June 17, 2011

Magna Carta Art 61 Alive And Well!

Have a listen.

Lawful Rebellion remains valid. It's our protection against tyranny.

Many thanks to Mescalito for the find!!



TTC said...

Yes, UKIP's Gerard Batten... he's VERY hot on the constitution. He's also called them out on treason too. Vid in sidebar of mine.

I do often think that Gerard is our yet unlaunched spearhead. He is so well read on the constitution and treason laws, it seems to me... and he's not afraid to say what he sees.

I'm secretly hoping he'll win some leverage with it when it comes to writing UKIP's manifestos. There's the whole Lawful Rebellion / TPUC / British Constitution Group / English Parliament campaigners / civil libertarians who share a common ground. And UKIP are *so* close, it's a shame they haven't yet trusted themselves to go the whole hog.

Ro-me-ro said...

yay - Ian Puddink won his case :)

Nothing on http://www.ianpuddick.co.uk/ yet, but I am sure there will be soon. Sorry for hijacking!

Captain Ranty said...


Good! We need a big gun. Someone who knows this stuff inside out. Someone who will stand up and explain it all to those who would deny us this 796 year old right.


Captain Ranty said...


Thanks for the update.

I had been watching Ian's case with interest. He has taken far more shit than any man deserves.


Anonymous said...

Not so much 'pushed'... as dragged screaming from their 52" plasma tv.

mescalito said...

Ranty man, here is an update to your anonymous post, its getting real interesting my friend...


mescalito said...



James Higham said...

Gerard Batten - have to explore about him.