June 12, 2011

Opt Out, FFS!

How many times must I ask it?

How many times must I say it?

How many times do YOU need to hear it?

This is childs play.

Say "NO!"

Until you do, they will shag you, to death, until time stops.

They will take the piss, forever.

It's what they are trained to do.

And it's what you are trained to resist.

Say No, forfuxake.

Until you do, this shit will be endless.

Give it a go, why don't you?

The alternative is bending over.


Haven't you had enough of reaching for your ankles?

Haven't you had enough of saying, "Okay, just a little more, then I will really get upset!"

Tell them to fuck off. I did. And I am still here. I'm still standing. No men in black. No dawn visits. No court cases. No credit close-downs. No noticeable differences to my life whatsoever. None. Nil. Nix. Nada. Zip.

Opt out.

There is no use waiting "for the right time" because the right time never, ever, arrives.

Just do it.

Say, in a loud, happy, proud voice, "FUCK YOU!"

You will be surprised at the reaction. Trust me on this.

They are scared to death of "No!".

Try it. Liberate your Self.

Because they never will. Not in a million years.

Do it.

Or die in chains.

Your choice.



Woodsy42 said...

You are right. No is the most powerful word in the language, use it carefully!

Woodsy42 said...

Oh - and often :-)

Anonymous said...

I say no often. I shredded the census and ignored their knocks on the door. When I move house I will not be registering to vote and if I start my own business I will not be registering that either. When I buy my first car I will ensure it is not already registered with the DVLA and I will not be registering it myself.

Enough is enough!

'No' is a growing phenomenon and critical mass is everything.


Anonymous said...

It seems the government is covertly taking action, Captain.

Did you know that the Freeman court revolt has been removed from youtube?

Brassneck have captured it, though.


Perhaps it's time to start our own video service for bloggers?

Between us, we must surely have the skills to make it happen.

In the meantime, I'd suggest that everyone download their favourite videos from youtube - save them to disk.

Anonymous said...

Runnymede suggests different Birkenhead tactics http://rmiglobal.org/2011/06/12/sovereign-citizen-1-would-englands-lost-prince-please-come-forward/

Anonymous said...

Fausty - the fact the Govt has ordered the Birkenhead video off youtube is evidence that they are running scared. If they were in the right they'd leave it up there and deal with people in Lawful Rebellion within the law. But they know they are corrupt liars who've perpetuated a massive fraud on the people of this country. They've been rumbled and they're terrified of more and more people finding out. The more banning they do the happier I am. We're obviously on the right track!


Chris said...

I'm fairly new to the idea of Lawful Rebellion, but am now doing my bit. Here's a useful link for those wishing to stop paying the TV license fee.


NewsboyCap said...


Just got off the phone to the Parliament office, I asked "how do I remove my consent to be governed?".
He says that I cannot, because the 'consent' is implicit with being a citizen of Britain. If you are born here or become a British Citizen then consent is implied, we have no choice.
If I say NO to any Law, whether British or EU, I will be ignored because I 'do not' have that choice
WTF !!!.
I said that is a Dictatorship, he said I may call it that, but He "couldn't possibly comment".
Apparently the only ways to change the situation is by losing a war, thus the new 'masters' can then change things or a Revolution to bring about change.
Well bring it on I say, as an individual we mean FUCK ALL to these pompous Twats.
Time to start removing them, one by one, if necessary until they get the message.
We are the Masters, we pay their salaries, we deserve more than the shit they pile on us,or they will start to pay the price.
One by one......

Anonymous said...

I saw this on Revolution Harry's website and the button caught my eye. Does opting out of unladylike behaviour count? (-: There are lots of things I would like to opt out of.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks all, for the comments and the links.

Can't watch clips but I have bookmarked them for Thursday when I get home.


Captain Ranty said...


I do not know of a single case where implied consent could not be removed.

The guys answer was predictable though. Of course he said we couldn't opt out. Could you imagine the result of 60 million people suddenly learning that they could say "No" all day long?

They imagine chaos, I imagine order.

Good on you for asking though!


Captain Ranty said...

Miss Lavender,

I, for one, would welcome that.

I miss the ladies of my youth. Anything that brings 'em back has my wholehearted support.

Young ladies today have low self-esteem and almost zero respect for themselves. Not entirely their fault, as it has been engineered by a callous mob following the Frankfurt Schools' List Of Ways To Ruin A Nation for the last 30 years.

Visited your blog earlier, and I enjoyed what I read there!


Captain Ranty said...

Mrs F,

We have EyeTube too, courtesy of Max Farquar.


NewsboyCap said...


The guys answer was predictable though. Of course he said we couldn't opt out. Could you imagine the result of 60 million people suddenly learning that they could say "No" all day long?

Agreed,the guy I spoke to is apparently an constitutional expert-"Magna Carta, The Bill of Rights"- are irrelevant.
The arrogance of 'them' is truly unbelievable, perhaps a few 'heads on poles' would change their attitude.

Captain Ranty said...


That "irrelevant" Magna Carta was used by a judge four days ago.

Look here:

(Para 23)


You might want to call that "constitutional expert" back tomorrow and wise him up.

He clearly knows fuck all.


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