June 24, 2011

Friday Funny-Graffiti Special

After the heated debate on my Lost And Found piece (which is still raging) I thought we should end the week with a smile.

Here then, is a collection of random graffiti for you to snork at.

Have a great weekend.



Ampers said...

Haha, they're all great, but the penultimate one ruined my keyboard.

Don't post these bleddy things at coffee time you bastard :-)

Pesky Anonymous said...

An excellent selection Captain!

The penultimate one reminded me of my old favourite:
"Is there intelligent life on earth?"
Underneath in another hand:
"Yes, but I'm only visiting"

I always thought it would be huge fun if the slogan "Article 61" should appear on every motorway bridge and every street corner in the land.

banned said...

The graffito



Also appeared on 3 successive bridge stantions of the M4 as commuters left it to join the North Circular Road (A406) for their daily grind, C. 1980-1990.

Raised a laugh, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

You might enjoy this current discussion on reddit:

Captain Ranty said...


I notice that he/she avoids the tough questions.....

Thanks for the link.


FireballXL5 said...

Smiled at the graffiti Capt. but then I visited Anons link and reading stuff like this in suppoort of the EUSSR:

"How about peace and political stability? Is that something worth to you? How about economic progress, a large free trade zone and economic influence in the world. With the US, china and India, do you think anybody would care what Germany, France or England, let alone the smaller european countries would have to say? As a bloc, the EU can be power of change in the world. The EU is frontrunner on tackling the climate problem."

makes you despair at the brainwashed fuckwittery we are struggling against.


Captain Ranty said...


I read all the comments. The level of stupidity in some of them was beyond belief.

I wondered if the "conversation" wasn't peppered with Europhiles. Like a cheap PR exercise.


Anonymous said...


"makes you despair at the brainwashed fuckwittery we are struggling against."

Took the words right out of my mouth.


Richard said...

Great post, and had me chuckling for a good while. Favourites are the 'lemmings' and 'speeding' ones. Those should be everywhere. Thank you!