June 23, 2011

Thursday Tune

I thought this was outrageously good.

"Picture yourself being in a rain storm under a lot of trees and the raindrops hitting the leaves. First is the rain sound. Then the thunder. Then the choir sings. No band. One guy's voice is the drum. Choir uses hands to simulate storm. Performed live at Vocal Extravaganza 2008, a concert spectacle of vocal jazz and popular music."

Stunning, or what?

Do enjoy the song while I try to figure out what Harbinger and DAD are telling me in the comments of the last post. Did I get it so badly wrong, or are they reading too much into it? I am chewing on the problem and will dig deeper before replying to them.


Tip of the beret to PaulB at FMoTL for the find.


Anonymous said...


I have only just seen that video "Lost and Found"... Have to say, I tend to agree with your critics on this one...

The overall message seems to be... We had control through the great religions, and the people didn't like it, so we tried to control you with secularism... And you don't like that...

So, it's back to religion again...

What they don't understand is that...


Let chaos (or rather, self control) rule.

Captain Ranty said...


I am looking hard at the vid. I don't pretend to understand it all but vigorous debate helps more often than it hinders.

I am looking and thinking.

Will report back soon.


Twisted Root said...


Harby mentions the Russian revolution; in July 1917 there was a moment when the people had won - massed outside the Tauride Palace which was virtually undefended they could have taken power on their terms but they didn't know what to do without political leadership. It began to rain and they all drifted off home. In October the Bolsheviks were ready, took power and the Red Terror began.

People ain't stupid but they are not 'sophisticated' either. Those in control will always supply the leaders when necessary and coopt movements they didn't start or don't control.

If that sounds like a counsel of despair then consider this; since when did you need a leader to tell you what to do or the validation of a crowd which agrees with you?

It is normal for people who havn't had their empathy gene removed (our psycopathic controllers) to want the good things like freedom to be enjoyed by the rest of humanity so it feels good to watch that film you posted. But are they really clawing their way to freedom or are they just begging for a leader to tell them what to do? We all know where that can lead.

It's counter intuitive but first we must disperse into the individual because countless thousands of individuals cannot be controlled a crowd can.

I was forgetting, we cannot destroy the world (that is, our commitment to the material) with armies, it is inside our minds that it must be destroyed, it must be consumed in a moment inside our minds. God will accomplish his last judgement, first in one man's mind and then in another. He is always planning last judgements. And yet it takes a long time.

I was mistaken when I set out to destroy Chuch and Law. The battle we have to fight is fought out in our own mind. There is a fiery moment, perhaps once in a lifetime, and in that moment we see the only thing that matters. It is in that moment the great battles are lost and won, for in that moment we are part of the host of Heaven... We shall not come to that joy, that battle, till we have put out the senses, everything that can be seen and handled, as I put out this candle... We must put out the whole world as I put out this candle... We must put out the light of the stars and the light of the sun and the light of the moon... till we brought everything to nothing once again. I saw in a broken vision but now all is clear to me. Where there is nothing, where there is nothing - there is God! (W B Yeats, Where there is nothing)

James Higham said...

The overall message seems to be... We had control through the great religions, and the people didn't like it, so we tried to control you with secularism... And you don't like that...

I've posted a lot on this of late and there's a long series coming up soon - post-Christian world we're in.

Run for the hills 'cause there ain't gonna be no mercy.

Anonymous said...


My, that World Revolution vid plays on one's emotions, doesn't it? FWIW my own closely mirrors that of DAD and Harbinger; anything that claims to be a solution and then features a representation of the All Seeing Eye should be instantly slapped with a huge WARNING sign, IMO. I don’t mean to go all Vigilant Citizen on you - I wouldn't claim to be able to - but it can be argued through the symbols in the video that this viewpoint is possibly the correct one. It all depends on the meaning one ascribes to them!

You get two mins of revolts and protests, and then comes the symbolism Harbinger identified, then comes the animation which could be said to represent transhumanism (at the least, there is some kind of transformative aspect to it), then comes the New Age. The animation is interesting: it starts out with the eye-in-hand; the hamsa, a protective symbol meant to ward off the evil eye, yet this disappears from the human by the end of the animation. The ASE, in a form looking like two fish, "swims" up the body, taking root in the heart and the mind, transforming the human as it goes (fish, as symbolised by the vesica piscis, being important in Freemasonry and New Age thought). Notice also how the fish travel up the body; intertwining around the spine, in the process looking very much like the serpents of the caduceus, another symbol widely used in alchemy and occultism and said to reveal “the dark agenda of Western medicine”. And the final part – where the two “fish” join together in the mind, combining into a third eye in the middle of the forehead, and as they do so the “regular” eyes, which were watching the ASE move up the body, stop looking upwards and swivel outwards instead, before being blinded by light from the new eye in the centre.

The viewer is moved by the first two minutes, the rising tide of the music, the pictures of demonstrations and protests which naturally appeal to those who think things are very wrong. That's the point. It affects the consciousness to the extent that we are meant to become receptive to what follows. It quotes the major religions, possibly to subsume them all and supersede them. That's what the new age is about; demolishing that which now exists and replacing it with a "wondrous" future. At the end the children of all races are together as one new "humanity" holding in their hands the light of the world (light, of course, symbolising knowledge - but just what knowledge is open to interpretation).

Maybe? :-)

It also links all of the disparate protests into one global movement, which IMO is incorrect; you can't compare Tahrir Square to London; the former was "we’ve had enough, in the name of (insert deity), GO!" whilst the latter was "we want to rely on the state for the rest of time, and we'll get jolly cross if you try and stop us by cutting anything". Your average UK demonstrator won't spend two weeks or more in Trafalgar Square protesting against the Coagulation until it falls, despite the apocalyptic rhetoric of lunatics like Bob Crow.

Any awakening of the sort we mean (fuelled by the internet, to which TPTB would like to restrict access, to prevent us speaking and debating and, dare I say, learning), is far smaller and more splintered than the one in the video, and they are trying to hijack it, to shift its energies towards their own agenda. The notion of people coming together to effect change is not particularly new but when there are things like this and Zeitgeist it runs the danger of being “captured” and transmuted into something that conforms to the plans of the elite.

Of course I live in hope that it is otherwise, but am too cynical to think it so.



Captain Ranty said...


I am no symbology expert but I had a go at explaining the film (as I saw it) in the previous post.

We sort of agreed with each other about the eye travelling up to position itself in the centre of the forehead. I saw a different significance to this.

You are right about the drawing together of the unrest into what appears to be a global movement. I also said this in my critique.

Have a look at the ten points I raised in the comments below this.

There is a distinct possibility that I got it all horribly wrong.

I'd like to think I didn't though.


Captain Ranty said...


Can I ask you to have a look as well?


Captain Ranty said...


I very much look forward to the new article(s).

I find this all hugely fascinating.


Anonymous said...


Captain Ranty said...


Thanks for that!

What an incredible talent.


I am Stan said...

We can find true joy,


Bollixed said...

Back to the most excellent musical vid!

Fantastic. I used to do this kind of thing (as a mere amateur baritone) and it takes a lot of practice and hard work and a genius at the helm to produce this level of performance. Bravo!

Just a thought. This music vid reminds me of what we are trying to achieve with Lawful Rebellion. A disparate bunch of individuals voluntarily collaborating and sacrificing much personal time and effort at their own expense to produce something wonderful for others to enjoy.

I'm humbled...


vervet said...

Totally second Bollixed's comments.