March 20, 2012

Strategy and Tactics

Does anyone remember these feckless scum? What about this useless waste of space?

Do people like this make you angry? Does it boil your piss that these scroungers are being feather bedded with your taxes as a matter of deliberate govt policy.

I'm not angry, in fact it makes me happy because it tells me that our side, the side that want minuscule taxes, dwarf govt and midget rules and regulations cannot lose. Big govt, by its very nature sows the seeds of its own destruction.

Want proof? Let me ask you a question. Why do the barbarian dictators in Beijing prop up the regieme in North Korea?

The answer of course, is that they have to. If the peasants were pushed too hard they would simply rebel and that includes all the lower ranks in the army. The chinks would be faced with turmoil next door and several million refugees overrunning the border.

But I digress, lets get back to the workshy moochers.They give us the first plank of our strategy, lets follow their example by taking as much money from the govt as possible.

1. Claim as much as possible. Even if you don't think you are eligible claim anyway because there are so many benefits available and nobody but a real expert knows the fine details of them all. You never know, the bureaucrats might make a mistake in your favour.
2. Allied to #1 pay as little tax as possible. Starve the beast. Sell the second car and walk or bike to work. About 65% of the cost of a litre of petrol is tax, either fuel duty or VAT. When was the last time you paid 50p per litre which is what unleaded would cost with no tax. Get your fags from abroad or from white van man and deprive the govt of £5.25 of the usual £6.50 for a packet of 20. Interestingly, tobacco tax raises over £8bn for the govt but even the most optimistic figures the NHS puritans can come up with show that smoking costs the NHS only £2bn a year. Fancy a tipple, again, booze cruise or brew your own.
3. Make common cause with likely allies. Smokers, drinkers and shooters are natural allies and should be courted. Don't let the state divide and rule.
4. Send them to Coventry. If you have any civil servants as personal friends explain to them how they are providing succour to the enemy. Ostracism is a powerful weapon to use on a social species like us.
5. Deprogram your kids from the brainwashing they receive from the state.

We must remember that they only control us because we let them but there are many things we can do to simply walk away from the state.

I've started, have YOU?



Anonymous said...

Dispite being wealthy. Owning 2 homes and renting out a dozen others I am entitled to free prescriptions and working family tax credits. I havnt worked in 10 years!

This country is a joke!

MS said...

The problem you have is that many of the middle class are also sucking at the government tit. Doctors rely on the NHS to pay their salaries. The civil service wouldn't have jobs were it not for government. Teachers, lecturers, artists and council workers all rely on government to fill their bellies. Will they revolt against the hand that feeds them? Will the millions who read the sun and watch Dancing on Ice sniff the air and smell the deposit left by the elephant in the room.

Sadly the answer is no. People are happy with their cognitive dissonance thank you very much. They don't want to know, at least not yet.

There is hope however. The youth, AKA the millenials give us hope. Read "The Fourth Turning" to see why.

Anonymous said...

Gaius, all good strategies. I stopped smoking a few years ago - purely to starve them of the tax revenue. It was the best incentive to stop I've found and I did it overnight. Haven't smoked since. I chuckle every time I think of the £1000s I've starved them of.

Didn't fill in the Census - they can stick that where the don't shine. Didn't open the door to their henchmen so nothing they could do about it.

I'm moving house soon and won't be putting my name on the Electoral Roll so they can sell my details to all comers and make money from me that way. I swore the 2010 GE would be the last one I voted in unless I could see a genuine attempt to roll back the state and the EU machine. Predictably the bandwagon rolls on so I am withdrawing my consent by not endorsing anyone to represent me from now on.

However, I won't be claiming any benefits. I'm hoping to start my own unregistered business so I'm no longer forced, through PAYE, to pay for the destruction of my country and my people.

They're beginning to push many of us way too far.


karlos said...

Bugger buying your bacca, grow your own, England is perfect for doing this, I grew over 100 plants last year, saving me a few grand - "coffinnails" is the bible of growing your Bacca to give a good two fingered salute to the Taxman and the White van-man.

coz said...

Gee, I'd be careful about this stuff, in creeping Totalitarianism, honest people and those who refuse to falsify stats and spin are made redundant or subtly gotten rid of, only those who bow down and worship at statist creeds will be allowed to work or prosper. Demonising the 'work shy' was also big with Adolf. Gonna have to call this one a FAIL. Along with that they tend to label you 'crazy'. Bit shallow mate.

Gaius said...

MS, not everybody works for the state and even if they do some support us so thats not a problem.

David, I'll cover voting in another post.
Don't stop smoking (unless you want to), simply smoke without paying the tax.
You SHOULD claim any benefit you are entitled to, you are letting the side down if you don't.

Karlos, good point.

Coz, you simply haven't understood. Champion the spongers as useful idiots, they weaken our enemy and we can get rid of them when we achieve power.

Gaius said...

MS, the majority of people don't work for the govt and even some who do already support us, this isn'tt a problem.

David, Don't stop smoking unless you really want too, stop giving the govt tax. By not claiming any benefits you are letting the side down.

Karlos, good point.

Coz, the scroungers are our useful idiots, they weaken our enemy and won't be a drain when we take power.

Gaius said...

Hello coz,

Interestingly, I'm planning a blog post about this very topic of "us" running away from power which lets 'them' enslave us.