March 13, 2012


Here is the problem.

(It is a long video. Watch it, or don't. Learn from it, or don't).

Here is the solution.

(Same rules apply).

We have been fooled for hundreds of years.

Unfool yourself.



ChasC said...

Thanks for the comments on the last song Cap'n - but of yu really want to march then here's a set of lyrics I have put a tune to yet (but I'm working on it!)

I don’t like to be pushed around
Or doing what I’m told
Had enough of that when I was young
And now I’m getting old
Been on this earth for long enough
To make up my own mind
To form my own opinions
And not just tow the line

I just don’t need no thought police
I don’t need no mind control
Don’t need no camera watching me
In every place I go
Don’t need no bankers robbing me
By stealing all my Csh
Don’t need no politicians
To be feeding me their trash

The establishment is full of crooks
They’re everywhere you go
They’re all called sir or lord or such
So that’s how you will know
Don’t ever turn your back on one
He’ll stick the knife right in
And once you had it done to you
You’ll know that you can’t win

I’d take the rotten stinking mess
And burn it to the ground
I’d make sure what they’re doing to me
Is going back around
I’d massage my expenses
And steal from my best friend
If I followed their example
To the lousy stinking end

Our police are all corrupted
And our polticians bent
The judges are all out of touch
Our money’s all been spent
Our laws are made by foreigners
Who’ve got us by the throat
We’re ruled by fucking arseholes
Who are not put to the vote

I really shouldn't go on holiday as it seems to stir things up in me head!!!!

Captain Ranty said...


That pretty much says it all for me!

Can't wait to hear you sing it.



Anonymous said...

More on Scottish "Justice"

Anonymous said...

I was wrongfully arrested and used my internet pseudonim and refused to comply and i got a section 2 and was taken to a mental facility for 28 days (no solcitor)after which they tried to section 3 me which is up to six months.... the police can call in shrinks and cart you off to the mad house were they will try to give you a chemical lobotomy.

No history of violence never run around tesco in the nude or anything like that and was a productive member of the system for forty years

The put me on 750mg of seroquel and the top shrink wanted me on lithium and another strong drug as well, i called for an independant clinical shrink who asked me do you think there are groups of people out to get you?, i said YES leftists and shrinks. after the usual questions he could not see anything wrong with me and so they could not hold me in there i done two months.

So when you use other names and refuse to comply it can backfire bigtime.

coz said...

Just finished Arthur's video, I'm aware of their website but the WALL OF TEXT nature of it always put me off, he's basically reading out one of his text walls, and it's a much better form for him. Some very interesting points there indeed, but maybe a bit advanced for noobs.

He also has a vid about what he'd do if he was dragged into court (it's part 3 of that series he refers to) so I'll try and have a look at it this week, but it's an hour and a half. I tend to have a card solitaire going in the corner of the screen for extra long stuff, helps to sit thru it.

coz said...

Noobs need to stick to noob stuff, this is not a magic wand for anyone to wave, you need to deeply understand it to succeed. If the previous commenter was ill treated by the mental health police, they are gatekeepers, and for people in that situation, always make it clear that you are not a danger to yourself or anyone else, as the previous commenter did and seek an outside opinion. You must also be able to demonstrate 'sanity' to do LR successfully. People who think they can just say 'I am not that name' and have an abracadabra phemonemon are very much mistaken. The point of the courts and other such authorities is that you not only have to say it, you have to PROVE it as well, they are a type of 'examination' board and if you can't prove it they will punish you.

nala said...

Hi capn' found this wee link you might well be interested in.

respect dude, nala

Anonymous said...

I thought that we were all related to Charlemagne Captain.

So does that make us all part of the system?

Should we rebel against the system that we are part of through birth?

Or should we just keep our heads down, and enjoy it while it lasts?

Anonymous said...

Horrific situation for anonymous above being sectioned, ironically a tool used frequently by the communists. I agree with Coz in that until your fully aware and read on the freeman path don't bother trying this in a civil court. This also means picking up a black law dictionary and reading it fully. It's a game and you have to know it well if you want to win.



ian said...

Hello CR

I saw the link to The Beamable Sustainable Princes in your comments section and watched the video a few days ago. A very interesting presentation of the "real" hierarchical structure that exists in the world today.

So the Queen is renting the Crown from the Pope eh? - this sounds like a BIG story.

I will keep an eye out for it on the evening news - you never know, maybe there is a news organisation out there that has got the balls to publish it.


coz said...

The thing I'd query about Arthur's video is that he (like the 'magic bullet' lady a little while back) also seems to be recommending (in a philosophical, what if, sense) a complete throwing off of any thing that ties you to the world of maritime law, but I don't see how that's do-able, at this stage. I mean one can't avoid contracting for housing whether it's 'owned' or rented, if one were to simply squat on a piece of land and start producing food, one would end up in court. Utopias are for God to enact (if you believe) not people, they always stuff it up.

I'd be guessing that both systems (common and maritime) are necessary and people need to use a opt in, opt out approach, seems more realistic to me.

Tim said...

I don't agree with the second vid.

I think 'the mark of the beast' is simply fiat-currency:

- Bear in mind that in those days, people used things of value for money - like gold & silver, or wheat. They wouldn't have recognised a promissory note, *or* an account number...

- Look at the etymology of 'Dollar' - it reduces to 'Tal' = a Mark
Not sure how many other currency names resolve to this, but I'm guessing a few... (Deutschmark, Lira, Franc?...)

- Account # in forehead, or cash in hand...
- The mark = cash
- the name of the beast = card / cheque (name of the bank)
- the number of his name - Account #

Looks like Rev.13 is complete to me...


pitano1 said...

hi cap.
glad to see you up..n..runnin again.

the thing that ties us into the darkside,is the surname,not the `given,/christian name.
although i agree that the love of fiat is the source of all evil.

that is
according to this guy.
`a christian man named dan`

he has some very interesting vids,worth watching,and very educational on how we are imprisoned by the system.

pitano1 said...

please ignore last post.`done before i watched vid 2`

alternative investments said...

Dear God, anonymous' description of his time in a mental hospital for a wrongful arrest is terrifying. That something like this can happen in the UK makes us no different than the Soviet Union which famously used psychiatry and psychiatric hospitals to persecute dissidents.