June 15, 2011

Offensive Comments: A First

First time I have ever drawn attention to one, that is.

Regular readers, and the faithful who post here, know that I am as liberal as they come. Free speech for all, always. You can say what you want here, the last bastion of true free speech.*

But the comment below was posted here and I felt that it was worthy of your scorn.

Tell me, what kind of imbecile posts shit like this?

"some of the things you cunts have said about scotland is disgusting, all you english are fucking inbred fucks. I'd love to kill eveyone fucking one of you then pour my buckfast all over yer maw and burn her."

I don't know where to begin. Grammar? Syntax? Sentence construction? Capitalisation? Spelling?

Or should we just stick with plain old bile, stupidity and hatred?

Scotland, if you are listening, do not let this brain-dead moron anywhere near an independent nation.

He is sure to fuck it up all on his own.


*free speech does not grant you immunity from derision and laughter, if it is necessary. And it is, in this case.


F***W*T TW****R said...

Well at least he/she is passionate. Deranged of course, but passionate.
(Not a good combination on 2nd thoughts).
Perhaps a tad too much of their beloved Buckfast?

Anonymous said...

Also he/she is being nationalist intead of internationalist in what he/she is attempting to be defensive of, Scotland and not the EU or UN or WHO or something else internationalist in nature. What if he/she said the same in defense of AGW or some other internationalist ideal that benefits unelected worldly dictators for example. At least he/she is defending a sovereign entity, if any still exist.

Wayne said...

The word "cock" has never been more appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear - what an arse. Very obviously a pisssed scotsman. I do pity them if this is the level of argument they have. Tsk.


Bill Sticker said...

Who let Rab C Nesbitt near a computer?

McTavish said...

I'm a semi-drunk Scotsman, and even I know Buckfast doesn't burn! Try Whisky ;)

William Wallace said...

It is just someone trying to troll your excellent blog.

Why else would the person attempt to stereotype the Scots by making a reference to Buckfast Ale?


Ampers said...

C'mon Captain, tell us which MSP he is?


Dioclese said...

It is inevitable that scum always floats on the surface...

Angry Exile said...

More evidence that a referendum of Scottish independence should ask the English what they think first - keep supporting Scotland, keep letting it run the UK for its benefit, or tell it that it's a grown up country that can take care of itself. What ought to happen is an independent and successful Scotland, but what's likely to happen is the EU give money taken from England.

Out of interest Cap'n, where does the IP for that commenter resolve? I know it's not always that reliable or precise but you'd expect it to be able to say if he's actually in Scotland or not. I have a private bet with myself that he's in England somewhere.

Anonymous said...

An angry man by the sounds of it.
I condone his freedom of speech, but I don't his generalisation. You've always shown the utmost respect to Scotland and its people Captain, but then again, what defines a Scotsman to an Englishman today? Both are almost identical culturally and the only real difference is dialect. So in effect there really is NO Scottish culture left and if there is it's in remote parts of the highlands and islands. Scotland, like England, Ireland and Wales is a multicultural land, with no dominant indigenous culture. It is well on its way towards globalism.

On a side note, I will say that there is still animosity towards the English from the people who reside in Scotland. There is good reason to from the fact that the English crown destroyed our culture after the '45 uprising and highland clearances. For example, anyone wearing a kilt or speaking gaelic was hanged along with other horrors.
It's somewhat ironic that England is losing her culture now, having helped destroy many cultures throughout this world with its imposition of its own upon them. The bringing in of Africans to the west Indies in the slave trade, giving them a culture that would never be theirs and then bringing them to the UK in the 50's to howls of hatred from the indigenous population, is just one example of cultural experimentation doomed to failure and chaos.

You have to take people as they come, but it's understandable why there is animosity in parts of the world towards the English after what history has told us.
The sad situation today of police abusing the people and taking more and more power from them, to the armed forces, nothing but an invasion force on foreign lands, proves that history keeps repeating itself and the driving force of the elites are the very people they've abused for millennia.

I can't help but look around Captain, now back home in Scotland, to a land that is lost and a people with no culture, but a materialistic, superficial Americanised one. It's also ironic but the people who really got the ball moving, the Muslims, whom I was angry at for the MSM brainwashing of Islamisation, are now possibly the only ones in this world that I respect, as they're doing their best to keep their culture and dying for it. It says alot about them, hence why I've completely changed my stance on them. Unlike us, a people who really no longer have a culture anymore, they're still fighting hard to keep theirs.


I am Stan said...

Harby said "For example, anyone wearing a kilt or speaking gaelic was hanged along with other horrors."

Aha you see forcing men to wear trousers instead of what is actually a skirt was the English way of civilizing the Scotsman and eradicating gender confusion in the youth Harby, and teaching people how to speak is a good thing no?

