March 12, 2012


This blog will be on hiatus for a short while.

Recent developments/events/comments have had me thinking harder than usual. In response to my "Where To From Here" post, many of you have written in with suggestions.

It is these suggestions that are uppermost on my feeble mind at the moment and some decisions need to be taken.

One thing is certain: after almost 1,000 posts and your corresponding 15,000 comments, we have learnt a great deal from each other. I am wondering how much more of the story there is to tell? How many more times can I say the same thing and retain the same impact? How many more times do you need to hear it? How many times is enough?

We know now that the system is broken working perfectly. In the main, we do as we are told by the inept and the corrupt. And in the main, life trundles on. I have no real sense of ego, and I do not see what I am doing as "ground-breaking". Thousands, possibly millions of people have bucked the system in the past. They were either ignored, or they were.....dealt with. I have no fear of the system, and it is this declaration that may be most worrisome to them. I don't particularly care how it makes them feel. But what I have come to grips with just recently is the sheer scale of the deception and I have also come to realise, belatedly, that I am a gnat attacking a rhinoceros. A swift flick of the rhino's ear and I cease to disturb him, but if there were one million gnats buzzing around around him they would drive him insane, eventually. We just haven't reached that tipping point yet.

In the past I have often written that we should only pick fights we are confident that we can win. I remain confident that the wheels are coming off, they loosen more with each passing day and I shall remain eternally grateful that I am not one of the psychopathic elites. Their undoing is in sight and even though I am not a vengeful man, I hope their ending is painful and sustained.

There is much to cogitate so I will be busy with that for a while.

Please do not imagine, even for a second, that I am giving up. I am not. I am merely re-strategising.

Your thoughts, as always, are most welcome.



Oldrightie said...

A sabbatical, Cap'n. Nothing wrong in that. Just keep faith that we are gnats that were not around circa ten years ago!

Anonymous said...

Please don't be too long though, your posts are very much looked forward to my not just me but many others. You have a way of cutting through the crap and your posts are very clear.
Come back refreshed and reinvigorated.


Sackerson said...

"The best revenge is to live well." Good luck, whatever you decide.

mescalito said...

have a nice break ranty man, i know exactly how you feel my friend.

i think a good strategy would be to round up numerous of your readers, and we could start class actions against our so called ' public servants' for breach of trust.

i believe suing the individual for their fraudulent actions is the way forward.

we could make a lot of noise with the numbers you get on here.

rest before you burn out, then come come back brighter.

safety and peace.

Anonymous said...

Dear Captain, please do continue.

You have halted before at least 3 times now. The last time was when you were in Africa and hit the bottle too much ? :)

Self doubt is not your friend.

Please be assured that you should not doubt yourself like this on a periodic basis.

This game of cricket is still being played and your contribution is highly valued. Your batting turn is not yet over! Stay in!

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks for the comments.

Just for clarity: I am firing on all cylinders. This is not fatigue.

It's just a regroup. (It may only take a few days. I do not expect to be contemplating my navel for months on end).

I (obviously) cannot go on blogging the same thing day in, day out.

We need a plan, and I have been sent some terrific suggestions.


Nick said...

"When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn. "

~Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811 - 1896)
Keep on keeping on mate,

Anonymous said...

Hello Captain

I posted on the 'Where to go from here?' blog but my points at the beginning of my comment were shorn off which means it meant no sense.(9 March 04.54 'An umberella organisation could set up a Court of the People and make regular citizen's arrests of the corrupt elite, putting them on trial for what they've done ...').

My main point was that we need to organise our own organisation of Law Keeping Constables and that we need no ones permission to do so. We just do it and abide by the original Peelian Principles. I am certain we would have the full support of the public, who have all but lost faith in the Police who are now nothing but cruel, heartlessm and often violent Policy Enforcers.

The second thing we have do is to set up our own Law Courts of the People - again, we need no ones permission to ensure that those who think they rule us abide by the law and we need no permission to make arrests - it is the duty of every man and woman to arrest those who break the LAW.

The British constitution Group mentioned a Court of the People at their conference on Nov 5th 2011.

There is no time for fannying around - the gloves have to come off and we need to go for the jugular.

And as for being merely a gnat attacking a rhinocerus. More and more gnats are joining the party. I know you've seen this before but it is worth another look. We are getting to them and they are on the run:

All the best


Pesky Anonymous said...

O/T sorry, but here's an item that's fast vanishing from the paper:

Wonder why there's no commenting?

Anonymous said...

speak soon old chum

Lickyalips said...

