June 06, 2011

Lost Rights, Lost Liberties, Lost Nation.

I thought this was topical, given the horrendous intrusions and the outrageous theft of our rights by Nanny. Tip of the beret to poster Bodge on TPUC. The original link to the piece is here.

I have emboldenised the ones dear to me. Perhaps you could let me know which losses mean the most to you, and why? (Most need no explanation).

Here you go:

"Over the past sixty [years] life in Britain has become so hemmed about with laws and regulations that the individual is increasingly at risk of committing a crime without even knowing it. Britons are also subjected to unremitting political propaganda in the politically correct interest by politicians, the mainstream media, public servants, teachers and the major corporations, be they public bodies, non-profit making or private enterprise.

Such intrusion into the lives of Britons is unprecedented. Consider this list of the things that sixty years ago you could legally and without great bureaucratic fuss experience or do ; things which are now impossible because of new laws or changed circumstances :

Say and write whatever you wanted within the limits of libel, slander and obscenity

Employ whoever you wanted to employ

Rent or sell your property to whoever you wanted

Put a property on the market without the need for an Energy Certificate

Buy a property if you were earning the average male wage

Be free of elite haranguing about being green and man-made global warming

Live without the need to sort rubbish into different “green” defined bins

Associate with whoever you wanted without fear of being called “racist”

Be free of elite haranguing about being “racist, homophobic or sexist”

Live almost anywhere in Britain without immigrant ghettos impinging on your life

Live without laws such as the Race Relations Act which privilege minorities

Drive without an MOT hanging over you

Drive without being faced with a breathalyser test

Drive without being expected to “belt up” or have a children’s seat if carrying children

Park a car without having to use a parking meter or being at risk of being clamped or given a penalty notice

Take a one part driving test without the need for a separate theory exam

Ride a motorbike without a helmet

Smoke where you wanted to

Sell and buy vitamins and herbal remedies at will

Buy any non-prescription medicine without restriction, e.g., aspirin

Own a gun

Carry a knife without it being treated as an offensive weapon

Go bird nesting

Take a wild plant

Take most wild animals either year-round or in season

Kill vermin

Purchase exotic animals like tortoises and parrots

Use drugs which are now illegal, legally

Have a reasonable expectation of a secure job regardless of class or education

Know that all your laws were made in your own Parliament

Have a jury trial for any offence carrying a penalty greater than six months

Exercise a right to silence when cautioned by the police without incurring disadvantage if brought to trial

Know that you were free from arbitrary stop and searches

Live without being subject to administrative justice such as police cautions and on-the-spot-fines

Live without state surveillance through the widespread use of CCTV cameras

Engage in voluntary work or paid work in professions such as teaching without being subject to a police check

Live without the risk of being held for 14 days without charge

Live without the threat of an ASBO which is a civil court order, the breaking of which results in criminal penalties

Be able to raise a family on a single wage

Live without the fear that social workers would interfere with your family for anything short of serious criminal behaviour

Exercise reasonable discipline over your children

Allow children to go to school on their own, play without knowing exactly where they were and once they were of a reasonable age, say ten, stay in the family home without adult supervision for a reasonable period without risk of being accused of child neglect.

As a man, assist a strange child in distress or stop a child not your own from misbehaving without fear of being called a paedophile or of running the risk of being charged with assault

Bank without any fear that the bank was legally obliged to inform the state about transactions over a certain amount

Defend yourself against an intruder in your own home without risk of a criminal charge

Go to a school in which children behaved and were taught at least the three Rs

Run a business without being besieged with health and safety requirements

I dare say I have missed other freedoms which no longer exist, but that is a formidable enough list. The important lesson from it is that Britain existed perfectly happily without these now supposedly essential social constraints. The reality is that the majority have been introduced not from any need but because of ideological commitment or entanglement in Treaties most particularly those tying Britain to the EU. Others, such as the absurd price of housing and the inability to raise a family on a single wage are indirectly due to the ideological commitment of governments since the 1979.

The accretion of laws eroding our freedom, both petty and great, will continue unless political action is taken because there will always be politicians, mediafolk and interest groups with axes to grind which result in more and more laws designed to deal with a specific alleged ill."

Even abridged, this is a terrifying loss of liberties, and I already know that you will argue that some restrictions are for the "good of all", and in some cases I will agree.

Add to the list in the comments if you wish.



Ampers said...

The "own a gun" bit, there are at least half a dozen pubs in London where you can get a gun.

