle. How to overcome that?
I had thought of newspaper advertisements, but the newspapers are owned"
The TV stations are owned.
This is probably the frustration that the Norwegian guy has been portrayed as feeling. You know who I mean.

I so want to help, but, I have so much chatter buzzing in my thoughts, it's difficult to articulate them at the moment.

It's a numbers game!

Nick said...

Oh fuck!
Can I withdraw my previous comment, and reconsider y thought again please?

wayne said...

For an example of what passes for the Judicial system today, have a look at Olly Cromwells blog..........

It doesn't make pretty reading.

wayne said...

Oh, and I quite like Kyd's idea!

Anonymous said...

"Templates might speed the process but also leave themselves open to easy identification and, therefore, deletion without being read."

Having exchanged several emails with my MP that works both ways. I now check any replies or press cuttings for the inevitable "copy 'n paste".

This also means, in all probability, that the person concerned never sees the originals, with replies and press statements being prepared by office staff...

mescalito said...

Great post ranty man,

my proposal is that you all vote me for prime minister and ile fix it all :)

on a more serious note, we all keep chipping away at the system from all angles, the cracks get bigger and already some huge ones are shattering the illusion, eventually every thing will shift, but it will take hard work, responsibility and honour on everyone's behalf.

check this video ranty man and all, its going down in america.

It's Official! Obama is an Illegal President! Now What?

Oldrightie said...

Cap'n we just have to keep blogging. day in day out, 24/7, the truth and our reactions to the tsunami of deceit, dishonesty and incompetent arrogance. Just carry on as we see fit.

Anonymous said...

I'm most definitely in, there's not much left to lose. The alternative's a life not worth living.

I'm inexperienced but learning all the time, particularly from this and other blogs. I've had some success and a fair bit of fun from minor battles with TPTB, not yet taken the Freeman or LR route but seriously considering it.

I'll be leaving my job and going self-employed this summer, again not a big thing but another small step towards re-gaining some freedom. In the meantime I'll be doing a lot of research.

If this is any reassurance, I am still young. It's not true that everyone of my generation is totally ignorant and indoctrinated, although I can confirm that the majority I have met most certainly are. It's astounding the number of people who dismiss my concerns and accuse me of unnecessarily making my own life difficult. Perhaps one day they'll wake up. I'm trying to do my bit by gradually getting them to question their "reality", but it's a slow "drip, drip" process... too much too soon causes the usual allegations of paranoia and delusion.

The tungsten lamp ban was a case in point. Before the date, "paranoid" was one of the more polite things I was called. They're not so smug now, although many still consider it as a one-off and "not that big a deal". People simply don't want to read or believe what (if they choose to look) is set out in black and white by TPTB as their "vision" for our future.

Our hope and determination are all we have. The old saying "don't let the bastards grind you down" has never been more apt.

Great respect to you, Captain, for sticking by your guns and refusing to give them the easy road out. I'm not in a position to offer you any advice but you certainly have my support.


NewsboyCap said...

