March 18, 2012

Peoples Public Trust

And other subjects.

I have seen a few of Darren's videos in the past and I think his approach is pretty unique. Like the videos we have seen Dean Clifford present, Darren has a different take on Freemen/Sovereignty and wonders if we overlook the fact that it is a standard human opening our notices and affidavits and that they are confused by the language and the tone we use. The odds on your stuff arriving with the right man/woman and being understood completely are pretty remote. What can we do to change that? After all, (as we have discovered), most people think that everything is tickety-boo. We are the oddballs for daring to point out some dreadful inconsistencies. We are the trouble-makers, we are the boat-rockers, but do we ever take the time to explain why we are so angry or disappointed, or why we feel deceived by a patently corrupt system?

Perhaps not. Perhaps we don't tell our story well.

This has not escaped me, but when you get a well-crafted notice ignored, (but never rebutted), we tend to blame the machine. Should we attempt to make it easier for the operators of the machine to understand why we do what we do? Will it help?

These, and many other fascinating insights are contained in the video. Make time to listen if you can.



westcoast2 said...


Good talk from Darren. I was thinking about people just doing their jobs and how, rather than confrontation, a different approach might work and then you put this up.

Some quick observations...
Language, need anymore be said...(Bandler and Grinder did write about the Structure of Magic, twice.)

Messiah Complex. (That Reminds me George Harrison sang I Me Mine), Maybe sometimes it is better to sort yourself out and walk away as nobodies listening. Sometimes its like, why didn't they listen?

Trust. In addition to instant jurisdiction, there's trust in others and trust in self. No knight in shining armour unless you put the armour on?

Master/Mastery. Self-mastery first. Gravitas comes from being true to yourself?

Interesting thoughts on reality creation and co-creation. Also he mentioned the stories in the world and that you tell yourself.

Darren confronted the issue of weakness/strength, from potentially being seen as weak and facing strength, head on. This was very useful.

He also mentioned Peck (Not Gregory but M Scott) - The Road Less Traveled, worth a read.
(Not mentioned - The Games People Play, Eric Berne is also interesting and relevant. It is TA but the examples are good)

There was a lot said and much to think about.

Cindy Blue said...

Captain - I've been working on a blog which you might find interesting.

Just about everything we buy in supermarkets cause serious health problems including cancer. Our world is contaminated with chemicals and pesticides to the point where even human beings are being proven to be toxic during wide scale studies. Our food supply is contaminated - our water supply is contaminated and so are we.

And yeah, a lot of people do think everything is hunky dory, when for many reasons the situation is far from it. The obviously haven't read our blogs or others like them in any detail, probably because their brain dead from eating all that acrylamide, rocket fuel, arsenic, dioxide etc. Or just being kept busy, busy busy all the time and feed bullshite through the media.