February 22, 2011

10 Census Lies

This is a must-read for all.

NO2ID, those champions of liberty, have prepared a short dissection of the lies ONS are using to compel you to trawl through forty pages of guff, and to force you to donate 45 minutes of your precious time to complete this invasive and unnecessary paperwork.

I am working with the team at Lawful Rebellion to bring you some......alternative options to slavishly giving away your personal information. So watch this space.

In the meantime, ponder this:

10 Census Lies

"The propaganda push for the 2011 census has begun. NO2ID opposes this census because it represents the worst features of database state, the insatiable desire for ever more information, and the presumption that official purposes override privacy.
Here are the ten worst lies you will be told in the coming weeks:


1. The Census is essential for government and business planning

On the contrary, it is worse than useless because it is expensive, inaccurate, and quickly out of date.


2. Our Census data is trusted and respected worldwide

Even were this true, should we care? Most countries do have some sort of census, but would being respected at doing something essentially useless be worth more than £300 millio.


3. It's a great source for genealogy

100 or 200 years ago there was little record of most people's lives, and old censuses may be the only documents available. It is ludicrous to assume the same will apply in 100 years time, and outrageous to suggest it justifies spending public money.


4. It's 'good for employment', it provides jobs.

Temporary ones, Yet the money spent would otherwise be spent on something — probably something useful involving permanent jobs.


5. Census data is confidential for 100 years.

Not any more. Census forms are kept from the public for 100 years. But EU legislation allows the 2011 census to be shared with all 27 member states, and the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007 created powers to share the information with public bodies, and "approved researchers".


6. The census results in high-quality information.

No one knows how many people lie in their return. The 2001 census is generally believed to have 'missed' around 900,000 men under 40.


7. Everyone should be proud of playing their part in the census.

There is no reason to be proud of being tallied like cattle. There is every reason to oppose the waste and the intrusion. There is a long history of public resentment of the census.
In the 1800s census officers had to be given police protection; in 1911 the suffragettes boycotted it in protest; and in the 50s TV publicity told people it wasn't "another bit of snooping"


8. Communities can use census statistics to help gain recognition.

Whether a group is "officially recognised" is a political decision, not the same as individuals being located and categorised. 390,127 people recorded their religion as Jedi in 2001; they have yet to be officially recognised. More seriously, the Board of Deputies says the census underestimates British Jews, precisely because some of that community are nervous of officials knowing where they live.


9. Completing the census is straightforward, convenient and secure.

New questions are more intrusive than ever before, requiring details of employer's addresses, the details of any visitors to your house, and where they usually live. This is a direct danger to people who have sensitive occupations. The online version is a perfect cover for phishing attacks.


10. Your personal information is protected

Security is only as good as the shortest route to breaking it. Thousands of people will be involved, large commercial contractors and government agencies will process it, and the law newly provides that the data may be accessed for a variety of reasons, not just for making a statistical summary.
It cannot be guaranteed there won't be a security breach, or that data once captured will be used legitimately.

They cannot protect it; they shouldn't collect it."



Mongo said...

I`m not going to fill it in, I`ll put it on a shelf and forget about it, it`ll be interesting to see what happens.

banned said...

Not one of those lies would be a good enough reason to conduct a census, still less take part in it.

Religion = Smoker
Gender = other
Sexuality = never you mind
Occupation = Currently? filling out stupid forms.
Income = not enough

Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

Under the question about my duties at work, I put "killing civil service vermin". It doesn't appear that anyone noticed.

William said...

I'm with Mongo.

If you are minded to fill it in and can see no alternative why lie?

By deliberately lying on the census as a 'protest' you are actually only lying to yourself. Isn't that the first sign of insanity?

Until you can be honest with yourself you can never become free no matter what label you attach to yourself.

FireballXL5 said...

On a personal level there is nothing to be gained from it so I won't be filling one in, simple as that. As for the wider picture, of what benefit is it to the country as a whole, they've already stated this will be the last one, so what's the point?