But the politicians aren't frightened of criminals holding firearms, what they fear is a constituency member having a legal gun that they can use to shoot them with.

Let's face it, it is only honest, decent citizens who want to shoot politicians.

(Nice to be home Boet?)

Captain Ranty said...

Hi Ampers,

Hard to disagree with you there.

(Not home yet. Still in Nigeria for another week or so).


Anonymous said...

On the plus side, me and my Gay pals can romp in the woods without fear of arrest.

If you go down to the woods today, you are in for a big surprise!

I am Stan said...

"Live almost anywhere in Britain without immigrant ghettos impinging on your life"

I dont get this one.....Is it saying theres too many immigrants, if so you dont have a right not to see an immigrant, or is it saying your not allowed to live with immigrants which you are, or that "ghettos" impinge on your life, how so?, by definition a ghetto is an isolated area, where`s the "rights" issue here.

Before Harby, urban 11 et al start foaming at the mouth, I`m just askin!

Captain Ranty said...


What consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedrooms is no business of mine nor anyone else's.

But I do not want to see people humping (gay or straight) whilst out walking my dogs.

Fair enough?


Captain Ranty said...

No idea Stan.

I guess you'd have to ask the author.

I read it as a dig at uncontrolled immigration.


ReefKnot said...

Order a shotgun through a mail order catalogue like Grattans or Kays and have it delivered to your door.

Captain Ranty said...


Is that possible?


Anonymous said...

Sixty years ago Britain was 'hideously' white, so deficient was its culture the government decided to enrich us.

Or was it cheap labour? Not that it matters cos we're broke now anyway. Ironic, all the time we were told it (mass immigration) was good for the economy.

Overpopulation will impoverish millions and nothing from list will matter. We're headed toward the Third World, mate.


Dick Puddlecote said...

60 years ago, it wasn't illegal to rewire your own house. If a buyer was worried about it, they paid an electrician to check it out.

Anonymous said...


Here we go again Stan the African Man who thinks because he was born in the UK, is British, even though he's no association to the indigenous peoples or culture....LMAO I do love to see Stan blither his usual shite on what classifies one to be British these days. It just proves how dumbed down our society is and how ignorant the populous are.

For you information Stan, if you'd read an of bodges previous rantings, you 'll see that when he writes:

"Live almost anywhere in Britain without immigrant ghettos impinging on your life"

he means being able to live in the UK without the imposition of non Britons smashing apart his way of life and further destruction of whatever's left of any indigenous culture. Yes, I do believe he's saying there are too many immigrants. He's saying that as soon as one area get immigrants, those who continue to come to the city go to the same place and ghettos are therefore formed.

In a nutshell he's stating that multiculturalism and the people who have brought it with them are destroying the UK, which people have been saying for a good while now and history proves this case overwhelmingly.
As I've stated to you in the past, many times over, something you are still oblivious to realise, is that the constant flooding of a land with different races and their cultures destroys the indigenous one. Indigenous cultures do not evolve - they die.
The rainforest tribes in South America, untouched by outside man have indigenous culture. Were we to introduce another culture into their lives - TV, Radio, Electricity..whatever, then we destroy the way of life they've been living by for thousands upon thousands of years. This culture does not evolve, they become civilized, another name to simply mean obliteration of their indigenous way of life, to come under the control of banking, credit and debt.

UK and Irish culture, that is indigenous English, Scottish and Welsh is all but dead. Through the hundreds of years of oppression of the Scots by the English and the banning of their culture, to Culloden, the Highland clearances, forbidding of Gaelic being spoken on pain of death, the English destroyed my indigenous culture. They did the same to the Welsh and Irish (and many around the world) and now the same is happening to the English, something I'm sad to see, but not only inevitable but some will say 'payback' for their historical crimes.

I know you'll find this hard to accept Stan, because you don't believe in indigenous rights for White Europeans and that people take their nationality from wherever they're born. You are privy to the promotion of indigenous culture obliteration Stan, but continue to deny this simple fact. Anyone who's read you shite ramblings knows this overwhelmingly. LOL


Ampers said...

I am from Stellie (Stellenbosch) and although immigration doesn't bother me one way or another - after all I am an immigrant, granted over fifty-five years go, you'd have to be pretty thick to see that wholesale immigration has had a great impact on British Culture, and not necessarily for the better. I am sure you have to agree with me here!

Britain has had a fine record of assimilation over the last two thousand years, which makes it a fine example of how immigration keeps a country alive. But not at the pace the Labour Government has introduced it over their watch.

Ampers said...

