June 03, 2011

Safe To Dance?

Is it fuck.

The boys in blue continue to plumb new depths...



Anonymous said...

As things continue to deteriorate I can but wonder what these cops are thinking. They have partners and children who have to live in the community they abuse and they all will retire to live in the same community.

Caratacus said...

Agreed Anon.

"...and they all will retire to live in the same community". If they live that long...

westcoast2 said...


So dance, dance, like It's the last, last night of your life, life... Westcoast Swing Flash Mob 2010

Just people having fun :)

Manu said...

Have to admit that I am confused what I was watching in this video...

What was the back story to this? Who were the people dancing? Is it somehow forbidden to dance in the Lincoln memorial? If so, why? What else can't you do?

Who were these 'policemen'? Were they actual cops, or a bunch of private contractors?

What happened after the events shown? Were the dancers charged/convicted? If so, of what? Did they counter-sue for wrongful arrest / GBH?

Above all (assuming that this is not a hoax), WTF?!

Anonymous said...

When police are expected to threaten, bully, taser 70 and 80 year olds, shoot pets etc etc guess what type of person is attracted to police work.

Take a fragile society add political hyperbole, sanctioned hatred, zero tolerance, manufactured fear, arrest targets, risk aversion and stand well back, explosion imminent.

Anonymous said...

As a retired copper of 25yrs this sickens me as well.
The only way the UK can be policed is by consent and that is a two way street.
Hence, contrary to what is said more and more areas of the Country have become no go areas for the Police and that will simply spread.
I appreciate the clip covers America but their are many similarities.
The head of the fish is rotten and its spreading rapidly. Watch as more and more Police stations close, as the Police withdraw into insolated enclaves because you will be left alone to deal any problems yourself.
A massive change in Policing happened in this Country from 1997 onwards. The current Government is simply accelerating the process.

Snakey said...


"Dancing, even silently, is forbidden at the monument. Last Saturday, five people were tackled to the ground and arrested by police for dancing, which is a violation of rules re-affirmed by a May 17 court ruling that declared the memorial should retain a “tranquil and contemplative mood.”"

The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it always to be kept alive. Thomas Jefferson

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous (retired copper)

I agree with what you say but we are not allowed to be 'left alone to deal any problems' ourselves. I, and most other people these days, would be only too happy to deal with the scumbags that terrorise our streets. WTF does the Govt think is going to happen with the release from jail of more violent prisoners and their failure to lock up repeat offenders? We have murderous Islamists in our midst, the violent mentally ill, the violent burglars/muuggers/rapists and the 'ordinary' random violence and agression from the underclass. We need to bear arms again - and first get rid of the f*ckers in power who have done this to us!


Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

I don't want to pop anyone's balloon, however, as the retired policyman says he is sickened by it.

I would like to add that unless you where blind 'YOU' have help bring this into being.
It is no good sitting back now and complaining YOU did nothing to set into motion to 'STOP' legislation, YOU followed orders.
There will be many other thugs who will state after the fact, that they are disgusted.
We need a 'MAN' in the police to stand up and make all the others account for why we are being 'STATE controlled'.
I do not accept apologies from the police 'EX or other'. ASK Charles de Menezes if one is innocent before found guilty.
JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS, Sir 'BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG ...' + how many other rounds went into his 'HEAD'.
Disgusted, I should think so, haven't we been 'SAYING' this for 'DECADES'.
Welcome to the 'REAL world'.

richard said...

On the surface it's a case of the police doing as they're told otherwise they won't get paid. But as Stef says, they're "magic" in that they have power merely because they carry a talisman ie a badge. If their employers cast a "Spell" ie literally spelled "Dancing Permitted By Order" all of a sudden they can't touch you. And that's magic!
But people are starting to see that there is no magic, just a big guy thumping a small guy then stealing his cash; legal paraphernalia just serves to misdirect the audience.
A chimpanzee is supposedly 98% human. In the opinion of some zoologists he isn't even an animal but a hominid. Try issuing one with a fine, though, and he won't pay. If he can't spell, there's no "spell", just a piece of paper with funny marks. A Person can be fined as we know, but what about Homo sapiens the mammal? He can be locked away or shot if he's thought to be a physical danger, but otherwise - if he says, reads and signs nothing- what'll happen?
Just wondering.

JuliaM said...

We've got nothing to be proud of - consider the woman arrested for reading the names of dead soldiers in Parliament Square...

bollixed: of family Bollixed said...

No fun allowed. No touching. No public displays of affection. Definitely no laughing. Arguing or disagreeing with uniformed company officials will be dealt with vigorously. By entering this place you agree to surrender all your rights and privileges. By Order of the Management.

Let's keep things "tranquil and contemplative".....take the pills, do what you are told, have no opinions, pay your taxes, work, don't worry about a thing, go back to sleep....ssshhhh....there's a good boy....ssshhhhhhhhhhh

bollixed: of family Bollixed said...

What remains of our honest police force have to wake up to the fact that WE are not your enemy. There is no them and thus. Continue to harass, criminalise, and bully the decent majority and you lose our support. Stop us resolving the world/country's problems peacefully with fun protests like this video and you can look forward to much, much worse following behind us. Remember, Mr Policyman, you have been hired by the corrupted ones to enforce their statutes on the rest of us and to stop the rest of us telling them to go fuck themselves as we're losing our jobs, our families, our rights, our democracy, our health, and our human fucking dignity.

"I was only obeying orders", is not a lawful defence. You have as much power to say NO! as the rest of us. I'm an ex-squaddie and I said NO! when I bought myself out of service. And I'll continue to say NO! to corruption, and arrogance, and bullies till the day I die. Oh, isn't that supposed to be your job Mr Policyman? pffftt