March 26, 2012

The Masturbator

This came to me (no pun intended) from my good pal Crazy Daisy.

I thought it might cheer you up on a Monday morning.

The image will not load so pop along to this site to see what all the fuss was about.

Thanks to Jason we can now show you the police response:

Please note that the word 'illegal' is not used once. In fact, it was not used a total of seven times in the same letter.



mescalito said...

HA :) excellent, time for everyone to put a poster up, especially if there is a chance of compensation.

Fidel Cuntstruck said...

Must have been a very complex process though - took the fuckers nearly two years to hold their hands up eh?

Oldrightie said...

What's unlawful about telling the truth?

William said...

So everything the cops did was legal in the United Kingdom (corporation) but unlawful!

Perhaps now those who argue that legal is the same as lawful will realise they are wrong.

nisakiman said...

Great! I've bookmarked it for further dissemination.

Yes, there was a lot of 'unlawfuls' in that letter.

And he is still a wanker.

microdave said...

Unless Camermong is VERY unusual, I would say there is a cast-iron certainty that, at some point in his life, he has knocked one off the wrist!

Therefore the poster is perfectly true...

Anonymous said...


If you're using a laptop, do NOT click on the link. Not only will it NOT load, it'll also cause the laptop to completely freeze up (I couldn't even restart the damn thing, I had to yank the battery to fix the frigging issue)

Captain Ranty said...


I think the problem is local to you.

I use a laptop as well and the link opens 5 times out of five with no issues.


James Higham said...

Working together for a safer London. Yes.

Jason said...

Hey up Captain, Ive sorted the linking of the pictures for you so you can display em on yer blog..
They are

Made me laugh..

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Jason!

Post edited to include the letter.


Tattyfalarr said...

How the hell do you write on behalf of yourself ?

There's some serious psycological issues, right there.

Stealthy said...

Love it :D