I think you are a little wrong when you suggest that there would be chaos. Most people (99.9%) are law abiding and accept that if they transgress a law there is a fine to be paid, but if you break a real LAW you’re going to face real punishment. As it should be. But if some of us are not yet prepared enough to stand face to face with the system there are things we can do to slowly bring it to its knees.
Cancel the Direct Debits for everything, TV Licence, Council Tax, Utilities, Gas, Electric, Mortgage, Loans, Credit Cards etc., etc.
Then Hold out for as long as you dare before paying, maybe till they threaten court action, maybe till they threaten you with the DCAs. Or if you feel brave enough till the day before your court appearance or if you’ve got big Cajones walk up to the Judge and give him/her the money they so desperately demand; right there in court.
With the council tax, there is nothing in The Local Government Finance Act that says you cannot pay whenever you wish to. It says that you may pay in instalments, not how many and not at set times. Of course they want you to pay monthly at the same time by Direct Debit, but ring the CT office and tell them they can expect the payment when it arrives. Pay in a few pounds at the start of the month then pay the rest at your leisure, Pay it in two instalments 6 months apart. Remember you are not refusing to pay, just paying when you can. Try to vary the ways that you pay, sometimes cash, sometimes with a Debit card over the phone, sometimes on-line. Do tell them to put a note on their Computer, or it will keep sending reminders.
I heard that the BBC paid out £13 million in postage chasing unpaid Licence fees last year alone, is it any wonder they accept Millions from the EU. When they start to send threatening letters write on the front – not known at this address return to sender- Hey maybe the postie stuck it in the wrong letter box. If they send round a Goon be polite and ask for a phone number of his Boss to check he is who he says he is. Never let him/her in your property. The Detector Vans have Fuck all in them. If you are unlucky and they try to make an example of you, wait for the court date then pay, in instalments.
Remember United Utilities cannot cut off your water, so there are lots of opportunities to Fuck them around.
If I may make a suggestion, we need to start boycotting the big Supermarkets, start buying off the local shopkeepers as much as possible. One week a month tell Tesco, Asda etc. To do one. The more we shop local the more the shopkeeper will start to stock; eventually he/she will be able to match the supermarket for price.
Use CASH whenever you can, once a month pay one of your bills, say the council tax, in coins. I know some council’s will only accept up to £1 in copper, but a £100 bill in 10p, 50p and £1 coins could be such fun if you hold back 10p and insist they do a recount, twice.
I know this could be a Ball ache for many who are working long hours, but you don’t have to do them all, pick on the one you dislike the most and Fuck ‘em about for a while then choose another victim and so on.

NewsboyCap said...

I am sure that the more awkward we become the more confident we will be in the future and the less fearful many of us will be. Many people seem to need Leaders to tell them what to do next, I don’t I need inspiring, I’m basically a Lazy sod. But over the last few years I’ve been inspired by many in this Lawful Rebellion. As Harbinger said we cannot un-know everything we have learned, it’s too late the momentum is with us now, our numbers are growing and we’re running down an ever steeper slope.
So no captain don’t give up your own battles, they are a small but very significant part of the war, many will gain inspiration from your fight as I have, maybe a few more will shed the fear and possibly the MSM will pick up on this most noble of Rebellions.

coz said...

I'd wait until you've seen the speeding fine matter off, because you have not had much experience in courts and I think you will learn a lot. Good to have some ideas to go with.

I'll tell you what works for me, although it probably sounds far fetched and I don't expect many people will believe me. When I encounter a corrupt member of the public, policy enforcer, or member of the political classes, I simply ask them 'Demon, what is your name?' Been doing it for 15 years, never been wrong, works for me. I don't bother casting out because the entity just returns to that same 'vehicle' or another nearby one in a coupla minutes.

Anonymous said...

Ah, you finally got round to Prof: 'V'.

Can you imagine this being shown to 14-15 year olds in history classes?

Although I agree with most of what Harby says, going backwards with all just working on the land wont work.

Freeing the people to be inventive and constuctive for the better of all, without the restriction of the state would suit.

As for guidance. Do you really need it?

If you do go down the non violent path, learn to play their game of words.

Create a members club.

Give each member a project or obligation.

Invite anyone who has a positive attitude, no matter what their background.

Set down the rules (we all have to live by some) that all abide by.

You will not move foreward until you do this.

That is the system..Do I now sound like a freemason?. I'm not.

Secrecy oh secrecy what a way to control. Its there in his oath.

Captain, you are a honourable man, way above what I think of myself. Playing the game, sometimes means being ruthless.

The whisky bottles empty, I'm of to bed.

Stay safe.


Anonymous said...

An umberella organisation could set up a Court of the People and make regular citizen's arrests of the corrupt elite, putting them on trial for what they've done (this is where those who've studied the proper law of this country and decent lawyers come into it). The public's support for the police is waning rapidly and as long as the new People's Judiciary and Peace Keepers stick to the original Peel principles I don't think there will be opposition from the public. We just have to set it up from scratch as was once done before. We don't need anyone's permission to protect ourselves from what is happening to us.

At the moment everyone seems to be working as a lone wolf - easy to pick off by TPTB. I think it may have been a mistake not to take up the offer of people attending your first hearing but it is done now and I wish you the best of luck.

I truly think that the points I've raised above need to be implemented ASAP by a united umberella group. The BC Group mentioned arrest and trial by a People's Court at last November's conference but it needs to be DONE not talked about; same with the Judas Class website.