How on earth are they are going to enforce the £1000 fine for non compliance?

Will the million plus illegal immigrants be filling a form in??

Bucko said...

I won't be filling one in either. I've toyed with various protests like putting smoker as my religion (Its a pity to miss out on that one) but in the end I decided not to encourage the bastards and just bin it the moment it arrives.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Religion = smoker.


Or should we put 'tobacco smoker' to make it clear? But that would be to let down our cannbis toking brethren.

Demetrius said...

Been there done that:


BTW on the form pictured is Hawley Crippen who later was hanged for murdering his wife. The remains that were said to be hers have been recently found to be male.

English Pensioner said...

I'll leave it to my wife. Having reached 70, she managed to make at least four mistakes completing the form for her new driving licence, so there is plenty of scope with a forty page form as she tends to read what she thinks is there rather than what actually is.
Meanwhile, I'm undecided whether to be senile or deaf (or even both) if someone should call.

Steven UK said...

The census is a stock take.

Woodsy42 said...

I have my religion. Created exactly for this situation.

mescalito said...

i wont be filling one in but i bet they put up a fight...

Anonymous said...

On the US census, lots of people refused to answer anything more than number of persons in the household and that was that. It was to "count" numbers of people, for government districting purposes, was the original intent, until it morphed into a forced taking of other information it was never intended for. Under race, lots of people checked off "Other" and wrote in "American" instead of white, black, asian, hispanic, indian, etc. I'm certain if there are a lot of questions allowing for "other", then most of it could be ignored if the original intent of the law doesn't require giving that information or ticked off as "other" and listed blatantly whatever it is they do not wish to hear you call yourself. But people were pissed off over here last year with ours too and because of the same reasons, nosey questions that were way out of line with the original intent of the census, which by law, for the US, was only to gather a "count", nothing more, nothing less. For administrative purposes, it seems that is the most they need to know and should be happy to get only that.

Anonymous said...

As much as I want to mess around with the questions, I will be putting ine immediately into the bin. If they query it, I'll claim I posted it and for them to take it up with Royal Mail.

There is a consensus on other blogs in regards to relgion (smoker) etc, I think we should be encouraging all to quietly bin it. I feel that the general populace have had quite enough of Government interference and would been up for something that causes mischief but would be difficult to prove you have not 'complied'. Imagine the look on their smug, gready fat FUCKING faces (sorry, got caaried away) when only a small prportion of the public returned the forms. I feel that this would send a much clearer message :)

Anonymous said...

FFS sake, I need either a spell checker or a smaller wine glass.

Stealthy said...

Your supposed to be resting xD

Groompy Tom said...

Yes, census enforcer, I did fill it out but my dog ate it, honest.

William said...

With due deference to anon the third...
I too have been trawling the blogs and am amazed at how many people who say they want to be free but are planning to kowtow to the state come census day by messing with their answers on the states slave count forms. Even sadder these 'revolutionaries' are planning to meddle with a voluntary question in the belief putting 'smoker' as a religion will 'send a powerful message to the state'.

The state doesn't give a flying fuck. It banned smoking in public places and almost everyone in the country COMPLIED. Those that tried to get round the ban ended up in court and had their lives and livelihoods ruined by the oh so caring state 'for their own good'!!
It has a track record of imposing bans for 'our own good' and enforcing them by ruining people's lives.

Complying with the census means YOU and your family are included in the head count of slaves. That is what all censuses are about. Counting heads. Naturally the state takes the opportunity to measure how much they slaves are likely to take before they consider rebelling so the questionnaire they send out gets more and more detailed over time.
The state is laughing it's cock off because it even gets the slaves to FUND their own headcount through taxation!!