Every warrior needs a bit of R&R every now and again.
Keep annoying that rhino.

ReefKnot said...

Have a rest and a think. Then come back fighting Capn. Your blogs are excellent.

Woman on a Raft said...

I'm always interested in news, especially the first-hand sort which is disintermediated.

Of special interest is the difference between England and Scotland. I always read Subrosa with interest for this reason; it's not so much the theory, rather the way the politics is being reflected in the lives of people.

I happen to think the independence issue is going to be the big one and will present the next opportunity for large scale change.

William said...

A gnat, okay a mosquito, is more than capable of bringing down a rhino!

However I understand that the impact of recent events is so catastrophic that it is prudent for your own sanity to step of the path for a while.

I am also well aware the impact Double DickHead has had on you was not good. But the reality to me is that he is proof positive that you are are onto something.

I looks forwards to you returning refreshed and reinvigorated. Take care.

Charles Crane said...

Does this mean I'm going to have to write you another song!!!???

(Word verification 'mentsong' - is that spooky or what?)

Captain Ranty said...


Thanks for the comments.

Just to reiterate: recent events have woken me up a little more, that is all. I am not down, not depressed, and most definitely not out.

The court thing was my screw-up. They just did what they always do. I should have researched and readied myself for the three stages (diets). I haven't (yet) changed my mind about going to court in July.

I think the big thing for me was finding out that the monarch only rents the crown from the Vatican. It was a shock learning that because the monarch has no authority (and so neither do the courts) but it blew my mind to learn that the Vatican is actually in charge of.....everything.

It has been this way for at least 800 years.

How do you fight the Vatican? It has to be the wealthiest corporation in the history of mankind.

It's a bit daunting, and requires a fresh look.

I remain resolute.


PS-DD is less than a gnat. He is an amoeba. He does not worry me in the least and he is in for a nasty surprise early next week. He is merely an amateur hacker and does not hide his trail as well as he thinks he does. Several websites have expressed a deep interest in our logs. I would not want to be him. He picked on the wrong bloggers this time.

Captain Ranty said...


Yes. Yes it does!

More songs! More songs! More songs!!



Pete said...

As you well know Captain, in every military campaign there has to be re-grouping, re-thinking, re-organisation, reconnaissance, probing, testing and by doing all of the above then new battle plans can be drawn up and orders issued! Not that you issue orders to us mere plebs, but you issue them to yourself.

I have had many a battle with TPTB and with every single one of them I have had to re-evaluate my approach and change tact. This is normal.

Time out for thinking time is an invaluable way to spend your time.

Hurry up and come back you cantankerous old bastard!

Anonymous said...


Check "The Last Ditch" blog--in the comments on a piece about gun control someone has signed a comment as you saying you always keep a gun handy and won't go without a firefight. I think it is a troll hoping some copper will read it and raid you or something.

Anonymous said...


I haven't really anything to say on the situation other than I think you're doing the right thing. Blogging can take up a lot of time and I think there's alot going on in your 'outside the net' life that needs to be addressed. Finding out new information in life always tends to bring about new thought and thus new strategies are needed in order to progress.

The biggest challenge for people is breaking out of the conditioning, that is not feeling guilty when they challenge authority as most do, thinking should I be doing this? These people and I mean people are no different to you or I. People have to snap out of the authoritarian mind programming and you have.

As regards to the Vatican, well, I suggest popping over to Revolution Harry's blog (who appears to be on a long sabbatical too lol) and have a read of his articles on it all. The Vatican is and always has been pulling the strings. How far near the top of the pyramid, I don't know but my guess is just under the capstone. The pope is the continuation of the Caesar and their wealth is massive. Larger than the Rothschilds' I don't know but they have, through time, through their wars and conquests in the name of Christ and God, plundered the world many times over and caused incredible suffering.

Do what needs to be done and should you come back all will be happy. Should you not, fuck what they think. Your life, your choice, your decision.

All the best


wayne said...

Have a nice break mate. We'll all be here when you get back & don't be long!

andy5759 said...

I will still pop my head around the door when passing, just to see what you're up to. Thinking is a bit of a chore for me but you and other bloggers have me straining the grey matter. Bend that mind of yours in the right direction and the answer will come.

nominedeus said...

Hi Cap'n...I am posting this to let you know that I have spotted some comments in my spam box...two of yours I am guessing and two trolls...I have not let any of themn through (yours should have gone automatically as you have commented before so maybe they are all false flags I will find a way to get in touch and work out a code or some such for the future to allow you through and exclude numbnutz the twatty troll...he makes a large mistake if he comes after me...
As to your present post there may well be time to pause and regroup as it were...and I think you could probably do with a certain period in which to swot up on what the courts are all about..please do not hesitate to get in touch if I can be of any help at all...but my previous advice still stands talk to Nala, he has been there for real and is one of the most learned men on the subject that I know....