We CAN do this but it's time to pull together and stop the fannying around. TPTB are onto the free man/lawful rebellion thing and after their initial 'rabbit in the headlights' reaction, have chosen to steamroller over our constitution and law - we need to ramp it up with arrests and trials. They will stop at nothing so it's time for the gloves to come off and show them we mean business - peaceably of course.

Escapee said...

Hi Captain (Escapee here).

I only really discovered my enslavement about 14 months ago. Since then I have been trying to assimilate as info as I can on the subjects of Strawman, Bankers, politicians, 'law' enforcement, the judiciary, lawyers, the mainstream media, etc..

The more I learn, the more I see institutional control and corruption.

Today, I'm still angry!

Although the Lawful Rebellion and FOTL 'routes' offer good alternatives to reclaim our freedom, I do not have the full knowledge, expertise, skill and 'balls' to see them through. As an individual I just don't know enough to confidently challenge TPTB.

Some days I feel as though 'I'll carry on as normal', keep my head down and join 'the revolution' (if and) when it happens.

Some days I want see the removal of all humans from this Eden and let Nature do it's thing.

And on other days, I want to join 'the resistance' to make a small dent in the machinery.

As I see it, there is really no constructive way forward within the existing 'system'. It is beyond tinkering with. The Parasite That Be (TPTB) have constructed a maze of legislations which, although their own experts cannot fully fathom, has been used as a noose to further entrap us.

I suspect that we may have to:

a) 'recruit' the police & the armed forces into our fold to instigate a bloodless coup,
b) constructing an alternative voting system to elect a direct-democracy parliament
c) create common law courts to administer the true Law,


wait until the masses have woken up and then implement the above.

Either way, a civil war is on the horizon.

The last thing we need is a 'leader'.

The above may sound naive, crass and (perhaps) treasonous. It's just my twopence worth.

Best Wishes to all freedom fighter.

Woodsy42 said...

What should you do?
Well I suggest that just as you tell us: You and only you can decide.
My sense is that sadly you will lose at court. Not because you are wrong (far from it) but because you are right. The system must, and it will, do whatever it has to do, cheat, lie, steamroller, etc to beat you and protect itself.
The question for you is whether the risk, discomfort and inconvenience of fighting this particular battle is worth the learning experience.
The problem is they have you badly outmanouvered. For some years they have been pre-positioning their game pieces against exactly such resistance. The cost to you is no longer a quiet week's holiday at HM's pleasure but is more likely to be bailiffs and dawn raids which affect your family, security and future.
Certainly I would love to see you fight this and win, or even just to learn what happens. But equally I would think no less of you if you chose to lose one skirmish and continue the battle elsewhere.

Dystopian society said...

I know I am a little late but, here it is.
This could apply to anyone but here it is for YOU CR.
There was a point in your life, everybody’s lives, when we stand back and say ‘It’s not working for me’ something is wrong and I am not happy, I need to change. You have reached this point, maybe again, in your life. You are doing what you think is the best thing to do and ask for others opinions. Seeking confirmation, or maybe just a BLOG thing however I pretty much doubt that so let’s just ignore that. You are asking because it is, for you, a signal that you need some sort of guidance, WHAT DO I DO?
In truth, and I know this for definite, you know the answer. Evidence of this is in the rudimentary options. However you may not be sure of any alternative, or you are just too coy, doubtful, to mention other less palatable options.
I have no way to know this without speaking with you.
You are quite obviously disenchanted by the authoritative rule over you and all of us and as such took a path of action that has got you this far and have found that it is not as effective as you thought it might be. Q. ‘What would you do? Comes to mind so you ask your following.
What I can say is that this option, asking, is the wrong thing to do. Because this is your life and not ours. We have our own, individual, ways to cope with this scenario and none of them are, or come close to your experience. Your experience is different to mine and others, ‘unique’.
The path of the explorer is a lonely one, it is treading a path no one else has forged and it is a path where others MAY follow. WHY would anyone follow? Because you are seen by those followers as a leader and for them, they need to follow because they do not have the courage you have to forge ahead not knowing what the outcome will be, they will have someone to look to for guidance or see you as someone who if the path leads nowhere will have a plan B, on the understanding / belief that you are the leader.
Are you with me so far?
Are you a follower? Are you a leader? You may not have started out as such but have now found yourself in this position. Well you are neither. You are neither a leader nor a follower you are doing what you believe is right for you and you must continue on this path because you now have the information regarding what awaits those that acquiesce. You know this is not for you and your blog entries show this is not for you, but you now find yourself, after gaining knowledge, where you have to think for yourself and do something that you have no idea what the outcome will be. If this excites you, you must continue. If it scares the shit out of you, you know you can stop but you have a plan and to see this plan pan out you must continue to push through the fear.
The ONLY thing that would stop you is if you have family that you feel continuing will do them harm, this is one of the natural laws that you uphold, so you would rightly STOP. What you really need to do is ask them not us, we cannot and should not comment if this is the case.
You need to STOP and analyse your own values, what is the most important thing for you RIGHT NOW? However be wary of your own values, they are not all what they seem to be, you have inherited some of them and these you must discard, NOW! They are NOT your values they are given to you from someone else, ditch them and get your own. Once you have your VALUES you must prioritise them on your OWN terms, not societal terms, and from the results you will know definitively what to do, what choice you should make.
What I can say with certainty in all of this is whatever you choose to do, I will always be here and I will never desert you, isn’t that what friends are supposed to do.
I hope you, and maybe a few others can glean something from this, and it helps you to make that all important decision.
If you need help I am only an E-Mail away and I promise I can help but it has to come from you. It isn’t easy but it works.

