June 27, 2011

Say What? Second In A Series Of Two.

The first one went down well, so I am adding another.

These recaps are for newbies who may be unfamiliar with my scribblings. Or, they may act as reminders to all for why I do this, or why I hold a certain view of a certain event.

Some were a pure joy to write, and others were painful. I have included posts which people keep coming back to. At first I thought a useful guide was how many comments they generated but the stats tell a different story.

Anyhoo, here is the last batch for you to peruse.

This one was dramatic, Britain Has Fallen. The USA Is Next and contains a couple of videos from Daniel Hannan. Quite why he is still in the Conservative Party remains a mystery to me.

In The Withdrawal Method Eric Cantona shares his philosophy on the banksters. He wasn't wrong back then, and he is still right today. If you want to smite thine enemy, there is no finer place to start than with these greedy bastards.

Eleven Eleven Eleven was and will be my tribute to the fallen every year at the same time. This song moves me in ways others don't.

This may be a repeat of a repeat but A Letter To The Monarch bears repeating. Every week if needs be. This remarkable lady is often on my mind.

I wondered if this really was Food For Thought? The easiest thing to do with stuff like this is label it as tinfoil hattery. Trouble is, questions I had at the time, I still have, almost tens years later. They are simple questions and I am baffled as to why no-one is able to answer them.

Bully Boys Down Under shows us what we thought to be true: all cops use the same training school. Nasty, nasty, nasty people. It is getting harder and harder to separate the good guys from the bad guys.

In the Road Less Travelled I try to explain to you why I am deliberately poking the tiger in the eye. Thankfully, most of you get it and are tremendously supportive.

In this piece, A Case For Treason, we learn about that good and brave man Albert Burgess. Go take a look. Be surprised, get angry, then do something about it.

Our policemen strike again in The Thin Blue Line. It may surprise you to learn that I would support our bobbies with every atom if they just did what they were meant to do. More often than not, they are unable to exercise restraint. This does not make them popular. And, I hesitate to say this, but public confidence in the police drops lower and lower with each passing month. Naturally, they will pick the wrong "side". Pity.

We The Forgetful was my attempt to distil my thoughts. This piece just poured out of me onto the keyboard. One of the easiest I ever wrote.

Here I say thank you. It really is Heady Stuff For A Humble Scribe. Almost one year since that was penned and we have more than doubled the readership here. So, erm, thanks again.

Big Business Behind Bars caused my jaw to drop. Watch the video again as The AntiTerrorist explains some shit we really didn't want to hear.

I tried rewriting the Peelian Principles in this piece. Not everyone agreed, which is what makes writing this stuff so much more interesting.

Finally, Slavery By Consent should get your blood pumping. But not in a good way. Have a couple of Prozac handy, just in case.

Onwards and upwards.

I will keep writing as long as you lot promise to keep coming to read.

Without you guys, I am just a sad old fart hammering away at the old keyboard.




Wayne said...


I was looking over your old posts the other day but didn't get through all of them. Where are you up to with HMRC? Not the customs haul, I'm up to date with that one.


P:S I'll keep coming to read

Captain Ranty said...


Not a peep for nearly eight months.

I thought they had a "cast iron case" but they must have had a rethink otherwise they would have been here and hauled me away.

I'll give 'em another poke. I cannot claim a win until I know they are on their knees.


wayne said...

Eight months is a long time! I reckon they may be on their knees......

Captain Ranty said...

They have time on their side.

I hear that they can go back 7 years.

I want a result in the next few months.


Anonymous said...

Cantona video seems to have been removed from u-tube...

James Higham said...

Nice collection there, esp case for treason.

Berni said...

Very good of you cap'tn to collate earlier blogs,makes a good read i can assure you.
Most i've read over time,some i missed......like the Dan Hannon vids.

A case for treason is one i keep up to date with.

I dunno about the prozac i think i need valium topped up with tamazepan,with beta blockers on the side......

Derek said...

Some fine writing. Playing a little catch-up, especially like eleven eleven, and letter to a monarch. More to read. As you say - 'Onwards'.

Anonymous said...

Great work CR & hugely informative (in all kinds of ways). Long may that keyboard keep getting hammered at!

Re: poking HMRC again - I don't suppose UKBA have responded to your last notice within the time given? :-D



Captain Ranty said...

Thanks James.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Berni.

Ignore the medication and keep your eyes peeled.

They are slippery bastards and they bear watching.


Captain Ranty said...


You are far too kind to an old scribbler.


Captain Ranty said...


Thank you for the encouragement!

Not a peep from the gubmint boys.

They are right out of time.

One thing the "law" seems to respect (even now) is staying in honour.

Because UKBA failed to respond in time, they are in dishonour.

Victory is mine.


Captain Ranty said...

Anon, (18:53)

Not sure why they would remove Eric's vid.

Shurely they have made a mishtake?


Wayne said...

CR, do you have an email address I can contact you on?

Captain Ranty said...

I do.

captainranty at btinternet dot com


Wayne said...


wayne said...

I've mailed you, just letting you know in case it goes in your junk box!

Captain Ranty said...


If you are Shoes I did get an email, but it is blank.

Can you please resend?


wayne said...

Really? Ok will re do........let me know if it's blank again.

wayne said...

got it?

wayne said...

Re sent from enyaw......

Captain Ranty said...


Got it, and I have answered.

Sorry for the delay. I had to go to the dentist. My face is as numb as a politicians brain.


wayne said...

Ha ha :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Captain

Here is a speech well worth everyone's time


If you've ever wondered why we can bail out banks and fight expensive wars but cannot fund services.

Nick said...

Captain and fellow readers. I realise this is a late post on this thread, but,I have had an epiphany today which I must relate to someone who,I hope, will understand.

I am not a confident writer, but I will try my best.

A little back ground. I work away from the U.K. for almost 10 months of the year, my Wife and Kids live at our home in Leicestershire. I have been reading, and enjoying a fantastic education from your; and many other blogs over the last year and I am currently working at a steel production plant in Russia.
Here, I have an Interpreter to help me, who has a fantastic command of the English language.
This morning we were discussing the Greek economic problems, where, initialy, he was of the opinion that the people are liable for their governments debts as they had voted for them.
We went through various subjects when we hit upon the Iraq and Afghanisthan wars. He was of the “media” informed opinion that the British people were behind our government in supporting these wars. This was quickly sorted out to the contrary.
We then talked about Magna carter and the bill of rights, which I printed and he read.
I then showed him Elisabeth Beckett’s letter to the Queen.
He read it and towards the end of the letter he had tears in his eyes.
Nickolai’s words “ You have to stop this or your children will have the childhood I did! You must never let them become a posession of the “European” state.”
He is 58 years old. So I can imagine his younger years.
I’m back home in 2 weeks early morning and have booked an appointment with a commissioner of oaths for the first afidavit.
I’m sorry if this is a rambling tale.

Thank you to you, your commenters, fellow bloggers and Margret for helping to open my eyes.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks George.

I started to watch it and then the phone rang. Will watch the rest later.


Captain Ranty said...


Nothing wrong with your writing.

For me, it is the message it conveys. No points here for style. Content is all.

Very best wishes with your progress. If you need any help, give me a whistle.



suedenimon said...

Nice idea Cap'n, when I have a bit more 'history' behind me I may do the same!
Sorry just reading "Eleven, eleven, eleven reminded me of this


if youve not seen it...enjoy!