Pete said...

@Harby, I do not have a clue why you would post a comment beginning: "I haven't really anything to say on the situation other than I think you're doing the right thing." And then go on to speak about things that are so off topic. You say you have nothing to say about the matter and yet, you continue for another three paragraphs!

This is not a personal attack, I have read all of your posts, so why not just deal with the subject?

There is absolutely no reason to go into a diatribe regarding what people should do.

"As regards to the Vatican, well, I suggest popping over to Revolution Harry's blog". Why?

I already know what and who controls each country and I was also amazed to find out that the vatican owned it all, I was not surprised at all as I knew about the tri party state setup and they all have country status. It was upon viewing a clip that is posted on my own blog now, that I was finally able to join the dots.

The Captains post was about taking time out to regroup, nothing else.

I suggest that you respond accordingly and deal with the subject matter instead of going off at a tangent.

All the best Harby.

Anonymous said...

Captain , Sometimes you just need to refresh those batteries and take a step back. Come back soon.
Adelaide Girl

JuliaM said...

All the best with whatever you decide to do.

Anonymous said...

The Dialogue may seem repetitive to you Ranty but it reinforces the message to readers old and new. The theme is simple, we are free, and every experience that challenges the system no matter how insignificant it may seem, puts another crack in the mortar that holds the facade of democracy together.

coz said...

CR:'I think the big thing for me was finding out that the monarch only rents the crown from the Vatican.'

I watched that video and someone told me that a long time ago too, but that just means it's a religious war and I already knew that.

Have a nice break, I don't know how you keep up a busy blog like this. :)

coz said...

PS Haven't you ever come across the theory that the judges are priests of Baal, that the win/lose thing in court is a bless/curse action?

bryboy said...

I can understand your predicament. If 'the people' cannot be bothered to fight their own corner what can the blogosphere do? It is a dilemma because I too find that I am now repeating myself. If people do not realise that 'modernisation' is the enemy and still vote along traditional lines when those lines have been redrawn then we are lost. I too am suffering from a 'Captain Ranty' troll. Hope to see you back soon CR.

Anonymous said...


"This is not a personal attack.."

Of course not...

"There is absolutely no reason to go into a diatribe regarding what people should do."

No diatribe, merely answering the Captain's article. It was not aimed at you or anyone else for that matter. Notice I addressed the Captain and not you?

""As regards to the Vatican, well, I suggest popping over to Revolution Harry's blog". Why?"

Maybe because Revolution Harry's blog has a lot of useful information on the Vatican (something he mentioned in his inital article), Babylon, bloodlines and control over time by the elites perhaps?

"I suggest that you respond accordingly and deal with the subject matter instead of going off at a tangent."

I did. You just decided to butt in and give your 10p worth to a reply that was not addressed to you. I think the words mind your own business spring to mind here.

Maybe next time Pete, how about minding your own business? That would therefore save you the time of replying to posts and wasting my time in replying to you (out of courtesy of course).

Best solution, ignore what I have to say. If it annoys you that much then do what I do and skip over posts from people I have no intention of debating with. I don't get into debates with people whom I have no desire debating with.


Pete said...


My comments were not meant to come across in a brash manner. I felt and feel that you did go off on a tangent, that is fine, but I prefer that commenters stay on track with the subject matter of a post.

I am not dissing you in any way and I have read a lot of your comments. Some I agree wholeheartedly with and others that I just find depressing. However I am a realist and a lot of what you have written is your truth as you see things.

Perhaps "minding my own business", was not what brought me to the place that I am at in my own life. You see, others were minding my business for me whilst I was in slumber land. But, alas, I am wide awake now.

Come back after R&R Captain as this is my second favourite blog after wattsupwiththat.

All the best to all who post and comment on here, especially your good self Harby.

Stealthy McMode said...

This is nail biting stuff! :)

Anonymous said...

While you take a break Captain, some of us are preparing for the end game. Live long and prosper, your old friends at the suspended 'Radio Free Britain'.

Anonymous said...

Come back soon captain

pitano1 said...

hi cap.

quote..How do you fight the Vatican? It has to be the wealthiest corporation in the history of mankind.

it is my understanding that the roman cult/vatican power structure is based on a series of false claims,that were not rebutted.