BTW, before you label me, I am in no way a Toty.

Ampers said...

This made oi larff: "Sixty years ago Britain was 'hideously' white,"

The writer went on to mention "cheap labour".

I must remind him that, now Britain is no longer hideously white, the real work is being carried out by white Poles.

Anonymous said...

Ampers Taylor,

You may be from Stellenbosch in Africa, but you're about as African as an indigenous man from Manchester. You along with the rest of the people born/living in Africa are merely white Europeans living in Africa under their own culture. You are not African. You will never be African. You may be a citizen living in Africa but you are not an African citizen. This is where the confusion lies.

You state:

"Britain has had a fine record of assimilation over the last two thousand years, which makes it a fine example of how immigration keeps a country alive."

May I remind you that the immigration into the UK up until the 1950's was between peoples of Europe, you know those of the two main peoples who dominated it, mostly those of Celtic and Germanic (Angle, Saxon, Jute and Norse) and of course Roman?
The migration that came to the UK from these lands were pretty much the same peoples, albeit different language but very similar cultures. For example the Scots came from Ireland, themselves having traveled thousands of years earlier from Galicia in Spain. We also have the mix in Scotland of Germanic Viking. In a nutshell, white people are all Europeans.

The massive change came when they started to import non whites from Africa and India who brought with them their different cultures and religions. Our society from the 60 years after WW2 has been utterly smashed into a globalist one and if you want everyone to be the same in this world then the only way to do it is to mix all the peoples and their cultures together by enforcing Marxist, cultural relativism upon all. And moral relativism to follow to boot.

So yes the UK's culture up until 1950 was certainly a mix of other similar European ones, but most certainly can we not classify the UK as multicultural. A culture that is similar to another can almost be classified as the same, it's when you bring in polar opposite peoples and their culture does the term 'multi' cultural come into play.

Blacks and non whites born in the UK will forever be citizens living in the UK but never British citizens. The culture of this land before they came, that is the indigenous one, belongs solely to the people of those cultures and it can't be adopted by an immigrant for it is not theirs to adopt. However, again, how do you indoctrinate a society into cultural oblivion? Simple, start putting black men in England football shirts and kilts on them in Scotland. This way you promote the NWO ideology of we're all the same, forget about your own culture, because you're all globalists now.
Thanks very much but I'll stick to my ancestral one and follow that.


I am Stan said...

Harby (in amongst his paranoid ramblings) said,

"Blacks and non whites born in the UK will forever be citizens living in the UK but never British citizens."

Does that mean your non white children aren`t British then Harbs, how do they feel about that?

I am Stan said...

"but not only inevitable but some will say 'payback' for their historical crimes."

Some would but not I, oh no!

Snakey said...

When you went to the bank with a 20 pound note you could swap it for the equivalent amount of gold or silver. Now you just get to swap a £20 debt note for another £20 debt note.

opinion prole said...

In the 1960s you could get a boat train to France without a passport. Where's the progress?

Anonymous said...

Stan, in amongst his usual drivel, unable to refute my arguments said -

"Does that mean your non white children aren`t British then Harbs, how do they feel about that?"

The are British and they are not. They can choose to be or not to be. It depends if they wish to take their father's nationality or their mothers.
You really don't get it Stan. But then you are the NWO's wet dream, that is a globalist and someone who because he's born here thinks that the thousands of years of ancestry and culture are his.
You're nothing short of a moron Stan because you're still unable to see reality, no matter how many times your told.


Anonymous said...

"Try telling a Boer he`s not an African, call yourself an ambulance first lol."

Lies can easily be beaten by the truth whereas the truth can only be oppressed. A Boer is a Dutchman living in Africa under Dutch culture. The same for every white American, like the Boer, a European living in a country they are not indigenous to. Outcome is they are guests/aliens within that land and always will be.

Your delusions of being British, come from the sad fact that the politicians couldn't give a shite about the cultural problems that would arise and sense of belonging any human being needs when born in any country.
As I've said to you (on many occasions) I write what I do, not to attack you Stan, merely to help you overcome your delusions of classification. I never created multiculturalism. I never was responsible for massive immigration. I knew a long time ago just what the outcome would be, before I moved from Scotland into the shithole called London. If you want someone to blame, blame socialism and the false political dichotomy of left, right and centre, who have all greatly profiteered from human suffering and the unnatural mixing of different cultures.

You are Stan, a guest, forever living in a foreign land, regardless what you think you are. A sphere could roll around all around thinking he's a cube, but the cube's will just look at him and laugh stating - "yeah mate, whatever you say - lol!"


