March 09, 2012

First The Law, Now Money.

This week, due to prevailing circumstances, we have been looking at the judiciary. We have discovered that it is fundamentally flawed. Catastrophically flawed, some would say, (I am one of those), and it needs immediate repair.

You may be forgiven for thinking that all is normal, but it isn't.

That other 'prime mover', money, is also fundamentally, catastrophically, flawed. In days of yore and stuff, money was backed by gold, and this system worked very well for a very long time. Nowadays, money is magicked out of thin air. Many, many people think that I am making this stuff up.

I'm not.

I have tried to explain the concept before but I don't think I could ever explain it in three minutes and convince people.

Watch this 3 minute video from the good people over at Positive Money and if you like it, (or even if you have doubts), try to find 20 minutes to listen to this from what is surely the most wide-awake of politicians.

As I keep saying: the judiciary today bears no resemblance to what should be in place, money is in similar dire straits, and it needs to be fixed.

It cannot, and will not, be fixed until enough of us realise that it is broken.

Please share these links with people you think may be nudged awake after viewing them.

Have a good weekend.


Oops! I forgot a tip of the beret to my old pal Trooper Thompson for the find. Thanks TT.


Anonymous said...

Hi Captain,

Other countries are taking care of that one by trading in gold instead of the Dollar. Hence why we and the US is in such shite. (everyone knows if the US sneezes we catch a cold) I think its a matter of time before the whole bloody thing collapses.

Will that be enough for the shiney obsessed chettle that is the british public to get off thier arse? I would hope so.


westcoast2 said...


Steve Baker makes some interesting points. Unfortunately, even though he understands the issues from many perspectives, he does consider money to be a store of value See towards the end the video).

FOFOA gives another view where the functions of money are split:
"Our modern understanding of money is that it has three roles or functions: 1) A medium of exchange, our TRANSACTIONAL currency, 2) a unit of account, a "number" used for comparing relative values, held in each person's memory AND on paper for bookkeeping (and legerdemain), and 3) a store of value, or wealth."

Although Positive money want "money" to retain its value, I am unclear how that is achieved with their proposals.

Captain Ranty said...


As far as I can see, almost all countries in the world have the same disease. (The US just happens to be a powerhouse. Of something).

Mind you, Libya was an exception.

They will soon have the New Libya in their clutches. They will go from being a country owing no-one to a country owing everyone.


Captain Ranty said...


I think Steve said that he thought PM's idea was the most attractive at this time. Did he not say that it was almost right? He did agree that what we have today is going to end very badly, very soon.

Thanks for the link.

Reading now.


Anonymous said...


According to Benjamin Fulford their (the elites) time is numbered. My initial thoughts on this is to take it with a pinch of salt as I have found quite a bit of mis-info and bullshit but there has been a few instaces (arrests etc) that he said was going to happen before it did.

Who knows..


Anonymous said...

Did you make the right link?

I find this:

should be the right one.

Captain Ranty said...

I think both are worth watching, so thanks for that one.