Although I`m not saying hanging folk is a good thing, the English saw the Scottish as animals and in the 20`s it was believed animals couldn`t feel pain.

Of course in our modern multi-culti Britain we`re much more enlightened, well not all of us but you get my drift.


Furor Teutonicus said...

XX I don't know where to begin. Grammar? Syntax? Sentence construction? Capitalisation? Spelling? XX

How about the impossibility of setting fire to anything soaked in Buckys? (I have tried).

If rumours are true, it was banned in fire extinguishers to be replaced by something less poisonous, like carbonterochloride.

Anonymous said...

Buckfast, aka "wreck-the-hoose-juice" or "Lurgan champagne" (named after the town who's local paper consists almost exclusively of reported crime) is of course wine, blended in England by monks in Buckfast Abbey - not ale, as Mr Wallace says. And it's not too bad.

Anonymous said...

Hi Captain,

Fame at last!

I didn't know Alex Salmond was a reader.

I am Stan said...


I`m writing another post for Orphans of Liberty, the last post I wrote for them Republican Milfs of The 21`st Century seems to have been lost in the ether.

This one is titled,

How The Scotsman Lost His Liberty When Forced To Wear Underpants In The 1920`s

Anonymous said...


I am Stan said...


Reading through all the comments on that there post was very funny Captain,

Harbinger getting his bottom spanked red raw by formertory caught my eye, ;)

My favourite comment is this little gem,

Anonymous said...

Fuck of you English wank stains. Just stick to shoving your willies up each others bums and shagging your sisters thats all you inbred limp wristed whinging fuckwits were ever good at. No wonder the world laughs at you.

Yours sincerely, Angus Macfuckyees.

Oh dear, underpants a bit tight there Angus!

McNulty said...

The real benefit of an independent Scotland may be cheaper whisky via less taxation (I wish) cheaper fuel prices and the distancing from Queen and Westminster politically.

I think I speak for all in Scotland, Wales and Ireland (and yes, The English) when I say we are all fed up with perpetual war on everything and everyone.

Would an Independent Scotland be obliged to send troops and financially support these crass wars?

I would vote Yes to independence right away if not. Maybe it is the banner we all need to see the light and do our utmost to rebel against those who profit from war and our general compliance consenting to rip off Britain :)

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX McNulty said...
Would an Independent Scotland be obliged to send troops and financially support these crass wars? XX

With WHAT army and WHAT money?

So the question is moot.

You may have Scottish Regiments (Not forgeting the Black Watch and the Scots Guards are actualy English Regiments recruiting in Scotland. Remember Wade and why the Black Watch was founded!). But the weaponary and equipment belongs to the crown. I.e England.

But don't worry, I have heard the arabs quite enjoy having a caber stuffed up 'em.

JerryD said...

The one thing which always worries me when the Scottish, or the Irish for that matter, sum everything up as being an Englishmans fault.

Yes, England has a lot to explain about its people and actions - more so in Ireland than Scotland - but thats for History.

Now, using England as a scapegoat is nothing but a fallacy - a convenient distraction to the real problems assaulting Scotland, Ireland and Wales. And believe me, the English are the very least of your worries.

Anonymous said...

It just goes to show the mentality of some people. I have a number of replies to those attacking the English but choose not to use insulting and threatening words, because I'm civilised and respect myself and others. They clearly are not and don't do either. I actually agree that the English should let Scotland, Ireland and Wales be independent if following a referendum in each country the people have decided for themselves. I'm pretty sure Northern Ireland will want to join ROI's economy right now!

Fact of the matter is regardless of your opinion of other people, we really are all in it together (I don't mean like what that brainless fuckwit ment when he said it) and only together in co-operation do we stand any chance of changing things. Dumb ass postings like that doesn't help because like it or not you need the English to get what you want. Get used to it!

I didn't opress you in any way shape or form, so if your angry with the English, why don't you hate the Germans for bombing Scotland? and killing off Scotsmen during WW2? After all they were fighting with European Allies not for the English! I'm not proud of what the English did all those years ago. But it's not as if ordinary English people ever had/have a say in it. So get a grip and wind your neck in.....

Thanks Capt.
Soap box well and truely put away!


Anonymous said...


"Harbinger getting his bottom spanked red raw by formertory caught my eye, ;)"

I haven't a clue what on earth you're on about. The reason I didn't reply to your drivel was simply because my reply was addressed to the English, not the African residents.



Anonymous said...

He must be frae Bearsden calling it Buckfast and not 'Buckie'.

My only response to this intellectual giant and obvious product of the awful schooling in the People's Soviet Socialist Republic of Central Scotland would be "awa an bile yer heed ya haverin muppit".