March 24, 2012

Remember The Wurzels?

Guest post from Gaius.

I am a Cider Drinker,
I drinks it all of the day,
I am a Cider Drinker,
it soothes all me troubles away,
Ooh arrh, ooh arrh ay, Ooh arrh, ooh arrh ay

I like cider, there is nothing better than sitting in the garden on a hot summers day with a few friends and putting the world to rights with some decent scrumpy. But however drunk I may get it won't smooth away my troubles due to the fact that a bunch of scum sucking politicians wish to tax me into penury and control my every move.

I am, of course, talking about today's hair brained scheme to have minimum pricing for alcohol.

Firstly, there is simply no problem, we drink now less than we did ten years ago and the police already have adequate laws with which to arrest drunks with.

Secondly, the introduction of minimum pricing IS the thin end of the wedge as the usual suspects will clamour for it to be raised in the following years.

Thirdly, both coalition parties opposed it when the SNP tried to introduce it into Scotland last year. So why the change of heart?

However, I must point out that it won't affect me, I'm going to start making my own cider.

I also swear that from this day on I will never again buy alcohol if there is any tax included in the price and this won't stop me drinking whatever and when ever I want.

Lastly I will leave you with this thought, the reason prohibition ended in America is because ordinary people simply ignored the law and wouldn't vote for the killjoys.

I'll drink to that.



coz said...

Had a quick look at some of the prices in the UK and it seems extraordinarily cheap. Average price of a case (24 units, 375ml each) of beer here, is $45-50 AUD, but I'm in Tasmania, so we get 'island prices', it's a bit cheaper in the big mainland cities.

Dan said...

You do understand why we're getting all this shite, don't you? Years and years ago, our elected leaders joined the EU on our behalf and courtesy of that deceit we now have a new set of completely unelected kleptocrats over in Europe, making our laws for us.

All this law is passed as "secondary legislation", i.e. Parliament passed one law which then permitted it to push shedloads more laws into the statute books without debate, argument or really any choice. Precisely why we even have a parliament any more is really a mystery when we now have a much more efficient way of getting laws foisted on us.

Anyway, the result of this torrent of foreign law is that the role for our local legislators is largely gone; they're sitting there pulling their salaries not so much as people running our government so much as distractions and public entertainment, and very little more. This initiative against binge drinking is merely a way to entertain the populace for a while, nothing more.

The only good news in all of this is that the real rulers over in Europe are if anything even more incompetent than even Gordon Brown's government was. Poor mad old Gordon did have his moments of lucidity (the Government here employs some extremely talented pharmacologists), whilst over the Europe they seem to be full-time gibberers. Their pet currency, the Euro, is dying. Indeed it started life like a hideously mutated, inbred pedigree dog (imagine a pedigree bulldog line-bred for a few generations in the shadow of the Chernobyl reactors) and gasped its unhealthy way through life for a few scant years, no doubt secretly fervently hoping for death as a release from pain.

Anyway, we now have a massive circle-jerk of debt over in Europe, with zillions of Euros being owed all over the place to all manner of people, and the ECB busily creating more and more out of thin air to try to keep the edifice limping along. It'll die, and its time ain't going to be long in coming, and with it the EU is going to snuff it too; as it goes the Euro is going to look like the Zimbabwe trillion dollar notes I once bought as a curio.