June 20, 2011

A Word Of Warning

Not all coppers are your friends.

Increasingly, to many of them, we are just criminals that haven't been caught yet. If our paths should cross, we probably "deserve" the kicking they are about to administer.

The world gets more sinister by the day. Coppers, the world over, get nastier by the day. Remember, always, that they do not swear an oath to protect us. They are there to protect the elite. Never doubt it, and you will never be disappointed.

But there is hope.

Listen carefully. There is a message in this film. Hear it?

Me too.



Anonymous said...

Police put people in the back of vans -
they then speed up very fast -
the cop then jambs on the brake -
people in back of van slam against back of van .........

Trooper Thompson said...

Like Adam Kokesh said very recently:

"It's really just the bad apples that give the other 5% a bad name"

ellie12022 said...

Police brutality is not new, I am reading a newspaper editor's 'memories' and have read of at least 2 instances so far where the police were judged to be over brutal. (In London 19th century, I think)

James Higham said...

Criminals who haven't been caught yet - that sums it up.

mescalito said...

Ranty and all, new promising solutions, sign up, give weight to their cause.


mescalito said...

you can here Darren speak about it in the knebworth audio:


Anonymous said...

What scare me are the people. Not the government or police per se but the actually ordinary folks you meet in your day to day life. They are the ones that give power to the government, that believe in government lies and all for what? A few scraps from the social welfare table. They refuse to understand where we are heading, claiming that those who point it out are nothing but conspiracy theory nuts and tin foil hat loons.

Let me give you an example from an Irish point perspective. When Obama paid a village to Moneygall village. The 350 residents had to be vetted. They had to turn up to the local cop shop, provide suitable identification and fill in the necessary forms. No one questioned this. When one old woman in the village didn’t apply for a pass to see Obama that was fine. But when the big day came round, she had to be accompanied by an armed police officer at all times, even in her own home, while police officers were stationed outside her house. No one questioned that either.
Yet when certain people brought this to the attention of the media and the wider public, they were more or less ignored and the silence was terrible.


Ro-me-ro said...

Another hijack! Was reading the free paper in London today - apparently the website holding the census data was hacked by the same people that did over Sony! Oh how I chortle at the YouTube videos of the enforcement agents lemmings proclaiming that the data will be kept secure etc...

JerryD said...

Captain - is the message we were listening for the theme from Mel's Braveheart? Or, joking aside, that one shouldn't protest in front of the police?

I think most on your blog know by now that you cannot rationalise or bargain with people who lack the brain capacity for either. A policeman is to be avoided at all costs. Unless you want your face to meet the pavement.

In other words, avoid the monkey - focus on the monkey grinder.