And then there is Lockheed Martin. I know little of this company and its seemingly nefarious activities but it really doesn't matter. If Lockheed Martin or any other company on earth came to you door and demanded to know all your personal and private details would you hand them over?

mescalito said...

they will drag us to court for non compliance though...

but im still gonna bin it, they threatened over not signing the electral roll but i binned that and nothing happened, saying that i have read stories of persons suffering fines if up to £2500 for not doing the census

Catmar said...

Capt you may find this of interest:


Attached is the Attorney General's letter to Rod as a response to
Rod's first filing into the court for Judicial Review for the
Administrative Ruling (pdf COVER, PAGE 1, PAGE 2, PAGE 3) It states
that the offices are "Private Contractors" therefor the court does not
have jurisdiction.

Also attached is Rod's AG response/ rebuttal (word pad doc) to the
Court responding to the AG ( Attorney General) 12 b and private

Listen here:

See the info above here:

Scroll down to see it.

Anonymous said...

Last time we had a census I was "travelling" and therefore not in a fixed position to complete a form.

William said...

In the 2001 Census, nearly 8 per cent of questionnaires did not include a workplace postcode. In some parts of the country, the figure was as high as 18 per cent and large number of calls were taken by the census contact centre from people who were unsure about their work address.

8 per cent must be about 2 million questionnaires.

How many of those people were prosecuted for not filling in a "workplace postcode" ?

Possibly none of the 38 prosecutions since 2001 were only for this.


Fear IS the most powerful and the most easily defeated weapon used by the state.

Sorry to be dominating these comments, CR, but here is a copper bottomed opportunity for people to fess up to themselves that they are really willing to take action to become free or actually admit to remain in slavery and want others to blaze the trail for them.

Anonymous said...

Man Takes On Bank - and Wins


defender said...

Fucking cracked me up

Wednesday, 23 February 2011
Gadaffi Duck


Captain Ranty said...


I have done a new post, I have.


Anonymous23 said...

I wanted to just pop a comment on here regarding people going on about smoking.
How is smoking actually related to our freedom and rights?
Its 100% correct that people shouldn’t smoke in enclosed places such as bars and pubs as everyone suffers and it’s actually not healthy.
Also people have a right to work in these places and not be smoked on, they shouldn’t be discriminated upon...
It’s also nothing to do with a religion, not REALLY anyways...

Filling in a census on the other hand and especially under duress is a total breach of REAL human rights of the kind that the laws were created for!
I for one agree with previous posts that fudging the form isn’t freedom is childsplay and a massive wave of protest is what is called for.

I AM free and will exercise that right regardless of what man places on paper.
I also agree with the lawful rebellion site that stated that it is by definition terrorism, it’s not just terrorism if “somebody else” is doing it...
One love people, everyone who cares enough to be here read this and comment is amazing:)

Captain Ranty said...

Anon 23,

"Its 100% correct that people shouldn’t smoke in enclosed places such as bars and pubs as everyone suffers and it’s actually not healthy."

Perhaps you could explain that to the 7,500 landlords/landladies and their families that now have no jobs and no homes because their pubs closed down thanks to the ban?

People forget that although they are called "public houses" they are owned by private individuals. It is private property. What about THEIR right to decide who does what in their pub?

You might also want to question those who champion the ban. Follow the money. It tells a story all on its own.

I pretty much like everything else that you wrote.


William said...

How is smoking actually related to our freedom and rights?

Are you serious?
Honduras is trying to get a legality passed which will allow anyone in a house call the Police and inform them that there is a smoker in the house!

If the state can get inside YOUR house using the fake science surrounding this then just imagine what will follow.

"Hello officer there is my father, mother, sister, brother, cousin, granny the drinker, junk food eater, salt eater, sugar junkie", pink t shirt wearer, fat bastard etc, etc, etc. There will be no end except violent revolution.