Ampers said...

@Harbinger.Re "A Boer is a Dutchman living in Africa under Dutch culture. "

I think you are way out on a few points here and if you really want to be educated I suggest you read Hermmann Giolmees book "The Afrikaners, but warn you that it is 600 pages and written by the Professor Emeritus of history of Stellenbosch University.

Firs of all the Boer you talk about only existed in the 17th Century. He became less Dutch as two huge influxes of Germans, and one huge and one small influx of Huguenots arrived in the 18th and 19th centuries. In addition to that, with the German and French influence, the Boer, toughened by umpteen native wars, and wars and skirmishes against the Brits, have left him totally different to his original Dutch origins.

And yes, he is far more African through 350 plus years in Africa, and even the ANC, who hate the Afrikaners, grudgingly admit that they are Africans and not Europeans.

If you have the interest, read the book. It is amazing from the point of view it is written by an intellectual, and in a third language (Hermann is a German Afrikaner and speaks both languages) and yet it is clear, concise and immanently readable.

There is one amusing factor you will come across in the book, bearing in mind the Apartheid regimes, During the 17th and 18th century because of a sever lack of woman, the Boers took their slaves to bed, who were more than willing as offspring were educated in white schools and the half-breeds then became Afrikaners. Most Afrikaners from those times have a good chance of having black blood in them.

Most of my education was spent in Afrikaans schools so I not only understand the race very well, but most of my friends around the world tend to be Afrikaners than English speaking South Africans who, in my eyes, are not African.

Anonymous said...

"Non white is non white Harby, you cant have it both ways, otherwise you look like a hypocrite...;)

Or deranged!"

You really are fucking dense Stan. LMAO
African is African.
A mix of African and British is both African and British.
You are African. End of you plum.


Anonymous said...


What you write about is the promotion of multiculturalism.
A Boer, regardless whether he's lived in Africa for 350 years is still a white European, regardless how you like to look at it.
The same can be said for white Americans as they are and always will be white Europeans living in the land of North America. As can also be said for white Europeans living in Oz and New Zealand.
All will classify themselves as white; all will classify themselves as African, American, Australian and New Zealander, but the culture they live by is a white European one, not the indigenous one of the true indigenous there.
Cultures do not evolve with mixing of others, they disappear.

A human being takes their nationality from the culture they follow, that is the indigenous culture of that land more importantly one that is in the blood and the people. Afrikaners will continue to state they're African, the same way as Stan, black African Stan that is will maintain he's British. Neither are.
Now I know you can pull up books here and there to define what is and what isn't but the simple situation is one that these books were released in order to enforce a belief as all book have been released to do so. Were Afrikaners African, they'd have adopted the culture of the African indigenous there as their own. They haven't. They most certainly haven't. They have instituted a western capitalist society, bringing with it western law and order along to. It meanst that they are, as I continually state white Europeans living in Africa. They are citizens in Africa but not African citizens.

There's nothing worse being told you are something you most certainly believe you are not. There's nothing worse than finding out that most of your history is a lie. Stan for example, hates the fact that because he's born in the UK, sees himself as British, when the word British comes from the word Briton, of which he most certainly DOES NOT, nor ever will belong to. He will never be English, Scottish, Irish or Welsh, because not only does he not belong to any of these people's and their culture, but their culture no longer exists. What Stan is, the same as Europeans and most westerners today (including indigenous born), is a globalist, who is not of any nation belonging whatsoever. He pertains to a world globalist culture, where all are the same and belong to each other. This is what he continues to fail to realise. He thinks being born in the UK automatically gives him the right to be British, which it doesn't, but then laughably, Britain stopped being Britain circa 1950'ish and it no longer has the meaning it once did. The same can be said for the word racist, which today means a hater of other races, when the original definition is someone who chooses to live by their own cultural ways and with their own peoples. George Orwell wrote about it - doublethink.


Ampers said...

Considering the Europeans originally came from the place in Africa around the areas of Somalia and Abyssinia, I rest my case. Boers are Africans.

Thank you for proving it so elegantly.

Anonymous said...


No proof, merely theory, More importantly at that time Africa was connected to Portugal and North America to Britain, itself connected to Norway.
The promotion that white people came from blacks is complete pie in the sky. If blacks are the dominant race, why on earth have they white hands and feet? This proves their skin colour was once far, far lighter than it currently is. It means that as much of our history is nothing but theory and lies, the 'we all came from blacks' also is. The classic latest theory is that white people come from blacks because we have their DNA, yet this argument could easily be turned around to say that blacks came from whites because they have white DNA within them.
Then there's also Darwin's finch theory that peoples never evolved from each other but simply evolved on their own as seperate species, races.

