March 20, 2012

Know Thy Master

Some of you will be surprised to learn who that actually is.

And if you didn't like that one, you will like this even less. Particularly if you are an American.

If it worries you that the Vatican is central to it all, stop worrying. Even the queen swears fealty to the pope*.

*Need proof? Look here. It's in the first paragraph.

We are all enslaved by the Vatican.

Smashing, eh?

EDIT: This just in from my friend Bob.

"Just a few of points to bear in mind. Treason is an offence against the Crown. With the signing up to the Treaty of Rome the Queen and her then government agreed to the surrender the supremacy of the Crown and the sovereign independence of the nation to the Franco German Axis then known as the European Economic Community. The Crown is supreme or it is nothing at all. As Parliament draws its legitimacy from the Crown it follows that Parliament is now an independent albeit unlawful institution and as such is no longer under national constraint or law as the supremacy of our law now lies with the European Commission.
As the Queen is no longer sovereign monarch  but a citizen of the Franco German Axis now known as the EU along with all British nationals no one is any longer subject to Crown constraint. The police forces, like Parliament are now independent bodies employed by Parliament which funds and services them with monies fraudulently obtained from the public by bogus tax demands, bogus because Parliament no longer has legitimacy. Thus has been the progression towards placing the police in the hands of private speculators and out of the control and influence of the people.
All of this was achieved by those in political power including the people's elected Monarch by simply ignoring lawful constitutional constraint and fooling the people into believing that the Crown and the office of the Monarch still existed by charades of historic pageantry and pretences such as the Queens Diamond Jubilee. As for the Constitution the offenders now claim that we do not have a constitution and doubtless in their eyes we do not. Parliament now gives no more than a pretence of lip service to the authority of national institutions sufficient to prevent confrontation on a national scale.
A few points to bear in mind.
a. There can be no treason against a crown that no longer exists.
b. There can be no sovereign head of state in a nation which is no longer sovereign.
c.  There can be no official governor of a nation that is no longer self governing.
d.  Laws which are subordinate to superior laws cannot be binding.
e. There can be no effective national constitution of a nation that is under the political control of an outside superior authority.
All officialdom in this country is under the absolute control of the Franco German Axis. Treason as we understand it now means nothing to official bodies such as Parliament and the police, therefore references made to it are meaningless. The bottom line is we the people elected the Queen as official Governor of the nation and placed the nation's lawful institutions in her hands and under her protection. Not only is the Queen in dereliction of her sworn obligation to uphold and protect our national institutions, she has been complicit in the destruction of their lawful authority. According to our common law Constitution and its lawful constraints, this nation is about the people and their elected monarch to whom all our national institutions are subordinate and so through the people's monarch to the people. If the nation is to be saved, as at the time of Charles 1st and Charles 2nd the woman now merely posing as our monarch for political expediency must be removed and the people must then choose and elect a new monarch. If this is not done and soon the Franco German Axis will be obliged to create its own laws of treason and sedition to protect its supremacy of rule, laws that would be upheld and maintained by a police force employed and controlled by unelected bodies of European totalitarian persuasion."

This note refers to a bigger conversation but for now, this is all I can reproduce.

Food for thought.  



Anonymous said...

i think youl find it is the crown that is behind the e.u.since the bank of england,the i.m.f and the world bank are all subsidiaries of the crown,i see no reason to think the european central bank isnt either.which explains why britain is so keen to obey the european diktats when the other countries might seem like its france and germany but they are just convenient proxies.the new european banking treaty has the same clauses in it that all the other crown subsidiaries have,no taxes,no audits,totally above all laws etc.the crown still runs things but gets to break all the constitutional rights by pretending to be the e.u.

Michael Fowke said...

I'm not surprised. I've seen The Godfather Part III.

Woodsy42 said...

I know mine, she's in the kitchen doing our tea.

Anonymous said...

Not really off topic as everything stems from the same sewer:

TPTB have just moved another step closer to the guillotine. And that goes for the lackeys who carry out the unlawful orders. 'Only following orders' will not be an excuse when the trials begin.
They had better decide sharpish which side they're on.


Anonymous said...

I used to think that the monarchy was behind all this along with the Rothschilds, but the queen is a subordinate of the vatican and the pope who is the continuation of the caesar and the Holy Roman Empire. The queen (crown) and the Rothschilds are top players and henchmen of the Vatican in my (and other's) opinion. The Roman Empire never died. It merely rebranded and reinvented itself. It's always been in control as people in power never relinquish it.


Captain Ranty said...

You guys might like this.

It is a potted history and pretty much confirms all of the stuff I have been banging on about:

Some great sources for reference purposes too.

I'd better knock out a Notice to Pope Benny and explain that I am not his any more.

My chatteling days are over dude.


pitano1 said...

hi cap.

maybe the bullshit,and metaphor started here.

check out how much the kiddy fiddlers own.

coz said...

Being a christian, I tend to interpret this stuff to mean that God will appoint the true sovereign. Betty Windsor and her ilk are imposters, but that was their role to play and that role is coming to an end.

As far as the Vatican goes, there's nothing they can do about a sovereign appointed by God. They will fall away.

Anonymous said...

But isn't this stuff about the pope/vatican rubbish?

Wasn't it declared shortly after John signed the concession that such an action was void - since he did not own what he signed over, he was a mere trustee.


James Higham said...

Don't forget the City too.

Captain Ranty said...


It would be rubbish but for four separate Bulls:

1302-Unum Sanctum
1455-Romanus Pontifex
1481-Aeterni Regis

Take a squint at those and you will know how deep the rabbit hole actually is.

The Vatican owns all and it controls all. It will never let go.


Reinhard said...

CR, I disagree. The Vatican can state till it's blue in the face that it controls the whole world for all time, but law is mostly convention. Over time de facto becomes de jure, and what was once de jure is forgotten an becomes nothing. Call it civil disobedience, call it neglect, whatever: old laws don't apply because no one thinks they apply. The only reason any law, edict, treaty or other such instrument is ever effective is because the majority of people explicitly or implicitly agree to recognise it as their law. That's why when you tell the police that statutes do not apply to you their brains overheat. They cannot conceive that someone would reject the legislation that everyone thus far has accepted. It is a difference of world views: you (rightly) view all legislation on top of natural law as effective by convention and can therefore remove yourself from the convention. Their view is that convention is above natural law in every sense.

So yes, it may say that the Vatican, or the Queen, or Crown Agents, or the City, or the Rothschilds or whomever controls things, but that is not the case if people have simply rejected and forgotten such laws intended to enslave them.

Anonymous said...

reinhard-the papal bulls the cap refers to were written on tortured childrens flesh,which they consider gives life to the documents,with them they took our mind body soul and property,
it does not matter if you believe them or not they do,
have they been revoked,no they stand today,ignorance of the law no matter how old it is,is no excuse,
they consider themselves gods,
jesus who was the son of god entrusted them with the world so they tell us and will look after his property till he return,which of course is not going to happen,
these people believe in symbols which give them power,the obleisk being apparent,dragons,serpents ect,its amazing how much there is when you really look and understand what they mean or who they represent.
we walk past these type of symbols every day and just because we have 'forgotten'or are too ignorant to know does not detract from the fact that they do,and delight in the way they put it in plain sight and nearly everybody misses them,
if you presume that its all irrelevant then they presume that they own your ass,and soul till you refute it.
its the same as court,where presumption are everything,until you rebutt it.