Full disclosure
I do not smoke and was brought up in a home where both parents and most of their family and friends smoked something or other. Despite the Dreadful Arnott and lunatic healthists asserting that I must become a smoker I didn't and neither did my brother.
I believe it is every human on earths right to do whatever they please with their body.
I also believe it is your right not to like smoking, hold erroneous beliefs about smoking, believe the anti-smoking bullshit and remove yourself from anywhere that smoking is taking place.

It's the very thin end of a truly massive wedge.

From the past.
It never occurred to Mary Whitehouse that the telly had an off switch nor had more than one channel so people were actually watching what she termed 'immoral content' because they wanted to.
The same mindset is in play those folk who don't like smoking. Sad really when otherwise intelligent people fall for such a simple scam.

Anonymous23 said...

For me its simple guys, do as thou whilst shall be the whole of the law, as long as it hurts no other.

I for one am "hurt" If I am smoked on or around in an enclosed area, I also love the smell of FRESH air.

I refuse to argue with such decent people as yourselves on any issue as you are all great and we are more one than THEY ever will be but PLEASE think of the other side. I am saying that from my experience smoking SUX and I used to do it as well.

I agree on all other points but I can’t agree on this folks, it’s the ONE thing they got right, not affecting people around you, they haven’t banned it at all and I wouldn’t stand for that for the record. It’s alright to have ANY belief you want just not to affect others with it and there can be no denying of the reek of tobacco and its health effects. My mother is beginning to suffer Emphysema (COPD) I was looking old and my pores on my face were widening and also I was addicted.
I was just at a friends who smokes, now I stink and was choking because he smokes a lot. I actually enjoy going out now that I can breathe in the venues I go to. 100% freedom comes with responsibility, I think that includes respect for the majority that don’t smoke and also it’s not a big ask to go outside...

Anyway I just want you to know that I always decide the pros and cons of something for myself and from my own experience with others in mind also and feel it was a great idea banning it and I’m ever glad I stopped and took up working out and SCUBA diving instead with all the money!:)
One love!

Captain Ranty said...


I can say, with 100% confidence that I can destroy any argument you present concerning SHS. Morally, scientifically, and financially.

For four years I studied tobacco, from seed to smoke, and I can prove every "fact" that ASH et al puke out is bollocks.

They lie. The media lies. The pharma's lie. Doctors lie. The government lies.

It is all about money and control. NONE of their "health" arguments stand up to the flimsiest scrutiny.

If you are up for it, so am I.

I do not doubt for one minute that you find smoke free pubs more pleasant.

But, did you really need all 58,000 of them to be smoke free?


William said...

I also love the smell of FRESH air.
it’s not a big ask to go outside...

But you only do your outside drinking during the summer don't you?

You don't have a meal and a drink on the restaurant's terrace during the bleak mid winter and yet to think it is perfectly acceptable for your fellow human beings who 'like a ciggie/cigar/pipe' to be FORCED by legislation to hang around in the cold just because YOU don't like the smell of burning tobacco.

The common sense approach would have been to ban smoking in all state owned buildings, no sane person wants to hang around in them any longer than they have to and then allow each and every private business to make their own minds up and either allow it, ban it, or create smoking and non smoking rooms.

But common sense has no place in the mind of the state and it's carefully controlled fake charities like ASH.

Still you are entitled to your opinion as this country still tolerates difference of opinion at least for now.

If and it is a big if, if the health argument that smoking is a nasty awful thing and should be banned was proven surely it behoves a government of the people to make smoking illegal.
That is the only logical conclusion but they haven't made it illegal have they?
Can't think why.

Unknown said...

I found this thread as I was looking for stuff about the census. It's deteriorated into a smoking debate where most of us who are supposed to be on the same side are just fighting over something which should be on a separate thread anyway. I have my own opinions about it but I'm not even going to mention them on this one. Some interesting stuff earlier on tho about whether to even acknowledge the form.


Captain Ranty said...


The conversation meandered, as it often does.

I have some newer posts about the census if you want to share your thoughts with us.