Namaste, rev;

Andrew said...

keep going mate, when you are right, you are right...screw em... :)

Tim said...

Dear Cap'n,
The Emperor has no clothes. The more you look, the more you find that government & the 'law' were always fictions with no legitimacy - enforced with violence. You can't fight them with their own version of law because it's only there to lend the 'colour-of-law' to their tyranny.

There are only 2 forms of Law that exist which have *any* real legitimacy and weight:
1) Natural Law - The law of Force, or 'might is right'. This is Satan's Law.
2) The Creator's Law - The True Law of Love that is written in the hearts of Men.

This world is not what it appears to be, pick your battles carefully. It's sensible to take the time to understand your foe before you act. If you doubt Satan exists, ask yourself why do the 'elite' worship him?

ALL the current law-of-man originates in the Roman Catholic Church, including the so-called 'Common-Law', and it is totally invalid beacause it's directly against the express command of God: "Ye shall not add to the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the Commandments of the Lord your God which I command you."[Deuteronomy 4:2]

The Church would argue that this is the 'Old Covenant', and that was overturned when Christ brought the superior 'New Covenant', and they'd be right about that. But the New Covenant was *far stricter*! It gave mankind no powers to legislate for itself, and expressly forbade titles and hierarchies! The New Covenant was 'The Spirit Of The Law' which surpassed the Old Covenant 'Letter Of The Law'. The Old commanded man to 'love thy neighbor', and 'an eye for an eye'. The New commanded mankind to 'love thy enemy' and 'turn the other cheek'!

The so-called 'Christian' Church is the anti-christ of John's Revelation (last book of the bible) It does evil in the name of God, which is blasphemy... And, it is from the Illegitimate Church that the Illegitimate State claims it's legitimacy!

Coronation Oath: "Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the Laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel?"

I contend that if you remind yourself of what the 'true profession of the Gospel' actually IS, you'll see that there is already a perfect law by which to live. It is the only legitimate law in existence. It's the only law that all people can (and will) unite under, and it's right under our noses in the teaching of Christ.

The Church is Satan's masterstroke of deception, it has turned people away from the true law, brought the name of Jesus Christ into disrepute, and hidden the true teachings of the 'Firstborn from the Dead'. Christ did not teach that people should worship him, or his name. He taught that people should be like him, obey the law, and LIVE!

Just imagine for a moment what the world would be actually be like, if we lived by the True Law of 'love thy neighbor', 'love thy enemy', 'forgive', 'swear no oaths', and, 'turn the other cheek' etc...

Imagine if, instead of having to find 'loopholes' in the law, and having to learn all their laws and court-procedures, that you already had, and knew, a far better law - and that you brought that LIVING law into court with you when you have to go (Living spoken-law is always superior to dead written-law). Imagine that instead of talking to the 'person' of the judge, you instead talk directly to the spirit of the man, and remind him of who and where he is, and under whose jurisdiction we actually are.

I hope this helps...