March 23, 2012

And We're The GOOD Guys??

If this footage doesn't disturb you, you are Borg.

The psychopaths you elected did this.

The tax you pay provides the bombs and the bullets.

By continuing to provide the psychopaths with funds, you are breaking international law. You are as culpable as they are.

Withhold your taxes. Starve the beast. Stop voting for them.

It really is time to end this.



Anonymous said...

"The psychopaths you elected did this."

Not often I disagree with you Cap'n but the politicians aren't doing this, the people are. Politicians don't fly the bombing sortees, man the artillary or pull the sniper's trigger.

If I killed a man later today and said I was ordered by another to do it, would the courts and victim's family excuse me of my actions? Of course they wouldn't so why should we excuse the people in the armed forces? Politicians are scum but they're not murdering scum.

Until people take personal responsibility for their actions and know the difference between good and bad, things won't change. You can't play a game of chess without pieces and the same goes for war. People are and always have been the problem because they not only elect their enslavers but do their bidding too.



Captain Ranty said...


Armies NEVER march until ordered by politicians to do so.

I see your point, but it always starts at the top.


Captain Ranty said...


I happen to know you are fighting back.

You have nothing to be embarrassed about.

Those that do fuck all, however....


Anonymous said...

"Armies NEVER march until ordered by politicians to do so.

I see your point, but it always starts at the top."

With all due respect, I don't think you do. The order has to be obeyed first. The British army won't shoot objectors...yet and when they do it should be a blatant signal not to join up, not that what's currently going on shouldn't already be.

Regardless what people may believe, we have choice. Sure the outcome won't be good but one fuck of a lot better to waking up one day and realising you've left some poor 5 year old in a Muslim land without any legs and an orphan. And you'll ask yourself what for. And you'll ask yourself who for. And you'll realise you've destroyed the lives of many, murdered those who posed you no threat or malice whatsoever, all for the banking and elite families in order for them to get richer, take yet more control over the globe and worse still, to enlave your children under their psychopathic totalitarianism.

It starts at the BOTTOM Cap'n for we are the do-ers and people must say no, not just for their own freedom, but to stop the murder of innocents WHO ARE SAYING NO.



NewsboyCap said...


Heart Breaking

Anonymous said...

IMO there should be some sort of internet campaign about saying no to the self proclaimed "authorities"....


Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter where in world, ordinary people count for nothing, they never have and they never will.
The only time anyone pays any lip service to common man is when the powerful want their money or their vote....or when they want to use the common man to kill other common men who might be in the way for them.

Is it remoetely possible for a politician bastard to understand what they are doing, family and a mans honour and duty to provide for his family they wouldn't understand if you spent a year explaining, all they understand is power and wealth, they haven't the foggiest idea what it is to feel human emotion.

Hardly surpising the Muslim peoples hate the west with such venom...i would hate those who seek to come to my country and kill my family too.

tinks said...

Very disturbing.

Brings it home when you see an innocent child's mouth or foot blown off.

For what? It's not a game, yet you wonder if that's how it's treated. Drones have that aspect to them.

What has happened to humanity to allow and turn a blind eye to this?

It is unfortunate that Ron Paul won't make it, it could have been a world changer. We seem to have there (and here) the wrong sort of voters.

Anonymous said...

Politicians should be forced to enlist their own kids/family to the armed forces.

William said...

Despite what the belief may the fact is orders come from 'the top' but change comes from 'the bottom'.

It doesn't matter what 'the top' is, politician, banker, religious leader, slave master they all believe they are 'in charge' and therefore assume total control and power and place themselves directly under 'god' and directly over everyone else.

Changes have no regard for assumed authority, especially catastrophic change. Like everyone else on here I have no idea if the catastrophic change has already occurred, is about to occur or will ever occur in my lifetime but I see many more people are becoming aware that current system is broken beyond repair. It remains to be seen if that is a move in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

why do you think they punish people so severly and highliht them in the paper for not paying tax?,
to frighten you,to make an example of them to others'this is what happens when you dont pay your tax'.
why do they do this,because thats the key,they realise if enough peopl dont pay their tax there screwed,there finished,individually they will pick you off,especially if you know fuck all about the law,massive non-payment of taxes is the answer,protests,petitions will do fuck all,even if enough people can delay paying their council tax,clog the 'courts'
the system is not built for people saying no.

Gaius said...

Harbinger is right, we have to point out to the military that whilst they have the publics support for defending the country, they don't have our support when being beastly to johnny foreigner in BongoBongo land.

Unfortunately the military is rather insular and removed from ordinary society by design, so it will be difficult for members of the general public to broach the subject to squaddies.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the anonymous comment above... I remember saying when this "war on terror" was announced that we were all well and truely fucked, then all of a sudden "extreme" muslim people were vilified. ("Extreme" bloggers are next) Every culture produces wankers. Most "common" people in the world want a reasonable life regardless of culture. I accept there are IMO extremists in all walks of life and beliefs (look at most Governments these days) but to use that as a reason to kill millions of people who have fuck all to do with it? WTF?

Simple question: How many people write to their MPs and tell them that they hate the fact that they are fucking the country up and demand their resignation immediately?
I bet not many people do because either,
a) they see it as a waste of time and thus give afore mentioned traitors an excuse and justification for their corupt and often unlawful activity.
or b) actually believe them.

Either way it doesn't matter what you say untill you say it to those bastards.... The idea of saying no has never been more apealing.


Summerisle said...


Whilst both the Generals and politicians are both equally guilty of these crimes,the orders, as we know, come from higher still. Surely by now we realise that this is part of the long term agenda?

ANYWAY, whilst I respect yours and everyones' cries of 'do something', for the very reasons outlined in the article I recently sent you most people won't 'do something', and if they do they won't have any affect.

Only when we instigate a coordinated and well-constructed plan for taking back our country, and everyone has at least a little sense of there being 'safety in numbers' will there be any change for the better.

As it is now, I believe the numbers are there, waiting for 'something to happen', but the fight-back at the moment is just too fragmented, too disorganised to be in the remotest bit effective.

Escapee said...

Thank You CR for bring this to our attention.

DC said...

Sadly, I think I'm a lot of people... I prefer not to think about the horrors that occur in the Middle East because it upsets me too damn much. But that's the problem - too many of us are doing just that: turning a blind eye; ignorance is bliss etc. Some might say we need to get out own house in order before we can save foreigners... well, in this case getting our own house in order is precisely what will save those foreigners.

Maverick said...

First of all we need to tear the 'House' down and rebuild it from the foundations up ....