When you're making an argument and trying to shift public thought down a certain route, there will be much propaganda, more so if that route happens to be a false one. The NWO globalist agenda is one that seeks to create a one world people and culture, the rebuilding of Babel, hence the arguement that we all come from blacks is ideal in order to remove any difference distinction whatsoever. PROPAGANDA in order to enforce nothing more than theory.

Again, Afrikaners are Europeans not Africans. Africans are Africans not European. This argument is so simple there's nothing to debate. However, as long as it makes you happy Ampers, I've no problem. Stan's happy being British even though he isn't but he's happy and that's all that really matters. LOL


RH said...

I am the author of Strangling Freedom. My comment about being able to live almost anywhere without an immigrant ghetto impinging on your life was my way of illustrating the deep wound which has been driven into British society by that most fundamental of treasons, mass immigration.

If you want an up to date consideration of the Out of Africa model try my


You will probably also find these of interest



I am Stan said...

" go bird nesting"

Personally I`m glad this is banned, leave the lil birdies alone GEEK!

Ampers said...


I am Stan said...


You call "mass immigration" a deep wound, I`d say immigration has enriched our great country, you`re race obsessed like Harby, bewildered by change and frustrated no one really listens to your hyperbole, apart from your mates in the pub, before they wander off to chat up the hot black chick sat in the corner with her honeys.

My advice, ged over it!!!!!!!

I am Stan said...

"Purchase exotic animals like tortoises and parrots"

No no no no NOOOOOOOO!

Get a dog, from a dog sanctuary.

mescalito said...

ranty man the aftermath of is it safe to dance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHnbYyQ0qUU&feature=uploademail

Anonymous said...

"...you`re race obsessed like Harby.."


Nope Stan, I merely point it out as it is. You are unable to refute my argument because as I continually say you're an African guest living in the UK and nothing more. This no matter what means this land has nothing to do with you nor your family. You're the dog born in the stable, trying to be a horse. LMAO.
Always the same, playing your game, drive me insane..... is what you do Stan the ignorant black man. Like I said, as long as it makes you happy. After all, who cares about what's right and wrong eh? It's all morally relative eh Stan? LOL


I am Stan said...

"who cares about whats right and what`s wrong eh?"

I`m happy being an "ignorant black man" so I`ll continue on my merry way and let others do the worrying......;)

I am Stan said...

"You will probably also find these of interest"


Anonymous said...

Jeysus H! Who fekkin cares where we came from? from what I can gather you're all missing the point. Since the 1950's when I beleive mass immigration started (could be wrong here) to eliveate the employment problem (yes at one time we had too many jobs and not enough workers in Britain) following our losses in the second world war. since then we have been pushed in to the EU and had our boarders taken down. We have currently 2.46 million people unemployed and a "benefit culture". (source: office of national statistics: http://www.statistics.gov.uk/cci/nugget.asp?id=12) I think the statistics show that immigration doesn't work and the point RH was making was more to do with the loss of our liberties and the fact we the soveriegn people had and have no say on who we let in our country. Which points to the attempt to create a global elite society by successive governemts. But instead it turns into a peronal exchange and the whole point is missed. So please stop pulling the "race card". Fact some people are white, some people are black, some people are.......... ect......... It's not about race, its about control.

Anonymous said...

To the poster above. I think you were missing my point which is well and truly aimed at succesive Governments fucking it up for us. I don't give a rats arse where they say were from and I think you're a bit late with the non-whites flooding britain. It's happend/happening now. Non-of-which is going to make me accept what they're up to. On the flip side, some people are a little bit too paranoid and are making sweeping statements. Look at our history...... We've had immigration for centuries in this country. What next no people with non-blonde hair and non-blue eyes?

Shaunantijihad said...

How about...

Live without having your uncle murdered by Muslim invaders.

Live without having your other uncle left brain damaged by Muslim invaders.

Live without having your friend's father murdered by Muslim invaders.

Live without having your friend's wife having her chest cavity blown out by Muslim invaders.

Live without fear that the Muslim demographic will bring about the 55th Islamic Nation in my lifetime, mostly paid for out of our taxes.

Live without fear of predatory, racist, paedophile Muslim gangs.

Live without fear of endless African invaders turning parts of the nation into Zimbabwian shitholes.

That's just one man's story, so far.