June 19, 2011

Meet The Slime

The House of Lords is infected.

Once a venerable institution, respected for those older, wiser heads, their combined common sense, and their common desire to see sensible legislation enacted, it is diseased.

It now houses foetid bacteria and their names are:

Lord Kinnock
Baroness Kinnock
Lord Mandelson
Lord Brittan
Lord Clinton-Davis
Lord Richard

There will be others, but due to the secrecy surrounding EU pension payments it is difficult to get a full list of those who have been bribed (with our money) to support this festering boil on the face of Europe.

In addition, these scum can never badmouth the glorious union because if they do, the blood money stops being paid into their bloated bank accounts.

It says so right here:

"Moreover, under an ‘EU loyalty clause’, anyone who has worked for the institution who speaks out against Europe can be stripped of their pension. 

They must abide by certain obligations ‘both during and after their term of office’ including maintaining ‘loyalty to the (EU) communities’.

If they break this obligation, they can be ‘deprived of their right to a pension or other benefits’. "

The European Union is about as popular as an outbreak of genital warts in a newly opened brothel. The orchestrator's of this Fourth Reich know this all too well. So they simply hand out truckloads of cash to the tunnel-visioned, insipid politicians who never had a moral compass to begin with.

Knowing that he could lose it all by voting against the bill, one such greedy bastard said this:

"Mr Clinton-Davis’s salary in 1989 was £85,000 and his estimated pension £12,150. He said: ‘I voted the way I did because it was a bad bill.’"

Yeah. I'm convinced that was the reason, you leech.

I am disgusted and ashamed to have to call this collection of money-grabbers fellow Britons.

The rest of this sordid little tale of treason and corruption can be found here.



vervet said...

I guess I will miss the sound of beautiful piano music for a while ... but hey, it'll be worth it.

Captain Ranty said...


Oldrightie said...

Is it not the case that The Kinnocks and Pieman Prezza are there to help bring it down? They seem to be doing a great job!

F***W*T TW****R said...

Watching and knitting CR, watching and knitting.

FireballXL5 said...

This gets my blood boiling big time Capt, of course the BBC are also aligned with this policy of "speak no evil" having accepted EU funding.

Just been reading about the release of Andrew Symeou who suffered four years in a Greek jail without trial due to the EAW. This must surely stand as one of the biggest affronts to freedom ever devised by the cunts who aspire to control us. The odious slimeball scum who "invented" this piece of filth legislation is LibDump MEP Graham Watson who, (despite being a republican) has recently accepted a knighthood.

And yet we bend over with trousers round our ankles whilst smiling and asking for more.

Why oh fucking why??

This won't end peacefully.

Anonymous said...

Like minds I think Ranty - piano wire, guillotine, noose - I'm not choosy.

Anonymous said...

The rest on the payroll could be found by looking for voting consistencies,I suppose(allegedly,M,Lud).This revelation brings into doubt ANY decisions made by the Lords for a long time,and I,m sure some blogger will be looking into this,as I type.

Anonymous said...

Any institution that counts snout-troughing wastrels like the Kinnocks and insidious traitors like Mandelscum amongst its membership has no legitimacy, in our considered opinion. Applicable to both places.

Too many (dis)honourable members in both are of the same ilk, a treacherous horde leeching off our efforts, ready and willing to enable the parasitic EUSSR to continue subverting this country and further the remorseless march into the socialist “paradise” so well-planned by the unelected lunatic elite. Cromwell's words of nearly 360 years ago seem more apposite with each passing day.

A plague o’both their Houses.

In respect of Kinnock, some more food for thought - always worth a reminder, even if seen before: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVx0E7aV3as. Gerard Batten again. Did any investigation ever take place...?

Anonymous said...

Well said CR...

I have heard all sorts of bollocks about "reforming" the HOL over the years, it needs to be brought up to date blah blah witter witter...

Whenever I have been moved to comment either in person or on blogsville, I have always maintained the same position...

There is nowt so democratic as semen... The little buggers get everywhere and throw up all sorts of anomolies, and it should have remained that way, along with an HOL made up entirely of heredetaries...

My reasoning?

They were well educated (the lords that is, not the little tadpoles), had lots of time on their hands, were usually well orf and so did not require much in the way of expenses, and in exchange they forfeited their vote in general elections... A fair exchange in return for a first class scrutineering body.

Add to that your stuff earlier in the week CR (June 15th, Magna Carta Day) and we have what is far superior to the current bunch of shysters...

Ye gods, the thought that the bastard Cameron wants to have a fully appointed 2nd house, (actually a very expensive gathering of sinecures) and we are all doomed Captain Mainwaring... doomed ah say.